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Stefan Mandel – The Man Who Won The Lottery 14 Times! Here’s How He Did It

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The chance of winning a lottery for an individual is one in 14 million. But a Romanian-Australian mathematician, Stefan Mandel has won the jackpot 14 times. From 1960s to 1990s, Stefan has used his wit and affinity for numbers and created a near-perfect formula and cracked the system really well.

Though Mandel is not one of the biggest lottery winners, he has won millions by doing things by the book. He played smarter and dedicated a lot of his time in following his passion.

Stefan Mandel grew up in the communist era Romania, where large part of the population lived in poverty. Though there were not many ways to make a decent living, there was a government sanctioned lottery, which inspired Stefan to come up with the idea of beating the lottery odds. His aim was to find a sure fire way to win the lottery. Hence he brainstormed for a long time until he discovered the perfect math formula that could easily predict 5-6 winning numbers. This lottery (the government sanctioned) was, as Mandel saw it, his ticket out of the country.

After working for 4 years, it was now time to put to test his
algorithm. In his first test in Romania only, he was aiming for a second prize
win, which required matching only 5 numbers, but to his own surprise he ended
up winning the jackpot.

Stefan Mandel then moved to Israel for some time and later shifted to Australia with his family. It was in Australia that Stefan would concoct his biggest plans. With his new status as an Australian Citizen, and the immensity of possible combinations in the Australian lottery, he began looking for investors.

In this system, he didn’t try to predict the winning combination instead he devised a way to buy a lottery ticket online and that too as many tickets as possible, and began to look for people who would participate in his plan.

Eventually he had throngs of people who would purchase and
submit tickets from numerous convenience stores. Once a winning ticket was
confirmed, they would take the receipt, and claim the winnings. He would then
distribute portions of it to his investors and the army of ticket buyers. With the
sole intention was to scoop in as many tickets for each major draw as possible.

With this formula, he hoped to purchase every ticket option available,
opening the way for him to win the lottery for sure. This is when Stefan
started focusing on major prizes which offered more money than combinations.

He cornered the Australian lottery 12 times. Every single
time the Australian Government would enact new rules or laws and hope to stop
Stefan’s very successful lottery operation. Such as a law which made it illegal
for one man to purchase all tickets in a lottery was enacted, later another law
which made it illegal for groups of individuals to purchase all tickets in a
lottery draw. After his 12-win streak, now it was difficult for Stefan and his
team to carry on ahead without getting into trouble, keeping in mind the
various rules and regulations the government had enacted to prohibit Stefan’s
winning spree.

This is when he decided to look for another country where he could legally continue his operations. Stefan now looked at the US, simply because it had no laws that prevented lottery players like him from cornering the markets.

Stefan once said, “mathematics properly applied can guarantee
a fortune”. In 1992 Stefan decided to apply his formula to the Virginia state
lottery, which had by now reached a jackpot of more than $27 million. There
were only 7.1 million number combinations in the Virginia lottery. All he
needed was $7.1 million to purchase all lotto combinations. That is when he got
2500 investors from Australia, and each of them chipped in $2,500.

Approximately 7 million tickets were processed from more than
100 grocery stores and gas stations all over Virginia, and on Feb.16 1992,
Stefan won the jackpot.

Though everything was done legally, the large sum naturally
drew the interest of the government. He raked in more than $15 million for
himself, against $5 million or so of expenses.

2004, Stefan was arrested and imprisoned in Israel, where he
had tried to replicate the Virginia State lottery system, but failed to pay
back to his investors. He was charged with fraud and sent to prison.

Here is Stefan’s six-step formula to make serious cash off the

the total number of possible combinations; simply put for a lottery that
requires you to pick 6 numbers between 1-40, the total combinations for the
same will be 3,838,380Find
out lotteries with a winning margin of at least 3 times the amount of
cash to pay for each combinationUse
his mathematical algorithm to fill in every single ticketTake
each personalized ticket to lottery dealers and pay for themWin
cash and pay your back to your investors

Copycats of today are not able to replicate Stefan’s formula
and after Stefan’s escapades, the US lotto authorities have changed the rules,
hence it is nearly impossible for anyone to replicate Stefan’s scheme. People
can no longer print their ticket on their own (at home) and buying lotto
tickets in tens of thousands is also illegal now. Apart from this there are
just too many hurdles one must overcome for it to be feasible. Even with the
ability to play and purchase tickets from anywhere in the world, it is
extremely difficult with the current system.

The only option you are left with is to play lottery the old-fashioned
way, unless you are able to formulate or come up with a plan that will top the
one created by Stefan.

Stefan Mandel the man who founded that perfect formula to
hack the whole system, has retired from the lottery life, and now lives on a
remote island off the coast of Australia.
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The Premier League Player of The Year Contenders

We are fast approaching the end of another memorable Premier League season, with plenty still undecided with just six games remaining. Domestically in the league, the destination of the title can only end up in Manchester or Liverpool, but will Pep Guardiola’s men retain the silverware or will Jurgen Klopp bring the trophy back to Merseyside?

The answer to this will surely not be known until after the final game of the season, with another nail-biting final day in store for fans. We also do not know who will secure the final two Champions League spots.  Manchester United are reborn under quiet man Solskjaer’s leadership, and with a decent run in, could beat the odds and earn a top-four finish.

Who Is Leading The Race?

Leading the race for top four is Spurs, who will be delighted to have just moved into their new stadium and will hope that catalyst will be enough to see them through to the end of the season.  The two unpredictable quantities are Arsenal and Chelsea.  Both under new management this year and have had a mixed season with no real consistency.  Arsenal under Unai Emery has been the slightly more reliable proposition and probably just favourites over Sarri’s men. 

Towards the bottom, we do know that Huddersfield Town and Fulham are gone and will be relegated to the Championship.  However, there is still at least four clubs who are at risk of joining them.  Odds on favourites for the drop with Stakers is Cardiff City, currently languishing five points behind fourth-bottom Burnley. 

Harry Kane & Pogba are top contenders

It is not just the club silverware that is yet to be decided, we do not know who will take home the prestigious PFA Player of the Year award yet either.  This individual honour, which is awarded to a player after being voted on by their fellow professionals, is highly sought by our Premier League stars.  It shows recognition of your individual qualities by the people who play the game. 

Liverpool’s Mo Salah is the current holder of the title, after an outstanding goalscoring season last year, but where will the title end up this year? We examine some of the front runners.

1) Paul Pogba – Man Utd

The World Cup-winning Frenchman might struggle to win the honour this year after his terrible form earlier the season on the back of his countries World Cup triumph. However, since Ole Gunnar Solksjaer took over, the central midfielder looks like a player reborn and has barely put a foot wrong while guiding Manchester United to the brink of a top-four finish. 

Paul Pogba has scored 11 goals in his 25 Premier League appearances this season, but crucially eight have come in his last eleven matches.  Pogba has also had six assists since Solskjaer took over.

2) Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur

There is little doubt that in recent years Harry Kane has emerged as one of the best strikers in world football. The Englishman has shown a level consistency throughout his short career, winning consecutive Premier League Golden Boots and finishing the highest goalscorer at last years’ World Cup in Russia.

So far he has helped Spurs this season to pole position to finish in the top four. Kane has scored 17 goals in his 28 Premier League appearances.  The frontman also has 4 assists to his name.

3) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – Arsenal

Arsenal’s Gabonese striker joined the north London club in January last year, and since then has gradually grown into his role as Arsenal’s main man.

This season he has really begun to excel under Unai Emery and the striker has started to pay back most of that £56million price tag. This season in 30 games he has scored 17 goals and has five assists to his name.

4) Eden Hazard – Chelsea

Eden Hazard was the early front runner to win the PFA Player of the Year award this year.  The Belgian creative midfielder returned to Chelsea on the back of a successful World Cup with Belgian where he picked up the Silver Ball award.  He then began the season in lightning fashion, with goals and assists goals.

Premier League Player of The Year

The Chelsea playmaker was really benefiting from the freedom he had been given by new boss Sarri.  Since then Eden has let his form slip a little and would require a strong finish to pick up the award. Eden Hazard has scored 14 goals and had 12 assists this season.

5) Mohamed Salah – Liverpool

Last year’s runaway winner, Mo Salah, is in with a shout of retaining his honour this year. The Egyptian had a debut season to remember at Anfield in 2017/18, but this season his has remained on top form guiding Liverpool to within touching distance of the Premier League title.

Mo Salah this year has scored 17 goals in 32 Premier League matches and has had 9 assists.

6) Sergio Aguero – Manchester City

Remarkably Sergio Aguero, arguably Manchester City’s greatest ever player, has never won a PFA award in his seven years with the club.  The Argentine has been a phenomenal talent and talisman for City since he joined in 2011 scoring over 160 goals and becoming City’s greatest ever goalscorer.

Sergio Aguero

This season he has guided City to top of the league and if he helps secure them the title, he will likely be the frontrunner for the award. Aguero has scored 19 goals in 27 games this season and had 6 assists.

7) Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool

Virgil Van Dijk is the only defender on this list, and he was a big money buy for Liverpool brought in to shore up their defensive frailties. The big Dutchman has proved his worth quickly establishing himself as the best defender in the Premier League. The big stopper has been an ever-present this year and played every one of Liverpool’s 32 Premier League games. 

He has been at the heart of the defence for Liverpool helping them to have 17 clean sheets this year and only one defeat. The Anfield outfit is just one point off the top of the table and if they win the league, Virgil will be favourite to take home the top prize.  Virgin Van Dijk has scored 3 goals and had 1 assist in his 32 games this season.
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The Most Memorable Poker Wins of All Time

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It’s the game that both
men and women have played through the ages, and it’s by far, the most popular
card game on the planet, but it’s also a sport that doesn’t spend much time in
the public eye. Thankfully, that’s changing a bit now, and there are even poker
players who have become household names. And most of this is down to a few major
wins that caught the public’s interest.

From rookie to WSOP winner.

So, without further ado, here are the most memorable poker wins of all time. Trust us when we say, these games had a profound effect on the profile of the game. In fact, you may have even heard of one or two.

Doyle Brunson & His Winning Hands

The year is 1976, and Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson is at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event final table with Jesse Alto. Poker was popular back then, and there was little media attention around the WSOP, but that was about to change with two pieces of poker history.

The first saw Doyle with a 10 deuce of spades. Alto bet the size of the pot, and Brunson, feeling adventurous, went all-in. Jess was the favorite to win with a better hand and more chances of success, but Brunson somehow managed to get himself a full house. He went home with the pot of $220,000 as the WSOP champion. But that’s not where it ends.

The Charismatic Doyle Brunson

A year later, Brunson finds himself in a near-identical position, this time against Gary “Bones” Berland. Again, Doyle has a 10 deuce, and after calling Berland who went all-in, Brunson once again improved to a full house. This time, he took home $340,000, which at that time, was an incredible amount of money.

The two wins on the bounce brought Doyle to the attention of the media, and poker’s most prestigious tournament started to gain a little more traction. Doyle continued playing right up until the WSOP 2018, but none of his wins can compare to our next entrant on the list.

Chris Moneymaker Changes The Game

It was the win that
heralded the online poker boom. Up until the 2003 WSOP, professional poker
players considered online poker rooms a place for kids and amateurs. But this
was where the eventual Main Event winner Chris Moneymaker learned his trade. He
spent hours on end playing online poker
tournaments and indeed qualified
through an online satellite.

Having qualified through that
$38 satellite, Moneymaker (an accountant by trade) found himself at the final
table of the Main Event. It was an incredible feat, and one that many felt was
down to pure dumb luck. However, when up against seasoned pro Ihsan
“Sam” Farha, no one gave Moneymaker
a chance. He was sure to run out of ideas soon, but at one point, he bluffed
and went all-in, which spooked Farha. Although Farha correctly guessed that it
was a bluff, he didn’t take any chances, and Moneymaker won the hand to take
complete control of the game.

aptly named Moneymaker won $2.5 million and became a household name in the
process. By all accounts, this was the win that changed the entire landscape of
online poker. Now, the pros had to take online poker players seriously.

Although Farha correctly guessed that it was a bluff, he didn’t take any chances, and Moneymaker won the hand to take complete control of the game. The aptly named Moneymaker won $2.5 million and became a household name in the process. By all accounts, this was the win that changed the entire landscape of online poker. Now, the pros had to take online poker players seriously.

The Largest Cash Pot In Online Poker History

Fast forward six years from Moneymaker’s memorable win and online poker enjoys unheralded success. High-stakes games are the norm, but none expected a pot ever to top $1 million. But that’s what happened on November 21, 2009.

Patrik Antonius and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom played in a $500/$1,000 heads-up pot-limit Omaha game. It all started with a raise to $3,000 and quickly worked its way up to an $870,000 raise. Antonius claimed the pot of $1,356,946 and wrote his name in online poker history.

Patrik Antonius

While this wasn’t quite in the public eye or a win that garnered either player any measure of fame, it did make huge waves throughout the online poker community. If anything, this win signified to the world that online poker wasn’t only a practice arena for players before they moved to live poker games. It was an industry in itself, and there was massive money to make in the online poker rooms.

Scott Blumstein Proves That Anyone Can Do It

The year is 2017, and the
WSOP Main Event boasts pros with decades of experience and millions in
winnings. The final table is also where you’ll find Scott Blumstein, a
tournament rookie whose biggest win to date was $199,000. Blumstein was a
25-year-old accountancy graduate determined to become a full-fledged pro, but
like Moneymaker 14 years previously, nobody gave him a chance.

Incredibly though,
Blumstein was the chip leader for pretty much the entire duration of the final
table. And when the last hand played, he went home with $8.1 million and a gold
WSOP bracelet. His win reignited public interest in the game, and while it may
not have had the same effect on online poker as Moneymaker’s win in 2003, it
still helped remind us all that anything is possible. Here was a rookie taking
the seasoned pros to the cleaners. And the online poker community thought “If
Scott can do it, so can we.”

Since then, Blumstein has
enjoyed middling success with no major wins coming his way. While there’s
plenty of time yet for him to come good, his average success following the WSOP
adds more weight to the theory that he punched above his weight. So, there’s
hope for us all yet.

have been other wins such as Gus Hansen’s win over Dan Negreanu for
a $575,000 pot or Tom Dawn’s win over Phil Ivey for $1.1 million, both of which
were live on TV. But none has had quite as profound an effect on the game as
those that we listed earlier. Hopefully, they won’t be the last in the game,
and if we’re lucky, we’ll see more of these wins televised in the future.

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10 Facts You Never Knew About The Melbourne Cup

Category : Other Sports

Many consider the Melbourne Cup to be the greatest sporting day in Australia, and with over 150 years of races, it has also earned a rather interesting past many don’t know about. So, saddle up! Here are 10 Facts about the Melbourne Cup you never knew.

10 Rare Facts about Melbourne Cup

For all the horse race fans out there here are 10 rare facts about Melbourne cup that you either didn’t know or never noticed.

1. The youngest winner was only eleven

A jockey so
young would be outrageous today, but back in 1876, they were a bit more

– Source: Wikipedia

Peter St. Albans won the 1876 Melbourne Cup riding Briseis at only eleven years old. He was able to pull off the feat after the original jockey meant to ride the horse couldn’t make the featherweight.

2. The horse that won the first Melbourne Cup also won the second

Australian Thoroughbred named Archer has the honour of winning the first two
Melbourne Cups.

Archer – Source: Wikipedia

Despite this feat, he was only added to the Australian Hall of Fame in 2017, more than 150 years since he first won.

3. Archer holds the slowest Melbourne Cup time

While he did
win the Melbourne Cup, he took his time doing it. With a time of 3:52, he holds
the slowest win time in the race’s history.

4. Only five horses have won the Melbourne Cup more than once

Winning the Melbourne Cup is a feat that most horses will never achieve, but some have managed to do it more than once, much to the chagrin of their competition. These horses are Archer, Peter Pan, Rain Lover, Think Big and Makybe Diva.

5. The barrier 18 curse is real (maybe)

National Museum of Australia

You probably haven’t ever thought about barrier 18, but it had been often considerate a cursed gate. The reason? No one who has ever drawn the barrier has won. In comparison, the best barrier for wins; barrier 5, has had eight winners.

6. Bart Cummings is the most successful Melbourne Cup Trainer

When it comes to the Melbourne Cup, the trainers are just as important as the horses and Bart Cummings is proof of that. With twelve Melbourne Cup wins between 1965 and 2008, he has the most wins of any trainer and is still one of the most famous trainers in racing.

Cummings – Source: ABC

7.  Only three fillies have won the Melbourne Cup

Melbourne Cup is often seen as a race for the world’s best stallions, but fillies
(female horses younger then four years old) have had their time in the
limelight as well. To date, three fillies have won the Melbourne Cup.

8.  Makybe Diva is the only horse to win three Melbourne Cups

Easily the
most famous modern Melbourne Cup winner, Makybe Diva is one of the greatest
horses in Australian racing circles. She is the only horse to have won three
Melbourne Cups (2003, 2004 and 2005), and at the time of her retirement, had
the most race winnings of any Australian horse.

Maykbe Diva –
Source: Wikipedia

9.  New Zealand likes the Melbourne Cup too

Despite our
many rivalries with our kiwi neighbours, it seems both nations stop to watch
the race, with many people in NZ watching online or on their TV.

10. 2018 saw the lowest attendance
since 1995

While most
Melbourne Cups see 100,000 people or more head to the track, last year only
83,471 decided to attend. This is likely due to the rainy weather that made
heading out in your best outfit rather unappealing. Hopefully 2019 will see
more people and more fashion on the track.
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How To Be A Better Wrestling Parent?

Category : WWE

Once the wrestling season begins, the anticipation and excitement of millions of people increases. That includes children who take part in wrestling. It also takes into consideration fans of the sport and their parents. After all, parents have a big stake in what happens with their kids and wrestling. Coincidentally, you have instances where kids who take part in wrestling are also huge fans of professional wrestling as well.

During the offseason, most athletes have to make sure they participate in workouts and are prepared.They should also stay informed by reading or watching the latest wrestling news. There are offseason clinics and camps which are ways to help them improve their standings. By being prepared during the offseason, they will have a better chance once the real one begins.

Tips To Be A Better Wrestling Parent

As for the parents whose children participate in wrestling, there are numerous concerns they have to deal with. Some of these issues are addressed below.

Support For Them

Experts all over agree that parents can play a significant role in how their kids perform. More so if they are what are called “Cheerleading parents.” Kids need the support of their parents since, without it, their confidence may diminish.

Still, avoid confrontation with coaches and support not just your child, but the entire team. In addition, refrain from getting into shouting matches with your child’s coach or becoming too agitated and emotional.

Familiar With Others

Every parent of a child who’s into sports
should get to know the other parents and team members. This step will allow
them to learn about how others feel about certain things. Plus, they should
also get to know their children’s coaches. Parents who have a personal
connection with coaches, fans and athletes, enjoy everything more.

Talk With
Your Child

Professionals who deal with kids and sports agree that parents should ask their children several questions. One of them is what did he or she learn from it? How are they dealing with the emotions of a win or lost? This is important because kids need to know early that it is not just about winning or losing.

The success metric – according to experts – is whether or not they did their best. Ask your child what areas he or she thinks they can improve on? Lastly, are they having fun and enjoying themselves? This is crucial since more than 77% of children stop participating in sports once they are no longer having fun doing it.


Every child develops differently and with
some finding their knack right away. Others take longer to develop and won’t
have success as quickly. Because of that, you should never compare what your
child does against others.

Let The
Process Play Out

In all sports, not just wrestling, people often measure success by winning and losing. However, that is never an actual measure of success. At least not at an early stage of a child’s life. That’s why every parent needs to trust the process taking place.

Instead of placing so much emphasis on wins and losses, trophies and other things, focus on lessons learned. Whatever lessons are learned from every match will ultimately shape them better in the long run. More than winning or losing ever will.

It’s All
About The Children

A big mistake too many parents perpetrate is making the wrestling about other things. It is not about the coach or you, it is all about the kids. Encouraging and providing support for his or her child should be the primary goal of every parent.

The learning process is not just for the kids, but parents themselves. What they both get from every match – whether a win or lost – is very important. So are the things they learn throughout the season.

Use Tools

Unlike the past, parents and kids have all types of technological tools at their disposal these days. They can find educational videos from wrestling channels. There are also apps, social media groups and other elements to learn from.

Overall, technology can play a huge role in helping you and your child develop skills and insight. Educational resources available are ideal for expanding the knowledge and understanding of the sport and other aspects of it.
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Ranking the Best Sports Towns in America

Category : More

Americans love their sports, with nearly three-quarters of adults in the U.S. calling themselves sports fans, according to the Global Sports Media Consumption Report 2014. But what makes great or best sports towns in America? The fans, a rich history of sports, the number of teams, sports bars or a glittering new stadium?

Best Sports Towns in America

While the answer to that is obviously subjective, many would consider these to be America’s very best sports towns.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is one of only a dozen cities that
host all four major sports leagues, and it’s one of just three with one team
from every league playing within its city limits. It’s currently home to the

Super Bowl Champion Eagles, and also hosts the MLB
Phillies, the NBA 76ers, the NHL Flyers and MLS Union. While fans have had to
endure some tough times, they’re about as loyal as they come here.

5. Chicago, Illinois

The Windy City is frequently named among the top
sports cities in the U.S. The Chicago Cubs and their avid fans are continuing
to bask in the team’s 2016 World Series win and the NHL Blackhawks captured the
Stanley Cup three times in less than a decade. It was also home to Michael
Jordan and the great Bulls teams of the 1990s, not to mention the NFL Bears,
with their 1985 team considered among the best football teams of all time. And,
we can’t forget the White Sox, the World Series Champion in 2005.

Fans here are extremely loyal to their teams,
players and owners, standing by each other during the tough seasons, and their
support is reciprocated.

4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Steelers, founded in 1933, are the oldest team in the AFC and have six Super Bowl victories to their name, the most in the NFL. Having witnessed some of the greatest sports moments in history, it’s no surprise that Pittsburgh is one of the greatest sports towns.

While there is no NBA team, the Pirates keep fans busy during the baseball season and the Bruins with hockey during the winter months.

3. New York City, New York

A hub for all sports fans, New York City boasts an incredibly rich sports culture, home to two major league baseball teams, the Mets and the legendary Yankees, one of the most successful clubs in the world with 27 World Series Championships.

Fans can also catch a historic Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, follow the NHL’s Rangers and Islanders, and two NFL teams, the Jets and Giants. There’s pretty much always a local game going on here.

2. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has two NBA teams, the Clippers and the Lakers, who’ve had greats like Kareem, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant and countless others on their side.

Fans love their Dodgers, who’ve captured six World Series titles, while the NHL Kings have two Stanley Cups to their name. L.A. went for years without an NFL team, but today the city has two, the Rams and Chargers.

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is almost always ranked as America’s No. 1 sports city, though residents in other cities may disagree. During this century Beantown has won more championship titles in the big four pro sports than any other U.S. city – and, each of those teams has won at least one title.

The stadiums are always packed – the Red Sox set a record with its sellout streak at Fenway Park of 820 games. If you’re hoping to attend a New England Patriots’ game, you’re going to have a long wait – there’s a waiting list that’s said to have over 50,000 names. Of course, Boston is also home to the popular NBA Celtics who have the third-highest all-time NBA regular season win-loss record percentage, and the NHL Bruins who’ve won six Stanley Cups.
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Three Ways To Prepare For A Golf Tournament

Category : Golf

The preparation that a golf player does before the tournament predicts how successful the player will be. However, many players overlook this consideration and assume that skills are all you need to be successful.
With this attitude, you only lower your chances of proceeding to the next level. Here is a guide on ways to prepare for a Golf Tournament and increase your chances of emerging victorious.
Ways to Prepare For a Golf Tournament

1. Be Ready For the Unexpected
After having been practicing for a while, you are probably more confident that you will perform well in your tournament. However, it is not always that things work out in your favor. Additionally, a golf tournament is not as simple as you find it when playing with your friends. Therefore, be prepared for the pressure that you may have when trying to compete with someone new.
If you are overconfident when approaching the tournament, you are likely to be discouraged if your competitor starts performing better than you are. Be prepared for anything that is likely to occur to help you flow along with it when it happens without any discouragements.
2. Arrive On Time
Similar to when attending an interview, arriving on time helps you to be relaxed by the time you start the game. If you arrive late, you will feel harassed and rushed when playing the game. Additionally, it will create a negative picture of you among the judges and your competitors. Try and arrive about 45 minutes before the time you are supposed to start the game. This time will help you calm down and familiarize yourself with the environment that you will be playing in as well as the most forgiving irons.
However, as much as it is recommended to arrive early, ensure that you do not overdo it. Getting to the tournament venue too early will mean that you will have a lot of free time making you get anxious by the time the game starts.
3. Have Fun in the Game
Golf is a fun game. Therefore, for you to enjoy it and increase your chances of winning, you need to have fun in the game. For you to be in a position to have fun, you need to remind yourself that the person playing against you is not an enemy but someone probably with the same experience as you have.
Additionally, remember that losing the game does not mean that you have lost your skill or chance of ever playing again. This mentality will help you get to be relaxed and have the right mindset when playing the game. You also need to assume that nobody is watching the game as the fear of losing while your friends and family are watching will make it even more challenging for you to win.
While the golf tournament season is approaching, it is likely that you are worried about proceeding to the next level. However, the preparations that you do before the game determine how successful you will be. Utilize the above information on ways to prepare for a Golf Tournament in addition to understanding the most forgiving irons to help you increase your chances of success.
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The Lazy Man’s Guide To Sneakers – UPDATED 2018

Category : More

Sometimes choosing the right sneakers can be so incredibly stressful! Should you go with the best Adidas sneaker stores in Australia, go with the shoes your best friends really likes, or just find the cheapest thing you can buy? What makes one sneaker better than another? And how does a good shoe ensure good health for your feet? Does it even matter? Well, don’t worry about scouring the internet for this info. We are going to give you everything you need to know right here, right now.
The Lazy Man’s Guide To Sneakers

Be Clear About the Type of Sneakers you Need
With a wide variety of types of sneakers available to choose from – casual, party and running, you should be first clear about your exact requirement. Before you start your search for the right pair of sneakers, you should have clarity on this.
You can’t look for running sneakers when you actually need something that accentuates a party outfit.
Your Sneakers Need to Fit
This might seem so incredibly basic. Of course, your shoes need to fit! But what is the point in buying the best sports shoes brands if you don’t buy the right size? So how do you find out your foot size? The easiest thing to do is to head over to the local shoe store and get fitted. You don’t need to buy shoes there.
Ask the salesperson to size your feet. Be sure to size each foot. Why? Believe it or not, many times one foot can be significantly bigger or wider than another. Once you have your size, commit it to memory. It is like shoe gold!
Your Sneakers Need to Be Comfortable
Once you figure out your sneaker size, you need to find the brand that provides you with the most comfort. Companies like Adidas use the latest in technology design to create shoes that have support, comfort and protect your foot.
When you buy your sneakers, test them out. Run around in them, walk in them, try various exercises. If you find that you have pain anywhere in your foot, or the shoe scrapes against your heel, then exchange the sneakers for a pair that is more comfortable.
Your Sneakers Need to Stay on Your Feet
If you find the right size of sneakers, they should stay on your feet comfortably. But sometimes the cut of the shoe or your natural gait can affect how the shoe feels on your feet. You want it to fit snug, but not too tight.
But you also want to make sure it isn’t slipping from your feet. A quick jog around the block will help you see if the sneaker style is right for your foot.
Consider the Activities you do
There is a shoe for almost every activity somebody wants to do. Whether you are going to play tennis, run or walk, it is important to pick a pair of shoes that are specific to the activity from a perspective of injury prevention.
Most people don’t think about the sole as well. A high-quality supportive shoe has a sole which is difficult to bend and has a slight heel. And when you use the sneakers for everyday running, the sole will be compromised much quickly.
Be Creative
Owning a pair of basic white or black sneakers is not bad particularly because you can pair them up with anything in your wardrobe.
However, it is also worth thinking creatively when choosing a pair of sneakers. You can try picking funky patterns and prints and go for complementary, unique colour combinations.
Look at the Bigger Picture 
When you are looking to buy a pair of sneakers for yourself, you should ensure that you don’t consider them in isolation. What ensemble you will be pairing them with is as important as the sneakers themselves.
Don’t forget to keep the bigger picture in mind and that is the main guide to buy sneakers. The shirts, jeans, trousers, and jackets you will be teaming up the sneakers with should be kept in mind before finalizing the pair of sneakers you get for yourself.
Check out the Trends

Look at the latest sneaker news to find out the latest sneaker trends. Some trends for this year include the BVG X Adidas Originals EQT 93/17 and Y-3 Runner 4D designs. Both are unique sneakers that provide great support for runners and athletes. The KITH x Adidas Terrex EEA sneakers have Boost cushioning and abrasion-resistant seam-sealed upper. The Running Ultra Boost line is another reliable option this year.
Stick to a Brand
If you find a shoe brand that works for you, it is great to stick to it. Most shoe companies are consistent in their way of making shoes and you can always count on them to get a pair or two which work for your feet. Unless the brand changes the shoe design to a great extent, it is advisable for you to buy the brand you really like and feel comfortable.
Replace your Sneakers Often Enough
Everybody is different and the time to change the shoes differs from one person to another. However, a rule of thumb for everyday shoe wearers and runners is to change the shoes after a distance of 400 miles.
Other things you can check are the sides and bottoms of the shoes for any signs of wearing or leaning. If you start noticing pain in your legs, hips, knees, back or feet, it means the sneakers are no longer providing you adequate support and it is the time to replace them with new ones.
Finding the right sneakers for your feet don’t require a degree in rocket science. Check out the latest trends, take a few laps in your new shoes, and enjoy the confidence of wearing a great pair of sneakers!
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Fitness Tips – The Top Exercises For Building AMAZING Muscles

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Have you just started a fitness program with the aim of building more muscles, or are you a fitness enthusiast who wants to add even more muscles to the ones you already have? Well, we have the right insights that you need and the list of best exercises for building muscle.
While everybody going to the gym to lift weights has his own set of goals, one common goal among most gym-goers is the desire to build strong muscles. Bodybuilders need to utilize a set of exercises targeting each body part to build and tone the body muscles.
Best Exercises for Building Muscle
In addition to eating a muscle-building diet including proteins and enhancement gear like a winstrol injection, taking workouts seriously is the main emphasis here. Also, it is the type of workouts that makes all the difference. Here are the top exercises for building muscle.
Bench Press

Let us start with this serious workout for the chest and arms. The exercise is done while a person is lying on a bench facing upwards. The amount of weight added depends on the capability of the person completing the exercise.
Fitness experts recommend the bench press for strengthening triceps and pectoral muscles. The number of reps per set matters a lot, but you should not go beyond 15 reps before resting.

Here is another one for serious muscle builders. Deadlifts are done while standing with a weight that matches your capability. The target muscles include the quads, the back, hips, and arms.
Again, one must be careful about the number of reps to avoid injuries. Just like the bench press, this is hard training that should not exceed more than 15 reps before taking a break.

The pull-up bar is military category fitness equipment. The triceps, arms, and chest benefit a lot by lifting your own body against the force of gravity. Fitness enthusiasts agree that it is one of the most effective exercises for building muscle and can be done literally anywhere.
You can do as many pull-ups as possible per set for maximum benefits. Some people tie some weights around themselves to make it even more effective.
Leg Press

The lower body and the core also require some serious workouts as well. Nothing has more benefits for the hamstrings, hips, and legs than this workout. Make sure that you have a stable support before you start pressing. The resistance should also be gradually increased as you grow more muscles.
For beginners, this may be a tough exercise, but it is one that is worth including in every gym session. It is better to time this exercise than to calculate the number of reps you can do. However, either way will work perfectly.

If a person does not have access to gym equipment, squats will come in handy to work out the lower body and the hips. The best thing about this exercises is that it also promotes balance.
Carrying your weight as you squat up and down for about 10 reps per cycle makes a major difference. Do your squats on a flat surface while wearing the right shoes to lower chances of injuries.

This workout can be easily confused with pull-ups by amateurs. However, there is a big difference because this one includes a pivot at the center of the body.
It is advisable that the person working out should lean forward to target the chest. The biggest beneficiaries of the workout are the arms. Ensure that you have a stable support before starting your 10 to 15 reps per cycle.
Upright Rows

Lifting the barbell from a deadlift position while standing upright with arms slightly forward is very beneficial to the growth of muscles. With this workout, you are also targeting the most important part of a fitness enthusiast’s body; the core will be strengthened. In fact, you will feel an immediate impact.
It is also one of the exercises that promote the popular six-pack effect on your tummy. Short sets of about 5 to 10 reps are recommended.
Barbell Pullover

Barbell pullover exercise can help improve one’s posture. It targets the flat, triangular shaped muscle covering the lower back. This is an isolation exercise which requires a single joint movement only. Barbell Pullover improves the ability to perform shoulder movements against resistance.
Examples of such movements are chin-ups and pull-ups. This exercise contributes to developing your chest muscles by working on pectoral muscles. It also improves the ability to perform daily movements like pushing down on arms of a chair or pushing the door open. It also strengthens the muscles you need to pull the body during swimming or climbing.
Bent Over BB Row

This is one of the best movements for increasing upper body pulling strength. Bent over BB Row allows adding quick strength and work on multiple muscles. The main targeted muscle is the back, rhomboids, and lats. Pulling the weight higher than the chest works on upper-back muscles while pulling them closer to the waist works on mid-back muscles.
Some other benefited muscles are the biceps and the shoulders and forearms. Your legs and the abdominal and lower back muscles contract and keep the body in place while performing this exercise. This exercise gives increased strength in multiple muscles to improve spine stability and posture while reducing the risk of back injuries.
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

You have seen many gym fans do this exercise as they admire their arms and shoulders. It is an effective workout that rarely disappoints the shoulders, pectoral muscles, and the triceps. Here, you can do as many reps as possible as long as you create a balance between the two sides. The best approach is to work on both sides together. It should be reserved for the last part of your muscle-building fitness session.
With these exercises for building muscle that includes the whole body, you are likely to grow more muscles within a short time. Make sure that you do them consistently but have a break for other activities and resting as well.
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Seems You Can Get Tired of Winning

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Art by Michael Ramirez Seems You Can Get Tired of WinningUSA –-( Seems You Can Get Tired of Winning.From the look of this weeks elections, it seems that some people can get tired of winning, despite that Donald Trump says we will never grow tired of it. Good thing he keeps on winning for the rest of us.Did you enjoy this cartoon?Sign up for Ammoland in your Inbox and get our daily cartoon and email news!You call yourself pro-gun? Prove it by joining any one or all of these fine civil rights organizations:National Rifle Association (NRA) : www.membership.nrahq.orgSecond Amendment Foundation (SAF) : www.saf.orgFirearms Coalition : www.firearmscoalition.orgJews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) : www.jpfo.orgCitizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) : www.ccrkba.orgGun Owner of America (GOA) : Give Me Liberty or Give Me ObamacareAnd, please consider support for the Second Front in Defense of the Second Amendment:Knife Rights: www.kniferights.orgAbout Michael RamirezTwo-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers’ attention with its dark imagery.”Visit : www.michaelpramirez.comShare this page and help spread our pro gun, conservative message with humor. AmmoLand says Join the NRAThe post Seems You Can Get Tired of Winning appeared first on

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