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Colt National Match 1911 Pistol – Is This The Best 1911 Colt Ever Made

Don reviews his new Colt National Match 1911 Pistol and realizes he has a problem. Colt National Match 1911 PistolUSA – -(….. My name is Don, and I have a 1911 problem.I suppose admitting it is part of the solution, but this is a problem I may not want to solve. Colt has brought back their National Match 1911, and have successfully blended their high-end machining with custom hand fitting. There are those us who honestly thought Colt would never again produce a firearm of this quality and workmanship. I am glad to be wrong.Colt National Match 1911The look, the gun is blued, and it’s the old style bluing Colt was know for. Deep and rich the color draws you in. I don’t dislike stainless but let us be honest there is an entire generation of shooters who know only the coldness of stainless and the antiseptic touch of plastic. The finish on this gun is beautiful.The gun locks up tightly. Take the gun and rack the slide. You can feel the barrel locking into battery and staying there.The trigger comes factory set at 4lbs. It is crisp, clean with no (Absolutely No!) creep and no over travel. No annoying Series 80 safety to get in the way. I prefer a lighter trigger, but this is SO clean I’ll shut up and shoot. Celebrate the 1911 – Order your T-shirt or Hoodie and support AmmoLand News.The accuracy is exactly what Colt has been promising for the Gold Cups for 60+ years. You’re going to get under 2 inches at 25 meters. The National Match 1911 was shot standing at 10 meters, without a rest. Ok, I need to move the sights up and a touch to the right but not much. The more I shot the gun, the more we became one. If the last phrase doesn’t mean anything to you, I suggest you get out and shoot more.To be honest, the gun could have held them all in the red if I’d done my job, the mistakes were mine. I’m experienced enough to know when it’s usually me and when it’s the gun. I’ve never liked it when an author provides you pistol results from a rest. How the gun feels and performs in your hand is what matters. It seems I’m never in a match where the competitors shoot their 1911’s from a rest, only the Glock guys to that….Lastly, guns are built for a purpose. The National Match is a COMPETITION gun; You’re not going to carry it. You’re not going to keep it stored in your night table. This gun is built for competition. No memory bump, no oversized safety or slide release. There are some simple facts about a weapon like this, you do not compare it to non-competition guns, and shooting it and shooting it right will make you a better marksman.This gun DEMANDS the best from you. If you let it, it will drag you there, and make you a better marksman. I believe this IS the best 1911 colt ever made. Colt National Match 1911 Results at 25mmAbout Don McDougall Don McDougallDon McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.The post Colt National Match 1911 Pistol – Is This The Best 1911 Colt Ever Made appeared first on

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