Leather Carving: How Its Made? with Andrews Custom Leather – Video

Leather Carving: How Its Made? with Andrews Custom Leather – Video

U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)- People don’t make things by hand that much anymore! Not in the times of Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery, 3D Printers, and CNC machines. Nope, these days Made by Hand Craftsmanship of any sort is a quickly dying skill. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy hoarding cheap soulless stuff just as much as the next gun-toting guy (or squirrel) At the same time nothing beats a beautiful warm leathery piece of gear endowed with soul by the weather-beaten and calloused hands of a real dyed in the wool Artiste. I’m sure all the Super Tactical Ninja Boogaloo Boys are crying out right now “no all you need for the end of the world is kydex man”. Sometimes I would be inclined to agree with the rabble, only sometimes though. After all I do usually rock a Harrys Holsters Executive 1 Clip for my Glock 43.
However at the risk of sounding like a commercial for your local supermarket: in these “Trying Times” (my least favorite words since we got into this lockdown). In These Trying Times: we really do need a little ray of Sunshine and Hope to remind us its not really the End of the World! You know like for when you want to feel more like Dirty Harry than John Wick!
Dominic Whitaker of Andrews Custom Leather
So that long intro brings me to why I make these How Its Made Videos with Sam Andrews of Andrews Custom Leather. Sam has been a custom leather holster maker for the better part of forty years, before that he was in law enforcement, and before that he was probably an Old British Major General in another life with that basso profundo voice of his. (Yes for he’s the guy that does the intros to my videos) We’ve done quite a few of these videos covering all the multitude of options of exotic leathers, styles of holsters, and shoulder rigs. We’ve even covered the fact that he makes holsters and rigs for major motion pictures like the recent Magnificent Seven remake.
Leather Carving: How Its Made?
Leather Carving: How Its Made?
Leather Carving: How Its Made?
One thing we didn’t cover fully in that particular video is how does Sam make these beautifully carved holsters from the olden days? You know when men were men and sleeping with the wrong showgirl in a saloon got you a nice venereal disease! (Okay don’t get distracted) He did however mention the carving was done by his protege Dom, so this time around we decided to feature the Sheridan Style Leather Carving Craftsmanship of Dominic Whitaker. Dom as the Andrews Custom Crew refer to him affectionately, started his journey as a hobbyist eight years ago in North Carolina, is a graduate of Florida’s Flagler College with a bachelors in Fine Art and Design, and has been working with Sam as his protege for the last three and half years.
Leather Carving: How Its Made? with Dominic Whitaker of Andrews Custom Leather
In this video, we cover everything from the tools you need, what type of leather, how you transfer your pattern onto the leather, and the actual carving and stamping process. Without a doubt this is a long video especially for those with only a minute and a half attention span, however considering Dom estimates the process of carving a design onto a leather holster starts and somewhere around seven hours and can go up to several days, we hope you’ll appreciate us condensing it down to just forty-five minutes for you…You’re welcome!

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