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Bear & Son Cutlery Announces Annual “Open-Door Knife Sale”

The Company Welcomes the Public to a Tour and Factory-Direct Bargains.Jacksonville, Alabama – -( Bear & Son Cutlery, known throughout the knife community for its premium, made-in-the-US knives, is opening their doors to the public Thursday, November 15 – Sunday, November 18th, 2018, to celebrate their 22nd annual Open-Door Knife Sale.The public is encouraged to stop by for a free factory tour to observe the knife making process and to take advantage of some amazing deals on assorted cutlery products.Bear & Son Cutlery stands apart in the knife industry for its fully self-contained manufacturing process. All heat-treating, grinding, assembly, and hand-finishing is done by skilled craftsmen on-site to ensure the highest level of quality and performance from every knife produced. In its Jacksonville, AL-based facility, Bear & Son Cutlery manufactures premium knives for a broad range of specialty applications, including hunting knives, tactical knives for military and law enforcement, competition knives, as well as knives for collecting and to pass on to future generations.During the annual sale and tour, visitors will learn about the 90 different hand operations and advanced machinery employed to create premium-grade knives. Following the tour, guests will have the opportunity to view through hundreds of different knives on sale just in time for the holidays.In addition to observing the manufacturing processes, visitors will see first-hand how Bear & Son Cutlery continues to make a positive impact on the Jacksonville-area community through employment and skills training—all while offering quality, American made cutlery products to consumers nationwide.To participate in a tour and to take advantage of some great prices on high-quality knives, visit Bear & Son Cutlery at 1111 Bear Blvd., Jacksonville, AL on the dates and times listed below:Annual Knife Sale Hours:Nov 15, 2018 Thursday 7:30am – 6:00pmNov 16, 2018 Friday 7:30am – 6:00pmNov 17, 2018 Saturday 7:30am – 5:00pmNov 18, 2018 Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pmTo learn more about the Bear & Son Cutlery brand, please visit www.bearandsoncutlery.comThe post Bear & Son Cutlery Announces Annual “Open-Door Knife Sale” appeared first on

Senate Election Certainty, BUT Only if You Vote on Tuesday

Opinion Senate Election Certainty, BUT Only if You Vote on TuesdayUSA – -( There is one clear certainty about the 2018 elections. Senator Chuck Schumer will not be the majority leader. I have looked at every Senate race this year, and I do not see any way the Democrats can get to a majority.The supposed blue wave broke before making it to shore.This is a much bigger breakthrough in national government than you might have expected.If the Democrats had acquired a majority in the Senate, they could have blocked every person President Trump nominated for federal judgeships. Now that this seems unlikely [assuming we all get out and vote next Tuesday], Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans will continue the amazing shift of the courts back toward a reliance on the American Constitution as the source of legal decision-making. This was the biggest achievement of Trump’s first two years, and now it is likely guaranteed to continue.If the Democrats acquired a Senate majority, they would launch dozens of investigations and help hobble the senior leadership of the government. They would make life endlessly frustrating for Trump appointees.Instead of developing new policies, the President’s team would be absorbed with preparing for unending, irritating-but-dangerous hearings. Their time and energy for new reforms and new policies would be severely limited.A Democratic Senate would have pursued hearings on issues they thought would keep their base excited and enthusiastic.Among the biggest losers, next Tuesday will be the would-be presidential candidates mired in the minority. The outbursts of Senators Cory “Spartacus” Booker and Kamala Harris were early indications of the frustrations of trying to run for president while being in the minority. Senators Booker, Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren are among those who will lack the majority pulpit to schedule the right hearings on the right topics to maximize favorable publicity.Depending on the scale of the Democratic defeat, Senator Schumer may face a rebellion against his own leadership. After next Tuesday, Schumer will have failed to bring his party into the majority. Furthermore, he kept his team together on big questions such as the tax cuts and approving Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, but still, with a breathtakingly small margin, Leader McConnell simply kept winning.Four Republicans deserve credit for this extraordinary outcome: President Trump, McConnell, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel.President Trump has been the foundation for everything because he assembled the red state majority. His policies, mass rallies, tweets, and media savvy have kept that majority together for two years. Trump may not have broadened his base, but he has certainly solidified and educated it. If Senator Joe Manchin loses next Tuesday, it will be a sign no personality can overcome being on the wrong team in a state President Trump carried by a 42 percent margin.Leader McConnell has once again vindicated his methodical, steady approach to governing. His memoir, The Long Game, is filled with examples of how patient and persistent he is. He helped recruit and fund candidates and in some cases, provided campaign managers. When necessary, he has talked bluntly with incumbent senators to get them to do what is needed for re-election. His consistency in working with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley to get Kavanaugh approved for the Supreme Court may have been the final turning point in defining the Senate elections in the key states.Senator Gardner did a superb job of working with all his Republican colleagues and the Trump White House to recruit the candidates who had the potential to win. Without these strong, competitive personalities, the opportunity for a Republican victory would never have materialized in a number of states. It is easy to forget how much Republicans shot ourselves in the foot with weak — and sometimes downright weird — candidates in 2012 and 2014. Not a single unforced error was made in recruiting candidates for 2018.RNC Chair McDaniel has had the wisdom, energy, and perseverance to do an outstanding job of fundraising and then focusing that fundraising to expand and deepen the Republican ground game nationally. There are some key reasons Republicans won eight of 10 special elections for the House these past two years, and one of them is the extra votes turned out by the RNC local neighborhood outreach program. McDaniel deserves credit for the vision to grow the system – even beyond its 2016 base. She has had the energy to raise the money and the personality to keep the party focused on winning instead of bickering.Speaking of 2016, IF the size of the Republican victory next Tuesday shocks the media and the Left, some credit must go to the years of hard work by former RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his leadership in building a big enough system to help win hard-fought states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.The House is still a tough contest that could go either way. I think the GOP range is probably a low of 204 to a high of 229. None of us will know for sure until the votes start coming in. The polls are about as meaningful as they were in 2016, and the so-called experts are probably as right as they were in 2016 when they just misread reality and imposed their own models.The Senate as an institution is settled. Individual Senate races are still up in the air, but the general picture is clear.There is no circumstance where Schumer can become majority leader. At a minimum, we will have a two-vote Republican majority after Tuesday night.McConnell’s majority will certainly grow.My current conservative estimate is a GOP gain of three seats. My optimistic prediction is a gain so high I am afraid to put in writing. Leader McConnell dislikes and distrusts projections, so I will keep my much more positive number to myself.The Trump Revolution will be safe and continue to grow in the Senate – and that is an amazing outcome for 2018.Your Friend, Newt Newt GingrichP.S. My new book, Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback is out and available for order.About Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich is well-known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in forty years. After he was elected Speaker, he disrupted the status quo by moving power out of Washington and back to the American people.Gingrich Productions is a performance and production company featuring the work of Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich. Visit : www.gingrichproductions.comThe post Senate Election Certainty, BUT Only if You Vote on Tuesday appeared first on

Silencer Shop selects Orchid Advisors as their Regulated Compliance Partner

Silencer Shop selects Orchid Advisors as their Regulated Compliance PartnerU.S.A. –-( Silencer Shop, the industry’s largest distributor of suppressors and operator of most visited silencer specific website, has partnered with Orchid Advisors, #1 in FFL Compliance Solutions, to streamline their regulated processes and optimize their internal ATF compliance program. Additionally, the partnership will grant hundreds of dealers utilizing the Silencer Shop kiosks access to additional technology-driven compliance solutions for the acquisition/disposition record keeping and 4473 processing.“Combining Orchid Advisors’ and Silencer Shop’s prowess in both technology and compliance applications will benefit our combined dealer network of 2,000 by increasing compliance efficiencies. We are delighted to offer all FFL / SOTs an enhanced experience!” said Dave Matheny, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Silencer Shop.About Orchid Advisors:Orchid Advisors provides ATF and ITAR compliance services to manufacturing, distribution, and retail FFLs. The firm offers FFL and export licensing, deep record inspections, e4473 / NFA eForms, eBound Book software and delivers the largest online ATF and ITAR compliance training platform available. For additional information, visit www.OrchidAdvisors.comAbout Silencer provides customers with the platform and knowledge they need to make the most informed purchase; from reviews and videos, to the fastest shipping and lowest costs. Silencer Shop is the one-stop suppressor shop. For additional information, visit www.SilencerShop.comThe post Silencer Shop selects Orchid Advisors as their Regulated Compliance Partner appeared first on

Testing The Alien Gear Backpack, Ankle, Hook & Loop Holsters

John reviews some of the most popular accessories to fit the Alien Gear Shapeshift Holster system. Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Core Carry PackU.S.A. –-( Holsters come in all different shapes and sizes. Holsters also have tons of different uses. I use my go to IWB concealed carry holster at the 5 o’clock position or my OWB concealed carry holster at the 3 o’clock position. I am always up for trying something new and thanks to Alien Gear I was able to try out new carry positions.Alien Gear sent me several accessories for my ShapeShift holsters. The Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster is a modular holster system. With tons of accessories, you can use the holster in many different ways to carry your pistol.Alien Gear accomplishes this feat by making the shell of the holster removable from whatever accessory that the wearer is using to carry their gun. I received the ShapeShift starter kit a while back to review, and I have also reviewed the ShapeShift drop leg system. There are tons of ways that a person can wear a holster with the system.Alien Gear ShapeShift Backpack Carry Expansion Pack Attached with the Alien Gear ShapeShift Backpack Carry Expansion Pack.The first accessory that Alien Gear sent me was their ShapeShift Backpack Carry Expansion Pack.To be upfront, I am not a big fan of off the body carrying of a firearm, but I also get why some people are for carrying a gun off their body. There is no one correct way to carry a gun and the user needs to find the way that works for them.Off body carry is very popular with hikers. That extra weight of a gun feels lighter when it is attached to a backpack rather than to the hikers waist, and when hiking for miles into the woods over rough terrain, it is just more comfortable at the end of the day. If a person isn’t comfortable when carrying a gun then they will be less likely to carry one at all.Also, hunters use off body carry so that their pistol will not get their way when sitting in a blind or for quick access in bear country. It is also more comfortable for the hunters just like it is for the hikers. These are the gun owners that Alien Gear is targeting with their ShapeShift Backpack Holster.The way that a user attaches the ShapeShift Backpack Holster to their bag is by using a plate that has a lever on the back and a clamp on the front. What this lever does is tighten the plate down to the strap of the user’s backpack.Alien Gear also included two lock pins on the plate of the ShapeShift Backpack Carry. This added security gave me extra confidence in the fact that the holster wouldn’t come loose causing me to drop my gun.When I put the ShapeShift Backpack Holster on my bag, there was no movement at all. It held stable to my bag. The shell connects to the plate via the Alien Gear ShapeShift button, which is their take on the quick release.One of the most significant advantages on the included quick release button is that it allows the user to transfer the shell from one Alien Gear product to another product easily. This is also a huge advantage of modular holster systems like the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster.If you have the Alien Gear ShapeShift car mount, then you could easily move the gun in the shell from your backpack in the car mount. This movability is one of the biggest strength of a modular holster system and the reason why modular systems are becoming popular in the firearms world.The nylon straps of the ShapeShift Backpack Holster are thick straps and high quality. The strap of the backpack holster wraps around the strap of the user’s backpack allowing the user to secure the holster to the bag. The polymer material of the ShapeShift Backpack Holster mount is sturdy and made using an injection molding method. It seems to be able to take quite a beating, which is perfect for anyone that spends time hiking through rough terrain.The one thing I don’t like about the ShapeShift Backpack Holster is the optional thumb retention button. In the past with the Alien Gear ShapeShift drop leg holster I had issues dropping the magazine of my Glock when trying to use the retention button.I am not sure if the problem with the ShapeShift holster’s thumb retention button exists with other guns besides Glock. Other than that, Alien Gear did a great job the ShapeShift Backpack Holster. It is well built and works for its purpose.Alien Gear sells the full ShapeShift Backpack Holster kit for $49.88. If the user already owns a ShapeShift holster then they could just by the expansion kit for $23.88ShapeShift Ankle Carry Expansion PackThe second item Alien Gear sent me was the ShapeShift Ankle Carry Expansion Pack. This kit wasn’t a complete holster. To use this, the wearer must purchase a ShapeShift shell for their gun or buy the whole package.The expansion pack runs $37.88. If the user wants the whole kit with a shell, it will run them $61.88. It is a little on the pricey, but is one of the best ankle holster builds that I have seen.Since a Glock 19 is a little too big to ankle, I used my Glock 43. The thing I was most worried about was that the gun and holster would be too big to ankle carry. For full disclosure, this is only the third ankle holster I have owned.Alien Gear made the two ankle wraps of the holster out of CoolVent neoprene. The other ankle holsters I have tested were made out of leather or cloth. The neoprene was a far superior choice to the other materials I have tested in the past.The leather ankle holster I have used had a break-in period, which was a bummer because it was not ready out of the box. I had to use a leather softener on the ankle strap to get it to fit my ankle, but with the neoprene it was ready out of the box. The zero break-in time is a massive advantage that the neoprene have over leather. Cloth also didn’t have a break in time, but it wasn’t as comfortable as the neoprene. Also, the cloth left my ankle sweaty and irritated. I didn’t have the same issue with the neoprene that Alien Gear used in the ShapeShift Ankle Holster. It was a more breathable material.I was worried that the ShapeShift Ankle Holster would slide down on my calf since the holster didn’t come with any type of calf strap to help hold it up. To my surprise, it didn’t move around. The upper strap has a polymer spine that eliminates the need to any calf strap, and it actually works.This holster was incredibly comfortable. I can see using the ShapeShift Ankle Holster for a backup gun. Alien Gear did a great job with the level of comfort of the holster.ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster Alien Gear ShapeShift Hook & Loop Expansion PackThe final item I received from Alien Gear was the ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster. This item is the item that I was most intriguing to me because it had an immediate use.The ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster is a two-part system. The first part is a landing pad that sticks to almost any surface using an adhesive backing. Alien Gear covered the front of the pad with VELCRO.The second part is a pad that the ShapeShift shell attaches to by the user. Alien Gear also covered the back of the pad with VELCRO. This design allows the user to transfer the holster to any other landing pad. The system comes with three (3) landing pads.The reason why I was so interested in this item is that I wanted to attach a holster to the bottom of my desk and put a holster in my car. What was stopping me was that I didn’t want to drill holes in my desk or my car. I was afraid it would hurt the resell value of my stuff.The landing pads that Alien Gear included in the package really worked well. I attach one to the wooden bottom of the desk, and it really held on my desk. The user will have to wait 24 hours before attaching the holster to the landing pad to give the adhesive time to cure. I removed one of the landing pads after I installed it, and it didn’t leave a mark on my desk.I attached the remaining landing pad in my car. It was attached to plastic and held up well. I pulled the holster from the landing pad on both my desk and car about 50 times each to see if the landing pad would become loose. It did not. Alien Gear claims that the holster has been tested by being removed from the landing pad up to 2000 times without becoming loose.I was expecting that the Alien Gear landing pad would become loose, but it stayed solidly connected to the bottom of my desk and the side of my car. It met my needs for a desk and a car holster to a tee.The price for the ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster is $45.88. Alien gear does sell extra land pads for $3.88. If you already own the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster kit, then you could buy the Hook & Loop expansion kit for $29.88.I liked the Backpack Holster. I will not be using it on a daily basis, but I will probably use it while hiking and camping. It does indeed hold steady and takes the weight off my waistline.The ankle holster is nice, but I don’t really like ankle carrying. If I need my gun I want it as fast as possible. Pulling it from my ankle seems like it would take too long. For a backup firearm it would be fine, but not for a primary carry piece in my opinion.Out of all three items, the ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster is the one I liked the most. It helped me install a holster under my desk and in my car without permanently altering my stuff. The only thing that stopped me from mounting a holster in my car before getting this item was the prospect of having to drill holes in my car, and thanks to Alien Gear I didn’t have to drill into my dash.Readers can find more about Alien Gear at John CrumpJohn is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at post Testing The Alien Gear Backpack, Ankle, Hook & Loop Holsters appeared first on

Urge President Trump to Deploy Active Duty Troops on the Mexico Border ~ VIDEO

Photo: Illegal Alien Caravan of Predominantly Military Aged Males Fly the Honduran Flag as it Heads To U.S.USA – -( We the military and law enforcement of Oath Keepers call on President Trump to deploy infantry and other combat arms troops to the border with Mexico in large enough numbers to secure the full length of the border against all illegal foreign invaders.The just-announced joint CBP/DOD operation, which will supply military mobility, engineering, medical, and planning support for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), is a step in the right direction, and may be sufficient to handle the specific mass caravans of illegals, including MS-13 gang members and criminals from the Middle East, that are currently in the news, but it falls far short of what is actually needed to secure the border against the ongoing daily invasion by illegal aliens.Watch the press conference held on Monday, October 29, here:We call on President Trump to take decisive action, as the Commander-in-Chief, and deploy not just support personnel, but also active duty combat arms troops, en mass, on our Southern border with Mexico in order to actually seal and secure the entire border and stop the ongoing illegal invasion.Specifically, we ask President Trump to deploy active duty infantry from both the U.S. Army and Marine Corps; mechanized infantry units; light infantry, such as the 82nd Airborne, 10th Mountain Division, or USMC FAST Companies; air-mobile light infantry, such as the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault); and our larger special warfare units, such as the 75th Ranger Regiment.That is what it will take – skilled combat arms boots on the ground – to actually put a stop to the daily infiltration/invasion all along our border by the Mexican drug cartels – many of whom have military training (such as Los Zetas).Those cartels smuggle in tons of drugs in heavily armed “mule trains” (see below video) as well as smuggling in women and children pressed into the cartels’ illicit sex industry slavery, along with all of the other illegal aliens they smuggle in, at a current rate far in excess of the approximately 1,900 who are apprehended by CBP each day. For every one caught, hundreds get through. These violent, militarized cartels are also now taking over small border towns and entire border regions on the U.S. side of the border, just as they did in Mexico (with their infamous offer of “Plata O Plomo” – silver or lead – take their bribe money, or get their bullets).We are also being invaded by a foreign military force in the form of paramilitary gangs such as Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13), who likewise have military training and work hand-in-hand with the cartels, and by jihadist terrorists, including ISIS, who infiltrate through South America, Central America, and then through Mexico.The entire article, including two more videos, is on the Oath Keepers national website here.About Oath Keepers:Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like-minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us, God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.For more information, visit post Urge President Trump to Deploy Active Duty Troops on the Mexico Border ~ VIDEO appeared first on

The Caravan Attack on America ~ VIDEO

OpinionUSA – -( The caravan from Central America that has grown from 3,000 to 4,000 people in the last few days is an attempted invasion and an attack on the United States. [and has now entered Mexico]This assertion will almost certainly be denounced by the usual sources as being hateful or offensive, but it is long past time we stop letting the Left prevent us from using words which clearly communicate reality.The fact is: Thousands of people have openly stated their intention to break American law and invade our country. Other people, some of them Americans, are funding this deliberate effort to invade America.If you think “invade” is too strong a word, watch this video [above] of the caravan tearing down fences separating Guatemala and Mexico while waving the Honduran flag (the country these people no doubt plan to claim asylum from). How is this not an invasion?Newt Live: The Caravan Attack on AmericaWe cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the heart-wrenching pictures and misleading words the left-wing media will doubtlessly manufacture if this caravan arrives at our border.We also must reclaim our narrative from the Left. We cannot allow them to demonize us and distort what we stand for and what we are trying to do.Let me be clear about where I stand.I strongly favor legal immigration. I am happy that America remains the most welcoming country in the world for legal immigrants. According to Pew Research, in 2015 there were a little more than 30 million legal immigrants in the country. This is higher than the population of Texas – our second most populous state. I think this is a great thing that makes America stronger. It is simply a lie to say I oppose immigration.Furthermore, I have worked very hard to get sound, responsible immigration reform for decades.In October 1986, I voted for the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform Act, which granted amnesty to about 3 million people (originally estimated to be 300,000). I voted for the bill in return for two commitments: to control the border and to establish a guest worker program. Similarly, President Reagan wrote in his diary that he would reluctantly sign the bill, because as he wrote: “It’s high time we regained control of our borders and [Simpson’s] bill will do this.”The harsh lesson of 1986 was that liberals took the amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants and then broke their word on controlling the border and creating an effective guest worker program.Finally, on a personal level, I spent much of my childhood living in foreign countries (my dad spent 27 years in the infantry, and I now live part-time in Rome, Italy).I outline my record to make clear that I don’t fit any of the nasty stereotypes with which the Left smears those who threaten them (see “the Kavanaugh effect”). And neither do the vast majority of Americans who want a functional immigration system that reflects American values.The very idea that thousands of people believe (or are being told) they have a right to invade America and demand that we take care of them tells you how sick the system has become.The time to draw the line and fight for an honest immigration and border control policy is now.The caravan is the perfect symbol of the arrogance – the organized effort to destroy the rule of law – and the contempt for the American system which the Left exhibits every day.We have been so conditioned by a half-century of political correctness doctrine (developed and sustained by the liberal news media, college professors, and left-wing politicians) that we have forgotten how to tell the truth about illegal immigration.The truth is: It has substantially increased the risk for Americans. Caravan From Central AmericaMS-13, the vicious El Salvadoran gang, killed 17 people on Long Island in a 17-month period in 2016. The gang has an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 members in the United States. Fentanyl and opioids also come across the uncontrolled southern border. Last year, more than 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses – more than the number killed during the eight years of the Vietnam War. There is a substantial safety impact of uncontrolled borders and the routine breaking of the law by illegal immigrants.If America is to survive, we must win some key arguments about facts and prove that much of what left-wing politicians say – and what the liberal news media reports – is simply wrong.If America is to survive, we must heed George Orwell’s warning in his great essay Politics and the English Language – that “political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.” Nothing could more accurately characterize the Left’s speech about political correctness and their unending effort to shut down language that exposes the hypocrisy and falsehood of their members’ positions – especially when it comes to their animus toward American sovereignty and defending the border.As I wrote in my New York Times bestseller Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback, the liberal media has actively participated in creating propaganda designed to manufacture sympathy for the lawbreakers and delegitimize those who would defend American sovereignty and the rule of law.When House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says to Harvard Kennedy School students that Democrats are for controlling our borders, she is simply lying. When she goes on to say, “we do need to guard our borders, and we do need to have immigration reform,” you have to wonder how stupid she thinks we are.There is no evidence of any Democrat-backed program that would be effective in controlling illegal immigration. They oppose the wall in any form. They would hobble or abolish ICE. They favor so-called sanctuary cities and states in order to shield illegal immigrants from the legal immigration process. Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced an open borders bill, which every Democratic Senate incumbent has cosponsored. The national vice chair of the Democratic Party campaigns in a t-shirt which says in Spanish “I don’t believe in borders.” Democrats only ever favor complicated, impossible-to-implement legal systems, which create opportunities for people to enter and stay in America illegally.Not only do Democrats oppose controlling the border and stopping illegal immigration, they welcome illegal immigrants as an offset to legal American voters.Consider what Pelosi said in El Paso to immigration rights activists: “We believe that we will have leverage when we win in November. And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family” who came to America illegally.Stacey Abrams, a Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, is even clearer in her commitment to illegal immigrants. In a recent speech, she said the blue wave is comprised of “those who are documented and undocumented.” There could not be a clearer indication of the Democrats’ belief that illegal immigrants are an integral part of their coalition.The San Francisco Democrats have even adopted a new regulation to allow illegal immigrants to vote in city elections.The caravan invasion is a useful starting point to insist on an honest debate about our future as a country.Every Democrat should be forced to answer these six questions before the election:1. Do you think 4,000 or more people should be allowed to invade the United States whenever they want to, and, if so, how big and how frequent do you think the next caravans will be?2. Who do you think is paying for these efforts to undermine American sovereignty, break American laws, and impose foreign will on the United States?3. When you are told it is only a small number of people in this first caravan, how do you respond to the fact that we already have an estimated illegal population of 1.8 million Central Americans, 650,000 South Americans, and 425,000 immigrants from the Caribbean. Does that change the scale of the problem? If caravans are accepted the numbers will grow dramatically in a very short period.4. When you learn that the Gallup World Poll estimates that 29 percent of people in Latin America and the Caribbean (that would be about 197 million people) want to migrate – and 29 percent of those people (about 57 million) want to come to the United States, does this change your concern about controlling the border?5. When you learn that beyond our hemisphere, the Gallup World Poll estimates that millions more would come to the United States if they could, does that increase your interest in controlling the border?6. If you do not think this caravan should be allowed to illegally enter the United States as an invasion of our sovereign border, what would you do to stop them?If Democrats really wanted to control the border, how do we have an estimated 11 million-plus illegal immigrants currently in the United States – and a system that can be gamed so easily that people have continued to brazenly and openly break the law?This caravan attack is the right place to draw the line and say, “no more.”House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is right. Congress should come back and pass the laws that would enable Americans to re-establish the rule of law at the border and protect our country with dignity and authority.President Trump is right. Stop the caravan now.If you want to defend America, let your House member and Senators know how you feel.Your Friend, Newt Newt GingrichP.S. My new book, Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback is out and available for order.About Newt GingrichNewt Gingrich is well-known as the architect of the “Contract with America” that led the Republican Party to victory in 1994 by capturing the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in forty years. After he was elected Speaker, he disrupted the status quo by moving power out of Washington and back to the American people.Gingrich Productions is a performance and production company featuring the work of Newt Gingrich and Callista Gingrich. Visit : www.gingrichproductions.comThe post The Caravan Attack on America ~ VIDEO appeared first on

Navy, Gerard Butler Collaborate to Tell 21st Century Submarine Yarn ~ VIDEO

Navy, Gerard Butler Collaborate to Tell 21st Century Submarine Yarn. By Jim Garamone, Actor Gerard Butler and Navy Vice Adm. Fritz Roegge, current president of the National Defense University, speak about the movie “Hunter-Killer” during a Pentagon news conference, Oct. 15, 2018. DOD photo by Jim Garamone.WASHINGTON — -( Hollywood came to the Pentagon today as actor Gerard Butler spoke to Pentagon reporters about his collaboration with the U.S. Navy in making “Hunter-Killer,” a submarine movie due out this week.The Pentagon press briefing studio was filled to capacity as Butler – who plays the commander of the fictional attack sub USS Arkansas in the movie – answered questions about the experience.The movie posits an operation aimed at averting war with Russia. Butler said it is a chance to bring the submarine genre into the 21st century. “Hunter-Killer” is a chance to take viewers into submarines and let them see the culture, “and really see how these people think, work, their courage, their intelligence, basically their brilliance,” the actor said.The plot alternates between the submarine, a special operations team inserted in Russia and the Pentagon.Navy Vice Adm. Fritz Roegge, now the president of the National Defense University, was the commander of the U.S. Submarine Force in the Pacific. “I was privileged to host Mr. Butler in Pearl Harbor for an orientation to the submarine force,” the admiral said.The Navy supported the effort even as the service remained “laser-focused” on warfighting in today’s era of great power competition. “But we’re also competing for talent, and in this dynamic economy, it’s more important than ever that we find ways to inspire the next generation of warfighters to consider serving our country in the Navy,” Roegge said.Only a small fraction of young Americans qualify to serve in the military. An even smaller number are aware of the opportunities the services offer.“Although the Navy benefits from technology that gives us the world’s most capable platforms and equipment, it is our people who are truly our greatest strength,” Roegge said. “In the words of another great Scotsman – John Paul Jones – ‘Men mean more than guns in the rating of a ship.’ So we will only remain the world’s greatest Navy by attracting the best talent from across our nation.”Connecting With Young AmericansMovies are a good way to reach young Americans and they are also a good vehicle to expose all Americans to their Navy, Roegge said. All Americans need to understand “they know their Navy: who we are, what we do, and why it matters.”Butler was immersed in the submarine culture sailing aboard the USS Houston from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.Being aboard the submarine was like being in another world, he said. “I felt like I could spend a year just in sonar. But I was shipped from sonar to the bridge, to navigation to the engine room to the torpedo room because I had a very quick-minded sub commander who wanted to show me every working living part of the submarine – even how to compress trash.”Butler added, “What I really took out of it was the brilliance and the humility of the sailors I worked with. Not that I didn’t have that appreciation before – I certainly did – but having spent time with them to realize how their minds work and how agile and how creative they have to be. And they are constantly being tested to prove themselves to think logically, to think intuitively, and in all different matters.”And it was real for Butler. “You can do it in a movie, but when you are actually on a sub, you realize the dangers that are there,” he said. “You are a thousand feet underwater and you go, ‘Okay. What are the different ways things can go wrong?’ You have a greater appreciation of what these people do every day unsung and unseen and their courage and valor.”DOD officials approved the request in December 2014, and the Navy provided access and technical support to the filmmakers.Officials stressed that support to “Hunter-Killer” or any other movie is done at zero cost to the American taxpayer.The post Navy, Gerard Butler Collaborate to Tell 21st Century Submarine Yarn ~ VIDEO appeared first on

Long-Range Aluminum Rifle Stock (LARS) is a Brand New Chassis System

Long-Range Aluminum Rifle Stock (LARS) is a Brand New Chassis SystemUSA – -( Long-range Aluminium Rifle Stock (LARS) is a newly developed modular and fully adjustable rifle stock platform. It is suitable both for military and police use, as well as for sports shooting in all disciplines that allow usage of such rifle stocks.LARS is built upon a lightweight aluminum alloy chassis, with a compact receiver bed, drop-in trigger unit, pistol grip, and fully adjustable side-folding buttstock with a rear monopod. This allows the shooter to adjust the stock to fit his physical disposition, including the length of pull and cheek weld, improving ergonomy and lessening fatigue. Folding the buttstock allows for more compact storage, easier transport, and better concealment during movement should the situation require a covert operation. LARS forend features removable and position-adjustable Mil Std 1913 Picatinny Rails for mounting accessories.Author of LARS is originally an artist as well as an industrial designer, with one of his hobbies being long-range shooting. However, with the realization that every rifle shooter is unique, and standardized rifle stock – usually only differing in major contours and right-hand or left-hand orientation – does not provide a lot of possibilities to truly harmonize the rifle with the physical dispositions of the shooter (such as arm’s length or head-neck-shoulder distances). The result is usually a compromise, where acquiring natural cheek-weld results in optical axis between the eye and the riflescope not being in perfect alignment, or where the ergonomy of pulling the trigger or handling the bolt is not optimal. This is even more pronunciation in extreme long-range shooting (at distances exceeding 1km), which requires perfect harmony between the shooter, the rifle, and the shooting environment, for the shot to be executed perfectly. Congruence of this shooting system results in repeatability, and repeatability results in accuracy.Of course, LARS is not one of its kind, there are several other similar platforms available, such as Remington MSR or Saber-Forrst to name a few, however, they each have its advantages and drawbacks. Primarily though, they were developed with military rifles and operators in mind, reflecting military needs and requirements, and they are also usually not available to the civilian market.Author has looked at and reviewed most of such systems and platforms and decided to take the best of each, and in combination with his industrial design experience together with artistic aesthetics combined them into as universal system as possible, now simply called a LARS.The first prototype was built around what the author had commonly available in his arsenal:System Remington M 700 LA Sendero, cal. 300 Remington Ultra MagnumPicatinny rail Night Force 20 MOA5 or 10 rounds AICS (CIP) magazines4 chamber muzzle brakeRiflescope IOR 4-28×56Completely modular rifle chassis system for short, long, extra-long and large caliber bolt action receivers.Ergonomically designed for precision shooting.Aerospace grade alloy, advanced composites and corrosion resistant materialsRight and left-hand models are standard production.Adjustable cheek piece, length of pull, vertical recoil pad position and optional height-adjustable multi-position CAA ACC Monopod.However, thanks to its modularity and universal design, LARS can be similarly adapted to just about any rifle out there, whether it is a military or civilian model, sporting or hunting application, and any action or caliber.www.larschassis.comThe post Long-Range Aluminum Rifle Stock (LARS) is a Brand New Chassis System appeared first on

Second Amendment Supporters Should Worry About National Popular Vote Movement

Second Amendment Supporters should Worry about National Popular VoteU.S.A. –( Since President Trump won the 2016 election, one idea has been gaining steam in some quarters – the National Popular Vote movement. Those pushing it note that two of the last five presidential elections have seen the person with the higher popular vote total lose the election. In 2000, Al Gore lost to George W. Bush. In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton.President Trump has been a godsend for Second Amendment supporters, primarily for his Supreme Court appointments. Certainly, if she had been elected Hillary Rodham Clinton would be pushing to enact the wish lists of Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bloomberg, and other anti-gun zealots. Many are upset, thinking that democracy has been thwarted.Now, let’s be honest, the United States is not a democracy. It’s a republic. Furthermore, the Founders were rightfully wary of a pure democracy. We’ve seen how “pure” democracies like Australia and the United Kingdom rammed through massive gun bans after mass shootings. To accept the National Popular Vote would be to push us closer to that brink.The fact is, the presidential election is never about who wins the popular vote. It’s winning a majority of the Electoral College that matters. Back when the Constitution was drafted in 1787, the Electoral College was one of two institutions intended to make sure that smaller states were not drowned out by bigger ones (the other was the United States Senate, which gave equal representation to all states).That wisdom has been borne out. In 2000 and 2016, the margin of victory in California alone was enough to swing the national popular vote in favor of the Electoral College loser. In 2000, Al Gore won California by about 1.3 million votes – and had a popular vote plurality of about 500,000. In 2016, Hillary won California by 4.3 million votes – with a popular vote plurality of roughly 2.9 million.If the National Popular Vote were to become the rule of the land, then the state that routinely sent anti-gun zealots like Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, and Kamala Harris to the Senate would effectively control the White House.What makes it even more dangerous is the method being used to pursue the National Popular Vote. More accurately, it is called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.The Electoral College is enshrined in Article II of the Constitution. But some proponents of a national popular vote have seized on a loophole. They note that according to that article, “Each state shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress.”So, what they have done is to get various state legislatures to establish a compact between states. According to Ballotpedia, 11 states and the District of Columbia that represent 161 electoral votes, have passed legislation declaring that those electoral votes will go to the winner of the national popular vote when enough states to total 270 electoral votes have passed similar instructions. One of those states, as you might imagine, is California.The same California that alone made the popular vote swing in favor of Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. The same California with a claim to having the most onerous anti-Second Amendment laws in the country.The fact is, this compact is stoppable, but doing so will take a lot of vigilance at the state and local levels. The good news is the state legislative races can be affected the most by grass-roots efforts. The threat of the National Popular Vote is a very real one and it is up to you to understand this threat and what it means to do to the value of your vote.About Harold HutchisonWriter Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.The post Second Amendment Supporters Should Worry About National Popular Vote Movement appeared first on

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