FIFA Referee Salary – Here’s How Much Refs Earn In The FIFA World Cup 2018!

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FIFA Referee Salary – Here’s How Much Refs Earn In The FIFA World Cup 2018!

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A football referee is a non-arbitrary person who keeps a check that all the rules of the game are followed and if not followed then prudently act on the same and take reasonable decisions. The qualification of a referee should be a person with strong character, ability, and skill in the game and able to identify and take action accordingly. There are 8 levels for a referee to be an international referee. The referee should attain at least 14 years of age (for the local level), should pass the physical fitness test and eyesight test for the first level. A referee generally is assisted by assistant referees in enforcing the laws of the game. The signals play a very important role in their career.  This is a full-time job for a career starting at the age of 14 till not older than 45 years.
In the year 2010, the wave of professionalism was seen in the footballers, coach, and referees. This was the turning off for the game. High profile errors were caught with naked eyes, adjudicating with the tactics and marinating fitness to the level of the players are few characteristics of good referees. The tournament’s like World Cup and other international tournaments referees are chosen under FIFA rules and regulation. The process of choosing the same lasts 3 years or more and is managed by the FIFA Refereeing Department and in addition FIFA Referee Assistance Program (RAP). Referees are chosen in teams of 3, with one designated head referee who is paid more than the others and two assistant referees who are paid less.  
How Much Does A Fifa Referee Make?
The different grades of the referee are local, state, national, and international. For a full time, professional Fifa Referee Salary will vary from a part-time professional. The parameters to be considered are the level of the game (local/domestic, state, national, international), the place where the match is conducted, money earned by the stadium or the league, understanding the tactics of the players. There is a new category of referee known as Video Assistant Referee (VAR) which will be there for the first time ever in a World Cup that is to be held in Russia World Cup, 2018.
Every match has a referee and he is assisted by his 3 (three) assistance. Of over a 60 match for the cup, a total of 36 professionals were appointed as official referees and 63 Professionals were appointed as assistant referees. In the knockout round of the series of the match and in among the best world teams the most experienced referees are placed. It has to be understood that they have equally worked hard as the players and deserve no less amount of salary. Hence in Russia FIFA, 2018, the gap between the player’s salary and the Fifa Referee Salary is reduced. Further, it must be noted that wherever they work they all will be paid equally to maintain a particular standard.
How Much Do World Cup Refs Make?

The Russia World Cup has raised its bar and the proposed Fifa Referee Salary is $70,000 and $3000 as a bonus for all the matches they adjudicated. This amount has been doubled since the year 2006 and has increased by one-third amount from the year 2014. It is to be noted that the salary of the assistant referee is lower than that of a referee amounting to around $25,000 and $2000 as a bonus for all the matches they adjudicate.  All stakeholders whether being the ground staff or the referees have been escalated in their salaries as commercial revenues have been increased. Also, the teams used to get $1 million in the year 2014 and now will earn up to $1.5 million.
In the light of any premier league, an article in ‘The Mirror’ depicts that the referees are not paid as they should be. The amateurs are paid 20 to 40 pounds per match and no bonus is paid to them for local football matches and domestic matches. Part-time professional referees are paid around 80 pounds per match. On the contrary, the referees are paid £38,500 to £42,000 based on experience, and then paid an extra £1,150 per match if they adjudicated the same.
Fifa Referee Salary
The selection process for the 2018 Russia World Cup began with the Club World Cup when referees of the tournament were examined and observed to see if they were ready to be candidates for 2018. Based on referee performance in different stages, the FIFA Refereeing Department made a list of the 70 most elite referee teams. But only 30 were selected out of them. However, this list will be open until 2018 – if a referee does not pass fitness tests or fails in any other manner like doping eyesight or age, he will no longer be considered as the competitor for adjudicating the World Cup.
 FIFA Referee Assistance Program also know as RAP was first introduced in the year 2007 and used in preparation for the 2010 South Africa  World Cup to professionalize players and referees at both the national and international level 54 referee teams went into the inaugural program of the tournament and had their performances at FIFA tournaments evaluated among each other . The program consisted of 30 days fitness tests, psychological monitoring of game demeanor, seminars and analyses on the laws of the game. For the 30 teams chosen to perform official duties in the World Cup that year, sports and general psychologists helped the officials to build up a personalized tactic to with the pressures.
This matter of intense scrutiny, understanding the tactics and being a prudent person is a tough task and requires a lot of diligence as a lot of stakeholders are involved with the tournament. The sentiments of the fans are to be kept in mind. Hence, in conclusion, I would pen down that with such high skill involved and high diligence require returns and compensation as to the responsibility they bear. They are no less than any player of any team. Fifa Referee Salary should be exactly corresponding to the efforts of the referees.
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