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Top 1,000 Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Leagues

Top 1,000 Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Leagues

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Top 1,000 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Rankings. 16-team, deep roster, 5×5 category league is what I had in my mind during the process. There is a link below to a Top 477 Prospects Only Rankings if you are interested in that. Without further ado, here is the Top 1,000 Rankings for 2020 Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Leagues:
Player Name TEAM, POSITION, AGE (Years.Months on 2020 Opening Day – Months are on a scale of 0-11 … I know it is not mathematically correct, but I do all of this manually)
Projections (Hitters): R/HR/RBI/AVG/OBP/SLG/SB
(Pitchers): Wins/ERA/WHIP/K/Saves
*Prime Projections – These projections are meant to give you a general idea of what I think about a prospect’s future stat profile in a relatively good outcome scenario. I find this helpful as a quick reference to see how a prospect’s tools/skills translate to fantasy categories.
1) Ronald Acuna ATL, OF, 22.3 – Combination of age and stolen base upside is what separates Acuna from the pack, but a 26.3% K% presents a risk that other candidates for the top spot don’t have. In anything other than a 5×5 league (points, OBP), I would look elsewhere with the top pick. 2020 Projection: 111/37/98/.285/.367/.524/31
2) Mike Trout LAA, OF, 28.8 – Turning 29 during the 2020 season, career low 13 steal attempts, and a much younger crop of generational talent establishing themselves in 2019 are why Trout is no longer the obvious #1 pick in dynasty. I still have him #1 in redrafts. 2020 Projection: 113/46/107/.299/.442/.631/15
3) Juan Soto WASH, OF, 21.5 – Flipped hitting profile from rookie season, upping FB% to 37.2% (from 28.8%) and lowering GB% to 41.6% (from 53.7%). 97 MPH FB/LD exit velocity is 2.1 MPH higher than Trout and 1.4 MPH higher than Acuna. Soto is my #1 pick in non 5×5 dynasty leagues. 2020 Projection: 108/36/105/.296/.404/.553/10
4) Cody Bellinger LAD, 1B/OF, 24.9 – Career bests in BB% (14.4%), K% (16.4%), average exit velocity (90.7 MPH), and launch angle (17.6 degree launch). On the flip side, OPS declined every month of the season (1.397, .998, .967, .952, .918, .891, playoffs-.549). 2020 Projection: 110/43/110/.288/.383/.598/14
5) Christian Yelich MIL, OF, 28.4 – Here is what I wrote about Yelich in my 2019 Top 1,000: “… posted the lowest GB% of his career by a good margin in August and September (46% and 44%, respectively). If he can carry those gains over a full season, the power breakout may not be a complete outlier.” That is exactly what happened, with Yelich posting a 43.2% GB% and hitting a career high 44 homers. The fractured knee cap that ended his season supposedly won’t have any long term effects. 2020 Projection: 111/37/104/.309/.410/.605/20
6) Mookie Betts LAD, OF, 27.6 – Attaching your best player in a trade that is partly a salary dump is a head scratcher, although I do think Verdugo is a really good get. Move to LA wouldn’t change Mookie’s ranking, but it is a ballpark downgrade. Update: Trade is on the ropes due to Brusdar Graterol’s medicals. These rankings assume all of LA’s trades will eventually go through, but if they don’t, the rankings will be updated (Ross Stripling will be impacted the most). 2020 Projection: 119/33/82/.310/.402/.552/20
7) Trea Turner WASH, SS, 26.9 – Power took a big step forward, raising average exit velocity 2.5 MPH to 90.3 MPH. Remains a speedster with the 2nd fastest sprint speed in baseball, behind only Tim Locastro (Buxton is a close 3rd).  2020 Projection: 104/24/77/.293/.350/.488/41
8) Fernando Tatis Jr. SD, SS, 21.3 – With a 29.6% K% and a 6.9 degree launch angle, you can look at Tatis’ 2019 in one of two ways. Either you think he got lucky and there is serious regression coming, or you are scared at the thought of what his stats might look like when he inevitably improves on those underlying numbers. I’m in camp #2. 2020 Projection: 101/35/99/.274/.348/.531/26
9) Francisco Lindor CLE, SS, 26.4 – Small step back in K%, BB%, GB% and sprint speed, but I’m willing to write that off to his early season calf injury considering overall production remained strong. 2020 Projection: 104/32/87/.285/.349/.520/20
10) Trevor Story COL, SS, 27.4 – Carried over the major improvements he made in K% and stolen bases in 2018 into 2019. One of the premier power/speed combos in the game. 2020 Projection: 100/36/100/.283/.354/.546/22
11) Wander Franco TB, SS, 19.1 – Recently signed international prospects are the best class of prospect to invest in for upside value. The top owners in your dynasty league have been able to reap massive rewards by acquiring prospects like Juan Soto, Vlad Jr., Ronald Acuna, Victor Robles and Wander Franco within a few years of their signing at bargain rates that were not commensurate with their universally agreed upon elite talent (I know, I know … Kevin Maitan exists too). High School players selected in the MLB Draft don’t get that same risk baked into their ranking. It’s too late to get Franco, and rankings are starting to catch up, but there is still value to be found. 2020 Projection: September-13/4/9/.277/.341/.445/4 Prime Projection: 114/33/113/.316/.405/.595/17
12) Vladimir Guerrero Jr. TOR, 3B, 21.0 – Modest rookie season, but make no mistake, the thunder is coming. 2020 Projection: 95/32/106/.298/.373/.538/2
13) Rafael Devers BOS, 3B, 23.5 – Ranked 16th overall in average exit velocity (92.1 MPH) and cut K% by 7.7% to 17%. 2020 Projection: 98/33/104/.302/.360/.549/7
14) Alex Bregman HOU, 3B, 26.0 – How much the cheating helped his production is an unknown. Relatively low 92.3 MPH FB/LD exit velocity is another red flag. 2020 Projection: 103/30/101/.291/.403/.538/9
15) Jose Ramirez CLE, 3B, 27.6 – Armageddon 1st half (.218/.308/.344) followed by a beastly 2nd half (.327/.365/.739) that was interrupted and ultimately cut short by a fractured hamate bone. Like Bregman, low FB/LD exit velocity (91.8 MPH) indicates some power downside. 2020 Projection: 98/30/93/.279/.358/.518/25
16) Nolan Arenado COL, 3B, 29.0 – Steady as they come. 40 homers with a high average. I wouldn’t sell on the trade rumors, because teams are already going to value him as if he had been traded, so might as well wait until it actually happens to make a decision. 2020 Projection: 103/39/116/.298/.375/.568/2
17) Austin Meadows TB, OF, 24.11 – When I ranked Meadows 54th overall in last year’s ranking, someone asked me what I was smoking. Apparently I was toking on salvia divinorum, aka, sage of the diviners, aka it’s a plant you smoke and then you hallucinate, because Meadows broke out with a .291 BA, 33 homers, and 12 steals. He hits it very hard, hits it in the air, has speed, and has a strong plate approach. 2020 Projection: 93/32/96/.282/.351/.531/15
18) Bryce Harper PHI, OF, 27.6 – Strikeout rate going in the wrong direction (26.1%), but power, speed, and walks are all in peak form. 2020 Projection: 100/36/103/.265/.381/.533/14
19) Yordan Alvarez HOU, OF, 22.9 – Hitting profile looks mighty similar to Bryce Harper without the speed. 2020 Projection: 93/35/104/.273/.369/.542/4
20) Aaron Judge NYY, OF, 27.11 – Led the league in average exit velocity every year since getting called up in 2016. Smashed 15 homers in final 33 games to salvage what was shaping up to be a mediocre season. 2020 Projection: 107/42/101/.263/.370/.545/7
21) Bo Bichette TOR, SS, 22.1 – Like Tatis, the impressive triple slash (.311/..358/.571) is considerably better than the underlying numbers, but I’m betting on the underlying numbers mostly catching up to the slash line, rather than the other way around. 2020 Projection: 93/24/79/.282/.340/.481/18 Prime Projection: 118/34/95/.296/.373/.542/15
22) Ozzie Albies ATL, 2B, 23.3 – Average exit velocity jumped 2.5 MPH to 88.8 MPH, although exit velocity on fly balls actually decreased by 0.3 MPH. It’s still a good sign that there is another level of power in here as he matures. 2020 Projection: 107/26/84/.288/.356/.490/17
23) Gerrit Cole NYY, RHP, 29.7 – I don’t factor in age with pitchers quite as much as with hitters because every pitcher is one injury away from a career altering injury. Young pitchers also haven’t proven their arm can withstand season after season of 200+ innings which makes them more risky than an older pitcher with more miles on their arm. 2020 Projection: 18/2.92/0.98/295 in 205 IP
24) Walker Buehler LAD, RHP, 25.8 – Throws the fastest cutter by a starter at 92.8 MPH (1.8 MPH ahead of 2nd, Marcus Stroman). Final hurdle to cross is how his arm responds after a career high 195 IP (including the postseason), which is a 34 IP increase from 2018. 2020 Projection: 17/3.23/1.01/230 in 191 IP
25) Jacob deGrom NYM, RHP, 31.9 – Career high velocity on all of his pitches. Upped slider and fastball usage while ditching his sinker and minimizing the curve. 2020 Projection: 14/2.86/0.99/260 in 208 IP
26) Gleyber Torres NYY, 2B, 23.4 – Exit velocities and K/BB are solid but don’t jump out at you. 17.4 degree launch angle ensures healthy power production, and I’m expecting continued improvement in all aspects of his game. 2020 Projection: 97/32/106/.283/.352/.521/4
27) Xander Bogaerts BOS, SS, 27.6 – Maintained exit velocity gains from 2018 and notched a career high 10.9% BB%. With only 6 steal attempts in 155 games, you can no longer count on him in the speed department as you build your roster. 2020 Projection: 99/28/108/.296/.369/.529/7
28) Javier Baez CHC, SS, 27.4 – Getting by with pure exit velocity and speed. 2020 Projection: 98/33/103/.278/.319/.520/13
29) Anthony Rendon LAA, 3B, 29.10 – From my 2019 Top 1,000: “With a 13.7% K% and 17.7 degree launch angle, there is potential for a monster career season lurking in here.” … The monster was unleashed and it landed him a $245 million contract. 2020 Projection: 104/32/108/.306/.382/.560/4
30) Keston Hiura MIL, 2B, 23.8 – Underlying stats profile as a low average, power hitting beast with a handful of steals. Ultimately should develop into more of a 20% strikeout hitter than the 30% he put up in 2019. 2020 Projection: 88/34/96/.268/.333/.507/11
31) Jack Flaherty STL, RHP, 24.6 – Velocity up about 1 MPH on every pitch and BB% was down 2.5%. Third year in a row posting well below average exit velocities against (86.1 MPH) gives hope the low BABIP’s (.242) is a skill. 2020 Projection: 16/3.38/1.11/229 in 194 IP
32) Shane Bieber CLE, RHP, 24.10 – Not a flamethrower but has advanced command over a 4 pitch mix. Batters were able to make some good contact against him with a 90.4 MPH average exit velocity against. Cole and Verlander both sat at 87.3 MPH for comparison. 2020 Projection: 15/3.41/1.09/220 in 195 IP
33) Yoan Moncada CHW, 3B, 24.10 – Not quite the speedster we all thought he was, but power showed up in a big way, upping exit velocity 2.3 MPH to 92.8 MPH. .315 batting average (.406 BABIP) is coming down. 2020 Projection: 96/30/89/.273/.360/.513/13
34) Pete Alonso NYM, 1B, 25.4 – Alonso is going to mash no matter how much Manfred loosens up those seams. 2020 Projection: 91/43/109/.263/.360/.557/1
35) Manny Machado SD, 3B/SS, 27.9 – Career worst 19.4% K% and low BABIP led to a career low .254 BA. The lack of steals was easy to predict, but now you have to worry about a mediocre average too. 2020 Projection: 92/34/102/.278/.351/.515/8
36) Eloy Jimenez CHW, OF, 23.4 – Elite exit velocity and 31 homers in 122 games proves the power wasn’t over-hyped. Has the ability to hit for both power and average when his K% comes down, and his minor league numbers suggest it will. 2020 Projection: 88/33/99/.283/.335/.530/1
37) Luis Robert CHW, OF, 22.8 – New $50 million contract has Robert’s hype skyrocketing. I already had him ranked #2 overall because of the elite power/speed combo, but a 24.7% K% and 4.9% BB% at Triple-A is almost all you need to know to realize the road to fantasy glory might not be a completely straight line. 2020 Projection: 72/27/83/.254/.306/.471/19 Prime Projection: 94/34/101/.277/.339/.521/25
38) Freddie Freeman ATL, 1B, 30.7 – Underlying numbers are very similar to his past two seasons when he put up 28 and 23 homers, respectively, but this season he managed to knock 38 homers. For reference, he hit 34 homers in 2016, but his exit velocity was about 2 MPH higher than 2017-2019. Freeman might be the clearest example of the impact of the juiced ball. 2020 Projection: 95/31/105/.298/.391/.543/5
39) Blake Snell TB, LHP, 27.4 – Missed two months after undergoing arthroscopic elbow surgery in July to remove loose bodies. Velocity was down on all of his pitches, but still among the hardest throwers in baseball. Bloated 4.29 ERA was at least partly due to a .343 BABIP. 2020 Projection: 13/3.37/1.18/223 in 178 IP
40) Ketel Marte ARI, 2B/OF, 26.6 – From my 2019 Top 1,000: “13.7% K%, 9.3% BB%, 88.6 MPH average exit velocity, 92 MPH on FB/LD, and 28.7 ft/sec sprint speed. If he can start lifting the ball more and add some strength as he enters his mid to late 20’s, there is a 5-category stud lurking in here.” … Marte added 1.3 MPH to his exit velocity and 5.8 degrees to his launch angle en route to a beastly 5-category season. 2020 Projection: 93/26/88/.293/.352/.512/9
41) Carlos Correa HOU, SS, 25.6 – In the midst of a power breakout but rib and back injuries limited him to only 25 games after May. A back injury tanked his 2018 season as well, so it’s a legitimate concern. 2020 Projection: 90/32/105/.283/.362/.527/3
42) Adalberto Mondesi KC, SS, 24.8 – Underwent labrum surgery on October 3rd, with a 5-6 month recovery. Major surgeries that ruin your normal off-season routine is not a recipe for a breakout season. 2020 Projection: 78/16/74/.255/.299/.422/41 Prime Projection: 93/23/86/.274/.329/.446/49
43) Shohei Ohtani LAA, RHP/OF, 25.9 – Power and strikeouts … and strikeouts. The plan is for 1 start and 3-4 DH days per week. In weekly lineup leagues drop him down 100 spots because he can likely be viewed only as a 130 IP starter at peak. 2020 Projection: Hitting-46/17/52/.277/.349/.511/9 — Pitching-7/3.55/1.20/123 in 100 IP
44) Kris Bryant CHC, 3B/OF, 28.3 – Exit velocity is just not what it was in 2015 and 2016 when Bryant looked to be on the verge of becoming a perennial top 5 pick. I guess we’ll have to settle for merely very, very good. 2020 Projection: 110/32/80/.283/.381/.509/5
45) Matt Chapman OAK, 3B, 26.11 – Career low 21.9% K%, but a 3.6% jump in infield fly ball rate negated any possible batting average gains (.249 BA with a .270 BABIP). 2020 Projection: 105/38/96/.268/.355/.529/2
46) Mike Clevinger CLE, RHP, 29.3 – Upper back strain and sprained ankle caused Clevinger to miss almost the entire first half. Notched a career high 95.6 MPH fastball velocity, but that was on a steady decline as the season wore on. 2020 Projection: 15/3.31/1.14/222 in 190 IP
47) Stephen Strasburg WASH, RHP, 31.8 – Dominant, as usual, but he did it in a different way by upping his groundball percentage with increased sinker and curveball usage. Staying healthy all season is probably the most notable thing of all. 2020 Projection: 15/3.43/1.10/220 in 185 IP
48) Jo Adell LAA, OF, 21.0 – Elite athlete with double plus power. 32.6% K% and 0 homers in 27 games at Triple-A likely ensures at least a couple months of development time there in 2020. 2020 Projection: July-39/13/45/.250/.301/.459/6 Prime Projection: 101/37/108/.271/.353/.538/13
49) Justin Verlander HOU, RHP, 37.1 – Even at 37 years old Verlander is such a difference maker that he is worth a true elite prospect back in a trade. The cliff often doesn’t come with advanced warning, though, that is why they call it the cliff, and not the ramp.  2020 Projection: 17/3.08/1.01/270 in 208 IP
50) Max Scherzer WASH, RHP, 35.8 – Back issues held Scherzer to his lowest innings pitched total since his rookie year in 2009. He also didn’t pitch as well when he returned from the injury (4.81 ERA in 43 IP). 2020 Projection: 16/3.09/1.04/261 in 203 IP
51) Jose Altuve HOU, 2B, 29.11 – Career high K% (15%), career low stolen base total (6), and while Altuve hit a career high 31 homers, there wasn’t any significant improvements in exit velocity or flyball percentage to truly back up the power surge. 2020 Projection: 99/26/82/.292/.351/.490/13
52) JD Martinez BOS, OF, 32.7 – Best case scenario he’s Nelson Cruz and there is 7+ years of production left. Worst case scenario he’s Albert Pujols and this 32 year old season is the beginning of the end. 2020 Projection: 101/38/112/.308/.380/.570/3
53) Chris Paddack SD, RHP, 24.3 – Plus fastball/changeup combo is good enough, but continued development of the curveball can take him to the next level. 2020 Projection: 13/3.58/1.09/190 in 170 IP
54) Starling Marte ARI, OF, 31.6 – Career low 16% K%. Sprint speed is as good as ever but relying on speed as players get deeper into their 30’s is risky. 2020 Projection: 94/20/77/.289/.339/.462/28
55) Kyle Tucker HOU, OF, 22.4 – Sprint speed improved from below average in 2018 to above average in 2019. The power was never in question, but now there is hope the steals might transfer too. 2020 Projection: 71/24/77/.251/.325/.476/11 Prime Projection: 94/33/101/.265/.348/.513/15
56) Victor Robles WASH, OF, 22.10 – 81 MPH average exit velocity is cover your eyes bad. Even Stephen Strasburg managed to put up a 82.5. Jose Altuve has proven there is a path to strong power numbers with below average exit velocity (86.1 MPH), but Robles has to improve to reach even that level. 2020 Projection: 91/20/73/.272/.334/.439/27
57) George Springer HOU, OF, 30.6 – While his 2019 is likely a juiced ball aided career year, the strong underlying numbers don’t rule out the possibility of a repeat. 2020 Projection: 104/33/95/.280/.369/.525/7
58) Matt Olson OAK, 1B, 26.0 – Elite exit velocity power hitting beast. 2020 Projection: 93/38/105/.256/.345/.537/1
59) Giancarlo Stanton NYY, OF, 30.5 – Limited to 18 games due to a variety of injuries, but performed like himself in those games with a 100.3 MPH FB/LD exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 95/43/109/.261/.352/.546/3
60) Josh Bell PIT, 1B, 27.8 – Career high 37.3% FB% and 92.3 MPH exit velocity is evidence the power breakout is for real. 2020 Projection: 90/32/106/.273/.361/.528/1
61) Ramon Laureano OAK, OF, 25.9 – Plus power/speed combo but a 25.6% K% and 5.6% BB% shows he is not without risk. 2020 Projection: 89/27/84/.265/.334/.486/16
62) Tim Anderson CHW, SS, 26.9 – Career low 21% K% and career high 88.3 MPH exit velocity, along with a little BABIP luck, led to a breakout season, slashing .335/.357/.508 with 18 homers and 17 steals in 123 games. 2020 Projection: 90/23/72/.282/.321/.468/21
63) Patrick Corbin WASH, LHP, 30.8 – Backed up 2018’s breakout with another strong year on the back of his elite slider. Velocity up about 1 MPH on each pitch. 2020 Projection: 14/3.50/1.19/231 in 197 IP
64) Luis Severino NYY, RHP, 26.1 – Missed almost entire season with an inflamed rotator cuff and lat strain. Velocity wasn’t quite what it was in 2018, but at 96.1 MPH, that is more than enough. 2020 Projection: 13/3.55/1.18/200 in 175 IP
65) Gavin Lux LAD, 2B/SS, 22.4 – I tried to tell you last off-season that Lux was being underrated, writing, “Me thinks Lux is still being a bit underrated right now.” He isn’t underrated anymore. 2020 Projection: 78/19/74/.272/.334/.451/11 Prime Projection: 98/28/93/.283/.356/.495/14
66) Chris Sale BOS, LHP, 31.0 – Inflammation in pitching elbow ended Sale’s season in August. Fastball was down 2 MPH and put up a career worst 4.40 ERA, but he still managed to strikeout 218 batters in 147.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 13/3.29/1.02/234 in 165 IP
67) Julio Rodriguez SEA, OF, 19.3 – Advanced beyond his years feel to hit which he displayed at Full-A (.293 BA), High-A (.462 BA), and the Fall League (.288 BA). Add to that at least plus raw power and you have one of the most coveted prospects in baseball. ETA: Late 2021 Prime Projection: 96/35/109/.290/.368/.550/8
68) Charlie Blackmon COL, OF, 33.9 – Career low 26.7 ft/sec sprint speed doesn’t leave much hope for a stolen base bounce back (2 steals in 2019), but he has never hit the ball harder with a career high 88.5 MPH exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 106/33/84/.307/.362/.539/6
69) Luis Castillo CIN, RHP, 27.4 – Fireballing groundball pitcher with the most valuable changeup in baseball. 2020 Projection: 13/3.63/1.19/214 in 188 IP
70) Lucas Giolito CHW, RHP, 25.9 – Fastball velocity jumped 1.8 MPH to 94.6 MPH and changeup became an elite pitch. Grandal and his plus pitch framing should counteract any regression concerns. 2020 Projection: 13/3.69/1.17/226 in 185 IP
71) MacKenzie Gore SD, LHP, 21.1 – Potential for 4 plus pitches with plus control. Destroyed Hi-A with a silly pitching line of 1.02/0.71/110/20/ in 79.1 IP. 2020 Projection: July-6/3.82/1.26/83 in 78 IP Prime Projection: 17/3.22/1.03/240 in 200 IP
72) Anthony Rizzo CHC, 1B, 30.8 – As consistent as they come. 2020 Projection: 91/30/97/.288/.381/.513/5
73) Marcus Semien OAK, SS, 29.6 – Major breakout in basically every underlying stat and surface stat you look at. Some regression is likely, but the breakout was real. 2020 Projection: 107/29/76/.279/.360/.499/11
74) Joey Gallo TEX, OF, 26.4 – Has 281 hits in his career and 110 of them are homers. 38.4% K% still makes Gallo a huge average risk, but he also led the league in exit velocity on FB/LD at 101.2 MPH. 2020 Projection: 94/45/96/.234/.356/.549/4
75) Michael Conforto NYM, OF, 27.1 – Struggles vs. lefties is only true blemish (.701 OPS). 2020 Projection: 93/30/92/.263/.370/.502/5
76) Max Kepler MIN, OF, 27.2 – From my 2019 Top 1,000: “Posted career bests in K% (15.7%), BB% (11.6%), FB% (46.2%), and exit velo (89.5 MPH/93.9 MPH FB/LD). Kepler already broke out but it didn’t show up in his surface stats last year.” … It showed up this year, cranking 36 homers in 134 games while maintaining most of the underlying gains he made in 2018. 2020 Projection: 93/31/89/.266/.349/.502/3
77) Max Muncy LAD, 1B/2B/3B, 29.7 – Put any playing time concerns to rest with 589 PA, although the logjam isn’t breaking up anytime soon with Gavin Lux now trying to force his way into the lineup. 2020 Projection: 97/34/96/.254/.370/.513/3
78) Jorge Soler KC, OF, 28.1 – Huge power breakout, upping exit velocity 3.1 MPH and ripping 48 homers in 162 games. 2020 Projection: 85/33/98/.261/.350/.520/2
79) Eddie Rosario MIN, OF, 28.6 – Continued his free swinging ways (3.7% BB%) with power (32 homers) and a good feel to hit (14.6% K%). 2020 Projection: 84/28/92/.283/.316/.489/6
80) Jonathan Villar MIA, 2B/SS, 28.11 – Played in all 162 games, compiling 24 homers, 111 runs and 40 steals. Miami moving their fences in will cushion the blow a little bit from leaving Camden. 2020 Projection: 85/16/61/.263/.331/.430/34
81) Tyler Glasnow TB, RHP, 26.7 – Forearm strain knocked out most of Glasnow’s breakout season, but his velocity was fully back when he returned in September. His newfound control did not return, with 8 walks in 19.1 IP (including postseason). 2020 Projection: 10/3.58/1.19/185 in 150 IP
82) Aaron Nola PHI, RHP, 26.10 – Career best K/9 (10.19) and career worst BB/9 (3.56). Exit velocity against jumped to 88.5 MPH after being in the 85’s from 2016-2018. 2020 Projection: 14/3.66/1.21/221 in 205 IP
83) Eugenio Suarez CIN, 3B, 27.7 – Online IQ test question: What is the next number in this sequence – 4, 13, 21, 26, 34, 49, _? That is Suarez’ season home run totals since entering the league. My fake online IQ of 144 tells me Barry Bonds home run record might be in jeopardy next season. Update: Underwent surgery on his shoulder to remove loose cartilage in late January. There is no timetable, but he is likely to miss at least the start of the season. 2020 Projection: 72/27/84/.266/.352/.523/2
84) Rhys Hoskins PHI, 1B, 27.0 – Down-ish year when everyone else was experiencing a career year, but the homer/walk profile remains the same. 2020 Projection: 96/35/92/.250/.371/.512/3
85) Lourdes Gurriel Jr. TOR, OF, 26.6 – Took power to another level with 20 homers in 84 games by raising launch angle 3.7 degrees and increasing FB/LD exit velocity 3.2 MPH. 2020 Projection: 86/30/94/.270/.323/.492/8
86) Corey Seager LAD, SS, 25.11 – Career high 39.2% FB% didn’t result in a power breakout this season, but it portends good things for the future considering he was able to maintain strong exit velocity and plate approach numbers. 2020 Projection: 94/27/92/.281/.343/.496/1
87) Andrew Benintendi BOS, OF, 25.9 – 6.8% K% increase led to a down year across the board. Also has been getting slower every year. I feel more comfortable about a power rebound than I do a stolen base rebound. 2020 Projection: 93/21/86/.279/.357/.446/11
88) Nick Senzel CIN, OF, 24.8 – Underwent surgery to repair a torn labrum in late September which puts his availability for opening day in question. Speed is his best asset right now, but still profiles as an above average all category contributor at peak. 2020 Projection: 74/16/66/.268/.333/.440/19 Prime Projection: 94/24/83/.278/.346/.462/23
89) Jarred Kelenic SEA, OF, 20.8 – Performed well across 3 levels of the minors in his first full season of pro ball, culminating with a 133 wRC+ at Double-A. Above average to plus potential in every category. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 96/25/87/.283/.351/.485/16
90) Clayton Kershaw LAD, LHP, 32.0 – Fastball velocity did not rebound to pre-2018 levels and actually lost another 0.9 MPH, but the slider is as good as ever. 2020 Projection: 14/3.38/1.09/188 in 180 IP
91) Noah Syndergaard NYM, RHP, 27.7 – Much improved changeup became his best secondary pitch but his slider took a step back, losing 2.2 MPH. 2020 Projection: 3.73/1.22/196 in 190 IP
92) Brandon Woodruff MIL, RHP, 27.2 – Third most valuable fastball in baseball behind only Cole and Flaherty. 2020 Projection: 11/3.74/1.20/190 in 165 IP
93) Jesus Luzardo OAK, LHP, 22.6 – Shoulder injury limited Luzardo to just 58 IP at a variety of levels (Rk, Hi-A, Triple-A, MLB playoffs), but he dominated at each stop with 3 plus pitches (mid 90’s fastball, curve, and change). He has a chance to be special, but with a career high of 109 IP, it remains to be seen if he can stay healthy and produce for 180+ IP. 2020 Projection: 10/3.68/1.19/160 in 142 IP Prime Projection: 15/3.39/1.11/213 in 183 IP
94) Julio Urias LAD, LHP, 23.8 – Announced that he will likely join the rotation in 2020. Ranked first overall in average exit velocity against at 83.2 MPH and fastball jumped 2.1 MPH to 95.2 MPH, including during the starts he made early in the season. 2020 Projection: 11/3.68/1.21/139 in 135 IP Prime Projection: 15/3.39/1.11/198 in 182 IP
95) Frankie Montas OAK, RHP, 27.0 – Found that legitimate third pitch by adding a splitter that he threw 18.2% of the time. With a plus fastball/slider combo already in tow, Montas broke out with a pitching line of 2.63/1.12/103/23 in 96 IP. 80-game PED suspension cut his season short, but he did return for 1 start in September with no noticeable performance decline. 2020 Projection: 13/3.64/1.21/185 in 170 IP
96) Gary Sanchez NYY, C, 27.4 – Elite power hitter and does it from the scarce catcher position. On the downside, catchers are always more banged up and at risk of shortened careers. It’s a give and take. 2020 Projection: 69/32/83/.252/.333/.520/0
97) Marcell Ozuna ATL, OF, 29.5 – Low BABIP (.259) spoiled what could have been a huge season as Ozuna reached a career high 12 steals and 11.3% BB%. If he can repeat those gains in 2020, the upside is there for him to blow up. 2020 Projection: 82/31/93/.268/.332/.500/6
98) David Dahl COL, OF, 26.0 – Another season shortened by injury, this time by a high ankle sprain that ended his year in early August. .386 BABIP covered up a weak 110/28 K/BB in 100 games, but he displayed an above average power/speed combo and has the raw tools to take his game to the next level. 2020 Projection: 86/23/83/.271/.329/.480/9
99) Amed Rosario NYM, SS, 24.4 – Continues to get stronger, raising his exit velocity 1.9 MPH to a well above average 89.2 MPH, while maintaining his plus speed and good feel to hit. 91.2 MPH FB/LD exit velocity will have to improve in order to take the next step. 2020 Projection: 87/18/79/.283/.322/.446/22
100) Byron Buxton MIN, OF, 26.3 – In the midst of a mini breakout before a shoulder injury ended his season, which required labrum surgery in September with a 5-6 month timetable. The underlying skills (95 MPH FB/LD exit velo, 19.5 degree launch angle, and 30.3 foot per second sprint speed) are there to become a power/speed beast, even if it takes him into his late 20’s to truly put it all together. 2020 Projection: 83/23/76/.267/.321/.475/26
101) Trevor Bauer CIN, RHP, 29.2 – Couldn’t repeat 2018 breakout, but he pitched through partially torn ligaments in his ankle since the 4th start of the season. 2020 Projection: 12/3.78/1.24/240 in 200 IP
102) Paul Goldschmidt STL, 1B, 32.7 – Still has the ability to put up big power numbers, but the days of elite fantasy production, especially in the stolen base department, are over. 2020 Projection: 94/34/94/.278/.359/.506/6
103) Tommy Pham SD, OF, 32.1 – Broke his hand on July 28th and was amazingly able to play through it, although his production took a small hit (.856 OPS pre injury vs. .776 OPS post injury) 2020 Projection: 90/22/76/.279/.370/.458/21
104) Whit Merrifield KC, 2B/OF, 31.4 – Steals and attempts both dropped off considerably, as well as a slight drop in sprint speed. It’s concerning for an aging, speed first player, but he’s still plenty fast so I’m actually expecting a slight rebound. 2020 Projection: 93/15/71/.291/.343/.451/25
105) Zack Wheeler PHI, RHP, 29.10 – Maintained uptick in velocity from the 2nd half of 2018 into 2019, but it still couldn’t prevent a repeat of his 1st half slump, putting up a 4.94 ERA in his first 15 starts, and a 3.04 ERA in his final 16 starts. 2020 Projection: 12/3.78/1.23/189 in 191 IP
106) Mike Soroka ATL, RHP, 22.8 – Low strikeout, groundball pitcher who relies mainly on a 92.2 MPH sinker. Slider, changeup, and 4 seamer were also above average to plus pitches in their own right. 2020 Projection: 13/3.61/1.19/170 in 190 IP
107) Zac Gallen ARI, RHP, 24.8 – Rode a plus fastball/changeup combo to a pitching line of 2.81/1.23/96/36 in 80 IP, and while the walk rate is a bit high, he’s displayed good control his entire college/minor league career. 2020 Projection: 12/3.63/1.25/203 in 181 IP
108) J.T. Realmuto PHI, C, 29.1 – Continued to improve power with a career high 90.3 MPH average exit velocity while maintaining good feel to hit and speed. 2020 Projection: 81/23/73/.273/.330/.485/6
109) Trey Mancini BAL, 1B/OF, 28.0 – Improved plate approach and GB% allowed his already good feel to hit and plus exit velocity to shine, slashing .291/.364/.535 with 35 homers. 2020 Projection: 89/30/90/.278/.347/.506/1
110) Franmil Reyes CLE, OF, 24.9 – Ranked 3rd and 4th overall, respectively, in average exit velocity (93.3 MPH) and FB/LD exit velocity (98.2 MPH). If he can improve his 28.5% K%, which his minor league track record suggests is possible, if not likely, the sky is the limit on his power potential. 2020 Projection: 78/34/91/.256/.316/.509/0
111) Oscar Mercado CLE, OF, 25.4 – Offensive profile is a doppelganger for Whit Merrifield. 2020 Projection: 82/17/66/.273/.334/.435/25
112) Dylan Carlson STL, OF, 21.6 – Major power breakout (26 homers) while maintaining a strong plate approach (116/58 K/BB in 126 games) in the upper levels of the minors. He’s likely the Cardinals best outfielder right now (save for maybe Tommy Edman). 2020 Projection: June-51/13/48/.262/.333/.447/8 Prime Projection: 94/27/91/.277/.352/.488/12
113) Jasson Dominguez NYY, OF, 17.2 – When you get the opportunity to draft at the top of a first year player draft, you just don’t pass on this type of generational talent. Double plus power/speed combo with a good feel to hit. Upside is #1 player in fantasy. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 109/32/101/.287/.373/.532/25
114) Jeff McNeil NYM, 2B/3B/OF, 28.0 – Plus contact ability with about average pop and speed. 2020 Projection: 89/24/82/.303/.361/.504/9
115) Max Fried ATL, LHP, 26.2 – Added a slider which immediately became his best pitch, throwing it 16% of the time with a 6.2 pitch value. 2.55 BB/9 is the best he’s done at any stop in his professional career. 2020 Projection: 14/3.57/1.23/196 in 182 IP
116) Sonny Gray CIN, RHP, 30.5 – A bounce back season was easy to predict, but nobody could have expected a 7.9% increase in K%, leading to 205 strikeouts in 175.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 13/3.58/1.18/198 in 179 IP
117) Miguel Sano MIN, 3B, 26.11 – 36.2% K% might tank your batting average, but power entered into true elite territory with a 99.6 MPH FB/LD exit velocity and 15.9 degree launch angle. 2020 Projection: 87/42/94/.236/.332/.519/0
118) Kyle Schwarber CHC, OF, 27.9 – Career high 97.9 MPH FB/LD exit velocity combined with a career low 25..6% K% led to a career high 38 homers and .250 BA. Also the first year he received full time at bats. 2020 Projection: 85/35/94/.254/.348/.523/3
119) Marco Luciano SF, SS, 18.7 – Knocked 10 homers in 47 games in his first season of pro ball. Lightening quick bat speed with potential for double plus power.  ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 91/33/99/.277/.350/.520/9
120) Andrew Vaughn CHW, 1B, 22.0 – If drafting a 17 year old without a single pro plate attempt is just more risk than you are able to handle, Vaughn is your safe alternative for the top pick in a FYPD. Patient hitter with plus contact rates and plus power. Type of college bat who should move fast. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 92/31/103/.285/.370/.518/2
121) Josh Donaldson MIN, 3B, 34.4 – Bounced back from an injury plagued 2018 with 37 homers, ranking 6th overall in FB/LD exit velocity and 7th overall in average exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 92/32/89/.254/.366/.513/3
122) Jose Abreu CHW, 1B, 33.2 – Hitting the ball as hard as ever with a career high 92.1 MPH avg. exit velocity.  2020 Projection: 82/30/101/.281/.335/.498/2
123) Cavan Biggio TOR, 2B, 25.0 – 28.6% K%, 20.1 degree launch angle and a 91.8 MPH FB/LD exit velocity is a recipe for a low average, but speed and a high walk rate should mitigate some of that average risk. 2020 Projection: 83/24/77/.252/.358/.444/16
124) Carter Kieboom WASH, SS/2B, 22.7 – Patient hitter with a swing geared towards both average and power. If you can buy low based off his .128 BA and 37.2% K% in his small sample MLB debut, do it. 2020 Projection: May-64/18/68/.268/.339/.440/3 Prime Projection: 93/26/92/.281/.359/.486/7
125) Brendan Rodgers COL, 2B, 23.8 – Season ending labrum surgery in July makes it unlikely for Rodgers to wrestle the starting 2B job from Ryan McMahon early in the season, but his plus hit, plus power ceiling still makes him the favorite long term. Or Colorado trades Arenado and there is room for both. 2020 Projection: June-45/15/52/.266/.316/.451/4 Prime Projection: 85/29/96/.279/.335/.492/5
126) Josh Hader MIL, Closer, 27.0 – Finally ascended to the closer role and didn’t disappoint with a career high 16.41 K/9 and career low 2.38 BB/9. With Milwaukee putting him on the trade block, he’s once again at risk of being moved back into a setup role. 2020 Projection: 4/2.83/0.92/131/34 in 71 IP
127) Adley Rutschman BAL, C, 22.2 – Selected 1st overall in the 2019 draft, Rutschman is a plus defensive catcher with a middle of the order offensive profile. Just keep in mind that catchers inherently get more days off during the season, are at a greater risk of injury, and just generally get worn down over the course of a season and career. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 85/27/91/.282/.368/.508/2
128) Jose Berrios MIN, RHP, 25.10 – Third straight good but not great season. Probably needs to add a few MPH to really take the next step. 2020 Projection: 13/3.78/1.21/192 in 194 IP
129) Eduardo Rodriguez BOS, LHP, 27.0 – Shook off a poor start to the season (5.43 ERA in first 10 starts) to put up a 3.21 ERA in final 148.2 IP. Put his injury history in the past with a career high 203.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 14/3.73/1.27/188 in 184 IP
130) Yasiel Puig FA, OF, 29.4 – Hasn’t had the power breakout season we’ve all been waiting for, but he is running more than ever, and the underlying skills are there for a 30+ homer season. 2020 Projection: 79/28/91/.266/.332/.483/17
131) Nicholas Castellanos CIN, OF, 28.1 – Trade to Chicago lit a fire under him, hitting .321 with 16 homers in 51 games. Couldn’t have landed in a better situation than Cincy. 2020 Projection: 84/27/89/.279/.335/.508/2
132) Scott Kingery PHI, 3B/OF, 25.11 – Improved exit velocity allowed him to tap into his power, but will have to cut down on 29.4% K% in order to take the next step. 2020 Projection: 79/22/71/.263/.322/.461/17
133) Alex Verdugo BOS, OF, 23.11 – Plus contact rates transferred to the majors with a 13% K% and .294 BA in 106 games. Hits the ball very hard, so if he can lift it more, the power could blow up. I was high on Verdugo before the trade news, but moving to Boston would put him in a better ballpark and give him more job security. 2020 Projection: 81/18/78/.286/.340/.468/8 Prime Projection: 92/25/86/.298/.365/.510/10
134) Forrest Whitley HOU, RHP, 22.6 – Missed seven weeks with shoulder inflammation and battled command issues all season (7.99 ERA and 86/44 K/BB in 59.2 IP). He got back on track in the Fall League with a 2.88 ERA and 32/9 K/BB in 25 IP. The ace upside is still there, but the risk is evident. 2020 Projection: July-5/4.15/1.31/83 in 76 IP Prime Projection: 16/3.44/1.18/211 in 188 IP
135) Casey Mize DET, RHP, 22.11 – Plus command of a 4 pitch mix with a nasty splitter as the money pitch. Wasn’t the same after missing a month with shoulder inflammation in June, which is yet another reminder of how risky pitching prospects are. 2020 Projection: July-5/3.82/1.26/78 in 82 IP Prime Projection: 15/3.51/1.16/191 in 182 IP
136) Brandon Lowe TB, 2B, 25.9 – Elite underlying power hitting numbers (18.7 launch, 96 MPH FB/LD), and while 34.6% K% is high, he’s done much better than that every other year of his career, including 2018 in the majors. Also has some speed. 2020 Projection: 78/31/86/.257/.328/.493/8
137) Dinelson Lamet SD, RHP, 27.8 – Improved in his return from Tommy John surgery, adding two new pitches (96.4 MPH sinker and a 2nd slider) to his already plus fastball/slider combo. It helped with his issues vs. lefties (.867 OPS in 2017 vs. .744 OPS in 2019) and going through the batting order a 3rd time (8.86 ERA in 2017 vs. 4.70 ERA in 2019). 2020 Projection: 11/3.72/1.23/205 in 163 IP
138) Charlie Morton TB, RHP, 36.6 – Career year by upping the usage of his best pitch (curveball) at the cost of his sinker. Fastball velocity dipping 1.6 MPH and comments last off-season about wanting to spend more time with his family are areas of concern. 2020 Projection: 15/3.41/1.15/212 in 182 IP
139) Royce Lewis MIN, SS, 20.10 – Salvaged a down year at High-A and Double-A (.236/.290/.371) by destroying the Arizona Fall League (.353/.411/.565) and taking home MVP honors. Regardless, spike in strikeout rate across all levels calls into question how much average he will ultimately hit for. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 84/25/89/.273/.332/.461/22
140) Kristian Robinson ARI, OF, 19.4 – High strikeout rates are a legitimate concern, but he has been among the youngest players at every level, and the elite power/speed combo has you dreaming of a Fernando Tatis like breakout.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 84/30/95/.262/.347/.503/18
141) Yu Darvish CHC, RHP, 33.7 – Amazing turnaround in the 2nd half, putting up a pitching line of 2.76/0.81/118/7 in 81.2 IP after walking 49 batters with a 5.01 ERA in the 1st half. Darvish is the type of pitcher I target after passing on the frontline aces. 2020 Projection: 13/3.72/1.19/222 in 180 IP
142) Lance McCullers Jr. HOU, RHP, 26.6 – Rehab from Tommy John surgery is going smooth and is expected to be 100% by the start of camp, but is still expected to be limited to about 120 IP. Changeup took a step forward in 2018 before getting hurt. I’m buying in. 2020 Projection: 9/3.59/1.24/135 in 123 IP
143) Nate Pearson TOR, RHP, 23.7 – 6’6”, 245 pound beast who crushed 3 levels of the minors (A+, AA, AAA) with an upper 90’s fastball and plus slider. 2020 Projection: July-4/3.88/1.29/74 in 70 IP Prime Projection: 14/3.48/1.19/192 in 178 IP
144) Luis Patino SD, RHP, 20.5 – Double plus mid to upper 90’s fastball with a slider that flashes plus and developing changeup. Patino is a player I’m targeting in trades considering the hype hasn’t quite matched his top of the rotation upside. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 15/3.41/1.16/195 in 177 IP
145) Matt Manning DET, RHP, 22.3 – Improvements to changeup and control led to a huge year at Triple-A, putting up a pitching line of 2.56/0.98/148/38 in 133.2 IP. Adding a tick or two to his low 90’s fastball could take him to the next level. 2020 Projection: August-4/3.96/1.30/61 in 54 IP Prime Projection: 15/3.62/1.21/212 in 192 IP
146) Tommy Edman STL, 2B/3B, 24.11 – Way back in August 2016, just a couple months after St. Louis drafted him 196th overall, I praised Edman in my Prospect Rundown: “Like clockwork, St. Louis has another mid-round draft pick (6th rd pick this year) who has immediately excelled in pro ball. Edman is slashing .305/.416/.473 with 4 homers, 5 triples, 12 doubles, and 14 steals in 52 games at Low-A. He has elite contact skills, putting up a 22/37 K/BB, which backs up his 57/76 career K/BB in 168 games as a 3-year starter at Stanford. His upside isn’t sky high, and he may top out as a utility infielder, but I know better than to bet against St. Louis draft picks.” … please pay no attention to the fact he didn’t crack my 2019 Top 1,000. 2020 Projection: 83/15/54/.281/.330/.451/23
147) Dansby Swanson ATL, SS, 26.2 – Power broke out with a 3 MPH increase in exit velocity although it showed up only marginally in his surface stats. Expect it to show up in 2020. 2020 Projection: 88/23/77/.267/.339/.452/12
148) Jeter Downs LAD, SS, 21.8 – I was high on Downs coming into 2019, ranking him 45th overall on my 2019 Top 472 Prospects Ranking. He continued to show off the same skills at High-A and Double-A that made me so high on him, which is a good feel to hit, the ability to lift the ball, and base stealing skills. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 87/26/83/.274/.347/.469/14
149) Brennen Davis CHC, OF, 20.5 – At an athletic 6’4”, 175 pounds, Davis has a plus power/speed combo with a good feel to hit. He slashed .305/.381/.525 with 8 homers, 4 steals, and a 38/18 K/BB in 50 games at Full-A. He’s still not getting his due respect. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 86/28/93/.274/.340/.495/13
150) CJ Abrams SD, SS, 19.6 – Plus hit tool and plus speed shined through in his pro debut, slashing .401/.442/.662 with 14 steals and a 9% K% in 32 rookie ball games. 3 homers shows he has decent pop, and at 6’2”, 185 pounds, there is room to grow into more. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 93/16/72/.287/.349/.439/30
151) Corey Kluber TEX, RHP, 34.0 – Fractured his right elbow after getting hit by a line drive and then strained his oblique during a rehab start. Made only 7 starts due to the injuries and he didn’t look all that hot in those starts with a 5.80 ERA and his velocity continuing its 5 year decline. There is a reason he didn’t fetch all that much in the trade. 2020 Projection: 13/3.62/1.16/180 in 178 IP
152) Zack Greinke HOU, RHP, 36.5 – Steamer hates him, slapping him with a projected 4.26 ERA. He doesn’t strike a ton of batters out and is getting up there in age, but he has a history of thriving with low K rates and reduced velocity. 2020 Projection: 16/3.42/1.10/179 in 195 IP
153) Madison Bumgarner ARI, LHP, 30.8 – Every ballpark is a downgrade from San Francisco but Arizona has leaned towards a pitcher’s park since implementing the humidor. With xFIP’s over four the last three years and the aforementioned ballpark downgrade, I would be looking to trade Bumgarner this off-season. 2020 Projection: 12/3.98/1.19/188 in 190 IP
154) Jorge Polanco MIN, SS, 26.9 – Power breakout on the back of raising his exit velocity 3.1 MPH to 87 MPH. Despite above average speed, it is not translating to success on the base paths (11 for 21 over the past two years). 2020 Projection: 92/19/71/.286/.347/.466/6
155) Michael Brantley HOU, OF, 32.11 – Stolen bases dropped off a cliff, but everything else is in prime form. 2020 Projection: 85/20/83/.302/.358/.481/5
156) Roberto Osuna HOU, Closer, 25.2 – As consistent as it gets. 5th straight season with a sub 1.00 WHIP. 2020 Projection: 3/2.91/0.93/76/34 in 67 IP
157) DJ LeMahieu NYY, 1B/2B/3B, 31.9 – The rare hitter to leave Coors and get better. Raised FB/LD exit velocity by 2 MPH to 95.2 MPH and launch angle 1 degree to 6.7 degrees, leading to a career high 26 homers to go along with his usual high contact rates. 2020 Projection: 96/20/77/.301/.353/.469/6
158) Yasmani Grandal CHW, C, 31.5 – Played in 153 games, which is quite the accomplishment for a catcher. Signing with Chicago keeps him in a hitter’s environment. 2020 Projection: 69/25/73/.245/.362/.465/3
159) Paul DeJong STL, SS, 26.8 – Improved K% (22.4%) and BB% (9.3%) for the 2nd year in a row, but low BABIP and below average exit velocity kept his batting average low (.233). 2020 Projection: 87/28/81/.258/.335/.469/6
160) Mike Moustakas CIN, 2B/3B, 31.6 – Improved walk rate while maintaining strong contact and underlying power numbers. Move to Cincy keeps him in a hitter’s park. 2020 Projection: 77/33/88/.258/.328/.502/3
161) Willson Contreras CHC, C, 27.11 – Power returned with a career high 24 homers, but power upside will be capped as long as he has 50%+ groundball rates. 2020 Projection: 62/22/65/.270/.350/.510/2
162) Willie Calhoun TEX, OF, 25.5 – Contact/power profile started to shine through in 2019, smacking 21 homers with a 15.7 K% in 83 games. 2020 Projection: 83/30/87/.276/.338/.508/0
163) Matthew Boyd DET, LHP, 29.2 – Dominant 1st half (3.08 ERA and 105/15 K/BB) was spoiled by a second half collapse (5.81 ERA with a 133/35 K/BB in final 100.2 IP),  but he still put up strong strikeout to walk numbers which is encouraging.  2020 Projection: 10/3.91/1.22/219 in 181 IP
164) Luke Weaver ARI, RHP, 26.7 – Bounced back from a down 2018 by increasing his cutter usage and re-establishing his changeup as a plus pitch. Elbow injury effectively ended his season in May except for a 2 inning appearance in September.  2020 Projection: 10/3.76/1.24/166 in 160 IP
165) Gio Urshela NYY, 3B, 28.6 – Power took a big step forward with a career best 90.5 MPH exit velocity, which he combined with his already good feel for contact. These out of nowhere, late career breakout players remain the most underrated assets in dynasty leagues.  2020 Projection: 83/25/88/.277/.323/.478/1
166) Alec Bohm PHI, 3B, 23.9 – Contact ability translated to pro ball with a 14.1% K% at Double-A, to go along with 14 homers and a 10.4% walk rate in 63 games. He then went to the AFL and put up a .925 OPS in 19 games. 2020 Projection: September-8/3/11/.259/.321/.441/0 Prime Projection: 83/26/94/.278/.344/.486/3
167) Austin Riley ATL, OF, 23.0 – Strikeout rate dropped 9.2% at Triple-A to 20.1%, but on the flip side he struck out 36.4% in his 80 game MLB debut. The only thing not in question is his ability to hit for power, smacking 18 homers in those 80 games with strong underlying power numbers. 2020 Projection: 62/24/71/.248/.304/.469/1 Prime Projection: 82/33/95/.262/.332/.505/2
168) James Paxton NYY, LHP, 31.5 – Came on down the stretch with a 2.51 ERA and 69 K’s in his final 61 IP. Battled a knee injury early in the season which he blamed on the hard, sticky dirt used for the Yankee Stadium mound. Update: Underwent back surgery in early February and is likely to be out for 3-4 months. 2020 Projection: 9/3.80/1.25/145 in 120 IP
169) Lance Lynn TEX, RHP, 32.11 – Velocity ticked up on all of his pitches and strikeouts exploded with 246 K’s in 208.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 13/3.74/1.26/210 in 191 IP
170) Drew Waters ATL, OF, 21.3 – Took home MVP honors in the Southern League with a .319 BA, 35 doubles, 9 triples, 5 homers, and 13 steals in 108 games, although he did struggle with contact (26.7% K% in Double-A and 36.1% K% in Triple-A). 2020 Projection: August-25/5/21/.259/.309/.413/6 Prime Projection: 87/24/83/.278/.341/.470/18
171) Alex Kirilloff MIN, 1B/OF, 22.5 – Wrist injury kept Kirilloff out for the first month and a half of the season and likely contributed to sapping his power when he returned. He came on in the second half with 13 homers in final 76 games including the playoffs. 2020 Projection: July-32/11/43/.265/.320/.443/2 Prime Projection: 88/26/93/.283/.335/.485/5
172) Bobby Witt Jr. KC, SS, 19.10 – Mediocre pro debut (.670 OPS), but he still showed a good feel to hit (19.4% K%) and speed (9 steals), which is promising considering the power is definitely in there. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 86/26/88/.271/.338/.476/19
173) Carlos Carrasco CLE, RHP, 33.0 – Diagnosed with Leukemia in June and battled back to pitch out of the pen in September. And here I was about to take a 30 minute break because my space bar thumb was feeling a bit sore.  2020 Projection: 12/3.73/1.24/198 in 173 IP
174) German Marquez COL, RHP, 26.1 – The latest young Coors hurler who we thought could slay the Coors dragon but he came back bloody, beaten, and bruised like all the ones who came before him (3.67 road ERA vs. 6.26 home ERA). 2020 Projection: 13/4.06/1.22/188 in 181 IP
175) Michael Kopech CHW, RHP, 23.11 – Hit 100 MPH in an instructional league start in October, proving the elite raw stuff is back after undergoing Tommy John surgery in September 2018. Brent Honeywell’s complications post Tommy John still forces me to bake in some added risk with Kopech’s rank. 2020 Projection: July-5/4.21/1.35/87 in 72 IP Prime Projection: 16/3.45/1.21/230 in 192 IP
176) A.J. Puk OAK, LHP, 24.11 – The stuff is all the way back after undergoing Tommy John surgery in April 2018, displaying a 97.5 MPH fastball and 90 MPH slider coming out of the pen for Oakland down the stretch. 2020 Projection: May-8/3.83/1.32/131 in 115 IP Prime Projection: 14/3.52/1.26/199 in 176 IP
177) Mitch Haniger SEA, OF, 29.3 – Raised launch angle 6 degrees to 18.7 but it came at the expense of his contact ability (6.9% K% increase to 28.6%). Season ended in June with a ruptured testicle and back injury. Update: Underwent surgery on his core in January 2020, which will delay the start to his season. 2020 Projection: 77/25/74/.256/.339/.487/5
178) J.D. Davis NYM, 3B/OF, 26.11 – K%, exit velocity, and launch angle all took a step forward, which is a recipe for a breakout year. He slashed .307/.369/.527 with 22 homers in 453 PA. 2020 Projection: 76/24/81/.268/.336/.481/2
179) Vidal Brujan TB, 2B, 22.2 – Double plus speed and he loves to run with 103 stolen bases in 221 games over the past two seasons. Prototypical leadoff hitter with near elite contact ability and a good plate approach, although he struggles vs. lefties. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 87/13/51/.281/.340/.418/37
180) Spencer Howard PHI, RHP, 23.8 – Shoulder stiffness in April limited Howard to 71 IP, but he dominated in those innings with a pitching line of 2.03/0.83/94/16. Mid 90’s heat and three potentially above average secondaries gives Howard legitimate top of the rotation potential.  2020 Projection: August-3/4.01/1.31/55 in 51 IP Prime Projection: 14/3.58/1.20/192 in 175 IP
181) Dustin May LAD, RHP, 22.7 – Strong MLB debut with a pitching line of 3.63/1.10/32/5 in 34.2 IP. Has plus control over a nasty 96.2 MPH sinker and 90.9 MPH cutter, while also mixing in a curve and change.  2020 Projection: June-7/3.91/1.24/86 in 93 IP Prime Projection: 15/3.61/1.18/186 in 191 IP
182) Kyle Hendricks CHC, RHP, 30.4 – Plus command continues to induce weak contact which allows him to outperform his FIP. 2020 Projection: 13/3.56/1.17/163 in 187 IP
183) Edwin Diaz NYM, Closer, 26.0 – Relievers are volatile. Relievers are volatile. Relievers are volatile. Did I mention relievers are volatile? 2020 Projection: 3/3.13/1.09/109/34 in 65 IP
184) Sixto Sanchez MIA, RHP, 21.8 – Dominates with a fastball that can hit 100+ MPH to go along with 2 plus secondaries (changeup, slider) and plus control. 8.48 K/9 isn’t very impressive, but has the elite stuff to produce more K’s down the line. 2020 Projection: August-3/3.72/1.23/51 in 56 IP Prime Projection: 14/3.63/1.13/181 in 179 IP
185) Rougned Odor TEX, 2B, 26.2 – Career worst 30.6% K% makes it harder to buy in than ever, but the plus power/speed combo and relative youth demands just a little more patience. 2020 Projection: 80/31/83/.243/.318/.462/13
186) Michael Chavis BOS, 1B/2B, 24.8 – Showed off big time power in his MLB debut with 18 homers in 95 games, but also showed his risk with a 33.2% K%. 2020 Projection: 77/28/89/.259/.328/.470/5
187) Danny Santana TEX, OF/1B, 29.5 – Power breakout is for real with a 91.4 MPH exit velocity and 94.7 MPH FB/LD exit velocity, but the .283 BA it came with is a mirage with a 29.5% K% and 4.9% BB% 2020 Projection: 81/24/79/.253/.298/.472/15
188) Ryan McMahon COL, 2B/3B, 25.4 – Something will have to give with a 29.7% K% and 27.9% FB%, but he has Coors at his back and he hits the ball very hard. 2020 Projection: 68/23/76/.257/.335/.473/4
189) Robbie Ray ARI, LHP, 28.6 – Fastball velocity dropped 2.4 MPH to 92.7 MPH while continuing to be a strikeout (12.13 K/9) and walk (4.34 BB/9) machine. 2020 Projection: 12/4.02/1.35/230 in 171 IP
190) Joc Pederson LAA, OF/1B, 27.11 – .572 career OPS vs. lefties likely keeps him in a strong side of a platoon role even if he does get traded to the Angels. 2020 Projection: 81/31/76/.250/.341/.520/2
191) Garrett Hampson COL, 2B/OF, 25.6 – Very low exit velocity (83.2 MPH) is a major concern and it isn’t mitigated by a good K% (26.9%). He’s one of the fastest players in the game and has Coors behind him, so even modest improvements in both categories can make him a valuable 5×5 asset. 2020 Projection: 65/10/42/.268/.327/.408/21 Prime Projection: 85/16/63/.276/.339/.421/28
192) Nate Lowe TB, 1B, 24.9 – Will have to scratch and claw for playing time, but there is no doubt he will hit for power if he gets it. 2020 Projection: 53/19/57/.256/.330/.471/1 Prime Projection: 82/28/89/.269/.357/.492/1
193) Cristian Pache ATL, OF, 21.5 – Power and patience took a step forward, but the mainstream list prospect hype is still centered around his double plus center field defense. 2020 Projection: September-8/1/5/.251/.295/.394/2 Prime Projection: 86/21/79/.273/.338/.455/17
194) Taylor Trammell SD, OF, 22.6 – Down year at Double-A but remains a great athlete and 20/20 threat if he can make the proper adjustments to unlock more power. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 86/21/77/.266/.344/.451/21
195) Corbin Carroll ARI, OF, 19.7 – Drafted 16th overall, Carroll has double plus speed with a strong plate approach and sneaky pop, posting a 91 MPH average exit velocity in his pro debut. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 92/18/76/.276/.344/.455/29
196) Aaron Bracho CLE, SS, 18.11 – Bracho is one of those players I was talking about in the Wander blurb (along with Noelvi Marte, Orelvis Martinez, Luis Matos, and Liover Peguero to name a few). He signed for $1.5 million in 2017 and then missed all of 2018 with a broken arm which kept the hype in check. He had his coming out party in 2019 in stateside rookie ball, showing a great feel to hit (15.3% K%), an advanced plate approach (16.8% BB%) and plus power (6 homers and a 51.8% FB% in 30 games). Limited defensive value will keep his ranking on real life lists down. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 86/28/92/.278/.354/.487/9
197) Noelvi Marte SEA, SS, 18.6 – Signed for $1.5 million in 2018, Marte showed off his plus power/speed combo in the Dominican League, slashing .309/371/.511 with 9 homers, 17 steals and a 55/29 K/BB in 65 games. Now is the last chance to buy before he comes stateside and the price skyrockets. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 86/25/86/.272/.341/.478/18
198) Nelson Cruz SEA, UTIL, 39.9 – Stikeout rate took a step back (25.1% K%), but nothing else in his profile indicates the end is near, especially the eye popping exit velocities he’s putting up in his late 30’s (93.7 MPH avg and 99.2 MPH FB/LD). 2020 Projection: 83/36/101/.272/.351/.545/1
199) Justin Turner LAD, 3B, 35.4 – Hitting the ball as hard as ever but strikeout rate jumped to 16% after sitting at 12.7% in 2018 and 10.7% in 2019. 2020 Projection: 83/27/77/.286/.369/.501/2
200) Carlos Santana CLE, 1B, 34.0 – Raised exit velocity on groundballs 4.4 MPH en route to a career high .281 batting average. 2020 Projection: 91/27/88/.268/.380/.486/3
201) Brendan McKay TB, LHP, 24.4 – Plus command of a 4 pitch arsenal, but none of his pitches are dominant, which led to MLB hitters teeing off in his 49.2 IP debut with a 90.5 MPH exit velocity against, 93.4 MPH FB/LD, and 16.7 degree launch angle. 2020 Projection: June-7/4.13/1.28/108 in 104 IP Prime Projection: 14/3.68/1.17/189 in 183 IP
202) Ian Anderson ATL, RHP, 21.11 – Crushed Double-A with a 2.68 ERA and 147/47 K/BB in 111 IP before struggling at Triple-A over 24.2 IP. Potential for 3 plus pitches but will have to improve command and/or add MPH to the fastball to become a top of the rotation starter. 2020 Projection: August-2/4.21/1.34/33 in 30 IP Prime Projection: 14/3.60/1.26/210 in 190 IP
203) Eduardo Escobar ARI, 2B/3B, 31.3 – Huge season with 35 homers and 118 RBI but mediocre exit velocity numbers (91.1 MPH FB/LD exit velocity) keeps me hesitant from completely buying in. 2020 Projection: 77/27/89/.270/.326/.489/4
204) Hunter Dozier KC, 3B/OF, 28.7 – It took a minute, but the former 8th overall pick in 2013 finally broke out, slashing .279/.348/.522 with 26 homers and a 148/55 K/BB in 139 games. Underlying power numbers back up the breakout. 2020 Projection: 79/27/86/.261/.334/.492/4
205) Didi Gregorius PHI, SS, 30.3 – Career high 88.2 MPH exit velocity tells me it isn’t time to jump off the Didi bandwagon. Good buy low opportunity right now. 2020 Projection: 80/26/88/.273/.330/.475/6
206) Edwin Encarnacion CHI, 1B, 37.3 – No signs of slowing down. 2020 Projection: 82/35/91.250/.341/.505/0
207) Aristides Aquino CIN, OF, 25.11 – Free swinging slugger with speed. Exploded out of the gate in MLB debut with a .320 BA and 14 homers in August before bottoming out in September with a .196 BA and 5 homers. 2020 Projection: 74/30/88/.247/.308/.496/10
208) Dylan Cease CHW, RHP, 24.3 – Throws 96.6 MPH heat with 3 secondaries (slider, curveball, changeup). Slider and changeup were both positive value pitches in the majors and his curveball graded out as his best secondary as a prospect. Control/command will have to take a step forward to reach his considerable ceiling. 2020 Projection: 9/4.12/1.34/173 in 161 IP Prime Projection: 13/3.78/1.27/194 in 179 IP
209) Gregory Polanco PIT, OF, 28.6 – Never got fully healthy coming off 2018 shoulder surgery and needed PRP injections in September, but he is expected to be ready to roll for Spring. Strikeout rate and sprint speed both took a hit, but considering the circumstances I’m not reading too much into it. 2020 Projection: 73/21/80/.252/.320/.456/9
210) Yandy Diaz TB, 1B/3B, 28.8 – Power broke out by raising FB% 8.7% to 32% and FB/LD exit velocity 3.4 MPH to 97 MPH. Fractured left foot limited him to 79 games.  2020 Projection: 83/23/72/.273/.350/.466/3
211) Elvis Andrus TEX, SS, 31.7 – Sprint speed in a 4 year decline and is now slightly below average, but he still stole 31 bases, showing base stealing isn’t only about pure speed. 2020 Projection: 79/13/71/.271/.321/.391/24
212) Trent Grisham SD, OF, 23.5 – Power exploded at Double-A and Triple-A, although MLB exit velocity numbers were below average (91 MPH FB/LD exit velocity). Trade to San Diego opens up playing time. 2020 Projection: 71/20/68/.255/.348/.442/9
213) A.J. Pollock LAD, OF, 32.4 – Typical Pollock year. Injury shortened season (infected elbow-out 2.5 months) but looked good in the games he did play in. 2020 Projection: 78/23/74/.262/.321/.470/10
214) Jordan Groshans TOR, SS, 20.5 – In the midst of a great full-season debut (.337/.427/.482 in 23 games) when a left foot injury shut him down for the season. Excellent all around hitter with plus raw power and average speed.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 86/26/90/.278/.355/.485/8
215) Orelvis Martinez TOR, SS, 18.7 – Lived up to his $3.5 million price tag, jumping straight to stateside ball (Gulf) and slashed .275/.352/.549 with 7 homers and a 29/14 K/BB in 40 games. Potential for plus hit and plus power. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 83/30/95/.276/.343/.518/4
216) Alek Thomas ARI, OF, 19.11 – Advanced beyond his years plate approach with plus speed and an excellent 90 MPH average exit velocity. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 89/20/74/.279/.358/.450/21
217) Hyun-jin Ryu TOR, LHP, 33.0 – Soft tossing lefty who dominates with plus command and one of the best changeups in baseball. Value takes a hit with his move to Toronto and the AL East. 2020 Projection: 12/3.52/1.19/143 in 161 IP
218) Marcus Stroman NYM, RHP, 28.11 – Move out of the AL East can only help and K’s should tick up getting to face the pitcher 2-3 times per game. 2020 Projection: 11/3.76/1.28/174 in 191 IP
219) Sean Manaea OAK, LHP, 28.2 – Returned in September from torn labrum surgery. Fastball was down 1.2 MPH to 90 MPH but the results were strong with a 1.21 ERA and 30 strikeouts in 29.2 IP. 2020 Projection: 12/3.73/1.19/146 in 163 IP
220) Kirby Yates SD, Closer, 33.0 – Velocity declined on fastball and splitter, but it didn’t impact his performance at all, in fact, he improved. 2020 Projection: 4/2.76/0.96/92/36 in 60 IP
221) Carlos Martinez STL, RHP, 28.6 – Role is up in the air. With the plus stuff still there, all he needs is his shoulder to cooperate. 2020 Projection: 8/3.84/1.29/138 in 141 IP
222) Kenta Maeda MIN, RHP, 32.0 – Trade to Minnesota will ensure Maeda’s status as a season long starter, but he should still be good for 130+ IP even if he stays in LA. 2020 Projection: 11/3.88/1.19/175 in 160 IP
223) Aroldis Chapman NYY, Closer, 32.1 – Velocity declined for the 3rd year in a row to a now career low 98.2 MPH. It’s still so fast I almost feel silly bringing it up. 2020 Projection: 3/2.93/1.11/81/34 in 56 IP
224) Liam Hendriks OAK, Closer, 31.2 – Slider and curve put up a .149 xwOBA and .059 xwOBA, respectively. It’s almost too easy to point to Blake Treinen and stay away from Hendricks, but Hendricks is his own man. 2020 Projection: 3/3.06/1.09/93/37 in 68 IP
225) Mitch Garver MIN, C, 29.2 – Exit velocity exploded with a 3.9 MPH jump on FB/LD to an elite 97.2 MPH, which led to a ridiculous 31 homers in 93 games. 2020 Projection: 63/25/66/.260/.343/.481/0
226) Nomar Mazara CHW, OF, 24.11 – Patience is starting to wear thin on the Mazara breakout, but he still has youth and plus power on his side. 2020 Projection: 73/25/87/.273/.328/.480/3
227) Mark Canha OAK, OF, 30.1 – Breakout season, slashing .273/.396/.517 with 26 homers and a 107/67 K/BB in 126 games. Was receiving everyday at-bats in the 2nd half of the season and is slated for a full time job for the first time in his career. There is nothing in the underlying numbers or looking back at his entire pro career that says it was a fluke. I’m buying in, especially at his current cheap price. 2020 Projection: 86/28/79/.264/.359/.498/5
228) Griffin Canning LAA, RHP, 23.11 – Solid MLB debut showing off an above average 4 pitch mix with strikeout ability (9.56 K/9) and below average exit velocity against (87 MPH). 2020 Projection: 9/4/16/1.27/156 in 150 IP Prime Projection: 13/3.68/1.22/189 in 178 IP
229) Ross Stripling LAA, RHP, 30.4 – Fastball declined 1.4 MPH to 90.8 MPH, but curveball was more valuable than ever with a 28.6% usage rate. Stripling will be the biggest loser if the trade falls apart, and will be moved down at least 100 spots in the rankings. 2020 Projection: 10/3.81/1.22/148 in 145 IP’
230) Brandon Nimmo NYM, OF, 27.0 – Limited to 69 games with a bulging disc in his back after colliding into the outfield wall on April 14th, but he looked completely healthy when he returned in September, slashing .261/.430/.565 with 5 homers and a 23/20 K/BB in 26 games. Overall numbers were dragged down by trying to play through the injury originally and hitting .171 in those 26 games. 2020 Projection: 82/19/61/.260/.386/.451/8
231) Nick Madrigal CHW, 2B, 23.1 – Incredible 16/44 K/BB in 120 games spread across 3 levels of the minors (A+, AA, AAA), but his power upside is nonexistent. 2020 Projection: May-69/5/41/.278/.329/.390/19 Prime Projection: 91/10/56/.292/.343/.409/27
232) Xavier Edwards TB, 2B, 20.8 – Elite contact numbers translated to full-season ball with a 10.2% K% at Full-A and a 8.8% K% at High-A, as did his speed with 34 stolen bases in 123 games. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 92/10/48/.289/.342/.405/34
233) Will Smith LAD, C, 25.0 – 53.7% FB% will lead to lots of homers, but combined with a 26.5% K% will make him a batting average risk. 2020 Projection: 62/24/69/.238/.315/.471/3
234) Miguel Andujar NYY, 3B, 25.1 – Underwent shoulder surgery in May and lost his starting 3B job to Gio Urshela. Playing time could be dependent on how quick he takes to 1B and corner outfield. 2020 Projection: 71/22/80/.278/.321/.476/1
235) Jesse Winker CIN, OF, 26.7 – Back injury ended his season in mid-August. Better real life hitter than fantasy and struggles vs. lefties. Power should tick up over the next couple seasons. 2020 Projection: 73/19/69/.283/.372/.481/1
236) Luis Urias MIL, 2B/SS, 22.10 – Lowered ground ball rate to a career low 37.9% (from 49.1%) leading to 19 homers in 73 games in the extreme hitter’s environment of the PCL. Struggled in 249 MLB at-bats, but he has been pushed so aggressively in his career, I wouldn’t hold it against him too much. Update: Out 6-8 weeks with a fractured hamate bone, putting his readiness for opening day in doubt. 2020 Projection: 76/18/69/.262/.334/.427/5 Prime Projection: 86/23/78/.278/.351/.465/7
237) Jake Odorizzi MIN, SP, 30.0 – Velocity ticked up on all of his pitches (+1.7 MPH to 93 MPH on fastball) giving reason to buy into his career high 10.08 K/9. 2020 Projection: 12/3.75/1.23/176 in 168 IP
238) Andrew Heaney LAA, LHP, 28.10 – Elbow and shoulder inflammation limited him to 95.1 IP. K/9 jumped to a career high 11.14 which gives him some fantasy friendly upside even if he never exceeds his current mid-rotation profile. 2020 Projection: 10/3.93/1.27/179 in 171 IP
239) Taylor Rogers MIN, Closer, 29.4 – Took over the closer role for good in June and ran with it, posting 30 saves with a 2.61 ERA and 90/11 K/BB in 69 IP. Velocity on his sinker increased 1.3 MPH to 95 MPH. 2020 Projection: 3/2.88/1.03/85/33 in 67 IP
240) Ken Giles TOR, Closer, 29.6 – Don’t call it a bounceback. His 2018 was probably more unlucky than bad. 2020 Projection: 3/3.25/1.13/89/32 in 60 IP
241) Jean Segura PHI, SS, 30.0 – Attempted only 12 steals and is now entering his 30’s. It’s not ideal. 2020 Projection: 86/13/65/.286/.331/.426/15
242) Caleb Smith MIA, LHP, 27.8 – Velocity declined in the 2nd half after coming back from a hip injury and so did his effectiveness, posting a 3.50 ERA and 1.01 WHIP in the first half vs. a 5.42 ERA and 1.41 WHIP in the 2nd. 2020 Projection: 9/4.12/1.24/178 in 162 IP
243) Brian Anderson MIA, 3B/OF, 26.10 – Increased FB% 6.8% to 35.3% while maintaining plus exit velocity readings. It led to a power breakout with 20 homers in 126 games. 2020 Projection: 79/25/81/.265/.348/.472/4
244) Joe Musgrove PIT, RHP, 27.4 – Doesn’t have overpowering stuff but throws 5 pitches with plus control. 2020 Projection: 12/3.93/1.22/165 in 175 IP
245) Kevin Newman PIT, SS, 26.8 – Elite contact rates (11.7%) and the opposite of elite exit velocity (84.7 MPH). 2020 Projection: 81/13/63/.290/.337/.426/19
246) Renato Nunez BAL, 1B, 26.0 – Playing time is the main concern, not only this year but in the future, because he is a very bad defensive player. The power isn’t a question. 2020 Projection: 74/32/88/.254/.326/.475/1
247) Willy Adames TB, SS, 24.7 – Incremental improvements in strikeouts, exit velocity, and launch angle, although it didn’t show up in his surface stats. I’m expecting that to change in 2020. 2020 Projection: 79/23/67/.266/.332/.438/7
248) Hunter Renfroe TB, OF, 28.2 – Fell apart in the 2nd half, hitting .161 with 6 homers in 205 PA (.921 OPS in 266 1st half PA). Made an effort to be more patient with a career high 9.3% BB%, but any gains he made there were negated by a career worst 31.2% K%. 2020 Projection: 68/31/83/.241/.309/.493/4
249) Tyler O’Neill STL, OF, 24.9 – St. Louis OF jobs are a bit up for grabs as of right now and my bet is that O’Neill will get his shot to replace Marcell Ozuna‘s power early in the season. Bringing down his 35.1% K% will be the key to winning that job for good. 2020 Projection: 68/26/77/.247/.318/.461/3
250) Isan Diaz MIA, 2B, 23.10 – Poor pro debut (.173 BA) but with even modest improvements in strength and K% it isn’t hard to see a plus power hitter with patience. Below average sprint speed does not lend much hope to significant stolen base contributions. 2020 Projection: 67/23/75/.243/.321/.438/6 Prime Projection: 79/27/89/.259/.341/.474/7
251) Adrian Houser MIL, RHP, 27.2 – Groundball pitcher (4.4 degree launch angle) with a 94.5 MPH sinker and the ability to miss bats (9.46 K/9). 2020 Projection: 10/3.86/1.27/136 in 140 IP
252) Avisail Garcia MIL, OF, 28.10 – Raw talent has always been great but was never able to improve plate approach or launch angle enough to really capitalize on it. He did have a career low 46% GB% in 2019, so don’t give up quite yet on a power breakout, especially with his move to hitter friendly Milwaukee.  2020 Projection: 72/25/82/.274/.329/.473/8
253) JJ Bleday MIA, OF, 22.5 – Power broke out with 26 homers in 65 games at Vanderbilt. Then went straight to High-A and displayed a good feel to hit (19.2% K%) and ability to lift the ball (34.9% GB%) despite the mediocre overall numbers (.690 OPS). ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 79/27/88/.274/.341/.484/5
254) Heliot Ramos SF, OF, 20.7 – Continues to be pushed aggressively through the minors, and he responded this year with a 143 wRC+ at High-A and 119 wRC+ in 25 games at Double-A. Big time power will be his calling card. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 83/28/86/.264/.341/.482/10
255) Nolan Gorman STL, 3B, 19.11 – Mediocre numbers at Full-A and High-A, but the power, patience and strikeout profile remains unchanged. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 83/33/92/.253/.336/.508/2
256) Triston Casas BOS, 1B, 20.3 – Reasonable 23.5% K% in full season debut to go along with 19 homers. At 6’4”, 238 pounds the power was never in question, so the relative contact ability is very encouraging. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 79/31/88/.268/.347/.503/3
257) Bryan Reynolds PIT, OF, 25.2 – Great rookie season, slashing .314/.377/.503, but doesn’t have the most fantasy friendly skillset with only 16 homers and 3 steals in 134 games. 2020 Projection: 87/20/72/.277/.340/.459/5
258) Evan White SEA, 1B, 24.1 –  Carried over the power gains he made towards the end of 2018 into 2019 with 18 homers and a career low 42.4% GB% in 92 games at Double-A. Is a sure bet to spend most, if not all of 2020 in the majors with a newly signed 6 year, $24 million contract. 2020 Projection: 78/22/73/.264/.325/.450/5 Prime Projection: 81/27/86/.276/.338/.473/6
259) Nick Anderson TB, Closer, 29.9 – Stepped into the majors and was immediately one of the best relievers in baseball with a 96.3 MPH fastball and plus breaking ball. It doesn’t come with any history of control problems either. Emilio Pagan trade makes Anderson the favorite for saves, but Tampa is a known wild card when it comes to their bullpen. 2020 Projection: 6/2.83/0.97/102/23 in 68 IP
260) Wil Myers SD, OF, 29.4 – Strikeout rate ballooned to 34.3%, and while his average was much better in the 2nd half than the 1st (.217 vs. .271), the K% was high all season. He’s going to have to fight for playing time with Pham and Grisham in town. 2020 Projection: 76/22/71/.244/.319/.438/14
261) Jon Gray COL, RHP, 28.5 – Actually performed better at home (3.46 ERA and 1.29 WHIP) than on the road (4.22 ERA and 1.42 WHIP). 2020 Projection: 12/3.94/1.31/171 in 165 IP
262) Joey Lucchesi SD, LHP, 26.10 – Velocity declined in the 2nd half leading to a 4.52 ERA and 1.37 WHIP (3.94 ERA and 1.11 WHIP pre break). 2020 Projection: 9/4.00/1.24/166 in 170 IP
263) Mike Minor TEX,LHP, 32.2 – Velocity declined as the season wore on, as did his effectiveness, posting a 2.54 ERA in the first half and 4.93 ERA in the 2nd. 2020 Projection: 12/3.89/1.26/173 in 185 IP
264) Brailyn Marquez CHC, LHP, 21.2 – Big lefty at 6’4”, 185 pounds, Marquez throws an upper 90’s fastball with a potentially plus slider and developing changeup. Still needs to improve control/command, but this is the type of high upside arm I love taking a chance on. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 14/3.55/1.23/187 in 174 IP
265) Jazz Chisholm MIA, SS, 22.3 – Career high 11.4% BB% at Double-A while continuing to hit the ball in the air with plus speed. Upside is high, but 32.1% K% gives him a very low batting average floor. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 83/28/81/.244/.328/.462/15
266) Riley Greene DET, OF, 19.6 – Drafted 5th overall, the only blemish on Greene’s otherwise great pro debut is that his strikeout rate was a little on the high side at 25%. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 84/25/89/.280/.352/.475/9
267) George Valera CLE, OF, 19.5 – Hit tool was not as good as expected (27.7% K% at Short-A) but the power showed out with 8 homers in 46 games, and the sweet lefty swing still impressed. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 84/26/88/.276/.360/.478/9
268) Nolan Jones CLE, 3B, 21.11 – Lefty slugger with legitimate strikeout issues (31 K’s and 4 homers in 15 games at the Arizona Fall League) but some of that is due to his passive plate approach and sky high walk rates. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 85/29/85/.251/.369/.478/2
269) Josh Lowe TB, OF, 22.2 – Power broke out at Double-A with 18 homers in 121 games to go along with 30 steals and a 132/59 K/BB. The hit tool still needs improvement, but Lowe’s stock took a huge jump last season. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 82/25/80/.250/.332/.468/19
270) Trevor Larnach MIN, OF, 23.1 – Game power didn’t show up as hoped (13 homers in 127 games split between High-A and Double-A) with high ground ball rates, although he improved at the end of the season with 6 homers in final 28 games. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 77/27/87/.265/.340/.470/5
271) Joey Bart SF, C, 23.3 – Power hitting catcher whose home ballpark suppresses power, although San Francisco is moving the fences in this year. Suffered two broken hands from being hit by pitches, once in April and then again in October in the AFL. 2020 Projection: August-15/7/22/.247/.302/.436/1 Prime Projection: 69/25/81/.262/.330/.467/3
272) Yuli Gurriel HOU, 1B/3B, 35.10 – Raised launch angle 3 degrees and increased FB/LD exit velocity 1.7 MPH while maintaining elite 10.6% K%. 2020 Projection: 79/24/89/.292/.330/.487/4
273) Andrew McCutchen PIT, OF, 33.5 – Underwent surgery to repair a torn ACL in mid June. I would be cautious drafting a 33 year old player coming off such a serious injury, although if he fully recovers the underlying skills were still good in 2019. 2020 Projection: 77/23/71/.251/.353/.455/6
274) Khris Davis OAK, Util, 32.3 – Exit velocity declined 2.4 MPH to a still very good 90.1 MPH due to a variety of injuries, most notably a hand injury. I’m buying a bounce back, but considering his age, I’m not buying in that hard. 2020 Projection: 82/32/91/.239/.310/.487/1
275) Justin Upton LAA, OF, 32.7 – Banged up all year with toe and knee injuries and it negatively impacted basically every facet of his game (exit velocity, speed, batting average). Even with full health, power is the only thing I would count on from here on out. 2020 Projection: 76/31/82/.243/.330/.451/3
276) Lorenzo Cain MIL, OF, 34.0 – I wrote last year that “now is the time to sell.” Hope you did, because his down season across the board has plummeted his trade value. He was banged up all season with a variety of injuries, so holding on for a bounceback isn’t a bad option.  2020 Projection: 84/13/52/.281/.349/.412/22
277) Adam Eaton WASH, OF, 31.4 – Sprint speed returned to pre-injury levels and raised launch angle 5 degrees to a career high 13.2, leading to a classic Adam Eaton season of .280, 15/15. It couldn’t be any more Adam Eaton if he tried. 2020 Projection: 92/17/63/.280/.262/.438/14
278) Hunter Bishop SF, OF, 21.9 – Drafted 10th overall, Bishop has one of the best power/speed combos in the draft, but has racked up strikeouts in every league he has played in. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 82/28/78/.247/.332/.471/14
279) Grayson Rodriguez BAL, RHP, 20.4 – Impressed in his full season debut with a pitching line of 2.68/0.99/129/36 in 94 IP. The scouting report backs up the production with mid 90’s heat, 3 potentially plus secondaries, and plus control/command. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 14/3.69/1.20/196 in 180 IP
280) Tarik Skubal DET, LHP, 23.4 – Scout the stat line ace with a pitching line of 2.42/1.01/179/37 in 122.2 IP split between High-A and Double-A, Stuff profiles more as a high end mid-rotation starter, but it’s hard to argue with those results. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 13/3.71/1.23/195 in 181 IP
281) David Price LAD, LHP, 34.7 – Cyst in left wrist limited him to 107.1 IP and could be responsible for some of the struggles leading up to being shut down. The cyst was removed in September, and he should be 100% by Spring, but the skills are in a clear decline. 2020 Projection: 12/3.73/1.26/169 in 165 IP
282) Nico Hoerner CHC, SS, 22.11 – Plus contact/speed profile who has to learn how to fully tap into his moderate raw power. Suffered a hairline fracture in his wrist in May which likely further depressed his power. 2020 Projection: 67/9/43/.279/.321/.411/11 Prime Projection: 88/16/72/.288/.340/.432/16
283) Nick Solak TEX, 2B/3B/OF, 25.2 – Excellent MLB debut, slashing .293/.393/.491 with 5 homers, 2 steals, and a 29/15 K/BB in 33 games. Has been a ground ball hitter throughout his career, but exit velocity and sprint speed are strong. 2020 Projection: 79/20/74/.271/.339/.452/10
284) Brad Hand CLE, Closer, 30.0 – Velocity down 1.2 MPH to 92.9 MPH and missed most of September with arm fatigue. 2020 Projection: 4/3.22/1.17/93/33 in 65 IP
285) Kenley Jansen LAD, Closer, 32.6 – Velocity dropped for the 3rd year in a row to a career low 92.1 MPH and it showed up in the results with a career worst 3.71 ERA. 2020 Projection: 3/3.62/1.09/78/33 in 63 IP
286) Craig Kimbrel CHC, Closer, 31.10 – Season was so bad and so out of character with the rest of his career that you almost have to assume it was a complete aberration due to not signing until June. 2020 Projection: 3/3.38/1.09/92/36 in 65 IP
287) Jonathan India CIN, 3B, 23.3 – Hasn’t gotten to as much of his plus raw power as hoped, hitting only 11 homers in 121 games, but has showed an advanced approach with a good feel to hit and some speed. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 85/24/79/.272/.349/.461/12
288) Mitch Keller PIT, RHP, 24.0 – 7.13 ERA in 48 IP MLB debut but it came with a 12.19 K/9 and 3.19 FIP, which makes the debut more encouraging than discouraging. Relies heavily on a 95.4 MPH fastball with a plus slider being his best secondary. 2020 Projection: 10/4.02/1.30/167 in 161 IP Prime Projection: 13/3.77/1.25/191 in 182 IP
289) Jameson Taillon PIT, RHP, 28.4 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in August 2019 and is likely to be out for all of 2020. 2020 Projection: OUT
290) Raisel Iglesias CIN, Closer, 30.3 – I hope you don’t play in a league that counts losses because he racked up 12 of them last year! The all-time loss record for a reliever is 16, held by Gene Garber. 2020 Projection: 3/3.56/1.19/87/32 in 69 IP
291) Keone Kela PIT, Closer, 27.0 – Inherits the closer job with Felipe Vazquez gone. Kela fires 96.6 MPH heat with a plus curve. 2020 Projection: 3/3.37/1.10/72/30 in 60 IP
292) Josiah Gray LAD, RHP, 22.3 – Decimated 3 levels of the minors (A, A+, AA) with a plus fastball/slider combo and plus command. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 14/3.63/1.18/183 in 176 IP
293) Logan Gilbert SEA, RHP, 22.11 – Dominated his first year of pro ball just as easily as he did the Atlantic Sun Conference, putting up a pitching line of 2.13/0.95/165/33 in 135 IP split between A, A+, and AA. Relies heavily on his plus fastball but slider, curve, and change all have the potential to develop into quality secondaries. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 14/3.66/1.21/196 in 185 IP
294) Mike Foltynewicz ATL, SP, 28.6 – Velocity was down and struggled after missing the first month of the season with a sore elbow, leading to a demotion in June. He was much better when he got called back up with a 2.65 ERA and a 55/17 K/BB in final 57.2 IP, although the velocity did not return. 2020 Projection: 11/3.93/1.23/173 in 171 IP
295) Salvador Perez KC, C, 29.11 – Rehabbing from March 2019 Tommy John surgery and is expected to be fully recovered for 2020. 2020 Projection: 54/25/77/.253/.291/.455/1
296) Alex Reyes STL, RHP, 25.7 – Just can’t stay healthy. This year it was a right pectoral injury. Fastball did clock in at 97.2 MPH so if he can stay healthy for a few seasons, a late 20’s breakout is still in the cards. 2020 Projection: 5/4.29/1.35/88 in 81 IP
297) Archie Bradley ARI, Closer, 27.8 – K/9 and BB/9 both reached career highs at 10.9 and 4.5. Announced that he won’t be handed the closer job, but he is the heavy favorite to win it. 2020 Projection: 3/3.58/1.25/82/32 in 69 IP
298) Hansel Robles LAA, Closer, 29.7 – Career high 97.4 MPH fastball. Changeup usage jumped up 19.3% to 23% and it paid off with a 6.4 pitch value. 2020 Projection: 3/3.42/1.18/71/32 in 68 IP
299) Kyle Seager SEA, 3B, 32.5 – Hand surgery delayed the start to his season, but he ripped it up once he got going, slashing .281/.367/.575 with 17 homers and 44/27 K/BB in final 60 games. 2020 Projection: 74/27/85/.253/.328/.455/3
300) Ian Happ CHC, OF, 25.8 – Fell out of favor and didn’t get his first MLB at-bat until late July. Strikeout rate dropping 11.1% to 25% will hopefully give Chicago more faith in him in 2020. 2020 Projection: 68/25/76/.252/.334/.481/6
301) Sean Murphy OAK, C, 25.6 – It’s a small sample but he knocked 4 homers with a 90.7 MPH exit velocity and 96.6 MPH FB/LD exit velocity in his 20 game MLB debut. This after hitting 10 homes in 31 games at Triple-A. If he can raise his launch angle a bit, and with his already strong plate approach, Murphy has the potential to be one of the better hitting catchers in baseball. 2020 Projection: 56/18/52/.255/.338/.441/0 Prime Projection: 73/24/82/.268/.357/.468/1
302) Maikel Franco KC, 3B, 27.7 – Will be handed the everyday 3B job. The talent is still there to breakout with strong contact numbers (14.3% K%) and exit velocity (89 MPH). BB% (8.4%) and launch angle (14.9 degrees) both hit career highs. 2020 Projection: 65/23/77/.262/.328/.465/0
303) Anthony DeSclafani CIN, RHP, 30.0 – Velocity has slowly ticked up every year of his career to a now career high 94.9 MPH. 2020 Projection: 10/3.95/1.25/169 in 171 IP
304) Sandy Alcantara MIA, RHP, 24.7 – 151 K’s in 197.1 IP isn’t pretty, but he was better in the 2nd half, striking out 86 in final 101.2 IP. Electric mid 90’s stuff is easy to buy into. 2020 Projection: 7/4.03/1.33/162 in 184 IP
305) Masahiro Tanaka NYY, RHP, 31.5 – Strikeouts fell off a cliff with only 149 in 182 IP. His ERA’s were already relatively inflated since 2017, which leaves not much to be excited about for 2020. 2020 Projection: 12/4.28/1.25/161 in 175 IP
306) Chris Archer PIT, RHP, 31.6 – From bad to worse. Velocity down about 1 MPH on his fastball and sinker, ERA bloated to 5.19, and was shut down after 23 starts with shoulder inflammation. 2020 Projection: 9/4.35/1.36/184 in 165 IP
307) Miles Mikolas STL, RHP, 31.7 – Lack of strikeouts caught up with him as his 2.83 ERA in 2018 became a 4.16 ERA in 2019. Maintained his plus control and relatively low WHIP (1.22) 2020 Projection: 12/3.86/1.21/150 in 181 IP
308) Aaron Civale CLE, RHP, 24.10 – Former 3rd round pick in 2016, Civale had a strong MLB debut with a 2.34 ERA in 57.2 IP. While his strikeout numbers didn’t pop (7.18 K/9), he has plus control and he induced tons of weak contact with a below average 86.6 MPH average exit velocity against and 90.3 MPH FB/LD exit velocity against. 2020 Projection: 9/4.13/1.30/136 in 155 IP
309) Luke Voit NYY, 1B, 29.2 – Playing time is no guarantee with Miguel Andujar and Mike Ford in the mix at 1B. Underwent sports hernia surgery in October to repair the injury that limited him to 118 games. 2020 Projection: 73/23/75/.255/.351/.477/0
310) Kolten Wong STL, 2B, 29.6 – Got back to running with 24 steals after stealing 7, 8, and 6 in the previous 3 years. 2020 Projection: 71/10/63/.275/.348/.418/15
311) Christian Walker ARI, 1B, 29.0 – Quad-A slugger who got his shot in the majors and capitalized on it, slashing .259/.348/.476 with 29 homers and a 155/67 K/BB in 152 games. Nothing looks like a fluke, but righthanded, poor defensive sluggers always seem to be fighting for their job (see, Jesus Aguilar). 2020 Projection: 77/26/79/.252/.330/.471/3
312) Jesus Aguilar MIA, 1B, 29.9 – Lost his job in 2019 with a down year, but he actually dropped his K% 3.2% to 22% and upped BB% 1.7% to 11.7%, all while still hitting the ball very hard. Should see close to everyday at-bats at 1B for Miami. 2020 Projection: 68/28/83/.258/.332/.472/0
313) C.J. Cron DET, 1B, 30.3 – Detroit will be his 4th team in 4 years. It’s hard out there for a righty slugger who is poor defensively 2020 Projection: 63/26/78/.257/.320/.475/0
314) Garrett Richards SD, RHP, 31.11 – Returned in September coming off Tommy John surgery to show the mid 90’s velocity is back. Great late round flyer 2020 Projection: 6/3.93/1.30/133 in 129 IP
315) Mallex Smith SEA, OF, 26.11 – Billy Hamilton 2.0 with a bit more upside and power. 2020 Projection: 73/8/48/.264/.339/.387/39
316) Aaron Hicks NYY, OF, 30.6 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in late October and is expected to miss 8-10 months, which puts him on pace to return sometime in the 2nd half at best. Anything Hicks is able to give you in 2020 should be considered icing on the cake. 2020 Projection: 28/8/25/.241/.336/.459/3
317) Jurickson Profar SD, 2B, 27.1 – The Profar revival was short lived, but the biggest difference between 2020 and 2019 was a 51 point drop in BABIP (.218). He seems to have a lock on the SD starting 2B job. 2020 Projection: 76/20/73/.261/.338/.447/7
318) Hector Neris PHI, Closer, 30.10 – 2nd most valuable splitter in baseball behind only Kirby Yates. 2020 Projection: 3/3.73/1.20/86/31 in 66 IP
319) Francisco Mejia SD, C, 24.5 – Flipped hitting profile by raising his launch angle 10.3 degrees to 19.1. He’s always had a good feel to hit, so if he can gain strength as he enters his mid-20’s, a major power breakout might be around the corner. 2020 Projection: 51/17/59/.268/.321/.447/1 Prime Projection: 68/25/81/.274/.333/.469/2
320) Tommy La Stella LAA, 2B/3B, 31.2 – Career best 8.7% K% and 16 homers. Fractured right tibia limited him to only 80 games. With below average to average exit velocities, I wouldn’t bet on him maintaining that power over a full season. 2020 Projection: 83/22/74/.286/.341/.462/0
321) Dylan Bundy LAA, RHP, 27.4 – Ballpark upgrade moving from Camden to Angel Stadium. Exit velocity against down 1 MPH to 87.7 MPH and launch angle down 3.1 degrees to 13.7. Bundy’s got a shot at being useful this season with breakout potential. 2020 Projection: 9/4.31/1.34/171 in 165 IP
322) Cesar Hernandez CLE, 2B, 29.11 – Moderate power/speed combo whose value is heavily dictated based on where he is hitting in the order. 2020 Projection: 78/13/69/.272/.342/.395/14
323) Corey Dickerson MIA, OF, 30.10 – Broken foot ended his season in September. Lifts the ball with a good feel to hit. 2020 Projection: 76/22/75/.282/.323/.478/3
324) Luis Arraez MIN, 2B/OF, 23.0 – Elite contact numbers (7.9% K%) and not much else. Should grow into at least a little more power considering his age. 2020 Projection: 82/8/54/.302/.359/.412/5
325) Randal Grichuk TOR, OR, 28.8 – Above average but not elite exit velocity power hitter with poor K/BB rates. 2020 Projection: 71/28/78/.237/.295/.467/3
326) Christin Stewart DET, OF, 26.4 – Don’t put Stewart to bed quite yet. Solid plate approach and hits it in the air. Exit velocity has been low but there is definitely more in the tank there. 2020 Projection: 68/25/78/.249/.329/.448/0
327) Austin Hays BAL, OF, 24.9 – Strong September in the majors (.947 OPS in 75 PA), although his minor league numbers weren’t as strong (.758 OPS at Triple-A). Inside track to win the Orioles opening day starting CF job. 2020 Projection: 78/24/75/.265/.312/.456/10
328) Josh Rojas ARI, OF, 25.9 – Power breakout at Double-A and Triple-A was backed up by excellent MLB exit velocity (95.5 MPH FB/LD). Tack on above average speed and good plate approach, and Rojas is an excellent late round pick if he can work his way into everyday playing time. 2020 Projection: 61/15/56/.260/.336/.449/12
329) Simeon Woods Richardson TOR, RHP, 19.6 – Impressive 18-year-old season in Full-A and High-A with a 126/24 K/BB in 106.2 IP. He displayed an advanced four pitch mix headlined by a plus fastball/slider combo. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 14/3.64/1.16/198 in 183 IP
330) Oneil Cruz PIT, SS, 21.6 – Fly ball percentage jumped up 8.9% to 38.1% after his promotion to Double-A. If he can maintain those gains, the double plus raw power will definitely start to shine through. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/28/86/.252/.323/.474/9
331) Brandon Marsh LAA, OF, 22.4 – Lowered strikeout rate to 22.3% at Double-A (27.7% at High-A in 2018), which is very encouraging. Next step is hitting fewer ground balls (52.6%). 2020 Projection: September-12/2/9/.252/.327/.413/3 Prime Projection: 83/22/78/.271/.350/.457/16
332) Greg Jones TB, SS, 22.1 – Drafted 22nd overall, Jones is a great athlete with double plus speed and developing power. He’s had strikeout issues in his career (25.7% at Short-A), but the upside is considerable. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 86/16/62/.268/.349/.421/32
333) Edward Cabrera MIA, RHP, 22.0 – Much improved secondaries and control combined with his electric mid 90’s fastball made Cabrera one of the biggest pitching breakouts in the minors, posting a pitching line of 2.23/0.99/116/31 in 96.2 IP split between High-A and Double-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 13/3.76/1.23/191 in 182 IP
334) Brent Honeywell TB, RHP, 25.0 – Had surgery in June to repair a fractured right elbow which he suffered while rehabbing from 2017 Tommy John surgery. It’s a reminder not to just assume a pitcher will return seamlessly from Tommy John. 2020 Projection: August-2/4.31/1.34/46 in 40 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.71/1.22/175 in 163 IP
335) Travis Shaw TOR, 3B, 29.11 –  Toronto is a good landing spot for a bounce back season after bottoming out in 2019 with a 33% K% and .157 BA. Dominating at Triple-A (1.023 OPS) at least shows he hasn’t completely forgot how to hit. 2020 Projection: 70/25/80/.239/.336/.460/4
336) Jonathan Schoop DET, 2B, 28.6 – Exit velocity bounced back after a down 2018, but it still sat at a below average 87.5 MPH. 25% K% and 4.3% BB% are two other reasons to be hesitant on Schoop even with a full time job in Detroit. 2020 Projection: 68/25/79/.261/.304/.456/1
337) Matthew Liberatore STL, LHP, 20.5 – Strong full season debut with a 3.10 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, and 76/31 K/BB in 78.1 IP. Advanced for his age with a 4 pitch mix and plus command.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 13/3.72/1.21/182 in 175 IP
338) Deivi Garcia NYY, RHP, 20.10 – Added a slider this year to give him a chance at 4 plus pitches at peak. At 5’9”, 163 pounds, how much you buy into Garcia might depend on how much you buy into the prejudice against small righties. 2020 Projection: August-3/4.15/1.33/57 in 51 IP Prime Projection: 13/3.78/1.27/193 in 177 IP
339) Robert Puason OAK, SS, 17.5 – Signed for $5.1 million, Pauson is a projectable 6’3”, 165 pounds with plus speed, a good feel to hit and developing power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 88/23/82/.275/.346/.462/26
340) Joey Votto CIN, 1B, 36.7 – K% spiked 4% to 20.2% and BB% cratered 4.8% to 12.5%. Power decline from 2018 carried over into 2019. 2020 Projection: 84/20/81/.273/.376/.449/3
341) David Peralta ARI, OF, 32.8 – Unsurprisingly wasn’t able to match his 2018 power output with over 50% groundball rates. 2020 Projection: 78/21/83/.280/.343/.473/3
342) Kole Calhoun ARI, OF, 32.6 – Power is legit with a career high 33 homers and very strong underlying power numbers. Should see close to everyday at-bats in Arizona. 2020 Projection: 77/26/75/.243/.328/.472/4
343) Sean Doolittle WASH, Closer, 33.6 – Managed to pitch 60 innings for the first time since 2014, but batters started to crush him with a 90.1 MPH average exit velocity against (up 6.8 MPH from 2018).  2020 Projection: 4/3.58/1.10/62/27 in 55 IP
344) Domingo Santana CLE, OF, 27.8 – 32.3% K% and poor defense keeps his playing time a question mark, but his power and willingness to run makes him an impact fantasy player if he can get the at-bats. 2020 Projection: 61/22/66/.258/.334/.450/5
345) Jordan Yamamoto MIA, RHP, 23.11 – 6 pitch mix with his fastball, cutter, and slider all grading out as plus value pitches. He’s pitched well throughout his minor league career, gets strikeouts, and has good command. I would take a flyer on him everywhere. 2020 Projection: 6/4.25/1.24/158 in 155 IP
346) Ke’Bryan Hayes PIT, 3B, 23.2 – Hasn’t made any attempts to unlock more power, but has maintained his strong plate approach, good feel to hit, and ability to use the entire field at every minor league level. Plus glove at 3B will buy him time until the power ticks up. 2020 Projection: July-39/9/32/.253/.317/.406/6 Prime Projection: 88/22/79/.276/.348/.460/13
347) Daniel Lynch KC, LHP, 23.4 – 6’6”, 190 pounds with a 4 pitch mix headlined by a plus fastball/slider combo and good control. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/3.81/1.24/179 in 171 IP
348) DL Hall BALT, LHP, 21.6 – Plus fastball/curve combo with a developing slider and changeup. Control needs to take a step forward with a 6.0 BB/9 at High-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/3.76/1.32/187 in 174 IP
349) Stephen Piscotty OAK, OF, 29.2 – Solid all around hitter but he’s not a difference maker. 2020 Projection: 73/22/78/.265/.336/.456/2
350) Jose Leclerc TEX, Closer, 26.3 – Lost his closer job in May before regaining it in August. Career long control problems reared its ugly head, which makes him a very volatile closer option despite elite strikeout stuff. 2020 Projection: 2/3.68/1.24/92/28 in 63 IP
351) Steven Matz NYM, LHP, 28.10 – Health was the biggest concern as a prospect, but he just posted his second straight 30 start season. Throws 4 pitches that have hovered around even value his entire career. 2020 Projection: 10/4.29/1.30/161 in 165 IP
352) Michael Pineda MIN, RHP, 31.3 – Proved he was fully healthy from Tommy John surgery, getting back to pounding the strikezone with 3 pitches. Will miss the first 39 games of the season as a carryover from his 60-game PED suspension in September. 2020 Projection: 8/4.09/1.22/131 in 135 IP
353) Jesus Sanchez MIA, OF, 22.6 – Two straight years of modest production has dimmed Sanchez’ prospect hype a bit, but his plus raw power and good feel to hit haven’t gone anywhere. 2020 Projection: September-7/2/8/.254/.308/.410/1 Prime Projection: 77/24/86/.275/.339/.470/7
354) Erick Pena KC, OF, 17.1 – Signed for $3.8 million, Pena is 6’3” with a smooth and powerful left handed swing. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 86/28/93/.274/.355/.491/5
355) Hunter Greene CIN, RHP, 20.8 – Underwent Tommy John surgery on April 9th. When healthy, fastball sits in the upper 90’s and has stirkeout stuff with 89 K’s in 68.1 IP in 2018. Secondaries are still raw. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 14/3.58/1.19/191 in 177 IP
356) Ronny Mauricio NYM, SS, 19.0 – Mediocre full-season debut as an 18 year old (.665 OPS), but still possess all the tools that made him one of the top international signings in 2017. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 78/26/88/.277/.335/.471/5
357) Geraldo Perdomo ARI, SS, 20.5 – Elite plate approach transferred to full season ball with a 67/70 K/BB in 116 games split between Full-A and High-A. Power hasn’t shown up yet, but at 6’3”, 184 pounds there is certainly more to come. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 91/18/73/.289/372/.448/16
358) Daulton Varsho ARI, C, 23.9 – With Carson Kelly establishing himself in 2019, Varsho might have to find playing time at positions other than catcher. He has an above average power/speed combo and a good feel to hit, so it might be better off for his fantasy value anyway. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 84/23/77/.275/.340/.460/14
359) Joe Jimenez DET, Closer, 25.3 – Flamethrower who racks up strikeouts, but needs to improve slider to reach his considerable ceiling. 2020 Projection: 4/3.86/1.29/81/29 in 63 IP
360) Brandon Workman BOS, Closer, 31.8 – 8th most valuable curveball in baseball, throwing it 47.2% of the time. Won the closer job mid-season and ran with it.  2020 Projection: 5/3.52/1.18/81/27 in 65 IP
361) Teoscar Hernandez TOR, OF, 27.6 – 33% K% is too high to fully take advantage of his elite underlying power numbers. 2020 Projection: 64/25/61/.238/.310/.470/7
362) Harrison Bader STL, OF, 25.10 – Plus centerfield defense is his best shot at holding down a starting job, but his 28.8% K% will have to come down to let his average to above average power/speed combo shine through. 2020 Projection: 58/15/38/.254/.327/.413/15
363) Adam Haseley PHI, OF, 24.0 – Solid all around hitter with a moderate power/speed combo. Favorite to win the starting CF job in Spring, but will likely split at-bats regardless. 2020 Projection: 67/13/56/.262/.325/.424/9
364) Tyler Freeman CLE, SS, 20.10 – Elite contact rates transferred to full season ball with a 10.3% K% at Full-A and 9.1% at High-A. He doesn’t have an overly high ground ball rate, so when he inevitably gains strength as he matures, the home runs will come.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 88/15/52/.291/.338/.431/17
365) Luis Campusano SD, C, 21.6 – Everything took a step forward at High-A. As long as he can keep his launch angle up, Campusano’s plus hitting ability and hard contact ensures a true impact fantasy catcher. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 68/22/79/.281/.343/.457/0
366) Brayan Rocchio CLE, SS, 19.4 – Plus contact rates (13.6% K% at Short-A) with plus speed (14 steals in 69 games) and developing power (5 homers). ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 85/16/69/.283/.338/.435/23
367) Liover Peguero PIT, SS, 19.3 – Advanced feel to hit with above average speed and power. Slashed .364/.410/.559 with 5 homers, 8 steals and a 21.8% K% in 38 games in the Pioneer League. Will need to start lifting the ball more to reach full potential. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 84/20/72/.278/.332/.448/20
368) Luis Matos SF, OF, 18.2 – Signed for $725,000 in 2018, Matos immediately raised his stock in the DSL, showing more power than expected (7 homers in 55 games) to go along with speed (20 steals) and a good feel to hit (11.1% K%). ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 86/22/81/.278/.335/.455/14
369) Wilson Ramos NYM, C, 32.8 – Career best 13.2% K% and 8.4 BB% but launch angle dropped 4.4 degrees to 0.0. Still hit the snot out of the ball with a 90 MPH exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 56/17/77/.282/.340/.443/0
370) Dee Gordon SEA, 2B, 31.11 – Career low 28.5 ft/sec sprint speed in his age 31 season. Announced he will likely be used in a utility role this season. 2020 Projection: 65/4/49/.277/.306/.367/26
371) Daniel Espino CLE, RHP, 19.3 – Drafted 24th overall, Espino has a four pitch mix headlined by an explosive upper 90’s fastball and potentially plus slider. Improvements in control/command and changeup will dictate how good he can become. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 13/3.75/1.26/190 in 178 IP
372) Seth Beer ARI, 1B, 23.7 – Trade to the NL hurts considering he is a poor defensive player, but the production continues to be strong with 26 homers and a 21% K% at High-A and Double-A. 2020 Projection: August-14/8/22/.248/.312/.468/0 Prime Projection: 68/30/81/.268/.342/.491/1
373) Ryan Mountcastle BAL, 1B/OF, 23.1 – Hit every year of his career and power started to really blossom this season. Poor defense is the biggest hurdle to playing time, but Baltimore isn’t exactly overflowing with talent right now. 2020 Projection: July-36/12/41/.262/.301/.441/1 Prime Projection: 77/26/85/.274/.318/.472/3
374) Bobby Dalbec BOS, 3B, 24.9 – Improved strikeout rate to a respectable 24.7% but infield fly ball rate spiked to 24.8% at Double-A and 30.3% at Triple-A. The huge power will certainly translate with 32 homers in 2018 and 27 homers in 2019. 2020 Projection: August-15/8/21/.233/.315/.446/1 Prime Projection: 78/33/87/.248/.342/.488/4
375) Jose Urquidy HOU, RHP, 24.11 – Urquidy has a rotation spot, has some MLB success under his belt (including a great 10 IP in the playoffs), and is in an organization known for their excellent development of pitchers. He throws a 4 pitch mix with a 93.2 MPH fastball and an 84.3 MPH changeup as his best/most used secondary with plus control. 2020 Projection: 10/4.02/1.23/169 in 172 IP
376) Jose Quintana CHC, LHP, 30.6 – Trading Eloy and Cease for Quintana was a head scratcher at the time and it hasn’t looked any better in hindsight. 2020 Projection: 13/4.15/1.34/160 in 178 IP
377) Jackie Bradley Jr. BOS, OF, 30.0 – Strikeout rate trending in the wrong direction with a 27.3% K%, and while he stills hits the ball hard and has some speed, the hope for a breakout is waning. 2020 Projection: 74/20/67/.238/.320/.429/9
378) Kyle Wright ATL, RHP, 24.9 – Throws 5 pitches highlighted by a plus fastball/slider combo. Results in MLB haven’t been good in 25.2 IP and needs to improve command, but the stuff has looked good. 2020 Projection: 3/4.23/1.33/71 in 70 IP Prime Projection: 13/3.91/1.29/174 in 174 IP
379) Shane Baz TB, RHP, 20.10 – Plus fastball/slider combo but control is still raw. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 12/3.79/1.29/177 in 171 IP
380) Kyle Lewis SEA, OF, 24.9 – Expected to break camp as the starting left fielder. 6 homers in 18 game MLB debut is a flicker of hope, but 29.4% K% and 11 homers in 122 games at Double-A keeps my expectations in check. 2020 Projection: 69/23/75/.243/.319/.438/2 Prime Projection: 76/27/84/.256/.331/.471/4
381) Jake Fraley SEA, OF, 24.10 – Power took a big step forward with 19 homers in 99 games split between Double-A and Triple-A. With a solid feel to hit and above average speed, the added power gives him a chance to be an everyday player. 2020 Projection: 62/16/58/.251/.304/.413/11 Prime Projection: 78/20/74/.268/.329/.432/14
382) Brusdar Graterol MIN, RHP, 21.7 – 99 MPH fastball with a plus slider and developing change. Injury and pen risk were always high, and I still think he has a chance to start, but the new report about his medicals projecting him in a relief role is hard to ignore. 2020 Projection: 3/3.81/1.26/51 in 50 IP Prime Projection: 4/3.33/1.17/85 in 81 IP
383) Brett Gardner NYY, OF, 36.6 – Raised launch angle 5.2 degrees to 13.6 degrees and ripped a career high 28 homers. He isn’t running as much (12 steal attempts) and his below average 91.2 MPH FB/LD exit velocity makes me hesitant to predict a repeat in the power department. 2020 Projection: 83/21/69/.254/.329/.447/13
384) Shogo Akiyama CIN, OF, 32.0 – Slashed .303/.392/.471 with 20 homers, 12 steals, and a 108/78/ K/BB in 143 games in the Japan Pacific League. Doesn’t sell out for power with a line drive approach. Plus speed has been more valuable for his center field defense than it has for his base stealing ability. 2020 Projection: 77/20/71/.272/.338/.436/14
385) Mike Tauchman NYY, OF, 29.4 – 91.5 MPH FB/LD exit velocity will have to rise to become a true difference maker, but if he finds his way into everyday playing time, he should be a solid all around contributor. 2020 Projection: 64/16/62/.263/.341/.452/9
386) Mike Yastrzemski SF, OF, 29.7 – Power broke out at Triple-A and it translated to the majors with a 94.6 MPH FB/LD exit velocity, 18.5 degree launch angle, and 21 homers in 107 games. 2020 Projection: 79/24/76/.254/.328/.455/6
387) Jon Berti MIA, 3B/SS/OF, 30.2 – Speedy super utility player. 2020 Projection: 68/8/41/.258/.324/.395/20
388) Niko Goodrum DET, 2B/SS/OF, 28.1 – Super utility player with a moderate power/speed combo and high strikeout rates. 2020 Projection: 69/16/61/.247/.319/.430/14
389) Yoshitomo Tsutsugo TB, OF, 28.4 – Classic power, patience, and strikeouts slugger, but lack of defensive value will have him fighting for playing time on a deep Tampa roster. 2020 Projection: 68/24/77/.257/.335/.472/0
390) Dakota Hudson STL, RHP, 25.7 – 3.35 ERA with a 4.55 xFIP, 1.41 WHIP, and 136/86 K/BB in 174.2 IP. He does throw hard and has a 3 degree launch angle, so there are reasons for optimism that the 3.35 ERA wasn’t a complete mirage. 2020 Projection: 12/4.06/1.34/149 in 170 IP
391) Daniel Vogelbach SEA, 1B, 27.4 – Career .205 BA in 704 PA. Knocked 30 homers and has huge walk rates (16.5% BB%), so his value is heavily tied to what your league set up is. 2020 Projection: 69/24/73/.240/.353/.468/0
392) Justin Dunn SEA, RHP, 24.6 – Plus slider with a 92.6 MPH fastball and average changeup. Very loose, easy delivery leads me to believe there is more velocity in the tank if he needs it. 2020 Projection: 9/4.43/1.34/151 in 150 IP Prime Projection: 12/3.91/1.27/187 in 178 IP
393) Monte Harrison MIA, OF, 24.8 – Right wrist injury limited him to 58 games. Improved K% from 36.9% to 29.9%, although FB% cratered with it to 21.8%. Elite athleticism with a plus power/speed combo so it will be worth the wait if he ever can figure it out. 2020 Projection: July-38/11/36/.221/.303/.408/10 Prime Projection: 77/26/76/.242/.318/.443/18
394) Sam Hilliard COL, OF, 26.1 – Plus power/speed combo. Excellent MLB debut, slashing .273/.356/.649 and actually decreased his K% from 29.3% at Triple-A to 26.4%. Will have to compete with Ian Desmond, Garrett Hampson, and Raimel Tapia for playing time. 2020 Projection: 55/19/58/.244/.311/.448/10
395) Alexander Canario SF, OF, 19.11 – Lowered GB% 18.4% to 27.8% at Short-A, leaving no doubt he will get to his plus raw power, but his K% skyrocketed with it 7.9% to 32.4%. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 78/32/93/.246/.327/.508/10
396) Alex Colome CHW, Closer, 31.3 – Threw his cutter 71% of the time, and for good reason as it is one of the best cutters in baseball. 2020 Projection: 3/3.46/1.16/61/28 in 65 IP
397) Ian Kennedy KC, Closer, 35.9 – Thrived in his move to the bullpen with a 2.4 MPH velocity bump on his fastball (94.8 MPH) and a career high 10.4 K/9. 2020 Projection: 3/3.63/1.29/72/26 in 65 IP
398) Mark Melancon ATL, Closer, 35.0 – Groundball pitcher with a plus cutter/curveball combo. Will head into the season with the closer role, but is sure to lose some save opportunities to Will Smith even if he does pitch well. 2020 Projection: 4/3.71/1.29/58/23 in 61 IP
399) Franklin Barreto OAK, 2B, 24.1 – Profar trade gives Barreto the chance to compete for the starting 2B job, although his performance in 209 MLB PA spread across 3 years has been abysmal, slashing .189/.220/.378 with 9 homers, 3 steals, and a 85/7 K/BB. 2020 Projection: 68/21/61/.243/.312/.436/16
400) Mauricio Dubon SF, 2B, 25.8 – Moderate power/speed combo with a good feel to hit. Wilmer Flores signing puts a damper on his playing time projection. 2020 Projection: 60/14/51/.279/.315/.427/16
401) Pablo Lopez MIA, RHP, 24.1 – Above average fastball/changeup combo with good command.Second year in a row that a shoulder injury put him on the IL for part of the year. 2020 Projection: 7/4.03/1.23/128 in 140 IP
402) Taijuan Walker FA, RHP, 27.8 – Another Tommy John surgery setback case, hurting his shoulder during rehab which basically wiped out his 2nd full season. He did make it back to pitch one inning on the final day of the regular season and his velocity was all the way back. 2020 Projection: 8/4.28/1.35/131 in 140 IP
403) Clint Frazier NYY, OF, 25.7 – There currently isn’t a clear path to playing time, and there is no guarantee the Yankees will find a fair trade for him. The market for good, but not great hitting, poor defensive corner outfielders just isn’t there right now. 2020 Projection: 43/13/49/.253/.318/.466/4
404) Abraham Toro HOU, 3B, 23.4 – Advanced plate approach transferred to the majors with a 21.3% K% and 10.1% BB%, which makes it an encouraging debut despite the weak surface stats (.688 OPS). 2020 Projection: 23/5/18/.262/.335/.439/2 Prime Projection: 74/22/78/.268/.338/.451/7
405) Daz Cameron DET, OF, 23.2 – A favorite of mine in 2019, Cameron’s hit tool took a step back at Triple-A with a 28.8% K% and a .214 BA. He’s a plus athlete with plus bat speed, so if the hit tool ever comes around, the fantasy upside is considerable. 2020 Projection: Prime Projection: 79/18/73/.248/.325/.429/18
406) Andres Gimenez NYM, SS, 21.7 – Mediocre season at Double-A but finished strong in the Fall League, slashing .371/.413/.586 with 2 homers, 2 steals, and a 15/4 K/BB in 18 games. Profile remains the same as a solid all around contributor. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 81/17/63/.274/.326/.421/21
407) Reynaldo Lopez CHW, RHP, 26.3 – It’s hard to find a silver lining in Lopez’s 5.38 ERA in 2019, but I’ll try. He still throws heat at 95.8 MPH and Yasmani Grandal seriously upgrading Chicago’s pitch framing can only help. 2020 Projection: 10/4.36/1.35/166 in 180 IP
408) Gilberto Jimenez BOS, OF, 19.9 – Elite athlete with elite speed and a good feel to hit. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 81/13/57/.278/.330/.419/29
409) Sherten Apostel TEX, 3B, 21.1 – Plus power and strong plate approach transferred to full season ball with a .251/.339/.440 triple-slash, 19 homers and 120/51 K/BB in 121 games split between Full-A and High-A. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 77/28/89/.260/.342/.489/2
410) Jordyn Adams LAA, OF, 20.5 – Advanced plate approach (22% K%/11.7% BB%) at Full-A was quite impressive considering his baseball skills were supposed to be raw, but overall numbers weren’t all that impressive with a .250/.346/.358 triple-slash, 7 homers and 12 steals in 97 games. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 88/19/69/.276/.352/.447/23
411) Jared Oliva PIT, OF, 24.4 – Starling Marte trade opens up the potential to earn a starting spot early in the season. Oliva has plus speed with a solid plate approach and below average power. 2020 Projection: 59/7/42/.248/.310/.381/17 Prime Projection: 81/13/57/.264/.331/.406/25
412) Adrian Morejon SD, LHP, 21.1 – Shoulder impingement ended his season in August. San Diego used him as a 1-2 inning pitcher in both the minors and during his MLB debut where he averaged 96.5 MPH on the fastball. 2020 Projection: 2/4.31/1.36/38 in 35 IP Prime Projection: 10/3.78/1.25/168 in 160 IP
413) Josh Jung TEX, 3B, 22.2 – Advanced approach translated to pro ball, but the power didn’t with 1 homer and a 27.2% FB% in 40 games at Full-A. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 73/24/86/.277/.338/.465/4
414) Kameron Misner MIA, OF, 22.3 – Drafted 35th overall, Misner has a plus power/speed combo but currently has more raw power than game power. He is ultra patient at the plate, sometimes to his detriment. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 83/23/79/.261/.346/.453/18
415) George Kirby SEA, RHP, 22.2 – Drafted 20th overall, Kirby pounds the strike zone with a plus fastball and the potential for 3 quality secondaries. Put up a 25/0 K/BB in his 23 IP MLB debut at Low-A after dominating at Elon with a 107/6 K/BB in 88.1 IP. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 13/3.88/1.19/174 in 173 IP
416) Nick Lodolo CIN, LHP, 22.2 – Drafted 7th overall, Lodolo is a projectable 6’6”, 202 pound with a low 90’s fastball, a potentially plus curve, and average change. Put up a 30/0 K/BB in his 18.1 IP pro debut. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 13/3.73/1.24/184 in 176 IP
417) Shane McClanahan TB, LHP, 22.11 – Control took a big step forward, bringing his walk rate down to 3.4 BB/9. With a mid 90’s fastball, plus breaking ball, and developing changeup, the upside is considerable if he can hold those gains. 2020 Projection: August-3/4.03/1.34/36 in 30 IP Prime Projection: 12/3.77/1.28/177 in 161 IP
418) Marco Gonzales SEA, LHP, 28.1 – Velocity down on all of his pitches (89.3 MPH) and K/9 down to 6.5. There is not much room for error. 2020 Projection: 12/4.18/1.32/141 in 180 IP
419) Dallas Keuchel CHW, LHP, 32.3 – Groundball pitcher with low strikeout rates. Sinker velocity dropped 1.2 MPH to a career low 88.3 MPH 2020 Projection: 11/4.18/1.33/148 in 175 IP
420) Keibert Ruiz LAD, C, 21.8 – Contact oriented approach with elite strikeout rates, but isn’t hitting the ball hard enough yet to do real damage. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 69/17/66/.278/.328/.409/0
421) Isaac Paredes DET, 3B, 21.1 – Plus hit (11.1% K%) with a plus plate approach (10.3% BB%) and developing power (13 homers in 127 games at Double-A). ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 80/22/83/.283/.350/.471/2
422) Andres Munoz SD, Setup, 21.3 – 100.2 MPH fastball with a plus slider. Inside track to be the closer of the future with Kirby Yates on an expiring deal. 2020 Projection: 3/3.68/1.26/82/5 in 63 IP Prime Projection: 4/3.31/1.15/97/33 in 68 IP
423) Clarke Schmidt NYY, RHP, 24.1 – Proved he is all the way back from 2017 Tommy John surgery by flashing 3 plus pitches and putting up a pitching line of 3.47/1.18/102/28 in 90.2 IP spent mostly at High-A. 2020 Projection: August-1/4.48/1.41/19 in 20 IP Prime Projection: 12/3.82/1.26/163 in 161 IP
424) Jordan Balazovic MIN, RHP, 21.7 – Put up a pitching line of 2.69/0.98/129/25 in 93.2 IP at mostly High-A. At 6’5”, he pounds the strikezone with a plus fastball and 2 secondaries (slider, changeup) that have the potential to be above average. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/3.88/1.24/188 in 176 IP
425) Eric Hosmer SD, 1B, 30.5 – Decline continued with strikeout rate spiking to 24.4%, walk rate tanking to 6%, and stolen bases flat lining to 0. 2020 Projection: 74/23/87/.258/.320/.436/4
426) Alek Manoah TOR, RHP, 22.3 – Drafted 11th overall. 2019 was Manoah’s first year as a full time starter, and he responded by maintaining his mid 90’s heat and displaying above average control over 125.1 IP at West Virginia and Low-A. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 11/3.82/1.23/181 in 165 IP
427) Kyle Muller ATL, LHP, 22.6 – Stuff ticked up leading to a career high 9.7 K/9 at Double-A, but his control went with it with a career worst 5.5 BB/9. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 13/3.71/1.30/187 in 183 IP
428) Michael Busch LAD, 2B, 22.5 – Drafted 31st overall, Busch has a plus plate approach with a good feel for contact and the ability to lift the ball. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 82/27/88/.271/.346/.473/5
429) Jose Garcia CIN, SS, 22.0 – After a mediocre stateside debut in 2018, Garcia shook the rust off and put up a +133 wRC+ in the pitcher friendly FSL. He has a contact over power approach right now with plus speed. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/18/72/.271/.328/.423/19
430) Cole Hamels ATL, LHP, 36.3 – Fastball velocity down 1.1 MPH to 91.7 MPH but secondaries remained strong. 2020 Projection: 11/3.97/1.32/163 in 165 IP
431) Jeff Samardzija SF, RHP, 35.2 – Fastball velocity down to 91.9 MPH, which is 2.6 MPH lower than his last healthy season in 2017. K/9 was also weak at 6.9, and while his 3.52 ERA and 1.11 WHIP in 181.1 IP looks great, I’m not going out of my way to roster Shark in 2020. 2020 Projection: 9/4.28/1.29/154 in 175 IP
432) Johnny Cueto SF, RHP, 34.1 – Returned for 16 IP at the end of the season after recovering from August 2018 Tommy John surgery. Cueto’s mastered the art of pitching, so if he stays healthy, I think he will figure out a way to remain effective. 2020 Projection: 8/3.92/1.28/148 in 161 IP
433) Ryan Yarbrough TB, RHP, 28.2 – Final 9 appearances of the season came in a traditional starter role, which could be a sign of things to come. The extremely low velocity (88.4 MPH fastball) and strikeout rates (7.43 K/9) keeps my expectations in check. 2020 Projection: 10/4.02/1.20/134 in 155 IP
434) Yonny Chirinos TB, RHP, 26.3 – Dominant splitter put up a .172 xwOBA.  2020 Projection: 8/3.90/1.20/120 in 141 IP
435) Alex Wood FA, LHP, 29.3 – Bad back limited Wood to only 35.2 IP, and he didn’t look all that good in those innings with a 5.80 ERA and 11 homers allowed. 2020 Projection: 8/3.96/1.28/131 in 140 IP
436) Kyle Gibson TEX, RHP, 32.5 – Ulcerative colitis caused a major second half decline with a 5.92 ERA (4.09 ERA in 1st half) and 3.86 BB/9 (2.66 BB/9 in 1st half). Texas didn’t seem all that concerned giving him $28 million plus incentives over 3 years. 2020 Projection: 11/4.33/1.38/162 in 170 IP
437) Julio Teheran LAA, RHP, 29.2 – 2nd year in a row he outperformed his FIP by a large margin. 2020 Projection: 9/4.24/1.31/158 in 170 IP
438) Rick Porcello NYM, RHP, 31.3 – Slider took a step back with a -8.1 pitch value and 1.6 MPH velocity drop. Should get a bump moving from the AL East and Fenway to the NL East and Citi. 2020 Projection: 12/4.31/1.33/164 in 180 IP
439) Franchy Cordero SD, OF, 25.7 – Elbow and quad injuries limited Cordero to only 9 games. Margot trade opens up more OF at-bats, although he is still likely headed for a platoon role. 2020 Projection: 59/16/7/.235/.300/.424/10
440) Domingo German NYY, RHP, 27.8 – Suspended for the first 63 games of the season. Impressive 153/39 K/BB in 143 IP, but he also gave up 30 homers. 2020 Projection: 5/4.12/1.26/82 in 75 IP
441) Carson Kelly ARI, C, 25.9 – Your typical low average catcher with decent pop. With a long history of plus contact rates, there could be some average upside in the tank. 2020 Projection: 52/19/55/.254/.337/.442/0
442) Shed Long SEA, 2B/OF, 24.7 – Solid plate approach transferred to the majors with a 23.8% K% and 9.5% BB%, but he will have to improve on his below average exit velocity to make a fantasy impact. Announced that he is viewed as the starting 2B. 2020 Projection: 67/17/62/.255/.321/.412/7
443) Ryan Braun MIL, OF, 36.5 – Moving into “old” age gracefully with a steady diet of 20/10 seasons. 2020 Projection: 67/21/72/.272/.331/.480/8
444) Shin-Soo Choo CLE, OF, 37.9 – Hitting the ball as hard as ever and while sprint speed is below average, he’s 33 for 38 in steals over the last 3 seasons. 2020 Projection: 85/22/64/.262/.365/.439/8
445) Robinson Cano NYM, 2B, 37.5 – Career worst 16.3% K% but statcast data was well within career norms. 2020 Projection: 71/22/77/.276/.328/.466/0
446) Daniel Murphy COL, 1B, 35.0 – Power has completely disappeared with a career low and well below average 86.3 MPH average exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 66/18/79/.284/.330/.465/1
447) Matt Carpenter STL, 3B, 34.4 – Got weaker this season with a career low 87.2 MPH exit velocity. Carpenter is using this off-season to put on more weight. 2020 Projection: 82/24/67/.244/.352/.463/3
448) Brett Baty NYM, 3B, 20.5 – 6’3”, 210-pound tank with at least plus raw power. On the downside, he is old for a high school hitter, the strikeout rate was a bit high for a 19-year-old at Short-A (28.5%) and his flyball percentages were relatively low. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 73/27/86/.266/.353/.482/2
449) Giovanny Gallegos STL, Reliever, 28.9 – Plus fastball/slider combo isn’t overpowering but he makes up for that with plus control. Could be in the running for the closer job depending on if Carlos Martinez makes the rotation. 2020 Projection: 4/3.57/1.05/74/13 in 65 IP
450) Josh James HOU, RHP, 27.1 – The humongous jump in strikeouts in 2018 carried over to 2019 with 100 K’s in 61.1 IP, but it came with some command problems as he walked 35 batters with a 4.70 ERA. 2020 Projection: 4/3.68/1.27/102 in 68 IP
451) Gabriel Arias SD, SS, 20.1 – Came on in the 2nd half, slashing .355/.385/.565 with 10 homers and a 48/11 K/BB in final 51 games at High-A. He’s still raw at the plate, but has near plus raw power and an improving hit tool. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 74/24/83/.261/.312/.448/6
452) Chris Bassitt OAK, RHP, 31.1 – Velocity jumped back up to 94.2 MPH after taking a dip post Tommy John surgery in 2016. 2020 Projection: 10/3.97/1.25/148 in 155 IP
453) Bryse Wilson ATL, RHP, 22.3 – Pounding the strikezone with a plus fastball was good enough to dominate the minors, but he is going to have to improve his secondaries to do the same at the major league level. 2020 Projection: 2/4.38/1.34/56 in 61 IP Prime Projection: 11/4.05/1.29/165 in 174 IP
454) Miguel Cabrera DET, 1B, 36.11 – The decline continues. Career low 90.3 MPH exit velocity (93.6 MPH in his prime) led to only 12 homers in 136 games. 2020 Projection: 67/18/82/.286/.352/.441/0
455) Andrelton Simmons LAA, SS, 30.7 – One of the best defensive shortstops of all time but that doesn’t do much good for fantasy leagues. 2020 Projection: 73/11/69/.276/.328/.395/10
456) Adam Frazier PIT, 2B, 28.3 – Not enough power or speed to be a difference maker, but with a 12.3% K% there is some average upside in here.  2020 Projection: 78/13/53/.283/.345/.428/5
457) Anthony Santander BAL, OF, 25.5 – Numbers were better in the majors (.773 OPS) than they were in the minors (.726 OPS), but he hits the ball hard (89.2 MPH average exit velocity) with reasonable strikeout rates (21.2% K%). 2020 Projection: 63/22/74/.252/.301/.444/3
458) Todd Frazier TEX, 3B, 34.1 – Should have close to a full time role between 3B and 1B. Bounced back from a down 2018, slashing .251/.329/.443 with 21 homers and a 106/40 K/BB in 499 PA. 2020 Projection: 61/20/66/.240/.330/.448/3
459) Manuel Margot TB, OF, 25.6 – Elite contact rates have yet to translate after 3 seasons in the majors, but if it ever does, he has a good enough power/speed combo to become a fantasy asset. Trade to Tampa likely puts him in a short side of a platoon/4th outfielder role, but it’s not out of the question for him to become the primary CF if he outperforms Kiermaier. 2020 Projection: 59/13/48/.266/.325/.418/16
460) Howie Kendrick WASH, 1B/2B, 36.9 – Career year at 35 years old, posting career best numbers in K%, BA, exit velocity and launch angle. 2020 Projection: 71/14/69/.298/.360/.480/2
461) Luis Garcia WASH, SS/2B, 19.10 – Continued to show an advanced feel for contact at Double-A (15.6% K%) but didn’t show any sign of improvements in other aspects of his offense (4 homers and a 3.1% BB%). ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 80/22/78/.281/.325/.450/10
462) Will Smith ATL, Setup, 30.9 – Announced that Mark Melancon will go into the year with the closer role, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if Smith was closing games by the end of the season. 2020 Projection: 4/3.11/1.06/91/12 in 65 IP
463) Logan Allen CLE, LHP, 22.10 – Solid 4 pitch mix with a plus slider. Should compete for a rotation spot this Spring. Ceiling is likely a mid rotation starter. 2020 Projection: 8/4.46/1.38/105 in 120 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.12/1.33/168 in 173 IP
464) Daniel Johnson CLE, OF, 24.9 – With Cleveland’s OF far from locked down, there is a path for Johnson to earn significant at-bats if he keeps performing. He hit .290 with 19 homers and 12 steals split between Double-A and Triple-A with the plus tools to back it up. 2020 Projection: 37/7/38/.253/.312/.435/6 Prime Projection: 73/22/76/.268/.329/.458/13
465) Jorge Mateo OAK, SS, 24.9 – Put up big numbers in the PCL with a .289 BA, 19 homers, and 24 steals, but considering the insane hitting environment it was only good for a below average 96 wRC+. 2020 Projection: 32/4/24/.240/.293/.397/9 Prime Projection: 63/10/48/.262/.312/.420/18
466) Bradley Zimmer CLE, OF, 27.4 – Shoulder rehab and an oblique injury knocked out the vast majority of his 2019. Without any truly established players in Cleveland’s OF, Zimmer will compete for a starting job in Spring. 2020 Projection: 66/12/51/.244/.323/.408/14
467) Tony Gonsolin LAD, RHP, 25.11 – Didn’t have a strong K/BB (37/15 in 40 IP) in his MLB debut, but all four of his pitches (fastball, slider, curve, splitter) graded out as slightly plus value. Will have to scratch and claw to find his way into the rotation, not only for this season, but in the future too. 2020 Projection: 3/4.19/1.26/69 in 69 IP
468) Kody Hoese LAD, 3B, 22.9 – Drafted 25th overall, Hoese is 6’4”, 200 pounds with plus power that just blossomed this season and a good feel to hit that he’s possessed throughout his college career. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 78/26/84/.273/.334/.472/3
469) Triston McKenzie CLE, RHP, 22.8 – Upper back strain wiped out his entire 2019. This ranking might be a little bit out of sight, out of mind, but many questioned McKenzie’s durability because of his slight frame, and this is the 2nd year in a row where injuries have reared their ugly head. 2020 Projection: September-2/4.46/1.34/22 in 19 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.68/1.19/173 in 162 IP
470) Francisco Alvarez NYM, C, 18.4 – Impressive pro debut in stateside rookie ball, slashing .312/.407/.510 with 7 homers and a 37/21 K/BB in 42 games. Plus hitting ability with developing power and is highly likely to stick behind the plate. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 72/23/81/.281/.346/.469/2
471) Misael Urbina MIN, OF, 17.11 – Showed off his plus hit, plus speed profile with a 6.5% K% and 19 steals in 50 games in the Dominican Summer League.  ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 88/16/67/.284/.351/.438/20
472) Maximo Acosta TEX, SS, 17.5 – Signed for $1.65 million, Acosta has an advanced feel to hit with the potential for above average speed and power. The skills are there for him to fly up prospect lists with a good pro debut. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 82/21/81/.277/.339/.448/16
473) Ethan Hankins CLE, RHP, 20.10 – 6’6”, 200 pounds with a mid 90’s fastball and plus athleticism, but secondaries and control/command still need work.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 11/3.74/1.26/192 in 178 IP
474) Brice Turang MIL, SS, 20.4 – Prototypical leadoff hitter with a good feel to hit, plus plate approach, and plus speed. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 88/14/54/.276/.352/.403/24
475) Bryson Stott PHI, SS, 22.5 – Drafted 14th overall, Stott has solid skills across the board but is without a carrying tool. Should chip in a little bit in every category. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection:  83/20/74/.278/.343/.439/15
476) Jackson Rutledge WAS, RHP, 21.0 – Drafted 17th overall, Rutledge is 6’8”, 250 pounds with a mid to upper 90’s fastball and the potential for three quality secondaries, most notably his slider. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 12/3.71/1.28/167 in 165 IP
477) Lewin Diaz MIA, 1B, 23.4 – Bounced back from a poor 2018 by tapping into his raw power with a career high 27 homers split between High-A and Double-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 74/26/85/.272/.325/.470/0
478) Miguel Hiraldo TOR, 2B, 19.7 – Power took a step forward, hitting 7 homers in 56 games in the Appy League while maintaining strong contact numbers (14.1%). He was considered one of the better hitters in the 2017 international class and has lived up to his reputation. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 79/23/84/.277/.332/.458/7
479) Luisangel Acuna TEX, SS, 18.1 – Ronald’s younger brother. Isn’t as tooled up as his brother, but he’s an advanced hitter for his age with above average speed. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 82/18/64/.283/.346/.431/22
480) Hudson Head SD, OF, 19.0 – Drafted 84th overall, but received a $3 million bonus which is a record for a 3rd round pick. Head is a plus runner with plus bat speed and the potential for at least average power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 81/17/68/.268/.335/.429/23
481) Andy Pages LAA, OF, 19.4 – Coming out party in the Pioneer League with 19 homers and a 53.5% FB% in 63 games, but it came with a 28.3% K%. He was known for his good feel to hit prior to this season, so that number should come down. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 75/29/80/.246/.331/.471/6
482) Luis Rodriguez LAD, OF, 17.7 – Signed for $2.667 million, Rodriguez makes hard contact to all fields with a line drive approach and above average speed. At 6’2”, 175 pounds he has the chance to grow into plus power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 84/23/81/.278/.347/.469/10
483) Peyton Burdick MIA, OF, 23.1 – Drafted 82nd overall, Burdick has huge raw power, hitting 10 homers with a 91 MPH average exit velocity in 63 games at Full-A. He’s on the old side for his college draft class, and the hit tool needs refinement, but Burdick is an excellent sleeper pick in first year players drafts. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 74/25/81/.252/.329/.461/9
484) Kevin Gausman SF, RHP, 29.3 – 94.2 MPH fastball with a plus splitter. Move to San Francisco’s pitcher’s park gives him a small bump over other back end starter options. 2020 Projection: 9/4.28/1.35/162 in 168 IP
485) Michael Fulmer DET, RHP, 27.0 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in late March 2019, which came off surgery to repair a torn meniscus in September 2018. 2020 will be more about staying healthy than having a breakout season. 2020 Projection: 5/4.35/1.30/87 in 100 IP
486) Eric Thames WASH, 1B, 33.4 – Strong side of a platoon at best and bench bat at worst. Power and patience with a low average. 2020 Projection: 68/23/67/.240/.335/.491/4
487) Justin Smoak MIL, 1B, 33.4 – Strong side of a platoon power bat with a low average.  2020 Projection: 52/22/61/.244/.352/.465/0
488) Ian Desmond COL, OF, 34.6 – Desmond’s value takes a huge hit without the stolen bases (only 3 in 2019). 2020 Projection: 61/19/63/.259/.314/.452/8
489) Jeimer Candelario DET, 3B, 26.4 – 25.6% K% with about average power. 2020 Projection: 71/20/77/.239/.327/.419/5
490) Jose Peraza BOS, 2B/SS/OF, 25.11 – Sprint speed was down and his stolen bases tanked with 7 steals in 13 attempts. Likely to have a super utility role with Boston. 2020 Projection: 59/8/52/.276/.317/.384/13
491) Josh VanMeter CIN, OF, 25.1 – Power broke out at Triple-A which was backed up by his strong MLB Statcast data. He isn’t that fast but he likes to run. 2020 Projection: 58/16/54/.259/.330/.448/8
492) Rowdy Tellez TOR, 1B, 25.0 – Under 20% strikeout rates throughout his minor league career has not translated to the majors, posting his second straight season of a 28+% K%. 2020 Projection: 51/17/58/.248/.314/.463/1
493) Yusniel Diaz BAL, OF, 23.6 – Power took a small step forward with a career high .210 ISO at Double-A, but didn’t have the breakout I was hoping for after a great Spring Training. 2020 Projection: August-14/4/19/.253/.315/.421/1 Prime Projection: 76/23/81/.270/.333/.457/7
494) David Fletcher LAA, OF/SS/2B/3B, 25.10 – Elite contact rates (9.8%) but doesn’t hit the ball hard (83.7 MPH) and only attempted 11 steals. 2020 Projection: 76/7/57/.286/.339/.394/9
495) Cole Tucker PIT, SS, 23.9 – Tucker’s power took a small step forward at Triple-A, but everyone else’s power took a huge step forward.Kevin Newman took the early lead on Pitt’s SS of the future job. 2020 Projection: July-28/6/21/.253/.312/.397/7 Prime Projection: 81/17/69/.270/.334/.421/19
496) Bayron Lora TEX, OF, 17.6 – Signed for $3.9 million, Lora is 6’5”, 230 pounds with double plus raw power, but it comes with some swing and miss. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 74/30/85/.253/.338/.501/3
497) Alexander Ramirez NYM, OF, 17.3 – Signed for $2.05 million, Ramirez is a great athlete with a projectable 6’3”, 170 pound frame and a good feel to hit. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 81/22/76/.267/.341/.451/16
498) Alexfri Planez CLE, OF, 18.8 – Big time power potential with a raw, aggressive approach at the plate and above average speed. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 72/27/83/.254/.322/.471/8
499) Reginald Preciado SD, SS, 16.10 – Signed for $1.3 million, Preciado is 6’4”, 185 pounds with a consistent track record of hitting as an amateur. Projectable frame gives him the chance to grow into plus power. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 77/25/85/.274/.346/.473/6
500) Omar Narvaez MIL, C, 28.1 – Well below average exit velocity but raised launch angle 4.8 degrees to 17.8 degrees and maintained strong K/BB numbers. Ballpark upgrade moving from Seattle to Milwaukee. 2020 Projection: 62/18/69/.268/.349/.440/0
501) Jorge Alfaro MIA, C, 26.10 – He does one thing and he does it well, and that is crush the ball with a 90.8/96.4 exit velocity (average/FB-LD). 4.7 degree launch angle, 4.7% BB%, and 33.1% K% are the things he doesn’t do well. 2020 Projection: 49/20/64/.258/.308/.432/5
502) Christian Vazquez BOS, C, 29.7 – Exit velocity jumped 1.5 MPH to an above average 88.7 MPH en route to a breakout season with 23 homers and a .276 BA. 2020 Projection: 58/19/66/.261/.310/.430/3
503) Tom Murphy SEA, C, 29.0 – Huge power with a 95 MPH FB/LD exit velocity and 18.9 degree launch angle, but it comes with major average risk (31% K%). 2020 Projection: 52/24/68/.232/.298/.447/1
504) Danny Jansen TOR, C, 25.0 – Lifts the ball with a strong plate approach and slightly above average exit velocities. Couldn’t lock down the starting job in 2019 and now is looking at a time share with Reece McGuire. 2020 Projection: 48/15/53/.256/.328/.435/1
505) Jordan Hicks STL, Closer, 23.7 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in June 2019. When healthy, he dominates with a 101.5 MPH sinker and plus slider. The injury might prevent him from winning back the closer job this season. 2020 Projection: 1/3.48/1.11/21 in 20 IP
506) Kevin Kiermaier TB, OF, 29.11 – Plus defensive center fielder with a moderate power speed combo. 2020 Projection: 67/15/57/.241/.303/.412/16
507) Scooter Gennett FA, 2B, 29.11 – Severe groin strain completely tanked Gennett’s season, slashing .226/.245/.323 with 2 homers and a 41.2 K/BB in 42 games. I wasn’t a fan of his in last year’s ranking, but he’s certainly not a bad bounce back candidate if the price remains low. 2020 Projection: 65/18/71/.268/.316/.445/0
508) Sean Newcomb ATL, LHP, 26.10 – Will compete for the 5th starter job after being shifted to the bullpen early in 2019. He excelled in the pen, with a 2.89 ERA, so even if he doesn’t win a rotation spot, he should still provide value for your fantasy team depending on format. 2020 Projection: 8/3.81/1.32/117 in 120 IP
509) Hanser Alberto BAL, 2B/3B, 27.5 – Elite contact hitter with below average speed and very low exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 78/12/54/.291/.317/.406/5
510) Nicky Lopez KC, 2B/SS, 25.1 – Elite strikeout rates with above average speed and very poor exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 68/6/42/.278/.333/.375/12
511) J.P. Crawford SEA, SS, 25.3 – Never developed beyond a light hitting shortstop (87.4 MPH FB/LD exit velocity) with a good plate approach (21%/10.9% K%/BB%). Maybe he can add strength as he ages. 2020 Projection: 74/15/69/.248/.329/.408/8
512) Khalil Lee KC, OF, 21.9 – 28.2% K% and 59.3% GB% is a horrible combination, but he has a plus power/speed combo and was 20/21 years old at Double-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/21/72/.253/.336/.443/17
513) Nathan Eovaldi BOS, RHP, 30.3 – Couldn’t maintain his 2018 mini breakout and missed two months with surgery to remove loose bodies from his elbow. 2020 Projection: 8/4.13/1.31/118 in 125 IP
514) Justus Sheffield SEA, LHP, 23.10 – Improved changeup gives him a legitimate third pitch to go along with his plus fastball/slider combo. Needs to improve control and command. 2020 Projection: 7/4.37/1.39/148 in 151 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.87/1.32/176 in 173 IP
515) Jordan Lyles TEX, RHP, 29.6 – Got out of Colorado and proved he can be a competent pitcher with a 4.15 ERA and 146 K’s in 141 IP. 2020 Projection: 9/4.21/1.32/151 in 156 IP
516) Spencer Turnbull DET, RHP, 27.6 – Great first two months of the season, but then the wheels came off with a 6.60 ERA in final 58.2 IP. Likely back end starter with mid rotation upside. 2020 Projection: 7/4.33/1.38/159 in 161 IP
517) John Means BAL, RHP, 26.11- 7.03 K/9 and 5.48 xFIP keeps me very cautious despite a 3.60 ERA and 1.14 WHIP. The AL East and Camden is another hurdle to jump. 2020 Projection: 8/4.48/1.36/140 in 160 IP
518) Parker Meadows DET, OF, 20.5 – Full season debut was underwhelming with a .221/.296/.312 triple-slash, but a 22.4% K% and 9.3% BB% is very encouraging considering the plus athleticism and power/speed combo is still there. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 77/22/74/.253/.331/.441/14
519) Hedbert Perez MIL, OF, 17 – Potential for all category production with a plus power/speed combo and an advanced feel at the plate. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 82/20/78/.273/.342/.442/20
520) Michael Toglia COL, 1B, 21.7 – Drafted 23rd overall, Toglia is a switch hitting, plus defensive first baseman with power and patience. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 81/26/84/.266/.352/.474/2
521) Joe Ryan TB, RHP, 23.10 – Pulverized 3 levels of the minors (A, A+, AA) using mostly a plus fastball that he commands well, putting up a pitching line of 1.96/0.84/183/27 in 123.2 IP. Needs to improve secondaries to keep those numbers up at the major league level.  ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/3.90/1.32/160 in 157 IP
522) Tony Watson SF, Closer, 34.10 – Projected to be San Francisco’s closer with Will Smith leaving in free agency. He’s not an elite reliever but he’s the perfect late round target if you held off on saves early in the draft. 2020 Projection: 3/3.61/1.13/52/25 in 60 IP 
523) James Karinchak CLE, Setup, 24.7 – Major control problems (62 BB in 102.1 career minor league innings) but his 96.9 MPH fastball and plus curve rack up strikeouts. 2020 Projection: 4/3.68/1.27/78 in 55 IP
524) Eric Lauer MIL, LHP, 24.10 – Taking away the 3 starts at Coors where he gave up 17 runs in 8 IP, his ERA comes down to 3.63. 2020 Projection: 9/4.17/1.34/146 in 155 IP
525) Josh Lindblom MIL, RHP, 32.10 – Signed out of the KBO and is slated for a rotation spot. Low velocity, high spin rate pitcher with mediocre strikeout rates. 2020 Projection: 9/4.22/1.27/146 in 160 IP
526) Trevor Rogers MIA, LHP, 22.5 – 6’6”, 185 pound lefty with an almost side arm delivery and plus strikeout rates. Control took a step forward and added a cutter to his pitch arsenal en route to his best season as a pro, putting up a pitching line of 2.90/1.14/150/33 in 136.1 IP at High-A and Double-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/3.77/1.28/181 in 176 IP
527) Zack Collins CHW, C, 24.2 – Plus power and patience but retaining catcher eligibility throughout his career is a major question mark. 2020 Projection: 32/9/35/.232/.325/.426/0 Prime Projection: 66/21/73/.247/.341/.453/0
528) Leody Taveras TEX, OF, 21.7 – Base running improved with a career high 32 steals in 131 games at High-A and Double-A. Continued to display a good feel for contact, but he needs to start making harder contact to reach his potential. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 79/18/68/.268/.336/.421/20
529) Daulton Jefferies OAK, RHP, 24.8 – Plus fastball/changeup combo with plus control. Put up a pitching line of 3.42/1.04/93/9 in 79 IP at mostly Double-A in his first full year back from Tommy John surgery. 2020 Projection: 2/4.28/1.29/21 in 24 IP Prime Projection: 10/3.89/1.24/151 in 160 IP
530) Luis Toribio SF, 3B, 19.6 – Toribio’s advanced plate approach with plus raw power transferred from the Dominican League to stateside rookie ball, slashing .297/.436/.459 with 3 homers, a 93 MPH average exit velocity, and a 54/45 K/BB in 51 games. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 77/24/83/.267/.352/.473/3
531) Jackson Kowar KC, RHP, 23.6 – Double plus changeup with a mid 90’s fastball, but breaking ball lags behind. 2020 Projection: Prime Projection: 11/3.91/1.30/168 in 174
532) Blake Walston ARI, LHP, 18.9 – Drafted 26th overall, Walston is a projectable 6’4”, 175 pounds with a low 90’s fastball, two potentially plus breaking balls and a developing change. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 12/3.71/1.24/184 in 176 IP
533) Matt Allan NYM, RHP, 18.11 – Drafted 89th overall, but received the 2nd highest bonus for a high school pitcher. Allen is physically mature at 6’3”, 225 pounds with a mid 90’s fastball and a plus, high spin rate curveball. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 12/3.72/1.29/183 in 176 IP
534) Ryan O’Hearn KC, 1B, 26.8 – Batting average bottomed out to .195 in 2019, but the underlying power, patience, and strikeout profile remains unchanged. 2020 Projection: 59/21/64/.244/.325/.448/0
535) Rich Hill MIN, LHP, 40.1 – Underwent primary revision surgery to repair a torn UCL, which isn’t as serious as Tommy John surgery, but is still likely to hold him out for at least a couple months into 2020. He also got arrested for defending the honor of his wife’s fanny pack. 2020 Projection: 5/3.75/1.18/91 in 80 IP
536) Victor Reyes DET, OF, 25.6 – Good feel to hit with plus speed, and at 6’5”, 215 pounds, you have to think there is more power in there. 2020 Projection: 68/8/62/.276/.310/.398/16
537) Johan Camargo ATL, SS, 26.3 – Super utility player with a line drive approach and good feel to hit. 3B job is currently up for grabs. 2020 Projection: 58/14/62/.264/.329/.431/1
538) JaCoby Jones DET, OF, 28.1 – Plus power/speed combo (11 homers and 7 steals in 88 games) with a low average (.235) and high strikeout rate (28.2%). He has a path to playing time, and the skills are fantasy friendly. 2020 Projection: 75/19/66/.242/.317/.435/11
539) Tristen Lutz MIL, OF, 21.7 – Continued to post solid numbers while being young for his level, slashing .255/.335/.419 with 13 homers and a 137/46 K/BB in 112 games at High-A. Strikeout rates are high but he has double plus raw power and doesn’t sell out for homers. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 74/25/82/.263/.340/.473/6
540) Jhon Diaz TB, OF, 17.6 – Signed for $1.5 million, Diaz makes hard contact with a quick bad to go along with an advanced plate approach and plus speed. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 80/19/76/.272/.345/.439/20
541) Gabriel Rodriguez CLE, SS, 18.1 – Highly touted international prospect in 2018 who showed a good feel to hit and advanced approach, but doesn’t have big power or speed. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 86/22/78/.277/.351/.452/9
542) Luis Frias ARI, RHP, 21.10 – Mid 90’s fastball with a plus curveball and potentially plus splitter. Control/command needs work but the upside is high if it all comes together. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/3.98/1.34/169 in 162 IP
543) Ismael Mena SD, OF, 17.4 – Signed for $2.2 million, Mena is a lean 6’3”, 185 pounds with a line drive approach, developing power, and double plus speed. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 81/18/74/.271/.337/.440/25
544) Alexander Mojica PIT, 3B, 17.8 – Was one of the best hitters in the Dominican Summer League as a 16 year old, slashing .351/.468/.580 with 8 homers and a 34/37 K/BB in 55 games. Has a patient approach  with plus raw power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 79/24/84/.266/.340/.462/3
545) Arol Vera LAA, SS, 17.7 – Signed for $2 million, the 6’3”, 187 pound Vera is an advanced hitter who has the chance to grow into plus power.  ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 78/23/81/.277/.343/.456/6
546) Keoni Cavaco MIN, SS, 18.10 – Drafted 13th overall. High risk, high reward prospect with a plus power/combo but is a major hit tool risk (35/4 K/BB in 25 game pro debut). ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 71/25/76/.241/.298/.449/14
547) Quinn Priester PIT, RHP, 19.7 – Drafted 18th overall, Priester throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by two potentially plus fastballs (4 and 2 seamer) and a plus curve. Pro debut was impressive with a pitching line of 3.03/1.19/37/10 in 32.2 IP in the Gulf Coast League. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 12/3.69/1.24/191 in 185 IP
548) Ethan Small MIL, LHP, 23.2 – Drafted 28th overall, Small doesn’t have big stuff but he racks up strikeouts with deception and plus command. Struck out 168 batters in 102 IP in the SEC and then came into pro ball and did the same thing with a 36/4 K/BB in 21 IP at mostly Full-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/3.90/1.26/182 in 171 IP
549) Zack Thompson STL, LHP, 22.5 – Drafted 19th overall, Thompson throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by a plus curveball. He has some injury red flags and needs to improve his command. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 11/3.93/1.32/171 in 164 IP
550) Brennan Malone PIT, RHP, 19.7 – Drafted 33rd overall, Malone is a power pitcher who throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by a potentially plus fastball/slider combo. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 13/3.83/1.26/187 in 178 IP
551) Brad Keller KC, RHP, 24.8 – Groundball pitcher with weak K/BB rates (122/70 in 165.1 IP). 2020 Projection: 9/4.27/1.34/130 in 170 IP
552) Jakob Junis KC, RHP, 27.6 – 8th most valuable slider in baseball but that is his only good pitch. 2020 Projection: 9/4.42/1.33/169 in 179 IP
553) Jon Lester CHC, LHP, 36.3 – Velocity decline continued to a career low 90.8 MPH. 2020 Projection: 12/4.33/1.36/159 in 168 IP
554) Jake Arrieta PHI, RHP, 34.1 – The decline continues with his ERA rising for the 4th year in a row to 4.64 and his K% declining for the 5th year in a row to 18.5%. 2020 Projection: 9/4.53/1.39/136 in 162 IP
555) Starlin Castro WASH, 2B/3B, 30.0 – Raised launch angle to a career high 10.9 degrees and hit a career high 22 homers. Huge second half, slashing .302/.334/.558 with 16 homers in 74 games. 2020 Projection: 67/18/73/.277/.320/.442/3
556) Freddy Galvis CIN, 2B/SS, 30.5 – Exit velocity ticked up the past two seasons to a now career high 88.2 MPH, which led to a career high 23 homers. 2020 Projection: 65/21/71/.253/.297/.425/5
557) Ji-Man Choi TB, 1B, 28.11 – Strong side of a platoon at best, and losing his job to Nate Lowe at some point during the season at worst. 2020 Projection: 58/18/69/.265/.365/.463/2
558) Ender Inciarte ATL, OF, 29.5 – Lumbar and hamstring strains limited him to 65 games. Speed fell off from from a well above average 27.9 ft/sec to a slightly below average 26.8. Ranked third to last in FB/LD exit velocity (86.1 MPH). 2020 Projection: 67/9/53/.262/.338/.395/15
559) Kolby Allard TEX, LHP, 22.8 – Fastball velocity ticked up to a respectable 92.5 MPH and added a cutter that he threw 33.2% of the time. Should be next man up or close to it when injuries inevitably hit. 2020 Projection: June-6/4.42/1.38/86 in 100 IP Prime Projection: 12/3.88/1.32/165 in 174 IP
560) Vince Velasquez PHI, RHP, 27.10 – The high strikeout rate and 94.5 MPH fastball makes for enticing upside, but 2019 was the third year in a row he had an ERA 4.85 or higher. 2020 Projection: 8/4.57/1.34/148 in 130 IP
561) Wade Davis COL, Closer, 34.7 – Favorite to win back Colorado’s closer job with even a decent Spring performance. Fastball was down 1.1 MPH to 93.3 MPH and had a 8.83 ERA. 2020 Projection: 3/4.42/1.38/51/18 in 51 IP
562) Jeremiah Jackson LAA, SS, 20.0 – 33% K% as a 19 year old in rookie ball, which means the risk is sky high, but he also smacked a ridiculous 23 homers in 65 games. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 74/27/81/.241/.319/.451/10
563) Evan Longoria SF, 3B, 34.6 – Mini bounceback season but still only hit like a league average hitter with a .254 BA and 20 homers in 129 games. 2020 Projection: 64/22/75/.250/.320/.432/2
564) Scott Oberg COL, Setup, 30.1 – Colorado wants Wade Davis to win back the closer job, but if he can’t bounce back, Oberg is ready to go after putting up a 2.45 ERA in 2018 and 2.25 ERA in 2019. Pitched slightly better at Coors than on the road. 2020 Projection: 4/3.51/1.16/62/21 in 61 IP
565) Emmanuel Clase CLE, Setup, 22.0 – 99.4 MPH fastball and 90.6 MPH slider is super impressive, although his strikeout rates haven’t popped as much as you would think (8.10 K/9 in MLB and 9.32 at Double-A) 2020 Projection: 3/3.72/1.20/63 in 60 IP
566) Jason Heyward CHC, OF, 30.8 – 21 homers in 2019, which is only the 2nd time he has eclipsed the 20 homer mark in his career. 2020 Projection: 73/16/60/.258/.333/.415/6
567) Brandon Belt SF, 1B, 32.0 – Hits the ball in the air (21.9 degree launch) but hits it too weakly to take advantage of it with a 86.4 MPH exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 75/19/66/.248/.349/.450/3
568) Asdrubal Cabrera WASH, 2B/3B, 34.5 – The upside is capped, but you can do worse than 20 homers with a solid average at the point Cabrera is going in drafts. Carter Kieboom is lurking, so Cabrera and Starlin Castro might be in a competition to keep their full time job early in the season. 2020 Projection: 65/19/76/.263/.330/.448/2
569) Nick Ahmed ARI, SS, 30.0 – Serviceable in deeper leagues, but in general I prefer to take shots on higher upside players rather than take safe, mediocre production. 2020 Projection: 75/17/78/.250/.308/.429/8
570) Jose Martinez TB, OF, 31.8 – Playing time outlook doesn’t look all that much different in Tampa than it did in St. Louis. 2020 Projection: 56/14/58/.281/.350/.455/2
571) Chris Taylor LAD, 2B/SS/OF, 29.7 – Taylor ended up being the odd man out and slid into a super utility role. 2020 Projection: 58/14/56/.260/.330/.460/10
572) Wilmer Flores SF, 2B, 28.8 – Hits it in the air with elite strikeout rates and below average exit velocity. 2020 Projection: 51/16/46/.278/.334/.468/0
573) Zach Plesac CLE, RHP, 25.2 – Strong 3.81 ERA in 115.2 IP MLB debut, but a 88/40 K/BB, 4.94 FIP, and 89.1 MPH exit velocity against are all signs it was a bit of a mirage. 2020 Projection: 8/4.44/1.35/111 in 135 IP
574) Jake Bauers CLE, OF/1B, 24.6 – Needs to start hitting the ball harder and/or bring down his 27.2% K% if he wants to hold down a starting job. 2020 Projection: 56/14/53/.253/.339/.412/5
575) Jordan Luplow CLE, OF, 26.6 – Exit velocity skyrocketed 3.7 MPH to 89.3 MPH while maintaining a strong launch angle and plate approach. It led to a breakout season in a part time role, slashing .276/.372/.551 with 15 homers and a 61/33 K/BB in 225 at-bats. Struggles vs. righties will likely keep him in a short side of a platoon. 2020 Projection: 52/13/46/.263/.344/.470/4
576) Steven Souza Jr. CHC, OF, 30.11 – Missed all of 2019 after tearing multiple ligaments in his knee in late March, but is expected to be fully healthy for opening day. It gives me some reservations on how many stolen bases we can expect from as he enters his 30’s coming off a major knee injury. 2020 Projection: 51/17/54/.235/.326/.428/5
577) Jake Lamb ARI, 1B/3B, 29.6 – Underlying power numbers were strong coming off 2018 shoulder surgery (90.4 MPH exit velocity), but the surface stats were not (.676 OPS). 2020 Projection: 51/14/57/.232/.324/.442/1
578) Derek Fisher TOR, OF, 26.8 – Plus power/speed combo but the strikeout rate is high (34.1%) and launch angle is low (8.4 degrees). Likely in the strong side of a platoon role. 2020 Projection: 55/15/51/.228/.319/.424/9
579) Orlando Arcia MIL, SS, 25.8 – Arcia’s starting job is on the hot seat with the acquisition of Luis Urias, and for good reason coming off another terrible offensive performance (61 wRC+). 2020 Projection: 43/11/47/.253/.301/.388/5
580) David Bote CHC, 2B/3B, 27.0 – No guarantee of full time at-bats, but Bote hits the ball hard with a little speed and high a OBP. 2020 Projection: 64/15/57/.252/.343/.430/8
581) Josh Naylor SD, OF, 22.10 – Hits it hard with a good feel for contact, but needs to start lifting the ball more (4.5 degree launch angle). 2020 Projection: 31/9/34/.262/.325/.423/1 Prime Projection: 68/21/77/.278/.336/.453/2
582) Lewis Brinson MIA, OF, 25.11 – Continued his extreme major league struggles with a .173 BA and 0 homers in 248 PA. He also struck out 29.5% of the time at Triple-A, which is a much higher percentage than he has struck out at that level previously. 2020 Projection: 46/8/51/.208/.270/.351/5
583) Mitch Moreland FA, 1B, 34.7 – 90.8 MPH average exit velocity and 95.8 MPH FB/LD exit velocity with a solid plate approach. Likely the strong side of a platoon. 2020 Projection: 53/18/63/.247/.323/.458/1
584) Raimel Tapia COL, OF, 26.2 – I used to love Tapia, but power never took a step forward and hit tool has not fully transferred to the majors. He’s likely a part time player. 2020 Projection: 48/8/39/.281/.316/.427/9
585) Ty France SD, 2B/3B, 25.9 – Slashed .399/.477/.770 with 27 homers and a 51/30 K/BB in 76 games in the PCL, but put up only a .696 OPS in 184 MLB at-bats. Best shot at playing time is to hope Profar struggles again. 2020 Projection: 31/10/36/.255/.317/.443/1 Prime Projection: 64/23/72/.268/.331/.463/3
586) Dominic Smith NYM, 1B/OF, 24.10 – In an alternative universe where Pete Alonso doesn’t exist, 2020 would have been Smith’s coming out party, but we live in this universe and Smith will need a trade to have a chance at everyday playing time. 2020 Projection: 45/13/49/.268/.325/.443/1 Prime Projection: 69/22/78/.276/.338/.467/2
587) Mychal Givens BAL, Closer Committee, 29.11 – Throws his plus 95.7 MPH fastball 70.2% of the time but his change and slider are both average. 2020 Projection: 3/3.77/1.18/75/14 in 65 IP
588) Hunter Harvey BAL, Closer Committee, 25.5 – Found a home in the bullpen where he let his 98.4 MPH fastball fly. Favorite to be Baltimore’s long term closer if he can remain healthy. 2020 Projection: 3/3.83/1.31/66/12 in 60 IP
589) Braden Shewmake ATL, SS, 22.4 – Drafted 21st overall, Shewmake’s plus contact skills and plus speed transferred to pro ball with a 12.8% K% and 11 steals in 51 games at Full-A. Seems to be on the fast track with Atlanta promoting him to Double-A for 14 games at the end of the season. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 79/16/74/.278/.336/.428/18
590) Travis Swaggerty PIT, OF, 22.9 – Had an underwhelming year at High-A with a 49.3% GB%, 22.1% K% and 9 homers. Either his contact ability or power will have to take a step forward to become an everyday player. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/17/71/.269/.334/.422/18
591) Ryan Vilade COL, SS, 21.1 – Made adjustments to unlock more of his plus raw power, lowering GB% 10% to 42.9% and hitting 12 homers in 128 games at High-A. He did so while maintaining his strong plate approach (16.2% K%/9.5% BB%) ETA: 2022 2020 Projection: 81/23/82/.276/.340/.463/8
592) Dexter Fowler STL, OF, 34.0 – Bounced back from his disastrous 2018, but exit velocity did not bounce back with a dangerously low at 85.2 MPH. 2020 Projection: 67/17/64/.241/.334/.403/6
593) Eric Sogard MIL, 2B, 33.10 – At-bats are open to be won at 3B with Mike Moustakas moving on. Strong strikeout rate (14.3%) with the ability to lift the ball (18.3 degree launch angle) but doesn’t hit the ball very hard (84.7 MPH). 2020 Projection: 65/11/51/.272/.335/.409/5
594) Chad Pinder OAK, 2B/OF, 28.0 – Darkhorse candidate to win at least a share of the starting 2B job. Exit velocities are in the near elite range with a 90.5 MPH average and 95.8 MPH on flyballs and line drives. 2020 Projection: 49/15/54/.249/.309/.430/0
595) Brandon Kintzler MIA, Closer, 35.8 – Low upside closer. This is the guy you take if you are desperate for saves towards the end of the draft. 2020 Projection: 3/3.68/1.27/48/24 in 60 IP
596) Jairo Pomares SF, OF, 19.8 – 90 MPH average exit velocity as an 18 year old is impressive, and so was his pro debut in rookie ball, slashing .368/.401/.542 with 3 homers, 5 steals, and a 26/10 K/BB in 37 games. He doesn’t project for huge home run or stolen base totals, but he has a chance to be solid 5 category player. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 82/22/79/.273/.334/.448/10
597) Will Wilson SF, SS, 21.8 – Drafted 15th overall, Wilson is a solid all around hitter without big time power or speed. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 72/22/77/.264/.328/.439/5
598) Jhoan Duran MIN, RHP, 22.3 – Fastball can reach triple digits and throws a plus low 90’s sinker/splitter hybrid. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/3.82/1.32/181 in 177 IP
599) Kris Bubic KC, LHP, 22.8 – Led the minor leagues in strikeouts with 185 K’s in 149.1 IP at Full-A and High-A. Plus changeup with low 90’s heat and an average curveball. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/3.89/1.28/179 in 171 IP
600) Brady Singer KC, RHP, 23.9 – Groundball pitcher with a plus sinker/slider combo, but needs to improve his changeup to take the next step. 2020 Projection: 2/4.35/1.36/36 in 40 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.89/1.29/175 in 185 IP
601) JJ Goss TB, RHP, 19.3 – Drafted 36th overall, Goss throws a low 90’s fastball with a swing and miss slider and good feel for a changeup. He throws strikes and the fastball should tick up as he fills out. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 12/3.81/1.24/173 in 171 IP
602) Brian Dozier FA, 2B, 32.11 – Partially bounced back from a down 2018, slashing .238/.340/.430 with 20 homers, 3 steals, and a 105/61 K/BB in 482 PA. The speed isn’t coming back and playing time is a concern. 2020 Projection: 59/19/56/.243/.335/.448/3
603) Hunter Pence SF, OF, 37.0 – Big time bounce back season, slashing .297/.358/.552 with 18 homers, 6 steals, and a 69/26 K/BB in 83 games. The Statcast data backs it up too. 2020 Projection: 61/17/67/.266/.323/.450/5
604) Tyler Mahle CIN, RHP, 25.6 – Replaced his changeup and slider with a curveball, cutter, and splitter. Dropped his BB% 4.4%, but the poor results remained the same with a 5.14 ERA. The new splitter was his best pitch with a .229 xwOBA. 2020 Projection: 4/4.43/1.32/91 in 90 IP
605) Corbin Burnes MIL, RHP, 25.5 – 8.82 ERA and 1.84 WHIP. Had the 6th worst fastball in baseball with a -18.5 pitch value. Velocity (95.6 MPH) and K/BB (70/20 in 49 IP) were good, but it might take him a minute to work his way back into the circle of trust. 2020 Projection: 5/4.42/1.37/83 in 71 IP
606) Freddy Peralta MIL, Setup, 23.10 – Fastball velocity jumped 2.7 MPH to 94.1 MPH and continued piling up K’s, but hitters crushed him with a 17.4 degree launch angle and 94.5 MPH FB/LD exit velocity against. 2020 Projection: 6/4.02/1.28/128 in 95 IP
607) Jon Duplantier ARI, RHP, 25.9 – Bicep tendinitis in 2018 and shoulder inflammation in 2019. Stuff didn’t look as good this year as it has in the past. 2020 Projection: 3/4.34/1.38/63 in 59 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.18/1.33/161 in 155 IP
608) Marwin Gonzalez MIN, 1B/3B/OF, 31.1 – Exit velocity jumped 3 MPH to a career high 90.4 MPH, although it didn’t show up in his stats. Donaldson signing keeps him in a part time role. 2020 Projection: 54/16/59/.271/.330/.449/2
609) Jake Cronenworth TB, SS, 26.2 – Power took a step forward, hitting 10 homers in 88 games (previous career high was 4), which he combined with his already good feel to hit and above average speed. Projects as a jack of all trades type (he even pitches a little bit too!). 2020 Projection: 23/3/16/.257/.322/.402/5 Prime Projection: 62/13/48/.268/.332/.427/14
610) Estevan Florial NYY, OF, 22.6 – Struggles at High-A continued for the second year in a row, slashing .237/.297/.383 with 8 homers, 9 steals, and a 98/24 K/BB in 74 games. He did suffer a wrist injury during Spring Training, and the elite tools are still there, so I wouldn’t write him off quite yet.  ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/21/73/.244/.325/.438/15
611) Jahmai Jones LAA, 2B, 22.8 – Played well in the Fall League, slashing .302/.377/.509 with 2 homers, 7 steals, and a 16/6 K/BB in 16 games. Didn’t look as good at Double-A with a .234 BA, 5 homers and 9 steals in 130 games, but at least his plate approach numbers were still strong (20% K% and 9.2 BB%). ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 79/18/71/.268/.327/.429/12
612) Ryne Stanek MIA, Setup, 28.8 – Kintzler is the favorite for saves, but Stanek could have the job by the end of the season with a 97.8 MPH fastball and high strikeout rates.  2020 Projection: 2/3.67/1.20/77/18 in 65 IP
613) Mark Vientos NYM, 3B, 20.4 – Underwhelming full season debut, slashing .255/.300/.411 with 12 homers and a 110/22 K/BB. Big time power potential is still there. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 73/25/82/.258/.327/.462/2
614) Kevin Alcantara NYY, OF, 17.9 – Huge raw talent at 6’6”, 188 pounds with a plus power/speed combo, but a .665 OPS in his pro debut shows there is a long way to go.  ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 77/24/81/.271/.336/.468/15
615) Tyler Beede SF, RHP, 26.10 – Doesn’t have bad stuff, throwing a 94.4 MPH fastball with 3 secondaries, but lack of command got him hit up in the majors with a 5.03 ERA and 90.8 MPH exit velocity against in 117 IP. 2020 Projection: 7/4.38/1.37/128 in 130 IP
616) Anibal Sanchez ATL, RHP, 36.1 – Landed somewhere in the middle of his excellent 2018 production and terrible 2015-17 production with a pitching line of 3.85/1.27/134/58 in 166 IP. 2020 Projection: 10/4.22/1.31/132 in 160 IP
617) Mike Fiers OAK, RHP, 34.10 – The Whistleblower. Second year in a row his ERA beat his FIP by about a full run. Strikeout rate is low and exit velocity against is about average. 2020 Projection: 11/4.32/1.30/126 in 170 IP
618) Mike Leake ARI, RHP, 32.5 – Back of the rotation innings eater. 2020 Projection: 10/4.30/1.33/115 in 181 IP
619) Drew Smyly SF, LHP, 30.10 – Took some time to shake the rust off after missing all of 2017 and 2018 recovering from Tommy John surgery. Fastball velocity and performance both ticked up in the 2nd half. 2020 Projection: 8/4.31/1.33/135 in 138 IP
620) Daniel Norris DET, LHP, 27.0 – Change and slider both took a step forward to become quality pitches. Hit a career high 144.1 IP with a 4.49 ERA and 7.8 K/9. 2020 Projection: 6/4.31/1.34/115 in 130 IP
621) Zach Davies SD, RHP, 27.2 – Gets a ballpark upgrade going from Milwaukee to San Diego. Low velocity (88.6 MPH sinker) and low strikeout (5.7 K/9) pitcher who is heavily reliant on BABIP and LOB%. 2020 Projection: 10/4.29/1.33/110 in 160 IP
622) Jordan Montgomery NYY, LHP, 27.4 – Tommy John surgery knocked out most of his 2019, but his stuff was back over 4 IP in September. With Paxton out and German suspended, Montgomery is the favorite to open the season in the rotation. 2020 Projection: 7/4.23/1.32/112 in 120 IP
623) Alexander Vargas NYY, SS, 18.5 – Plus contact ability (12.7% K%) with plus speed (13 steals) and should start hitting the ball with more authority as he gets stronger. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 86/15/68/.276/.341/.412/25
624) Rece Hinds CIN, 3B, 19.7 – Drafted 49th overall, Hinds has at least double plus power, but is very raw at the plate with lots of swing and miss. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 68/29/77/.242/.314/.478/2
625) Tyler Callihan CIN, 2B/3B, 19.9 – Drafted 85th overall, Callihan has plus power with an aggressive approach at the plate.  ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 72/25/82/.273/.331/.471/6
626) Ryan Pressly HOU, Setup, 31.4 – Backed up his 2018 breakout with another elite season. Induces weak contact and piles up K’s. 2020 Projection: 3/3.15/1.06/92/4 in 65 IP
627) Seth Lugo NYM, Setup, 30.5 – Dominates with a high spin rate curveball, plus a fastball and sinker that rank among the best in baseball with a 20.2 combined value, which is good for 7th overall. 2020 Projection: 5/3.31/1.09/92/5 in 75 IP
628) Ty Buttrey LAA, Setup, 27.0 – Next man up for the Angels. Throws a 97.4 MPH fastball with a plus slider.  2020 Projection: 4/3.61/1.25/81/5 in 69 IP
629) Matt Barnes BOS, Setup, 29.10 – The closer job was his to lose in 2019 and he lost it to Brandon Workman. The situation could just as easily reverse itself in 2020. 2020 Projection: 5/3.71/1.31/99/9 in 65 IP
630) Cristian Javier HOU, RHP, 23.0 – Breezed through 3 levels of the minors (A+, AA, AAA), piling up 170 strikeouts with a 1.74 ERA in 113.2 IP. He doesn’t have overpowering stuff, but dominates with a diverse pitch mix and high spin rate fastball. 2020 Projection: 4/4.28/1.34/65 in 60 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.83/1.31/182 in 168 IP
631) Colin Moran PIT, 3B, 27.6 – Platoon bat at best and has Ke’Bryan Hayes knocking on the door for the full time 3B job. 2020 Projection: 52/14/64/.271/.331/.425/0
632) Joe Palumbo TEX, LHP, 25.5 – Throws a high spin rate fastball with a plus curve and developing changeup. 9.18 ERA in 16.2 IP MLB debut is too small a sample to worry about. 2020 Projection: 4/4.24/1.35/76 in 68 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.81/1.31/183 in 171 IP
633) Braxton Garrett MIA, LHP, 22.8 – Doesn’t have overpowering stuff, but throws two quality secondaries (curve, change) and has good command. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 10/3.92/1.30/163 in 168 IP
634) Thomas Szapucki NYM, LHP, 23.10 – Returned from Tommy John surgery after missing all of 2018 and proved his plus fastball/curve combo is still intact with 72 strikeouts in 61.2 IP at mostly High-A. There is bullpen risk considering his spotty health track record. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 9/3.83/1.27/158 in 150 IP
635) Lane Thomas STL, OF, 24.8 – Not one of the favorites to win a starting job in St. Louis’ wide open OF, but he has the skills to earn that job over time with a 29.6 ft/sec sprint speed, 91.7 MPH average exit velocity and a 97.6 MPH FB/LD exit velocity in his 44 PA MLB debut. 2020 Projection: 42/12/45/.256/.326/.437/6 Prime Projection: 77/24/79/.269/.338/.469/12
636) Bobby Bradley CLE, 1B, 23.10 – Huge power with 33 homers in 107 games at Triple-A, but strikeout rate has regressed against more advanced competition with a 33.8% K%. 2020 Projection: August-10/4/13/.235/.308/.431/0 Prime Projection: 73/26/81/.247/.329/.481/0
637) Michel Baez SD, 24.2 – Moved to the pen and let it fly with a 96.1 MPH fastball and a plus changeup, but San Diego is committed to developing him as a starter. 2020 Projection: 2/3.95/1.31/52 in 48 IP Prime Projection: 6/3.77/1.28/121 in 114 IP
638) Kevin Padlo TB, 3B, 23.9 – Breakout year at Double-A and Triple-A, slashing .265/.389/.538 with 21 homers, 12 steals and a 116/68 K/BB in 110 games. He’s going to have to hack and claw his way to get through Tampa’s extreme depth. 2020 Projection: September-8/2/6/.225/.308/.424/1 Prime Projection: 68/20/64/.248/.339/.447/6
639) Ryan Weathers SD, LHP, 20.4 – Solid first full season of pro ball with a pitching line of 3.84/1.24/90/18 in 96 IP in Full-A. Low 90’s fastball with a potentially plus change and an advanced feel for pitching. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 13/3.71/1.25/172 in 180 IP
640) Hans Crouse TEX, RHP, 21.6 – Stuff took a step back because of a bone spur in his elbow which required surgery after the season. Assuming he returns to full health, he has a plus fastball/slider combo with a developing change. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 11/3.87/1.28/162 in 155 IP
641) Brent Rooker MIN, OF, 25.5 – Massive power (14 homers in 65 games at Triple-A) with massive strikeout issues (34.7% K%). 2020 Projection: August-12/5/17/.233/.314/.448/1 Prime Projection: 66/25/77/.249/.333/.495/4
642) Miguel Vargas LAD, 3B, 20.5 – Advanced plate approach with a good feel to hit translated to Full-A and High-A, slashing .308/.380/.440 with 7 homers, 13 steals, and a 83/55 K/BB in 124 games. There should be more power in the tank as he ages. ETA: 2022 2020 Projection: 76/22/85/.278/.351/.466/8
643) Samuel Huff TEX, C, 22.3 – Power hitting catcher with hit tool concerns. Cranked 28 homers with a 30% K% in 127 games split between Full-A and High-A. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 61/24/74/.246/.318/.451/2
644) Ezequiel Duran NYY, 2B, 20.10 – Power broke out at Short-A with a league leading 13 homers in 66 games. He’s raw at the plate, but he’s a good athlete and scorches the ball  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 77/25/81/.255/.332/.473/10
645) Austin Beck OAK, OF, 21.5 – Strikeout rate spiked to 34.3% at High-A and remains all around raw in his game. The excellent bat speed and plus power/speed combo is still present, so a breakout can happen any year. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 79/21/77/.242/.314/.435/9
646) Adam Kloffenstein TOR, RHP, 19.8 – Pitched well as an 18 year old in Short-A with a pitching line of 2.24/1.09/64/23 in 64.1 IP. 6’5”, 243 pounds with a low 90’s fastball and potential for 3 quality secondaries. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 11/3.95/1.32/171 in 176 IP
647) Alex De Jesus LAD, SS, 18.0 – Signed for $500,000 in 2018, De Jesus impressed in his pro debut and moved quickly to stateside ball. He showed an ability to lift the ball with developing plus power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 75/24/83/.261/.332/.457/4
648) Gunnar Henderson BAL, SS, 18.10 – Drafted 42nd overall, Henderson was one of the youngest players in the draft. He got off to a slow start in pro ball but finished the year strong. 6’3”, 195 pounds with the chance to grow into plus power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 76/23/82/.267/.341/.452/9
649) Aaron Schunk COL, 3B, 22.8 – Drafted 62nd overall, Schunk’s game power broke out his junior year in the SEC, hitting .339 with 15 homers and a 29/14 K/BB in 57 games. He kept it going at Short-A in his pro debut, slashing .306/.370/.503 with 6 homers and a 25/14 K/BB in 46 games. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 73/23/81/.263/.321/.457/4
650) Wilderd Patino ARI, OF, 18.9 – Tooled up, high upside power/speed combo but there are concerns over the hit tool. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 78/21/72/.251/.333/.441/18
651) Danny Salazar FA, RHP, 30.3 – Shoulder and groin injuries knocked out all of Salazar’s 2018 and all but 4 innings of his 2019. He’s been plagued by injuries for most of his career now, but is still a decent lottery ticket because the stuff is so good when healthy. 2020 Projection: 4/4.41/1.39/78 in 76 IP
652) Logan Webb SF, LHP, 23.5 –  4 pitch mix with a low 90’s fastball and plus slider. Was suspended 80 games for PED’s early in the season, and fastball velocity was down when he returned. 2020 Projection: 5/4.24/1.35/86 in 95 IP
653) Matt Magill SEA, Closer Committee, 30.5 – Magill throws a 95.2 MPH fastball with a plus curveball. Will compete for the closer job in Spring. 2020 Projection: 4/3.81/1.33/64/18 in 55 IP
654) Yoshihisa Hirano SEA, Closer Committee, 36.1 – Signing with Seattle gives him a shot to pick up at least a few saves. Plus splitter is the money maker. 2020 Projection: 4/3.91/1.34/59/17 in 57 IP
655) Diego Castillo TB, Setup, 26.2 – 98.4 MPH sinker with a plus slider that he throws 51.4% of the time. Anderson is the favorite for saves, but Tampa loves to mix and match. 2020 Projection: 4/3.31/1.15/78/10 in 66 IP
656) Colin Poche TB, Setup, 26.5 – Couldn’t come close to matching 2018’s 0.82 ERA at Double-A and Triple-A in the majors (4.70 ERA), but he was able to maintain a strong 72/19 K/BB in 51.2 IP. 2020 Projection: 4/3.82/1.18/92/10 in 65 IP
657) Brad Peacock HOU, Swingman, 32.2 – Jack of all trades pitcher with high strikeout rates over the past 3 seasons. 2020 Projection: 6/3.77/1.20/90 in 83 IP
658) Darwinzon Hernandez BOS, Setup, 23.4 – Nasty fastball/slider combo accumulates strikeouts, but has major, major control issues (7.7 BB/9 in his 30.1 IP MLB debut). 2020 Projection: 3/4.17/1.41/81 in 62 IP
659) Owen Miller SD, SS, 23.4 – Jumped straight to Double-A in his first full season of pro ball and performed well with a 15.4% K%, but with only average power and not much speed there isn’t much fantasy upside. 2020 Projection: Sept-8/1/5/.253/.309/.393/1 Prime Projection: 67/15/62/.266/.327/.425/5
660) Ryan Jeffers MIN, C, 22.10 – Offensive minded catcher whose defense took a step forward. Good feel to hit and hits it in the air. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 51/21/64/.264/.330/.448/0
661) Miguel Amaya CHC, C, 21.1 – 16.8% K% and 13.2% BB% as a 20 year old at High-A. Power is coming along with 11 homers in 99 games in a pitcher’s park. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 68/22/76/.274/.348/.455/1
662) Ronaldo Hernandez TB, C, 22.5 – Plus raw power with a good feel to hit. Power was down at High-A, but some of that can be blamed on playing in the Florida State League. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 53/21/63/.262/.318/.447/3
663) Tyler Stephenson CIN, C, 23.8 – Excellent plate approach at Double-A with a 16.5% K% and 10.2% BB%, but continues to display only average power (6 homers in 89 games). 2020 Projection: September- 6/2/9/.252/.314/.382/0 Prime Projection: 55/16/61/.274/.342/.420/1
664) Matt Wallner MIN, OF, 22.4 – Drafted 39th overall, Wallner has double plus raw power that he had no problem getting to in Conference USA (58 homers in 3 years) and in his pro debut (8 homers in 65 games in mostly the Appy League), but it comes with a high strikeout rate (27% K%). ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 70/22/79/.248/.331/.462/2
665) William Contreras ATL, C, 22.3 – With Atlanta selecting Langeliers 9th overall in the draft, Contreras will likely need a trade to project for full time at-bats. He has a similar offensive profile to his brother, Willson, with a good feel to hit and plus raw power, although he doesn’t hit the ball on the ground as much as Willson. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 52/22/61/.267/.328/.443/0
666) Connor Scott MIA, OF, 20.6 – High upside prospect whose numbers remained mediocre, but his prospect value basically held serve, displaying plus speed with the ability to grow into above average power. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 80/18/72/.266/.330/.428/21
667) Michael Baumann BAL, RHP, 24.7 – Pitched well at High-A (3.83 ERA with 77 K’s in 54 IP) and Double-A (2.31 ERA with 65 K’s 70 IP). 4 pitch mix headlined by a fastball that has reached 99 MPH. 2020 Projection: 1/4.42/1.38/18 in 20 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.07/1.30/162 in 165 IP
668) Cole Roederer CHC, OF, 20.6 – Full season debut was a little underwhelming with a .224 BA and 25% K%, but still displayed the potential for all category production with 9 homers, 16 steals, and a 11.6% BB%. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 81/24/76/.262/.338/.464/13
669) Cole Winn TEX, RHP, 20.4 – Throws a 5 pitch mix with a low 90’s fastball. Got rocked in his first 6 starts at High-A, but put up a 2.81 ERA in final 51.1 IP. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 12/3.95/1.29/174 in 178 IP
670) Jay Groome BOS, LHP, 21.7 – Returned at the end of the season from May 2018 Tommy John surgery.  When healthy, he throws a potentially double plus curveball with a 93 MPH fastball and developing change. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 9/3.79/1.27/168 in 160 IP
671) Tanner Roark TOR, RHP, 33.6 – Innings eating back end starter. 2020 Projection: 10/4.53/1.38/160 in 170 IP
672) Danny Duffy KC, LHP, 31.3 – Fastball velocity down 1 MPH to a career low 92.7 MPH. 4.70 FIP in 2018 and 4.78 FIP in 2019.  2020 Projection: 8/4.51/1.33/129 in 140 IP
673) Alex Dickerson SF, OF, 29.10 – 16.3 degree launch angle with above average exit velocities. Strong side a platoon role at best. 2020 Projection: 51/14/52/.267/.331/.455/1
674) Trevor Richards TB, RHP, 26.11 – Throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by one of the best changeups in baseball. Currently projected as pitching depth, but I’m sure he’ll end up pitching plenty of innings in a variety of roles. 2020 Projection: 7/4.16/1.33/93 in 96 IP
675) Nick Pivetta PHI, RHP, 28.1 – 2019 breakout candidate who regressed across the board and will now have to earn his way back into a rotation spot. He wasn’t much better after moving into the bullpen either. 2020 Projection: 4/4.36/1.33/86 in 78 IP
676) Keegan Akin BAL, LHP, 25.0 – Deceptive low 90’s fastball with two quality secondaries in his slider and changeup. Likely a back end starter, but he should get his opportunity this year with Baltimore’s shotty rotation. 2020 Projection: 4/4.66/1.41/83 in 90 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.22/1.35/155 in 160 IP
677) Randy Arozarena TB, OF, 25.1 – Hit the ball hard in his MLB debut with a 90.7 MPH average exit velocity to go along with plus speed and a good feel to hit. Joining the deep and talented Rays roster likely limits his upside to a super utility player in the near future. 2020 Projection: July-28/6/24/.269/.320/.421/6 Prime Projection: 81/18/66/.278/.335/.437/13
678) Tucupita Marcano SD, SS/3B/2B, 20.7 – Elite contact numbers translated to full season ball with a 8.9% K%. Has plus speed but going 15 for 31 on the basepaths show the base stealing skills need work. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 73/8/52/.283/.331/.391/16
679) Antonio Cabello NYY, OF, 19.5 – Couldn’t repeat his 2018 success in the more advanced Appy League, striking out .30.7% of the time, but the exciting raw tools are all still there. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 74/24/77/.267/.332/.452/11
680) Nick Markakis ATL, OF, 36.4 – He’ll give you some batting average and not much else. 2020 Projection: 67/13/69/.282/.355/.425/1
681) Garrett Cooper MIA, 1B/OF, 29.3 – Power hitter with a high K% (26.1%) and low FB% (23.2%). With all the young talent Miami is trying to develop, his playing time is likely on the decline. 2020 Projection: 58/16/54/.268/.326/.448/0
682) Kevin Pillar FA, OF, 31.3 – Defense is on the decline which puts his playing time in question because his wRC+ has been in the 80’s the last 4 years. 2020 Projection: 58/14/52/.261/.295/.431/11
683) Kevin Cron ARI, 1B, 27.1 – Smashed a stupid 38 homers in 82 games in the PCL. Will have to fight his way through Christian Walker and Seth Beer for playing time. 2020 Projection: 31/11/37/.241/.313/.475/1
684) Mason Martin PIT, 1B, 20.10 – Slashed .254/.351/.558 with 35 homers and a 168/68 K/BB in 131 games split between Full-A and High-A. Poor defensive 1B, so finding playing time will be his biggest hurdle. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 67/24/76/.235/.328/.462/3
685) Dellin Betances NYM, Setup, 32.0 – Limited to one appearance in 2019 due to a variety of injuries (shoulder, lat, Achilles). He’s a true elite reliever if fully healthy, and even if he loses a tick or two on the fastball, he’ll still probably be pretty damn good. 2020 Projection: 3/3.12/1.13/91 in 58 IP
686) Adam Ottavino NYY, Setup, 34.2 – Walks were up, but was able to strand the extra runners anyway with an elite slider. 2020 Projection: 5/3.28/1.23/86 in 65 IP
687) Emilio Pagan SD, Closer, 28.11 – Velocity spiked on the fastball 1.2 MPH to 95.8 MPH and the slider 2.1 MPH to 87.8 MPH. It showed up in the stats with a career high 12.34 K/9. Trade to SD tanks his fantasy value in a 5×5. 2020 Projection: 4/3.35/1.03/80 in 65 IP
688) Michael Lorenzen CIN, RHP, 28.3 – Next man up in Cincinnati. Cut sinker usage by more than half and changeup took a big step forward becoming his most valuable pitch. 2020 Projection: 3/3.53/1.21/81/6 in 79 IP
689) Mike Ford NYY, 1B, 27.9 – Injuries opened the door and Ford kicked it down, slashing .259/.350/.559 with 12 homers and a 28/17 K/BB in 50 games, which matches up with his excellent minor league numbers. 2020 Projection: 41/14/49/.257/.343/.477/1
690) Enrique Hernandez LAD, 2B/OF, 28.7 – 2018 breakout was short lived with his walk rate dropping 3% to 7.8% and strikeout rate jumping 4.2% to 21.1%. LA is stacked, so he is going to have to perform this year to keep getting at-bats. 2020 Projection: 49/15/55/.252/.328/.451/3
691) Roman Quinn PHI, OF, 27.1 – Haseley is the favorite for the CF job, but Quinn should have a role and could easily earn himself more playing time if he performs. He has the 6th fastest sprint speed in baseball with a patient plate approach. 2020 Projection: 38/6/30/.251/.328/.396/14
692) Myles Straw HOU, SS/OF, 25.5 – Light hitting, speedy fourth outfielder. 4th fastest sprint speed in baseball. 2020 Projection: 41/1/18/.265/.338/.361/15
693) Tim Locastro ARI, OF, 27.9 – Fastest sprint speed in baseball and was a perfect 17 for 17 on the base paths in 2019. 2020 Projection: 36/4/28/.263/.317/.389/19
694) Matt Beaty LAD, 1B/OF, 26.11 – Elite contact numbers since freshman year of college to go along with at least above average power and moderate flyball rates (10.2 degree launch angle). Where he finds playing time is anyone’s guess. 2020 Projection: 32/8/38/.281/.330/.462/3
695) Pavin Smith ARI, 1B, 24.2 – Lowered GB% to 43.9% while maintaining elite strikeout rate (12% K%) at Double-A. The home run power didn’t breakout with only 12 homers in 123 games, but it’s a step in the right direction. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 67/18/73/.278/.351/.443/2
696) Travis Demeritte DET, OF, 25.6 – Plus power with high strikeout rates and above average speed. Likely to start the season in a short side of a platoon, but there is opportunity for more if he performs well. 2020 Projection: 47/14/44/.241/.306/.436/5
697) Rio Ruiz BAL, 3B, 25.10 – Strong side of a platoon. Either his power or hit tool will have to take a step forward to keep getting at-bats. 2020 Projection: 44/13/52/.253/.324/.410/0
698) Willi Castro DET, 2B/SS, 23.0 – Above average speed with an average hit tool and below average power. Has been young at every level, so there is hope the hit tool and power tick up. 2020 Projection: 33/4/26/.246/.298/.387/4 Prime Projection: 73/14/61/.268/.322/.409/12
699) Colton Welker COL, 3B, 22.6 – Raw power needs to take a step forward to fully take advantage of his good feel to hit. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 73/22/81/.274/.338/458/3
700) Yasel Antuna WASH, SS, 20.6 – Limited to just 3 games due to August 2018 Tommy John surgery and leg injuries. Has the chance to develop plus power with a good feel to hit, but he is still raw at the plate, especially considering all of the lost development time. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection:  76/21/78/.271/.338/.448/8
701) Corbin Martin ARI, RHP, 24.3 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in early July and is likely to be out for all of 2020. When healthy, he throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by a 95.5 MPH fastball. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 8/3.98/1.33/155 in 152 IP
702) Seth Romero WASH, LHP, 24.0 – Missed all of 2019 recovering from Tommy John surgery. When healthy, Romero has swing and miss stuff with a chance for 3 above average to plus pitches (fastball, slider, changeup). High risk, high reward. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 10/3.72/1.26/173 in 158 IP
703) DJ Peters LAD, OF, 24.4 – Power, patience, and a ton of strikeouts. 2020 Projection: Sept-8/2/8/.226/.302/.429/1 Prime Projection: 63/20/61/.238/.325/.452/3
704) Nick Neidert MIA, RHP, 23.5 – Early season knee tendinitis led to a down season at mostly Triple-A (5.05 ERA) but he performed much better in the Fall League with a pitching line of 1.25/0.83/19/2 in 21.2 IP. Plus changeup with low 90’s heat and two average breaking balls.  2020 Projection: 3/4.48/1.33/46 in 50 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.13/1.28/159 in 168 IP
705) Eric Pardinho TOR, RHP, 19.3 – Advanced feel to pitch with a low 90’s fastball and 4 pitch mix. Elbow soreness limited him to only 37.2 IP in 2019. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 12/3.72/1.25/166 in 173 IP
706) Matt Thaiss LAA, 3B, 24.11 – Strikeout rate jumped to 31.7% in his MLB debut, up from a 17.2% K% in Triple-A, although he did hit 8 homers with above average exit velocities. 2020 Projection: August-16/6/21/.253/.323/.422/0 Prime Projection: 77/24/83/.269/.342/.451/2
707) Yu Chang CLE, 3B, 24.5 – Surface numbers weren’t great in MLB debut (.178 BA in 73 at-bats), but the statcast power/speed numbers were generally above average, and a 26.2% K%/13.1% BB% isn’t bad. Likely needs a Francisco Lindor trade to open up playing time. 2020 Projection: August-11/4/13/.236/.303/.404/2 Prime Projection: 76/22/78/.252/.331/.448/9
708) Edward Olivares SD, OF, 24.1 – Took incremental steps forward in BB% (up 1.8% to 7.8%) and GB% (down 5.8% to 40.8%) while maintaining his good feel to hit (17.8% K%). Average to above average tools across the board. 2020 Projection: 78/19/74/.268/.332/.427/16
709) Jarren Duran BOS, OF, 23.7 – Plus speed with a good feel to hit and line drive approach. There is some 4th outfielder risk, but a power breakout is not out of the question if he can raise his launch angle. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 76/14/68/.271/.322/.412/20
710) Canaan Smith NYY, OF, 21.1 – Bounced back from a down 2018, slashing .307/.405/.465 with 11 homers, 16 steals and a 108/74 K/BB in 124 games at Full-A. He’s known for his plus walk rates since high school, and should continue to grow into his potentially plus power. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 71/21/79/.258/.342/.437/5
711) Esteury Ruiz SD, 2B, 21.1 – Plus athlete with plus speed but is still raw at the plate and hasn’t fully tapped into his raw power. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 77/22/79/.253/.318/.446/18
712) Cal Raleigh SEA, C, 23.4 – Plus power hitting catcher with 50%+ flyball rates. Drilled 29 homers in 121 games split between High-A and Double-A and is a good bet to stick behind the plate. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 58/23/66/.245/.323/.446/1
713) Hudson Potts SD, 3B, 21.5 –  Low average, low OBP slugger who struggled against more advanced competition at Double-A. Strikeout rate jumped to 28.6% but still managed to knock 16 homers in 107 games. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 67/22/78/.249/.311/.452/2
714) Maikol Escotto NYY, 2B, 17.10 – Dominican League standout, slashing .315/.429/.552 with 8 homers, 13 steals and a 57/32 K/BB in 45 games. Escotto is a good athlete with plus speed and developing power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 78/22/72/.260/.330/.446/16
715) Alex Faedo DET, RHP, 24.5 – Fastball velocity ticked up en route to his most impressive season as a pro with a pitching line of 3.90/1.12/134/25 in 115.1 IP. Above average fastball/slider combo with a developing change. 2020 Projection: August-2/4.57/1.39/27 in 30 IP Prime Projection: 11/4.09/1.26/165 in 171 IP
716) Yusei Kikuchi SEA, LHP, 28.9 – Shades of Kei Igawa in a disaster first season. I wish I could say he at least got better as the season wore on, but he actually got worse. 2020 Projection: 8/4.63/1.40/143 in 165 IP
717) Anthony Kay TOR, LHP, 25.0 – Doesn’t have a standout pitch and command is spotty. Likely a back end starter. 2020 Projection: 3/4.81/1.46/43 in 50 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.38/1.38/151 in 160 IP
718) Daniel Hudson WASH, Closer Committee, 33.1 – Earned his way into save opportunities down the stretch and into the playoffs. Doolittle is still the favorite for the majority of saves, but Washington is clearly willing to be flexible with how they deploy their bullpen. 2020 Projection: 4/3.69/1.21/65/8 in 65 IP
719) Shea Langeliers ATL, C, 22.5 – Drafted 9th overall, but that is mostly on the back of his double plus catcher defense. Offensively he has moderate power with an average that shouldn’t drag you down. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 61/19/66/.262/.325/.426/1
720) Tyler Chatwood CHC, RHP, 30.4 – Leading candidate for the Cubs 5th starter job. Fastball reached a career high 96.3 MPH coming out the bullpen, but he had been up to 95.2 MPH as recently as 2017 as a starter for Colorado. If he can maintain some of that velocity gain, along with being out of Coors, Chatwood could pay off as a late round flier in deeper leagues. 2019 Projection: 7/4.34/1.38/119 in 130 IP
721) Trevor May MIN, Setup, 30.7 – Established himself as a top relief option with a 2.94 ERA and 79/26 K/BB in 64.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 4/3.42/1.09/81 in 65 IP
722) Patrick Sandoval LAA, LHP, 23.5 – Profiles as a back end starter with mid rotation upside. Throw a 4 pitch mix headline by a plus fastball/changeup combo. 2020 Projection: 4/4.42/1.35/75 in 75 IP Prime Projection: 11/3.95/1.31/172 in 166 IP
723) Adonis Medina PHI, RHP, 23.4 – Took a step back in 2019 at Double-A with a 4.94 ERA and 7 K/9. Needs to improve the consistency of his secondaries (slider & changeup) to get more advanced hitters out. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 9/4.09/1.32/155 in 161 IP
724) Jose Iglesias BAL, SS, 30.3 – Light hitting, plus defensive shortstop. 2020 Projection: 54/9/51/.276/.312/.397/8
725) Brandon Crawford SF, SS, 33.3 – Consistently mediocre. Having a full time job is his best asset. 2020 Projection: 60/13/67/.245/.313/.398/4
726) Victor Caratini CHC, C/1B, 26.7 – Needs to lift the ball more to really start doing damage, but he’s got a good feel to hit with above average exit velocity. There have been a few rumors that Contreras isn’t untouchable, making Caratini an interesting spec add if they do move him in the next couple years. 2020 Projection: 38/9/42/.260/.336/.435/1
727) Willians Astudillo MIN, C, 28.6 – The rare super utility back up catcher. He doesn’t hit the ball very hard (85.8 MPH exit velocity) but he hits it often (3.9 K%). 2020 Projection: 62/9/54/.287/.316/.433/0
728) Aaron Bummer CHW, Setup, 26.6 – Velocity on sinker jumped 2.2 MPH to 95.8 MPH and he threw it 70.8% of the time. 2020 Projection: 2/3.54/1.14/63/5 in 65 IP
729) Jimmy Nelson FA, RHP, 30.10 – Shoulder surgery from 2017 and elbow issues limited Nelson to 22 IP. He had diminished stuff and velocity was down on all of his pitches.  2020 Projection: 4/4.51/1.39/81 in 83 IP
730) Carlos Rodon CHW, LHP, 27.4 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in May 2019, and is not expected back until the second half of 2020. Remember that he also underwent arthroscopic shoulder surgery in September 2017. Velocity was down down across the board. 2020 Projection: 3/4.67/1.41/65 in 65 IP
731) Grant Lavigne COL, 1B, 20.7 – Stock took a step back in his full season debut with an 86 MPH average exit velocity and 7 homers in 126 games. At 6’4”, 220 pounds you can’t call him projectable either. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 72/22/81/.263/.338/.452/4
732) Heriberto Hernandez TEX, 1B/OF, 20.4 – 19 years old is on the old side to get excited by rookie ball numbers, but he did impress with double plus bat speed, a .344/.433/.646 triple slash, 11 homers and a 57/27 K/BB in 50 games. ETA: 2023  Prime Projection: 66/19/73/.246/.316/.453/3
733) Kyle Isbel KC, OF, 23.1 – Hamstring and hamate injuries tanked Isbel’s season, leading to a 86 wRC+ in 52 games at High-A, but he looked much better in the Fall League with a .315 BA, 1 homer, 6 steals and a 20/14 K/BB in 91 PA. Plus defense and plus speed are his best skills. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection:  79/16/67/.268/.325/.417/19
734) Elehuris Montero STL, 3B, 21.8 – Wrist injuries tanked Montero’s season at Double-A with a .188 BA and 7 homers in 59 games. He’s still raw at the plate and it was a down year no matter how you slice it, but the plus bat speed and plus raw power still give him the ingredients to breakout with more experience and refinement. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 68/23/79/.263/.325/.461/2
735) Luis Medina NYY, RHP, 20.11 – High risk, high reward. Elite stuff that misses bats (11 K/9), but has major control problems (6.1 BB/9). ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 9/4.29/1.37/177 in 162 IP
736) Francisco Morales PHI, RHP, 20.5 – Great stuff with a mid 90’s fastball and a potentially plus slider, but is still raw overall. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 9/3.92/1.34/159 in 153 IP
737) Mason Denaburg WASH, RHP, 20.4 – Banged up the last two years with biceps tendinitis in 2018 and minor shoulder surgery in 2019. He’s 6’4”, 195 pounds with big stuff, but health concerns has dimmed the hype a bit. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 10/3.95/1.27/160 in 160 IP
738) Luis Alexander Basabe CHW, OF, 23.7 – Broken hamate bone in February led to a power outage at Double-A with only 3 homers and a 48.3% GB% in 69 games. With high strikeout rates throughout his career, he’s going to need to hit for power to get playing time. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 72/17/68/.242/.328/.425/14
739) Lucius Fox TB, SS, 22.9 – Double plus speed and being consistently young for his level are the two best things going for him. He also has below average power and a potentially average hit tool. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 74/11/57/.262/.330/.393/26
740) Bubba Thompson TEX, OF, 21.10 – Hit tool took a step back with a 31.6% K% and .178 BA at High-A, but he did raise his BB% to 9.2% and the plus athleticism is still present. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 78/18/72/.248/.304/.421/23
741) Alejandro Kirk TOR, C, 21.5 – Elite hit tool (11.2% K% at High-A) and plate approach (13.8% BB%) but has below average game power. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 68/16/66/.286/.353/.422/1
742) Freudis Nova HOU, SS, 20.3 – Mediocre full season debut, slashing .259/.301/.369 with 3 homers, 10 steals, and a 68/15 K/BB in 75 games. He’s still raw, but plus bat speed and potentially plus power makes Nova an enticing upside pick.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 76/23/81/.274/.331/.452/9
743) Jose Salas MIA, SS, 16.11 – Signed for $2.8 million, Salas is a projectable 6’2”, 180 pounds with a quick bat and good athleticism. ETA: 2026 Prime Projection: 74/21/77/.261/.333/.436/11
744) Seth Corry SF, LHP, 21.5 – Dominated in his full season debut with a pitching line of 1.76/1.07/172/58 in 122.2 IP. He has the potential for 3 above average pitches, but command will have to take a step forward to remain a starter (4.3 BB/9). ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 7/4.02/1.34/109 in 111 IP
745) Jonathan Stiever CHW, RHP, 22.11 – Plus fastball with two quality breaking pitches and a developing change. Broke out in the 2nd half at Double-A with a pitching line of 2.15/0.97/77/13 in 71 IP. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/4.03/1.28/173 in 176 IP
746) Griffin Conine TOR, OF, 22.9 – Put up great power numbers at Full-A with 22 homers and a .946 OPS, but a 35.9% K% as a 21/22 year old at that level is very concerning. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 52/16/64/.232/.315/.443/3
747) Josh Wolf NYM, RHP, 19.7 – Drafted 53rd overall, Wolf is an athletic and projectable 6’3”, 170 pounds whose fastball ticked up into the mid 90’s during his senior season to go along with a plus curveball. Looked good in his pro debut with a 3.38 ERA and 12/1 K/BB in 8 IP. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 11/3.91/1.31/161 in 166 IP
748) Noah Song BOS, RHP, 22.10 – Navy is not likely to grant him a service deferment, which means he may have to serve two years before continuing his professional baseball career. He fell in the draft to 137th overall because of that risk, but on merit alone he likely would have been drafted within the first two rounds. He throws a mid 90’s fastball with a slider and changeup that flash plus. What his stuff looks like after two years off is anyone’s guess. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 7/4.23/1.35/103 in 96 IP
749) Miguel Rojas MIA, SS, 31.1 – Has a starting job and elite contact rates and that’s about it. 2020 Projection: 76/10/61/.277/.328/.384/7
750) Wade Miley CIN, LHP, 33.5 – Groundball pitcher with a 91 MPH fastball and low strikeout rate. 2020 Projection: 10/4.21/1.39/140 in 160 IP
751) Zach Eflin PHI, RHP, 26.0 – Back end starter with a low strikeout rate. Slider is his only quality pitch. 2020 Projection: 9/4.31/1.33/125 in 145 IP
752) Kyle Freeland COL, LHP, 26.11 – Imploded with a 6.73 ERA in 104 IP. Pitching half his games at Coors with a 92.2 MPH fastball and low strikeout rate is not a recipe for success. 2020 Projection: 9/4.67/1.40/133 in 160 IP
753) Trevor Williams PIT, RHP, 27.11 – Lack of strikeouts caught up with him as he couldn’t repeat his great 2018. 2020 Projection: 9/4.52/1.36/118 in 150 IP
754) Mike Montgomery KC, LHP, 30.9 – Low strikeout, groundball pitcher without much win upside in Kansas City. 2020 Projection: 7/4.53/1.43/100 in 130 IP
755) Steven Brault PIT, LHP, 27.11 – Throws a 6 pitch mix with a cutter being the only quality one. 2020 Projection: 7/4.61/1.48/120 in 140 IP
756) Aaron Sanchez FA, RHP, 27.9 – Underwent shoulder surgery in September with the only reported timeline that he won’t be ready for the start of the season. With the lack of success and now shoulder surgery, I’m staying far away from Sanchez. 2020 Projection: 3/4.73/1.51/43 in 50 IP
757) Luis Gil NYY, RHP, 21.10 – High risk, high reward prospect with an upper 90’s fastball but control/command and secondaries are still raw. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 9/3.83/1.34/159 in 152 IP
758) Drew Mendoza WASH, 1B, 22.6 – Drafted 94th overall, Mendoza is a patient hitter with at least plus raw power, but it comes with a high strikeout rate and hit tool concerns. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 72/23/80/.249/.337/.458/3
759) Andrew Miller STL, Setup, 34.11 – Velocity on a three year decline, as is his production with a career worst (since being transitioned to a reliever) 4.45 ERA. 2020 Projection: 4/3.71/1.25/79/6 in 60 IP
760) Drew Pomeranz SD, Setup, 31.4 – Excelled when he moved to the bullpen in Milwaukee with a 2.39 ERA and 45/8 K/BB in 26.1 IP. San Diego is obviously a believer, giving him $34 million over 4 years. 2020 Projection: 4/3.63/1.24/88 in 71 IP
761) Pedro Baez LAD, Setup, 32.1 – Likely the next man up in LA, although Blake Treinen could work his way into the mix. Baez throws a 96 MPH fastball with two quality secondaries in his slider and change. 2020 Projection: 4/3.42/1.16/66 in 65 IP
762) Zack Britton NYY, Setup, 32.3 – Groundball machine who leans heavily on his plus sinker. 2020 Projection: 3/3.24/1.22/56/2 in 63 IP
763) Tommy Kahnle NYY, Setup, 30.8 – Dominated with a 90.2 MPH “changeup” which he used 52% of the time. The pitch put up a .191 xwOBA 2020 Projection: 3/3.56/1.11/87 in 63 IP
764) Bryan Abreu HOU, RHP, 23.0 – 95.1 MPH fastball with two plus breaking balls. Strikeout machine (12.4 K/9), but lack of fastball control (5.3 BB/9) could relegate him to an elite pen option. 2020 Projection: 3/4.02/1.32/66 in 55 IP Prime Projection: 6/3.54/1.24/113 in 91 IP
765) Oswald Peraza NYY, SS, 19.10 – 13.5% K% and 18 steals in 46 games at Full-A. Peraza has plus athleticism with above average raw power that he hasn’t been able to fully tap into yet. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 78/16/73/.276/.331/.418/21
766) Kendall Simmons PHI, 2B/3B, 20.0 – Struggled in the first 21 games of the season, but came alive in the second half, slashing .280/.398/.660 with 10 homers and a 27/16 K/BB in final 30 games. He’s a plus athlete with plus power but the hit tool needs improvement. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 71/22/77/.245/.328/.447/5
767) Omar Estevez LAD, 2B/SS, 22.1 – Excellent showing at Double-A, slashing .291/.352/.431 with 6 homers and a 70/31 K/BB in 83 games. Low groundball rates means the power should come. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 77/22/82/.274/.343/.447/2
768) Terrin Vavra COL, SS, 22.11 – 13.7% K%, 13.7% BB%, 10 homers and 18 steals in at 102 games at Full-A. He was on the old side for the level, and the power/speed combo is average, but the potential for all category production is there. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 73/16/61/.273/.331/.421/10
769) Mike Siani CIN, OF, 20.8 – Full season debut wasn’t great (.672 OPS), but he displayed a solid plate approach (20.5% K%/8.7% BB%) with plus speed (45 steals) and developing power (6 homers). ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 82/16/64/.269/.341/.420/22
770) D’Shawn Knowles LAA, OF, 19.2 – Numbers took a step back from 2018, exposing how raw he is, but still displayed plus speed and showed some power development with 6 homers in 64 games. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 78/15/65/.261/.334/.413/19
771) Diego Cartaya LAD, C, 18.7 – Moved to stateside ball after just 13 games in the Dominican League and more than held his own, slashing .296/.353/.437 with 3 homers and a 31/11 K/BB in 36 games. He will almost certainly stick behind the plate, and has a chance to hit for both average and power. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 68/20/73/.274/.340/.438/1
772) Bo Naylor CLE, C, 20.1 – Solid full season debut, slashing .243/.313/.421 with 11 homers, 7 steals, and a 104/43 K/BB in 107 games. Average to above average offensive tools across the board. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 66/20/74/.271/.344/.441/6
773) Bryan Mata BOS, RHP, 20.11 – Control took a major step forward, cutting his walk rate from 7.3 BB/9 in 2018 to 3.6 BB/9 in 2019. Big time stuff, but still needs to work on command and refining secondaries. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 10/4.14/1.33/161 in 169 IP
774) Everson Pereira NYY, OF, 19.0 – Struggled as an 18-year-old in Short-A, hitting .171 in 18 games. The talent that got him $1.5 million in 2017 is still there, but there is clearly a long way to go. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 76/20/74/.261/.333/.436/14
775) Merrill Kelly ARI, RHP, 31.6 – Looking like the odd man out of Arizona’s rotation. 2020 Projection: 6/4.28/1.33/99 in 110 IP
776) Yadier Molina STL, C, 37.9 – Wants to continue playing after 2020. Hit only 10 homers in 2019, but underlying profile remained mostly unchanged. 2020 Projection: 53/14/64/.267/.313/.418/4
777) Yoenis Cespedes NYM, OF, 34.5 – Heel and ankle injuries kept Cespedes out for the entire 2019 season. Both playing time and performance have to be considered major questions right now. 2020 Projection: 43/15/51/.258/.325/.481/2
778) Jason Castro LAA, C, 32.9 – Average exit velocity exploded to 91.5 MPH and raised launch angle to 14 degrees. It led to 13 homers in 79 games. 2020 Projection: 57/18/59/.230/.326/.420/0
779) Roberto Perez CLE, C, 31.3 – Exit velocity jumped 2.1 MPH to 88.3 MPH and so did his home run power with a career high 24 homers. 2020 Projection: 44/19/56/.227/.315/.428/0
780) Travis d’Arnaud ATL, C, 31.2 – Proved he was fully recovered from 2018 Tommy John surgery by getting back to hitting the ball hard with a solid plate approach. 2020 Projection: 42/15/55/.253/.309/.434/0
781) Chance Sisco BAL, C, 25.1 – Above average exit velocity (93.7 MPH) with a 15.9 degree launch angle shows the power will be there, but a 30.8% K% makes him a major batting average risk. 2020 Projection: 48/15/53/.243/.331/.419/1
782) Albert Pujols LAA, 1B, 40.2 – Keeps chugging along in the back nine of his career with a low batting average, low run totals, and serviceable enough power numbers. 2020 Projection: 57/22/82/.248/.305/.428/2
783) Joey Wendle TB, 2B/3B, 29.11 – Likely a part time player with a little speed and not much else. 2020 Projection: 53/5/49/.268/.312/.401/11
784) Ronald Guzman TEX, 1B, 25.5 – Todd Frazier signing means Guzman is going to have to earn his at-bats this season. A 29.5% K% and 85.6 MPH average exit velocity is not going to get it done. 2020 Projection: 41/13/44/.240/.315/.420/1
785) Bryce Ball ATL, 1B, 21.9 – Drafted 727th overall, Ball has double plus raw power and showed that off in his pro debut, slashing .337/..367/.547 with 4 homers and a 20/4 K/BB in 21 games at Full-A. He destroyed the Appy League too with 13 homers in 41 games. His power is worth the flier. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 53/18/61/.244/.316/.452/0
786) Corey Knebel MIL, Setup, 28.4 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in early April 2019 and is unlikely to be ready for the start of the season. He won’t regain the closer role, but his strikeout upside is worth the flier. 2020 Projection: 3/3.47/1.18/60 in 40 IP
787) Cedric Mullins BAL, OF, 25.6 – Lost his starting job after an awful start to the season and didn’t look much better at Triple-A. He improved in the 2nd half at Double-A, and underlying skills of plus speed with a good feel to hit and some pop were all still present, so I’m expecting a bounceback. 2020 Projection: 33/6/29/.252/.325/.393/8 Prime Projection: 76/13/65/.268/.332/.411/16
788) Dustin Fowler OAK, OF, 25.3 – In no man’s land where is he is no longer a prospect but also isn’t a major leaguer. Fowler still displays an above average power/speed combo with a good feel to hit, but will need a trade or injuries to get MLB at-bats. 2020 Projection: 21/4/19/.256/.301/.409/3 Prime Projection: 76/17/69/.273/.315/.431/14
789) Jeremy Pena HOU, SS, 22.6 – Plus defense with above average speed and good walk rates, but below average power and a questionable hit tool caps his fantasy upside. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 76/13/68/.261/.335/.402/14
790) Niko Hulsizer TB, OF, 23.2 – Big time power with high fly ball rates and very high strikeout rates. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 52/18/61/.236/.310/.443/4
791) Logan Davidson OAK, SS, 22.3 – Drafted 29th overall, Davidson has a plus power/speed combo with a low batting average floor. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 72/21/77/.246/.332/.450/13
792) Elio Prado BAL, OF, 18.4 – Stock rose in his pro debut in the Dominican Summer League, slashing .300/.403/.396 with 3 homers, 12 steals and a 36/30 K/BB in 60 games. Advanced plate approach with an above average power/speed combo. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 78/18/71/.261/.344/.424/16
793) Alejandro Pie TB, SS, 18.2 – Signed for $1.4 million in 2018, Pie has a potentially plus power/speed combo and had a solid pro debut in the Dominican Summer League. At 6’4”, 175 pounds, he’s a high upside lottery ticket. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 75/18/76/.264/.318/.428/20
794) Nick Pratto KC, 1B, 21.6 – Raised FB% to 42.3% but his K% skyrocketed with it to 34.7%. Patience (10.4% BB%) and baserunning remained strong (17 steals), so you have to hope the down year was due to developmental growing pains. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 76/20/75/.259/.340/.435/10
795) Julio Pablo Martinez TEX, OF, 24.0 – Came on after a terrible first two months in full season ball, slashing .289/.364/.493 with 13 homers, 26 steals, and a 98/31 K/BB in final 82 games at High-A. He’s a bit old for the level and the strikeout rate is concerning, but the power/speed combo gives him enticing upside. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 76/17/74/.244/.313/.423/18
796) Will Benson CLE, OF, 21.10 – Value remains the same with another year of displaying at least a plus power/speed combo, low average, and high strikeout rate. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 60/22/68/.221/.328/.456/9
797) Brady McConnell KC, SS, 21.10 – Drafted 44th overall, McConnell has a plus power/speed combo but it comes with major hit tool risk (39.1% K% in 38 games at rookie ball). ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 62/18/66/.238/.295/.446/9
798) Dauri Lorenzo HOU, SS, 17.5 – Signed for $1.8 million, Lorenzo is a switch hitter who makes hard contact with a line drive approach and has plus speed.  ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 79/19/75/.270/.338/.432/18
799) Emmanuel Rodriguez MIN, OF, 17.1 – Signed for $2.5 million, Rodriguez is 5’11”, 200 plus pounds who should hit for plus power at peak and has an advanced feel at the dish. ETA: 2026 Prime Projection: 76/25/84/.261/.341/.473/7
800) Trejyn Fletcher STL, OF, 18.11 – Drafted 58th overall, Fletcher is a great athlete with a plus power/speed combo (4 homers and 7 steals in 43 game pro debut) and extreme strikeout issues (43% K%). ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 57/15/58/.228/.291/.436/11
801) Antoine Kelly MIL, LHP, 20.4 – Drafted 65th overall, the 6’6”, 205 pound Kelly throws a mid 90’s fastball with a slider that flashes above average and developing change. Looked great in his pro debut with a pitching line of 1.26/0.91/41/5 in 28.2 IP in rookie ball. May end up a high strikeout reliever. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 9/3.86/1.29/156 in 144 IP
802) Delino DeShields CLE, OF, 27.8 – Likely in a short side of a platoon role. DeShields is one of the fastest players in baseball with a strong stolen base track record, but the average and power will both be low. 2020 Projection: 46/4/29/.238/.318/.342/21
803) Greg Allen CLE, OF, 27.1 – Stolen bases are his best asset but he only attempted 10 steals in 2019. Should be in Cleveland’s OF rotation. 2020 Projection: 35/5/31/.252/.314/.377/14
804) Lewis Thorpe MIN, LHP, 24.4 – Doesn’t have overpowering stuff but has put up good strikeout numbers throughout his minor league career and is knocking on the door of the bigs. 2020 Projection: 4/4.50/1.34/73 in 75 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.06/1.29/165 in 165 IP
805) Chris Rodriguez LAA, RHP, 21.8 – Stress reaction in his back which required surgery in May knocked out all of his 2018 and all but 9.1 innings in 2019. He looked good in those 9.1 innings, though, with a mid 90’s 4 seamer and 2 seamer, a plus slider and plus change. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 9/3.89/1.27/152 in 145 IP
806) Billy Hamilton SF, OF, 29.7 – Sprint speed and home plate to first both took a small step back. A steals only guy entering his 30’s is not the best investment. 2020 Projection: 38/3/23/.235/.298/.324/19
807) Edwin Rios LAD, 1B, 25.11 – Went ham in his 47 at-bat MLB debut with a 95 MPH average exit velocity, 101.7 MPH FB/LD exit velocity, and 4 homers. With a 37.5% K% (34.5% K% at Triple-A) and considering LA’s depth, Rios ascending to anything more than a part time player seems unlikely. 2020 Projection: 18/7/24/.229/.287/.428/1 Prime Projection: 43/17/59/.237/.296/.440/2
808) Devin Mann LAD, 2B/3B, 23.2 – Showed plus power (19 homers with a 45.1% FB%) and a solid plate approach (21.9% K%/10.6% BB%) in 98 games at High-A. He was old for the level, but there is a lot to like in Mann’s offensive profile. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 52/18/59/.254/.328/.443/4
809) Chase Strumpf CHC, 2B, 22.1 – Selected 64th overall, Strumpf has solid tools across the board but nothing standout. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 79/21/77/.268/.339/.442/5
810) Johan Rojas PHI, OF, 19.8 – Strong stateside debut, slashing .311/.393/.527 in the Gulf Coast League before inevitably struggling against more advanced competition in Short-A. Plus speed with a potentially above average hit tool and developing power. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 76/16/68/.267/.337/.428/18
811) Jeisson Rosario SD, OF, 20.6 – Didn’t take a step forward at High-A, but didn’t necessarily take a step back either, displaying an advanced plate approach (21.7%/16/6% K%/BB%) with some speed (11 steals). ETA: 2022 2020 Projection: 81/12/63/.273/.359/.405/17
812) Gilberto Celestino MIN, OF, 21.2 – Plus contact/speed profile with a 90 MPH average exit velocity. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 79/14/65/.273/.332/.408/15
813) Nick Schnell TB, OF, 20.0 – Hit tool concerns are now magnified with a 36% K% in rookie ball and 40% K% at High-A, but the power/speed combo shined through with 5 homers and 5 steals in 55 games. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 79/20/77/.254/.332/.451/14
814) Mickey Moniak PHI, OF, 21.11 – Power took a step forward with a career high 11 homers in 119 games at Double-A, but unless the hit tool starts to resemble the hype that made him the #1 overall pick in 2016, he may top out as a 4th outfielder. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 74/15/66/.275/.326/.418/14
815) Luis Garcia PHI, SS, 19.6 – Disaster full season debut, slashing .186/.261/.255 with 4 homers, 9 steals, and a 132/44 K/BB in 127 games. As the numbers show, he made tons of weak contact. He will only get stronger, but it’s not a great starting point. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 77/17/71/.270/.332/.418/10
816) Touki Toussaint ATL, RHP, 23.9 – Performance at Triple-A and the majors both took a step back, and a rotation spot will be hard to come by considering Atlanta’s depth, but he has nasty stuff and is too young to give up on. 2020 Projection: 2/4.32/1.40/56 in 50 IP Prime Projection: 4/3.56/1.21/78 in 65 IP
817) Cal Quantrill SD, RHP, 25.2 – 94.8 MPH fastball looked good in MLB debut, but secondaries lagged behind and he got hit up for a 5.16 ERA and 7.8 K/9 in 103 IP. 2020 Projection; 3/4.52/1.38/54 in 60 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.27/1.34/141 in 158 IP
818) Dane Dunning CHW, RHP, 25.4 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in March 2019, likely delaying his MLB debut until the second half of 2020. When healthy, he displays a plus sinker/slider combo and has mid rotation potential. 2020 Projection: 2/4.48/1.36/34 in 36 IP Prime Projection: 10/3.91/1.26/172 in 174 IP
819) Kendall Williams TOR, RHP, 19.7 – Drafted 52nd overall, Williams is a projectable 6’6”, 205 pounds with a 5 pitch mix and strike throwing ability. He struck out 19 batters in 16 IP in his pro debut. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 13/3.90/1.27/175 in 175 IP
820) Aaron Ashby MIL, LHP, 21.10 – First full season of pro ball was a smashing success with a pitching line of 3.50/1.28/135/60 in 126 IP split between Full-A and High-A. Double plus curveball is the money pitch. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 11/3.95/1.34/169 in 165 IP
821) Alex Young ARI, LHP, 26.7 – Pitched well in his MLB debut with a pitching line of 3.56/1.19/71/27 in 83.1 IP. Junkballer type with an 89.9 MPH fastball and an evenly distributed 5 pitch mix. 2020 Projection: 4/4.45/1.38/57 in 64 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.21/1.33/143 in 162 IP
822) Thad Ward BOS, RHP, 23.2 – Velocity ticked up and developed a plus cutter en route to a dominant season in Full-A and High-A. Throws a 5 pitch mix with mid rotation upside. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/4.02/1.31/174 in 176 IP
823) Joey Cantillo SD, LHP, 20.3 – Impressed at Full-A with a pitching line of 1.93/0.87/128/27 in 98 IP. Cantillo is 6’4”, 220 pounds with a deceptive low 90’s fastball and an advanced feel to pitch ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 11/3.93/1.29/169 in 173 IP
824) Jhonkensy Noel CLE, 1B/3B, 18.9 – Power hitting beast who has been one of the youngest players in his league the past two years. Cranked 10 homers in 64 games in the Dominican Summer League in 2018 and then hit 6 homers with a 18.7% K% in 47 games in stateside rookie ball in 2019. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 71/23/79/.253/.328/.472/2
825) Anthony Volpe NYY, SS, 18.11 – Solid tools across the board. Potentially plus defense at SS was a major reason he was selected 30th overall in the 2019 draft. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 78/17/71/.271/.335/.422/18
826) Tyler Ivey HOU, RHP, 23.11 – Had no issues in Double-A with a pitching line of 1.57/0.96/61/16 in 46 IP. Throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by a plus fastball/curveball combo. 2020 Projection: September-1/4.51/1.38/11 in 10 IP Prime Projection: 7/3.82/1.27/118 in 110 IP
827) Sean Hjelle SF, RHP, 22.11 – At 6’11”, 215 pounds, Hjelle throws a low 90’s fastball with an average curve and change. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 10/4.08/1.31/161 in 173 IP
828) Buster Posey SF, C, 33.0 – Strikeout rate jumped to 16% and batting average dropped to .257. I think it is safe to say we are officially in the decline phase, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see a mini bounce back. 2020 Projection: 52/10/51/.271/.340/.403/1
829) Wil Crowe WASH, RHP, 25.7 – 4 pitch mix headlined by an elite spin rate fastball and above average changeup. A rotation spot won’t be handed to him, so he’ll have to capitalize when the opportunity knocks. 2020 Projection: 2/4.58/1.35/26 in 30 IP Prime Projection: 7/4.21/1.31/99 in 110 IP
830) David Peterson NYM, LHP, 24.7 – Groundball pitcher with a plus slider and low 90’s fastball. 2020 Projection: 3/4.48/1.36/46 in 50 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.12/1.32/171 in 179 IP
831) Tim Cate WASH, LHP, 22.6 – Double plus curveball but fastball and changeup both lag behind. One or both will have to get better to become an impact starter. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 9/4.02/1.28/141 in 145 IP
832) Seranthony Dominguez PHI, Setup, 25.4 – Small UCL tear in June limited Dominguez to 24.2 IP. He didn’t need Tommy John surgery and should be ready for Spring Training. He throws a 4 pitch mix (fastball, sinker, change, slider) and he throws all of them over 90 MPH (97.7 MPH fastball). 2020 Projection: 3/3.51/1.20/66 in 55 IP
833) Andry Lara WASH, RHP, 17.3 – Signed for $1.25 million, Lara has a fastball that can reach 95 MPH with an advanced feel for pitching and a potentially plus breaking ball. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 12/3.84/1.25/178 in 174 IP
834) Robert Dominguez NYM, RHP, 18.4 – Signed for $10,000, Dominguez has a huge fastball that has reached 99 MPH with a good feel for spin and a developing changeup. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 10/3.91/1.33/168 in 160 IP
835) Will Harris WASH, Setup, 35.7 – Plus cutter/curve combo. Likely behind both Doolittle and Daniel Hudson for save opportunities. 2020 Projection: 4/3.26/1.06/69 in 65 IP
836) Chad Green NYY, Setup, 28.10 – 4.17 ERA but a 3.34 FIP and 98/19 K/BB in 69 IP shows some of that was bad luck. 2020 Projection: 4/3.31/1.10/93 in 67 IP
837) Gabriel Moreno TOR, C, 20.2 – Elite contact rates (11.1%) with developing power (12 homers in 82 games at Full-A) but isn’t a lock to stick behind the plate. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 52/18/59/.273/.325/.426/2
838) Jack Herman PIT, OF, 20.6 – Hit tool didn’t look as good in 2019 at Full-A as it did in his pro debut in rookie ball (14.2% K% vs. 29.3% K%), but the game power broke out with 13 homers in 75 games. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 73/21/78/.252/.334/.444/5
839) Ji-Hwan Bae PIT, 2B/SS, 20.8 – Prototypical lead off hitter with double plus speed and little power. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 78/8/53/.276/.343/.389/26
840) Sammy Siani PIT, OF, 19.4 – Drafted 37th overall, Siani has plus speed with a good feel to hit and an uppercut swing that portends more power coming in the future. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 78/18/74/.265/.337/.413/18
841) Victor Victor Mesa MIA, OF, 23.8 – Strong contact rates and speed translated to stateside ball at High-A and Double-A, but it came with a very low walk rate and absolutely zero power. Some of the lackluster numbers can be attributed to shaking the rust off after a long hiatus, but Mesa was clearly over-hyped. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/13/62/.268/.316/.402/18
842) Wander Javier MIN, SS, 21.3 – Returned from torn labrum surgery and struggled in his full season debut, slashing .177/.278/.323 with 11 homers, 2 steals, and a 116/35 K/BB in 80 games. He was a bit better in the 2nd half (.738 OPS and 9 homers in final 43 games), and you can write some it off to rust, but the hit tool and plate approach clearly need a lot of work. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 77/22/79/.262/.329/.441/9
843) Tirso Ornelas SD, OF, 20.1 – Disastrous season, slashing .217/.303/.279 with 1 homer, 7 steals, and a 113/53 K/BB in 110 games at mostly High-A. Had a .506 OPS in 21 games in rookie ball, so the down year is hard to write off as being young for his level. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 71/22/81/.262/.343/.449/6
844) Jhon Torres STL, OF, 20.0 – Terrible full season debut with a .167 BA, 38.7% K% and 0 homers in 21 games. He was better in his demotion to the Appy League (.918 OPS), but the strikeout rate remained high at 27.1%. Huge raw power is his carrying tool. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 73/24/80/.251/.337/.461/3
845) Angel Martinez CLE, SS, 18.2 – Lived up to his advanced plate approach scouting report in his pro debut in the Dominican Summer League, slashing .306/.402/.428 with 1 homer, 11 steals, and a 29/29 K/BB in 56 games. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 77/20/74/.274/.351/.432/11
846) Jeremy De La Rosa WASH, OF, 18.2 – Advanced enough to go straight to stateside ball as a 17 year old and was able to hold his own, slashing .232/.343/.366 with 2 homers, 3 steals, and a 29/12 K/BB in 26 games. Has potential for average to above average tools across the board. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 76/21/79/.260/.330/.440/8
847) Davis Wendzel TEX, 3B, 22.10 – Drafted 41st overall, Wendzel doesn’t have huge power or speed, but he’s a solid overall hitter whose plus defense could get him everyday at-bats. ETA: 2022 2020 Projection: 76/20/79/.270/.343/.446/5
848) Michael Harris ATL, OF, 19.1 – Drafted 98th overall, Harris’ stock took a big jump with his beastly pro debut in rookie ball, slashing .349/.403/.514 with 2 homers, 5 steals and a 20/9 K/BB in 31 games. He has a plus power/speed combo and his hit tool concerns aren’t as loud as they were pre draft. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 79/21/75/.258/.326/.434/16
849) Tyler Nevin COL, 1B, 22.10 – Career high 39.8% FB% and 12% BB% while continuing to make good contact at Double-A (16.7% K%). The homer power is still only moderate (13 homers in 130 games) which could make it hard to find a starting 1B job.  ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 66/19/74/.272/.345/.457/5
850) Nasim Nunez MIA, SS, 19.7 – Drafted 46th overall, Nunez has plus speed with a good feel to hit, but has a very low 84 MPH average exit velocity. Plus glove and stole 28 bases in 51 games in his pro debut, so he may end up as a steals only guy. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 80/10/51/.271/.339/.394/25
851) Nick Quintana DET, 3B, 22.6 – Drafted 47th overall, Quintana had an awful pro debut with .158/.228/.226 triple-slash in 41 games at Full-A. He projects to be an above average defender with above average power, but the hit tool is a major risk. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 68/22/74/.241/.310/.438/2
852) Bryant Packard DET, OF, 22.6 – Drafted 142nd overall, Packard’s power took a step back in 2019, but displayed a good feel to hit and advanced plate approach in both college and full season pro ball. He has no defensive value, so playing time will be another hurdle. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 67/19/75/.263/.344/.438/3
853) Jeferson Espinal ARI, OF, 17.10 – Excellent athlete with plus speed. Currently more of a slap hitter with high groundball rates, but he’s so young it’s hard to put a cap on his possible development paths. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 77/16/74/.267/.339/.413/18
854) Ricky Vanasco TEX, RHP, 21.6 – Pitching line of 1.81/1.07/75/25 in 49.2 IP split between Short-A and Full-A. Mid 90’s heat with a curve and change that both took a step forward in 2019.  ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 9/3.86/1.34/156 in 147 IP
855) Ronny Polanco ARI, SS, 16.7 – Signed for $600,00, Polanco has a quick bat with plus power, average speed and a history of performing well in international tournaments. ETA: 2026 Prime Projection: 74/23/83/.272/.336/.473/8
856) Kevin Made CHC, SS, 17.7 – Signed for $1.5 million, Made has plus bat speed with high contact rates and the potential for plus power. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 73/23/81/.278/.347/.455/8
857) Jack Kochanowicz LAA, RHP, 19.3 – Drafted 92nd overall, the 6’6”, 220 pound Kochanowicz has a potentially plus fastball/curve combo with a developing change. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 12/3.89/1.26/174 in 176 IP
858) Luis Medina MIL, OF, 17.1 – Signed for $1.3 million, Medina has a smooth lefty swing that generates easy plus power, but is still very raw. ETA: 2026 Prime Projection: 65/23/72/.248/.326/.462/5
859) Jimmy Lewis LAD, RHP, 19.5 – Drafted 78th overall, Lewis is 6’6”, 200 pounds with a low 90’s fastball that should tick up, a potentially plus curve and average change. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 10/4.04/1.28/146 in 151 IP
860) Brandon Williamson SEA, LHP, 22.0 – Drafted 59th overall, Williamson has the chance for 4 quality pitches headlined by a plus fastball/curve combo. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 10/4.02/1.34/159 in 162 IP
861) Kurt Suzuki WASH, C, 36.6 – Below average exit velocities, but he hits it in the air with a 18.9 degree launch angle and makes elite contact with a 11.7% K%. 2020 Projection: 44/18/56/.265/.328/.460/0
862) Corey Ray MIL, OF, 25.6 – Hand and finger injuries tanked Ray’s 2019 season, putting up a meager 38 wRC+ in 53 games at Triple-A. He’s still tooled up with a plus power/speed combo, but the strikeout rate and now a lost season has Ray’s stock slipping. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 61/16/58/.231/.313/.28/15
863) Anthony Alford TOR, OF, 25.8 – Alford came on at Triple-A after a rough April, slashing .304/.388/.485 with 6 homers, 18 steals and a 64/27 K/BB in final 60 games. It hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but he has maintained his athleticism and power/speed combo, keeping him in the conversation for a late career breakout. 2020 Projection: 28/4/26/.234/.303/.392/4 Prime Projection: 72/15/69/.257/.328/.426/15
864) Andrew Knizner STL, C, 25.2 – Currently 3rd on the depth chart but is the favorite to be the catcher of the future whenever Molina decides to hang em up. Good feel to hit with average power. 2020 Projection: 18/6/16/.257/.320/.409/0 Prime Projection: 64/18/71/.271/.339/.429/2
865) Garrett Stubbs HOU, C, 26.10 – Down year at Triple-A but the underlying skills remained the same. Houston’s catcher job is wide open right now.  2020 Projection: 33/5/29/.244/.312/.387/4 Prime Projection: 58/13/49/.265/.337/.403/8
866) Jonathan Loaisiga NYY, RHP, 25.5 – 4 pitch mix with a 97.1 MPH fastball. Could fill a rotation role if injuries hit but also has the stuff to be effective out of the pen. 2020 Projection: 5/4.16/1.32/76 in 71 IP
867) Kyren Paris LAA, SS, 18.5 – Drafted 55th overall, Paris has plus speed with a patient plate approach and developing power. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 79/16/73/.267/.343/.410/18
868) George Feliz SEA, OF, 17 – Signed for $900,000, Feliz is a good athlete with plus bat speed, giving him the chance to develop into an all category contributor. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 83/20/78/.270/.330/.440/14
869) Aeverson Arteaga SF, SS, 17.1 – Plus athlete at a projectable 6’1”, 170 pounds with a good feel to hit and plus speed. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 77/18/73/.265/.328/.427/16
870) Gio Gonzalez CHW, LHP, 34.7 – Pitched well for Milwaukee with a 3.50 ERA, 1.29 WHIP and 8 K/9 in 87.1 IP. I still wouldn’t count on anything more than back end starter production. 2020 Projection: 7/4.52/1.39/112 in 130 IP
871) Matt Shoemaker TOR, RHP, 33.6 – Torn ACL ended his season after putting up a 1.57 ERA in only 5 starts. Pitched over 136 innings only once in his career, but he’s proven to be a solid #4 type starter when healthy. 2020 Projection: 7/4.23/1.29/110 in 125 IP
872) Chase Anderson TOR, RHP, 32.4 – Has induced below average exit velocity throughout his career and consistently outperformed his FIP. Has never pitched more than 158 innings in his career. 2020 Projection: 9/4.45/1.33/137 in 150 IP
873) Brett Anderson MIL, LHP, 32.2 – Stayed healthy and threw 176 innings with a 3.89 ERA and 4.6 K/9. He’ll be a decent spot starter option throughout the year for your fantasy team. 2020 Projection: 10/4.35/1.34/97 in 150 IP
874) Randy Dobnak MIN, RHP, 25.2 – Groundball pitcher with a low strikeout rate. Throws a 4 pitch mix headlined by a curveball that put up a .236 xwOBA. 2020 Projection: 6/4.41/1.34/86 in 110 IP
875) Kwang-hyun Kim STL, LHP, 31.9 – Throws a 4 pitch mix with a low 90’s fastball and plus slider. Ultimate role is still undecided. 2020 Projection: 6/4.26/1.35/99 in 110 IP
876) Jay Bruce PHI, OF, 33.0 – Bench bat as long as Bryce Harper and Andrew McCutchen remain healthy. 2020 Projection: 42/17/55/.239/.295/.467/1
877) Jed Lowrie NYM, 2B, 35.11 – Missed almost the entire season with a knee and calf injury. Likely headed for a bench role. 2020 Projection: 42/10/45/.263/.345/.428/0
878) Roansy Contreras NYY, RHP, 20.5 – 3 pitch mix with a low 90’s fastball and an advanced feel to pitch. Mid-rotation upside. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 10/4.09/1.30/158 in 166 IP
879) Ryan Jensen CHC, RHP, 22.4 – Drafted 27th overall, Jensen throws both his 4 seamer and 2 seamer at 96 MPH with a potentially above average slider and developing changeup. He doesn’t have a long history as a starter and has some reliever risk. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 7/3.91/1.33/120 in 115 IP
880) Blake Treinen LAD, Setup, 31.9 – Worth a flier for the bounce back potential as he was still throwing very hard in 2019 (97.2 MPH). 2020 Projection: 4/3.62/1.23/73 in 65 IP
881) Shun Yamaguchi TOR, RHP, 32.9 – Jack of all trades pitcher with a low 90’s fastball and plus splitter that racked up strikeouts in Japan.. 2020 Projection: 6/3.92/1.33/87 in 83 IP
882) Kevin Ginkel ARI, Setup, 26.0 – Plus fastball/slider combo piled up strikeouts throughout his minor league career and remained effective in his major league debut with a pitching line of 1.48/0.97/28/9 in 24.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 4/3.65/1.14/69 in 60 IP
883) John Brebbia STL, Setup, 29.10 – Fastball velocity down 1.4 MPH, but slider took a huge step forward with a .227 xwOBA. 2020 Projection: 3/3.44/1.19/77 in 65 IP
884) Dean Kremer BAL, RHP, 24.3 – Put together another strong season with a pitching line of 2.98/1.23/87/29 at Double-A before struggling in 4 starts at Triple-A. He has an above average fastball/curveball combo with a developing changeup. 2020 Projection: June-6/4.71/1.44/88 in 100 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.08/1.31/163 in 170 IP
885) Matt Tabor ARI, RHP, 21.9 – Excellent full season debut with a pitching line of 2.93/1.00/101/16 in 95.1 IP. Tabor throws a low 90’s fastball with two quality secondaries in his change and curve. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 11/3.93/1.28/169 in 175 IP
886) J.B. Bukauskas ARI, RHP, 23.6 – Potential for 3 plus pitches (fastball, change, slider), but lack of control could relegate him to the bullpen. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 8/3.71/1.28/117 in 110 IP
887) Leury Garcia CHW, OF, 29.0 – Nick Madrigal is breathing down his neck for the 2B job, but until that switch happens, Garcia should chip in with runs and stolen bases. 2020 Projection: 59/8/41/.260/.300/.371/11
888) Joe Ross WASH, RHP, 26.10 – Will compete for a starting role in the Spring. Didn’t pitch well overall, but the results were better down the stretch with a 2.75 ERA and 32/20 K/BB in final 39.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 5/4.62/1.42/87 in 91 IP
889) Collin McHugh FA, Setup, 32.9 – Got knocked around in the rotation early in the season, but was much better after being moved to the pen with a 2.67 ERA and 40/16 K/BB in 33.2 IP. Elbow pain ended his season in late August. 2020 Projection: 3/3.65/1.22/75 in 65 IP
890) Alex Jackson ATL, C, 24.3 – Power exploded with 28 homers and a 91 MPH average exit velocity in 85 games at Triple-A. 33.3% K% and 6.7% BB% is terrible, but the offensive bar for catcher is pretty low. 2020 Projection: August-11/3/14/.198/.261/.398/0 Prime Projection: 52/20/61/.228/.292/.433/0
891) Andy Young ARI, 2B, 25.11 – Has done nothing but rake at every minor league level. He’s old for a prospect, but the power should mostly translate. 2020 Projection: August-12/5/15/.242/.301/.420/0 Prime Projection: 55/18/63/.258/.320/.446/2
892) Sheldon Neuse OAK, 2B/3B, 25.5 – Hits it hard with a line drive approach and a high strikeout rate.  2020 Projection: 18/4/21/.253/.309/.418/0 Prime Projection: 61/16/68/.265/.328/.450/2
893) DJ Stewart BAL, OF, 26.4 – Underwent ankle surgery in October and is likely to miss the start of the season. 18.3%/9.9% K%/BB% with 4 homers in 142 MLB at-bats is encouraging despite the 82 wRC+. 2020 Projection: 41/11/43/.248/.327/.418/4 Prime Projection: 73/19/72/.257/.341/.431/7
894) Shervyen Newton NYM, SS, 21.0 – Projectable 6’4”, 180 pounds with the potential for plus power but hit tool is still raw. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 64/20/75/.245/.322/.457/5
895) Alex Gordon KC, OF, 36.2 – Career low 15.8% K% and has a full time job, but there isn’t much power or speed upside. 2020 Projection: 66/13/62/.260/.330/.395/6
896) Luis Oviedo CLE, RHP, 20.11 – Nagging back injury tanked his 2019. When healthy, he throws a mid 90’s fastball with the potential for 3 quality secondaries. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 10/3.91/1.28/160 in 160 IP
897) Elieser Hernandez MIA, RHP, 24.11 – Put up strong K/BB numbers in his MLB debut (85/26 K/BB in 82.1 IP), but still got hit up for a 5.03 ERA because his 90.9 MPH fastball got destroyed. 2020 Projection: 6/4.42/1.33/126 in 130 IP
898) Ryan McKenna BAL, OF, 23.2 – .232 BA at Double-A has McKenna’s stock down, but the underlying numbers looked good with a 21.3%/10.4% K%/BB%, 9 homers, and 25 steals in 135 games. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 56/10/48/.257/.331/.398/14
899) Kevin Smith TOR, SS, 23.9 – Strikeout rate ballooned at Double-A to 32.3% and batting average plummeted to .209. The power and speed did show up with 19 homers and 11 steals, but the hit tool risk is now magnified. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 51/14/57/.238/.297/.421/6
900) Forrest Wall TOR, OF, 24.5 – Maintained his solid across the board profile at Double-A and Triple-A, slashing .268/.351/.422 with 11 homers, 14 steals and a 123/55 K/BB in 123 games. Winning playing time will be his biggest hurdle. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 59/11/54/.255/.332/.410/12
901) Adam Hall BAL, SS, 20.10 – Plus speed is his best skill, stealing 33 bases in 122 games at Full-A. He does have some feel to hit and there is a bit more power in there if he can raise his launch angle, but utility infielder is his most likely outcome. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 52/8/45/.264/.314/.401/15
902) Logan Wyatt SF, 1B, 22.5 – Drafted 51st overall, Wyatt has a great batting eye with a good feel to hit, but needs to tap into his raw power more. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 74/20/77/.272/.361/.442/2
903) Greg Deichmann OAK, OF, 24.10 – Big time power with high strikeout rates. Crushed 9 homers in 23 games in the Arizona Fall League. These types of power bats always seems to work their way into Oakland’s lineup by their late 20’s. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 62/23/74/.243/.332/.450/5
904) Brewer Hicklen KC, OF, 24.2 – Great athlete with a plus power/speed combo but is still raw at the plate. Slashed .263/.363/.427 with 14 homers, 39 steals, and a 140/55 K/BB in 125 games at High-A. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 64/15/61/.243/.317/.421/17
905) Micker Adolfo CHW, OF, 23.6 – Lost year due to an elbow injury which required arthroscopic surgery. He’s shown at least plus raw power when healthy, although the strikeout rates have been consistently high. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 67/23/80/.248/.330/.451/2
906) Jerar Encarnacion MIA, OF, 22.5 – At 6′,4”, 220 pounds, Encarnacion is a power hitting beast with hit tool and plate approach concerns. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 62/22/71/.253/.319/.454/2
907) Tony Kemp OAK, 2B/OF, 28.5 – In competition for the starting 2B job and could end up in a platoon role. Regardless, he doesn’t offer much fantasy upside. 2020 Projection: 43/9/38/.242/.315/.385/6
908) Homer Bailey MIN, RHP, 33.11 – Pitched well for the first time since 2014, posting a 4.57 ERA (4.11 FIP) with a 149/53 K/BB in 163.1 IP. 2020 Projection: 8/4.42/1.34/123 in 140 IP
909) Adam Wainwright STL, RHP, 38.7 – Former ace who has been a backend starter since 2016. 2020 Projection: 9/4.31/1.40/133 in 150 IP
910) Adbert Alzolay CHC, RHP, 25.1 – Could be next man up in Chicago’s rotation. Alzolay throws a mid 90’s fastball with a plus curve and an improved changeup, but needs to improve his command to stick in the rotation. 2020 Projection: 4/4.52/1.38/81 in 75 IP
911) Luis Rengifo LAD, 2B, 23.1 – Lack of stolen base attempts and a poor success rate in 2019 is not a good sign that his previously high stolen base totals will translate to the majors. Trade to the Dodgers won’t make finding playing time any easier. 2020 Projection: 33/5/28/.258/.330/.391/5
912) Ryan Helsley STL, RHP, 25.9 – Moved into the bullpen and let it fly with a 98 MPH and plus 89 MPH slider. He has the stuff to slowly move up the Cardinals bullpen ladder. 2020 Projection: 3/3.63/1.22/64 in 61 IP
913) Tucker Barnhart CIN, C, 29.3 – Low upside catcher and has Tyler Stephenson knocking on the door to steal his job. 2020 Projection: 41/11/45/.244/.324/.380/1
914) Jacob Stallings PIT, C, 30.3 – Posted strong exit velocities (88.8 MPH avg. exit velo) with a good feel to hit (19% K%). 2020 Projection: 42/12/49/.255/.315/.397/0
915) Ivan Herrera STL, C, 19.10 – Solid all around hitter who performed well in what was basically his full season debut, slashing .284/.374/.405 with 9 homers and a 72/40 K/BB in 69 games. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 58/16/63/.267/.342/.419/1
916) Brock Burke TEX, LHP, 23.8 – Dealt with blister issues and was shut down late in the year with a shoulder injury that won’t require surgery. Profiles as a back end starter with mid-rotation upside. 2020 Projection: 2/4.72/1.41/40 in 45 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.14/1.32/158 in 162 IP
917) Seth Brown OAK, 1B/OF, 27.9 – Old for a prospect but he put up strong numbers in his MLB debut, slashing .293/.361/.493 with above average exit velocities, a 17.5 degree launch angle, and above average sprint speed. He crushed 37 homes at Triple-A, and considering the solid debut, Brown has a chance to be a late bloomer breakout. 2020 Projection: 16/5/19/.245/.306/.434/1 Prime Projection: 53/17/61/.257/.318/.468/5
918) Lolo Sanchez PIT, OF, 21.0 – Plus speed, defense, and contact rates, but is not expected to hit for much power. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 78/13/69/.272/.341/.400/18
919) Rodolfo Castro PIT, SS/2B, 20.10 – Plus athlete who rocked 19 homers in 118 games split between Full-A and High-A, but is still raw with a 122/31 K/BB. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 66/20/69/.248/.315/.433/6
920) Anderson Tejeda TEX, SS, 21.11 – Shoulder discomfort limited Tejada to 43 games. When healthy, he’s displayed plus power with high strikeout rates and some speed. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 69/19/76/.242/.324/.427/7
921) Yunior Severino MIN, 2B/SS, 20.6 – Fractured thumb knocked out most of his 2019. Severino profiles as a high strikeout power hitter at peak. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 63/18/67/.255/.326/.442/3
922) Magneuris Sierra MIA, OF, 24.0 – Speed and defense are his game, and if that manages to get him a starting job, he should make enough contact to help out in the stolen base category. 2020 Projection: 43/5/29/.248/.289/.352/12 Prime Projection: 66/9/53/.262/.306/.396/19
923) Dominic Fletcher ARI, OF, 22.7 – Selected 75th overall, Fletcher had a great pro debut in full season ball, slashing .318/.389/.463 with 5 homers and a 50/22 K/BB in 55 games. He’s been raking since his freshman year in the SEC. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 64/16/71/.263/.327/.445/3
924) Allan Cerda CIN, OF, 20.4 – Cerda is an athletic and projectable 6’3”, 170 pounds. He’s hit for power with high flyball rates in the Dominican League in 2018 and stateside rookie ball in 2019, but the strikeout rates are high.  ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 68/24/71/.243/.334/.456/7
925) Benyamin Bailey CHW, OF, 18.6 – 6’4”, 215 pound beast with the potential for a plus power/speed combo. Performed well in his pro debut in the Dominican Summer League, slashing .324/.477/.454 with 2 homers, 10 steals, and a 40/52 K/BB in 55 games. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 63/18/69/.248/.329/.453/12
926) Joshua Mears SD, OF, 19.1 – Drafted 48th overall, Mears is 6’3”, 230 pounds with plus power and plus bat speed, but hit tool is raw. Smacked 7 homers with a 30.3% K% in 43 game pro debut. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 62/21/69/.237/.322/.449/4
927) Juan Guerrero COL, 3B, 18.7 – Strong performance in the Dominican Summer League, slashing .319/.387/.408 with 2 homers, 17 steals and 26/21 K/BB in 51 games. He’s a high upside prospect with the chance for all category production. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 79/20/77/.274/.342/.440/14
928) Jordan Brewer HOU, OF, 22.8 – Drafted 106th overall, Brewer has big tools with high upside but hit tool is a major risk (.130 BA in 56 PA pro debut at Short-A). ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 54/12/49/.239/.295/.415/15
929) Matthew Lugo BOS, SS, 18.11 – Drafted 69th overall, Lugo has an average to above average all around skill set. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 74/17/71/.260/.330/.430/13
930) Grant Holmes OAK, RHP, 24.0 – A shoulder injury knocked out almost all of Holmes’ 2018, but he put himself back on the radar this season with a pitching line of 3.23/1.22/81/28 in 86.1 IP at Double-A (and one good start at Triple-A). He credits the success with a tweak he made to his delivery with helped his control and added movement to his pitches. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 10/4.23/1.35/154 in 163 IP
931) Joey Wentz DET, LHP, 22.6 – Traditional 3 pitch mix headlined by a plus changeup. Unless he can add MPH to his low 90’s fastball, he will likely be a back end starter. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/4.13/1.32/156 in 160 IP
932) Levi Kelly ARI, RHP, 20.11 – Great full season debut with a pitching line of 2.15/1.11/126/39 in 100.1 IP. Kelly works in the low 90’s but has the potential for an elite double plus slider. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 7/3.92/1.32/133 in 125 IP
933) Drey Jameson ARI, RHP, 22.7 – Drafted 34th overall, Jameson throws a mid 90’s fastball with the potential for 3 quality secondaries but needs to improve control/command. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 10/4.13/1.33/159 in 156 IP
934) Brandon Bailey BAL, RHP, 25.5 – Baltimore’s Rule 5 pick and will compete for a rotation spot in the Spring. Racked up strikeouts throughout his minor league career with a repertoire headlined by a high spin, low 90’s fastball and potentially plus change. 2020 Projection: 6/4.72/1.43/93 in 100 IP Prime Projection: 4/3.94/1.33/89 in 82 IP
935) Lazaro Armenteros OAK, OF, 20.10 – Strikeout rate continued to balloon with a 42.2% K% at High-A, but the power showed up with 17 homers in 126 games and he’ll still be only 20 years old at the start of 2020. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 60/19/70/.229/.314/.441/9
936) Trent Deveaux LAA, OF, 19.11 – High risk, high reward prospect with double-plus speed and the potential for above average power, but hit tool needs a lot of work. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 56/15/53/.236/.318/.431/13
937) Stephen Gonsalves NYM, LHP, 25.10 – Missed most of 2019 with elbow problems. Gonsalves is a low velocity, high spin rate pitcher who has put up respectable strikeout numbers throughout his minor league career. 2020 Projection: 1/4.68/1.41/19 in 20 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.19/1.35/150 in 155 IP
938) Brian Goodwin LAA, OF, 29.5 – Received the most at-bats of his career (413 at-bats) and capitalized on it with a .262 BA, 17 homers, and 7 steals. 28.3% K% provides a very low batting average floor, and Joc Pederson acquisition moves him back to the bench.. 2020 Projection: 48/12/43/.248/.321/.434/5
939) Jaylin Davis SF, OF, 25.9 – Power broke out at Double-A and Triple-A with 35 homers, but fly ball rates are still low and strikeout rates have been high throughout his career. 2020 Projection: 28/7/29/.246/.301/.427/2
940) Tucker Davidson ATL, LHP, 24.0 – Plus fastball/curveball combo with a developing changeup. Pitched well in the upper levels of the minors, but Atlanta has so much pitching depth, there is a good chance he ends up in the pen. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 6/4.09/1.30/96 in 93 IP
941) Asher Wojciechowski BAL, RHP, 31.3 – Cutter is his best pitch which he should probably start throwing more. He’s a back end starter regardless. 2020 Projection: 5/4.77/1.38/112 in 120 IP
942) Tanner Houck BOS, RHP, 23.9 – Knocking on the door of the bigs but has been inconsistent in his minor league career. Likely back end starter or middle reliever. 2020 Projection: 1/4.59/1.38/18 in 20 IP Prime Projection: 4/4.26/1.33/80 in 85 IP
943) Malcom Nunez STL, 1B, 19.1 – The insane numbers he put up in the Dominican Summer League in 2018 came crashing back down to earth in stateside ball, slashing .254/.336/.385 with 0 homers and a 32/13 K/BB in 37 games in the Appy League. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 64/20/73/.256/.325/.450/2
944) Nick Gordon MIN, SS/2B, 24.5 – Solid year at Triple-A, slashing .298/.342/.459 with 4 homers, 14 steals, and a 65/18 K/BB in 70 games. Utility infielder looks to be his most likely outcome.2020 Projection: 17/2/12/.243/.291/.363/3 Prime Projection: 61/8/53/.272/.324/.398/12
945) Kyle Stowers BAL, OF, 22.3 – Drafted 71st overall, Stowers is an above average power/speed threat with some hit tool concerns. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 61/17/69/.255/.329/.446/9
946) Seth Johnson TB, RHP, 21.6 – Drafted 40th overall, Johnson is very new to pitching and understandably raw, but the stuff is excellent with a mid 90’s fastball and potentially plus slider. Curve and change lag behind. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 9/3.99/1.35/134 in 137 IP
947) Alexander Ramirez LAA, OF, 17.7 – Has the chance for at least plus power and is one of the youngest players in his “class,” but a 33.3% K% in the Dominican League shows how risky he is. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 61/19/69/.233/.307/.446/5
948) Eduardo Garcia MIL, SS, 17.9 – Fractured ankle limited him to only 10 games in the Dominican Summer League, but he played well in those 10 games with a good feel to hit and advanced plate approach. Plus defense is his calling card. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 77/16/71/.274/.340/.405/11
949) Adael Amador COL, SS, 17.0 – Signed for $1.5 million, Amador has a plus hit tool with an advanced plate approach and developing power. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 79/20/75/.281/.342/.435/6
950) Roberto Campos DET, OF, 17 – Signed for $2.85 million, Campos is 6’3”, 200 pounds with big time power potential and solid plate approach, but it will come with some strikeouts. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 68/23/79/.252/.337/.472/3
951) Franklin Perez DET, RHP, 22.4 – When healthy, Perez throws a 4 pitch mix with mid rotation upside, but he hasn’t been healthy very often with a career high of 86.1 IP and only 7.2 IP in 2019. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/4.05/1.30/162 in 167 IP
952) Tyler Anderson SF, LHP, 30.3 – Knee surgery in June puts his status for Opening Day in question. Anderson is worth a flier in deep leagues where pitching is scarce to see what he is capable of outside of Coors. 2020 Projection: 4/4.28/1.31/73 in 75 IP
953) Josh Reddick HOU, OF, 33.1 – I expect Tucker to win this job sooner rather than later, but Reddick is still the incumbent starter. 2020 Projection: 44/12/43/.265/.321/.418/3
954) Aledmys Diaz HOU, 2B/1B, 28.8 – Part time player, but with elite contact rates, improved plate approach, average power, and above average speed, the skills are there to make an impact if injuries open up a full time role. 2020 Projection: 33/9/37/.268/.331/.450/3
955) Taylor Widener ARI, RHP, 25.5 – Murphy’s Law season with a high BABIP, high home run rate, and low left on base percentage in the extreme hitter’s environment of the PCL. 23.5% K% was the lone bright spot. 2020 Projection: 2/4.96/1.43/29 in 30 IP Prime Projection: 8/4.45/1.36/155 in 153 IP
956) Tahnaj Thomas PIT, RHP, 20.10 – Mid 90’s fastball with a slider that flashes plus and developing change. Has only been pitching for a few years. Broke out in 2019 in the Appy League with a pitching line of 3.17/1.12/59/14 in 48.1 IP ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 7/3.91/1.33/125 in 121 IP
957) Lenny Torres CLE, RHP, 19.6 – Underwent Tommy John surgery in May 2019. When healthy, Torres has a plus fastball/slider combo with a developing change and looked more refined than expected in his 2018 pro debut. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 11/3.85/1.29/168 in 159 IP
958) Roberto Ramos COL, 1B, 25.3 – Double plus raw power with high strikeout rates. Destroyed Triple-A with 30 homers, but struggled in the Fall League and Winter League. 2020 Projection: August-15/6/18/.232/.313/.441/0 Prime Projection: 53/19/61/.248/.335/.465/1
959) Chih-Jung Liu BOS, RHP, 20.11 – Signed for $750,000, Liu throws a mid 90’s fastball with a splitter and slider that both flash plus along with a curve. He doesn’t have a long history as a pitcher, giving him some unknown upside. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 5/3.72/1.26/83 in 78 IP
960) Osiel Rodriguez NYY, RHP, 18.4 – Prototypical starter size with a fastball that has reached 97 MPH and two potentially plus secondaries in his curve and change. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 10/4.00/1.30/150 in 150 IP
961) Austin Voth WASH, RHP, 27.9 – Will compete for the 5th starter job in Spring. Pitched well in the majors in 2019 with a pitching line of 3.30/1.05/44/13 in 43.2 IP. Throws a 4 pitch mix with his fastball ticking up 1.3 MPH to 92.8 MPH. 2020 Projection: 4/4.11/1.29/88 in 90 IP
962) Nick Allen OAK, SS, 21.6 – Not going to win you any leagues, but his plus defense gives him a chance to win a full time job eventually. Plus speed with a good feel to hit. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 78/11/59/.276/.339/.375/16
963) Jake Rogers DET, C, 25.0 – Plus defensive catcher with high flyball rates (49.1%) and high strikeout rates (27.7%). Hit 4 homers with a 39.8% K% in his 128 PA MLB debut. 2020 Projection: .28/8/33/.212/.298/.397/1  Prime Projection: 48/20/56/.237/.318/.424/2
964) Mario Feliciano MIL, C, 21.4 – Power showed up at High-A with a career high 19 homers and career low 38.4% GB% in 116 games. 28.8% K% and 6% BB% shows he is still raw at the plate. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 58/20/64/.255/.317/.426/1
965) Taylor Walls TB, SS, 23.9 – No plus tools but a solid all around hitter and hit well at Double-A this season, slashing .270/.346/.479 with 6 homers, 15 steals and a 51/26 K/BB in 55 games. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 75/14/66/.269/.337/.416/14
966) Antoni Flores BOS, SS, 19.5 – Terrible year at Short-A, both production wise (.193 BA with 0 homers in 55 games) and scouting wise. I don’t want to give up on such a young prospect after one bad year though. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 71/17/62/.267/.341/.416/4
967) Jasseel De La Cruz ATL, RHP, 22.9 – Breakout year spread across 3 levels (A, A+, AA) with a pitching line of 3.25/1.14/121/49 in 133 IP. Plus fastball/slider combo that is likely destined for the bullpen. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 4/3.58/1.17/67 in 65 IP
968) James Kaprielian OAK, RHP, 26.1 – Back on the mound for the first time since 2016, and his stuff and the results both looked good. Fastball was up into the mid 90’s and put up a pitching line of 3.18/1.10/75/16 in 68 IP spread across 3 levels (A+, AA, AAA). Considering the injury history, he may end up in a pen role. 2020 Projection: 2/4.31/1.37/37 in 40 IP Prime Projection: 5/3.71/1.24/75 in 75 IP
969) Jose De Leon CIN, RHP, 27.8 – If he can remain healthy, which is far from a given, there could still be some juice left in this tank. His fastball averaged 92.4 MPH in 4 MLB innings and the changeup is still effective. He’ll need to develop his slider to take the next step. 2020 Projection: 2/4.37/1.36/38 in 36 IP Prime Projection: 7/4.00/1.33/131 in 125 IP
970) Anderson Espinoza SD, RHP, 22.1 – Underwent his second Tommy John surgery in April 2019. I wouldn’t blame you for writing him off, but he is still young enough and the stuff was exciting enough to see if he can regain some of that magic in 2020. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 5/4.10/1.34/83 in 85 IP
971) Drew Rasmussen MIL, RHP, 24.8 – Came back from his 2nd Tommy John surgery and his stuff looked explosive with a mid 90’s fastball, above average curve and average change. He struck out 77 batters with a 3.54 ERA in 61 IP at Double-A. Injury history may relegate him to the pen. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 6/3.82/1.32/96 in 92 IP
972) Jason Martin PIT, OF, 24.7 – Average skills across the board.  2020 Projection: 42/10/43/.254/.313/.418/7
973) Ryan Rolison COL, LHP, 22.9 – Mid rotation upside, but at Coors Field that is more like a back end fantasy starter. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 12/4.18/1.29/172 in 174 IP
974) Jarrod Dyson FA, OF, 35.8 – Plus defensive outfielder and a great basestealer but will hurt you everywhere else. 2020 Projection: 45/4/29/.238/.315/.347/18
975) Trent Thornton TOR, RHP, 26.6 – Likely to begin the season in the bullpen. Thornton has a back of the rotation profile with a 6 pitch mix. 2020 Projection: 5/4.51/1.38/101 in 105 IP
975) Devin Smeltzer MIN, LHP, 24.7 – 4 pitch mix a 89.1 MPH fastball. Likely a back end starter or long reliever, but the results were solid in his MLB debut (3.86 ERA in 49 IP). 2020 Projection: 5/4.37/1.38/62 in 71 IP
976) Connor Wong LAD, C, 23.10 – The rare super utility catcher, Wong exploded at Double-A, slashing .349/.393/.604 with 9 homers, 2 steals, and a 50/11 K/BB in 40 games. The hit tool is an issue with 30% strikeout rates and mediocre walk rates, but Wong should certainly be on your radar. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 51/15/57/.246/.308/.432/8
977) Chris Shaw SF, 1B/OF, 26.6 – Huge power with hit tool and plate approach issues. San Francisco’s outfield options are all unproven, so Shaw could easily work his way into playing time. 2020 Projection: 22/7/28/.229/.290/.414/0 Prime Projection: 41/16/54/.243/.309/.441/0
978) Pedro Martinez CHC, SS, 19.2 – Lit up stateside rookie ball, slashing .352/.417/.519 with 2 homers, 8 steals, and a 27/12 K/BB in 27 games. He then went to Short-A for 27 games and held his own with a 108 wRC+. He has the potential to develop into a solid all around hitter. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 70/18/72/.273/.345/.423/7
979) Curtis Mead TB, 3B, 19.5 – At a projectable 6’2”, 170 pounds, Mead performed well in his de facto stateside debut, slashing .285/.351/.462 with 4 homers, 4 steals, and a 23/13 K/BB in 44 games. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 61/18/68/.262/.331/.438/6
980) Carlos Rodriguez MIL, OF, 19.4 – Advanced feel to hit with elite strikeout rates (.331 BA and a 12.7% K% in the Pioneer League), but doesn’t have big power or speed upside. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 68/17/73/.278/.310/.436/8
981) Beau Burrows DET, RHP, 23.7 – Several injuries tanked Burrows 2019. When healthy, he throws a MLB quality fastball but secondaries lag behind. 2020 Projection: 1/4.86/1.45/21 in 25 IP Prime Projection: 10/4.27/1.35/154 in 163 IP
982) Matthew Thompson CHW, RHP, 19.8 – Drafted 45th overall, the 6’3”, 195 pound Thompson is a good athlete who has flashed the ability for 3 potentially plus pitches. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 10/4.10/1.34/167 in 168 IP
983) Steele Walker CHW, OF, 23.8 – Strong first full season of pro ball, slashing .284/.361/.451 with 10 homers, 13 steals, and a 78/50 K/BB in 120 games at mostly High-A. He won’t win you any one fantasy category, but he’ll chip in a little bit across the board. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 78/18/73/.268/.327/.426/11
984) Nick Decker BOS, OF, 20.6 – Strikeout rate was high (29.9%) in his first extended action in pro ball at Short-A. He did have a 47.8% FB% and a decent 87 MPH average exit velocity, so there is certainly plenty of room to grow into more power. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 73/20/78/.252/.330/.441/7
985) Wenceel Perez DET, SS, 20.5 – Poor season at Full-A with a .233 BA. The contact rate took a small step back (16.9%). Plus hit, plus speed profile is still intact, but he needs more refinement. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 79/9/58/.281/.333/.389/19
986) Blake Rutherford CHW, OF, 22.11 – Underwhelming year at Double-A with 7 homers, .365 SLG and a 24.6% K% in 118 games. I’m not quite ready to give up on a power outbreak, but Rutherford’s stock continues to fall. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 76/17/69/.267/.325/.418/9
987) Alexander Vizcaino NYY, RHP, 22.10 – Mid 90’s fastball with a plus changeup. Put up a 128/38 K/BB in 115 IP split between Full-A and High-A.  ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 10/4.10/1.33/174 in 171 IP
988) Josh Smith NYY, SS, 22.8 – Drafted 67th overall, Smith hit well all three years in the SEC and then did the same in his pro debut at Short-A. He doesn’t have any standout tools, but the guy has hit everywhere he has been. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 76/18/75/.277/.339/.425/9
989) Brayan Buelvas OAK, OF, 17.10 – Pushed aggressively to stateside rookie ball and responded with a .300/.392/.506 slash, 3 homers, 12 steals, and a 46/22 K/BB in 44 games. Has the potential for across the board production. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 76/16/72/.271/.338/.429/16
990) Ronnier Quintero CHC, C, 17.5 – Signed for $2.9 million, Quintero is an offense first catcher who has the potential to hit for both power and average. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 66/22/73/.268/.338/.448/2
991) Jared Triolo PIT, 3B/SS, 22.2 – Drafted 72nd overall, Triolo has an above average power/speed combo and displayed a solid plate approach in his pro debut at Short-A with a 18.6% K% and 10.2% BB%. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 62/15/58/.257/.326/.425/10
992) Austin Allen OAK, C, 26.2 – Expected to be Oakland’s back up catcher, but in the long run could work his way into more at bats at 1B and/or DH if the bat plays anywhere close to as good as it has played in the minors. 2020 Projection: 29/9/33/.252/.314/.428/0
993) Korey Lee HOU, C, 21.8 – Drafted 32nd overall, Lee is a power hitting catcher who jacked 15 homers in 51 games in the PAC-12, but he’ll need to start lifting the ball more to get to all of his raw power (52.3% GB% in his pro debut at Short-A). ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 51/18/59/.258/.326/.422/4
994) Yoendrys Gomez NYY, RHP, 20.5 – A projectable 6’3”, 175 pounds, Gomez has a mid 90’s fastball with a potentially plus curve, developing change, and the ability to throw all of them for strikes. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 10/4.18/1.31/158 in 163 IP
996) Damon Jones PHI, LHP, 25.6 – 6’5”, 225 pound lefty who put up a pitching line of 2.91/116/152/59 in 114.1 IP spread across 3 levels (A+, AA, AAA). Tweaked his delivery which gave him improved control until reaching Triple-A where he unraveled a bit (33/26 K/BB in 34 I) 2020 Projection: 2/4.51/1.42/48 in 44 IP Prime Projection: 9/4.18/1.35/157 in 146 IP
997) Matt Canterino MIN, RHP, 22.4 – Drafted 54th overall, Canterino proved durable and productive during his 3 year career at Rice with good but not great stuff. Likely profiles as a back end starter. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 10/4.22/1.32/164 in 172 IP
998) Ivan Nova CHW, RHP, 33.2 – Likely to only provide value in a deep league where simply accumulating innings matters. 2020 Projection: 8/4.52/1.37/115 in 170 IP
999) Michael Plassmeyer TB, LHP, 23.5 – Average stuff with a deceptive delivery and plus command. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 8/4.18/1.27/110 in 130 IP
1000) T.J. Sikkema NYY, LHP, 21.8 – Drafted 38th overall, Sikkema has done nothing but dominate during his 3 year career in the SEC and then in his pro debut at Short-A. He throws strikes with a 4 pitch mix, but none of those pitches are plus. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 6/4.16/1.33/102 in 110 IP
1001) Otto Lopez TOR, SS, 21.6 – Lopez is a good athlete who put up elite strikeout rates (12.8%) with above average speed (20 steals) and developing power (5 homers) at Full-A. There is some sneaky upside here. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 73/13/61/.275/.332/.413/15
1002) Colin Barber HOU, OF, 19.4 – Drafted 136th overall, Barber has a quick bat with above average raw power and speed. Solid pro debut, slashing .263/.387/.394 with 2 homers, 2 steals, and a 29/19 K/BB in 28 games. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 72/15/67/.258/.325/.416/11
1003) Brenton Doyle COL, OF, 21.11 – Drafted 129th overall, Doyle has completely demolished the competition in his 3 years in Division II and then in his pro debut in the Pioneer League. He has a plus power/speed combo, but he has yet to face advanced competition and the hit tool is a bit of a question mark. ETA: 2023 Prime Projection: 56/13/54/.243/.325/.436/14
1004) Jasiah Dixon PIT, OF, 18.7 – Drafted 694th overall, Dixon is a top notch athlete with double plus speed and developing power. He showed more refinement than expected in his pro debut in the Gulf Coast League, slashing .329/.417/.425 with 0 homers, 8 steals, and a 11/10 K/BB in 22 games. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 77/16/68/.265/.336/.427/22
1005) Estiven Machado TOR, SS, 17 – Signed for $775,000, Machado is a plus athlete with plus bat speed and a good feel to hit. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 76/18/74/.277/.344/.423/10
1006) Juan Pie PIT, OF, 19.0 – Stateside debut was mediocre with a 91 wRC+ in the Gulf Coast League, but he still has an interesting blend of tools with all category upside. ETA: 2024 Prime Projection: 55/15/51/.258/.336/.432/8
1007) Austin Cox KC, LHP, 23.0 – 6’4”, 185 pound lefty whose stock took a big jump this season with a pitching line of 2.76/1.15/129/38 in 130.2 IP split between Full-A and High-A. Plus control and plus curve are his best assets. ETA: 2021 Prime Projection: 11/4.08/1.31/163 in 172 IP
1008) Jose Pastrano CLE, SS, 17.7 – Signed for $1.5 million, Pastrano is a top of the order hitter with plus speed and plus defense. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 77/15/68/.272/.336/.408/17
1009) Dasan Brown TOR, OF, 18.6 – Drafted 88th overall, Brown is a great athlete with double plus speed but is still a project at the plate. High risk, high reward. ETA: 2025 Prime Projection: 72/13/58/.244/.296/.402/19
1010) Jose Soriano LAA, RHP, 21.5 – 96 MPH fastball with a plus curve and developing changeup. 5.6 BB/9 at Full-A shows the risk. ETA: 2022 Prime Projection: 9/4.19/1.35/158 in 155 IP
1011) Joely Rodriguez TEX, Setup, 28.5 – Velocity spiked in Japan and developed a nasty cutter. If Leclerc struggles again, Rodriguez is a good under the radar choice to step in. 2020 Projection: 3/3.63/1.21/68 in 61 IP
1012) Chris Martin ATL, Setup, 33.10 – Impressive 65/5 K/BB in 55.2 IP in 2019. Not in line for saves, but has the potential to help your ratios. 2020 Projection: 3/3.38/1.04/71 in 61 IP
By Michael Halpern (@MichaelCHalpern)
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: Imaginary Brick Wall (@DynastyHalp)

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The post Ammo Deal: Sellier & Bellot, 9mm, FMJ, 115 Grain. 1,000 Rnds $160.99, FREE S&H $0.160 appeared first on W88top.

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