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Silencer Central Supports Freedom to Hunt with SCI Corporate Sponsorship

Silencer Central exclusive silencer corporate sponsor
Sioux Falls, SD ( – Silencer Central, the only ATF licensed silencer dealer with a unique digital/online business model that allows them to ship to customers in all 42 silencer-friendly states, announce they are now the Official Silencer Dealer with the leader in defending the freedom to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation, the Safari Club International (SCI).
“Partnering with the largest, international organization that supports hunting and wildlife management, is our way of demonstrating our serious commitment to the continued education of hunters and policy-makers in the value of using suppressed firearms when hunting,” Brandon Maddox, president of Silencer Central explained. “We are proud to bring our products and services to the SCI membership and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.”
Silencer Central Supports Freedom to Hunt with SCI Corporate Sponsorship
SCI’s hunter-membership of over 50,000 like-minded and passionate preservers of our hunting traditions, raise millions of dollars for local conservation, and hunter and policy-maker education around the world. Alongside, their sister organization, the SCI Foundation, SCI also provides on-the-ground conservation and anti-poaching funding.
Silencer Central is the new paradigm in purchasing silencers and literally eliminates the confusion, paperwork and worry. Working with the ATF, Brandon Maddox’s business model allows Silencer Central to digitally manage the entire purchasing process, including paying for the silencer in installments (optional), setting up a free NFA Gun Trust ( a $249 value FREE), transfer and ATF paperwork, Form 4473’s, and finally – shipping it right to the customer’s door.
Since their founding in 2005, Silencer Central has performed over 25,000 NFA gun trust silencer transfers to each and every customer’s home state. The Silencer Central simplified purchasing process ensures the paperwork is done correctly, not rejected by the ATF, and in most cases, it also speeds up the traditional wait period.
To learn more or to buy a silencer for your firearm, please visit or contact the sales department at 888-781-8778. Check out this video to find out more about Silencer Central.

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About Silencer Central:

Silencer Central was founded in 2005 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with the goal of reaching the underserved hunting and sport shooting market by simplifying the silencer ownership process. For over 15 years, Silencer Central has grown their presence by attending major gun shows across the Midwest and now nation-wide. Silencer Central makes it simple to purchase a silencer by managing the entire buying process for the consumer and shipping directly to their front door, once approved.
About Safari Club International (SCI):
Safari Club International is a U.S.-based organization of more than 50,000 hunters dedicated to protecting the right to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. Between SCI and its sister organization, the SCI Foundation, we have put more than $70 Million on the ground for conservation since 2000. In the U.S. and abroad, hunters are part of a system that keeps the rivers, forests and fields intact and maintains the wildlife.
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AZGFD: Mexican Wolf Population Increased 24% in 2019

US populations of Mexican Wolves rose 24% in 2019
Phoenix, AZ -( The wild population of Mexican wolves continues to grow at a healthy pace. The recent Mexican wolf count shows the population of Mexican wolves has increased by 24 percent since last year, raising the total number of wolves in the wild to a minimum of 163 animals.
That number is among the findings of the Mexican Wolf Interagency Field Team (IFT), a task force comprising federal, state, tribal and international partners. From November 2019 through January 2020, the team conducted ground counts in Arizona and New Mexico that concluded with aerial counts of Mexican wolves in January and February.
According to the IFT, the 163 wolves are distributed with 76 in Arizona and 87 in New Mexico. Last year, the team documented 131 wolves at the end of 2018, which was a 12 percent increase from 2017. This population has increased an average of 15 percent annually in the last 10 years.
“The count shows we have more wolves, more breeding pairs and more pups born in the wild than ever before,” said Amy Lueders, Regional Director for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Albuquerque, NM. “This is the second year we have seen a significant increase in the wild population of Mexican wolves, a success that is directly tied to the science-based, on-the-ground management efforts of the Interagency Field Team.”
Among the 2019 findings:

At the end of 2019, there were a minimum of 42 packs of wolves (including 11 new pairs), plus 10 individuals. A wolf pack is defined as two or more wolves that maintain an established territory.
A minimum of 21 of the 28 packs the IFT was monitoring in spring of 2019 had pups; 19 of these packs had pups that survived to the end of the year.​​​​​​​
A minimum of 90 pups were born in 2019, and at least 52 survived to the end of the year (a 58 percent survival rate). Average survival of Mexican wolf pups is around 50 percent.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The IFT documented 14 mortalities in the wild population of Mexican wolves in 2019. This is a 33 percent decrease from documented mortalities (21) in 2018.

During the aerial count, biologists captured 21 wolves and fitted them with new GPS tracking collars. This brings the number of collared wolves in the wild to 103 (63 percent of the known population). These radio collars use satellite technology to accurately record wolf locations on a frequent basis. Biologists on the IFT use this information to gain timely information about wolf behavior in the wild and assist with the management of the wild population.
In 2019, the IFT placed 12 captive-born pups into five wild dens (a process called “cross-fostering”) to boost the genetic variability in the wild population. The IFT has since captured and collared two of these pups and will continue efforts in 2020 to document others that may have survived. Since the first cross-fostering of Mexican wolf pups in 2014, the IFT has documented a minimum of nine cross-fostered pups recruited into the population and currently alive. Four cross-fostered wolves have survived to breeding age, resulting in multiple litters of genetically diverse pups born in the wild. Three more cross-fostered wolves will reach breeding age in April of 2020.
“The numbers highlight the wolf’s progress in the wild,” said Jim deVos, Assistant Director of Wildlife Management for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. “The results of this census are very important as they reflect the great progress being made in the recovery of the Mexican wolf in the United States. The increase in the Mexican wolf population is not an isolated year, but rather a continuum of increases over the last 10 years.”

The Mexican wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) is the rarest subspecies of the gray wolf in North America. It is listed separately from the gray wolf (Canis lupus) as an endangered subspecies under the federal Endangered Species Act. Once common throughout portions of the southwestern United States and Mexico, it was all but eliminated from the wild by the 1970s.
Working with the Mexican government, the Service in 1977 began developing a captive breeding program to restore the wolf’s numbers. It started with seven wolves, aiming for the day the program could release wolves into the wild. That day came in 1998, when the Service, in cooperation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, released 11 wolves within a range called the Mexican Wolf Experimental Population Area in Arizona and New Mexico. In 2011, the program expanded to Mexico with the release of wolves in the Sierra Madre Occidental. Mexico currently estimates there are approximately 30 Mexican wolves in the Sierra Madre Occidental.
In November 2017, the Service completed a revised Mexican Wolf Recovery Plan, after working with state agencies and other partners. The recovery plan uses the best available science to chart a path forward for the Mexican wolf that can be accommodated within the subspecies’ historical range in the southwestern United States and Mexico. This revised plan provides measurable and objective criteria for a successful recovery. When those goals are met, the Service will be able to remove the Mexican wolf from the list of endangered species and turn management over to the states.
In addition to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department, partners in the recovery program include the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF), USDA Forest Service (USFS), USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Wildlife Services (USDA-APHIS WS), White Mountain Apache Tribe (WMAT), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the U.S. National Park Service (NPS).
For more information on the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, visit the USFWS Mexican wolf website ( or visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website on Mexican wolves

About The Arizona Game and Fish Department
The Arizona Game and Fish Department’s mission is to conserve Arizona’s diverse wildlife resources and manage for safe, compatible outdoor recreation opportunities for current and future generations.

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U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Seeks Public Input to Increase Access to Refuge Lands

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Seeks Public Input to Increase Access to Refuge Lands
USA – -( As part of its ongoing effort to increase public access on federal lands, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today announced it is seeking the public’s assistance to develop a list of its managed lands that would benefit from new or increased access routes.
On March 12, 2019, President Donald Trump signed into law the John D. Dingell Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act (S.47, the Dingell Act), which directs the Service and other federal land management agencies to develop a priority list of lands that have significantly restricted or no public access where that access could be improved.
The public is encouraged to identify national wildlife refuges, fish hatcheries and other lands managed by the Service that meet the complete criteria.
“Improving public access to hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation on national wildlife refuges and fish hatcheries has been a key focus of the Department of the Interior under this Administration,” said Fish and Wildlife Service Director Aurelia Skipwith.
“In just the last year, the Department opened 1.4 million acres of land and water to new or additional hunting and fishing opportunities — the single largest expansion on Service-managed lands in recent history. We’re committed to continue expanding the availability of these unique and magnificent places for wildlife-dependent recreation for the benefit of the American people.”
Comments will be accepted over a 30-day comment period from February 10-March 11, 2020.
Some of the criteria for nominated lands include: public lands must be managed by the Service and 640 contiguous acres; have significantly restricted or no public access; and be open under federal or state law to hunting, fishing, or use of the land for other public recreational purposes.
For additional information and a full list of required criteria for consideration as specified by the Dingell Act, visit:
Commenters are encouraged to review the required criteria and include additional information as to why the parcel should be on the Service’s priority list. Once the comment period closes the Service will evaluate the nominations to determine which lands meet the requirements and considerations specified by the Dingell Act.
The Service’s final priority list will be posted online by March 12, 2020, and updated biennially thereafter for 10 years.
The Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service have also sought the public’s input to nominate lands within their jurisdictions under similar criteria.

The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. We are both a leader and trusted partner in fish and wildlife conservation, known for our scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, dedicated professionals, and commitment to public service. For more information on our work and the people who make it happen, visit
For more information on our work and the people who make it happen, visit Connect with our Facebook page, follow our tweets, watch our YouTube Channel and download photos from our Flickr page.
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SCI to Auction Rifle Number Five in the Series of Five World Heritage Guns

SCI to Auction Rifle Number Five in the Series of Five World Heritage GunsU.S.A. –-( The fifth and last of five rifles in the World Heritage Rifle Series – representing the Americas – is a .338 Winchester Magnum, donated by John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery Inc. The rifle will be auctioned at the 47th SCI Hunters’ Convention to be held in Reno, Nevada, January 9-12, 2019.The World Heritage Rifle Series consists of five spectacular rifles, each representing the best of the gunmaker’s art and one of the world’s five hunting continents, Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, and the Americas, and featuring materials representing its continent. The fifth and last of five rifles in the World Heritage Rifle Series – representing the Americas – is a .338 Winchester Magnum, donated by John Bolliger’s Mountain Riflery Inc.The Americas rifle is built on a highly-refined Pre 64 Winchester Model 70 action, full coverage engraving and complemented by an exquisite stock of highly-figured exhibition grade Turkish walnut in the Bolliger Custom style. It is equipped with a Swarovski Z8i 1.7-13.3X42 scope.It comes with a custom credenza for display, donated by Tom Julian and Sons, built from hand-selected figured walnut, with accessories including custom tools, cleaning rod and accessories along with scope storage.The .338 Winchester Magnum is the classic American caliber for this top of the line exhibition rifle that would be the pride of any gunroom. John R. Bolliger“It has been an honor being a part of the World Heritage Rifle Series. This rifle will forever hold a special place in my heart. It’s hard to explain the joy working side by side with my father once again creating this stunning rifle dedicated to the country we both love and treasure so much,” says Bolliger.For more information, contact John R. Bolliger at 208-241-6417 and visit’t attend the Convention this year? Follow the auctions and bid online. Get approved to bid at register to attend, click here –*** Please use #sciconvention in all your social media coverage.***About the SCI Hunters’ Convention:Safari Club expects upwards of 24,000 international hunters to visitLas Vegas, January 31-February 3, 2018.  The SCI Hunters’ Convention represents the largest and most successful event to raise money for advocacy to protect hunters’ rights. The 2018 Hunters’ Convention will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center with over a million square feet of exhibits and almost 1,000 exhibiting companies.  Book rooms at Becoming an SCI Member:Joining Safari Club International is the best way to be an advocate for continuing our hunting heritage and supporting worldwide sustainable use conservation, wildlife education and humanitarian services. JOIN NOW: Club International – First For Hunters is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI has approximately 200 Chapters worldwide and its members represent all 50 of the United States as well as 106 other countries. SCI’s proactive leadership in a host of cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups, research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife management and conservation. Visit the home page or call 520-620-1220 for more information.The post SCI to Auction Rifle Number Five in the Series of Five World Heritage Guns appeared first on

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Hunter & Conservationist Sue New Jersey Over Feel-Good Black Bear Hunt Ban

Hunter & Conservationist Sue New Jersey Over Feel-Good Black Bear Hunt BanNew Jersey – -( Today, the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, Safari Club International, and Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation filed a legal challenge to New Jersey’s ill-advised closure of state lands to the upcoming black bear hunt.“NJOA is proud to continue the fight for sound wildlife management,” said Ed Markowski, President of the New Jersey Outdoor Alliance. “New Jersey sportsmen only want access to the lands they pay for and maintain and for wildlife policy to be free from the special interest agendas of anti-hunting extremists and career politicians who are long on rhetoric and short on science.”“New Jersey has held successful and scientifically-sound black bear hunts since 2010, but this year the new democrat governor Phil Murphy promised to stop the hunt regardless of what the state’s own wildlife professionals decide,” said SCI President Paul Babaz. “SCI and its partners have battled to protect New Jersey’s bear hunt since 2004 and we will continue to support science-based management over emotion-driven decisions.”“It’s a sad day when a governor willingly puts his own constituents at risk just to fulfill a campaign promise to a vocal minority,” said Evan Heusinkveld, president and CEO of the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “This is political pandering at its finest. Governor Murphy knows that the wildlife experts in his own agencies use the best available science and practices when evaluating wildlife populations and hunting regulations. It is a slap in the face to the state’s biologists and wildlife managers who have spent their entire careers working on these issues, only to have a politician tell them ‘I know better.’”The lawsuit’s claims include:that the State violated New Jersey law by banning black bear hunting on state-managed lands without scientific or policy justification, but instead in fulfillment of a campaign promise;that the State violated federal law by diverting the use of state-managed lands away from the uses mandated by funding laws and agreement with the federal government;that the State violated other substantive and procedural laws and requirements in banning black bear hunting on state-managed lands, including by failing to take public comment or consider scientific evidence.NJOA, SCI and the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation filed the lawsuit in New Jersey state court.As part of this effort, the organizations are interested in hearing from New Jersey hunters (both residents and nonresidents) who had plans to hunt black bears on public lands this fall. If you are a member of one of the three organizations and have been affected by the closure, please contact that organization using the email addresses provided below.About NJOA: New Jersey Outdoor Alliance’s mission is “preservation through conservation.” NJOA serves as a grassroots coalition of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen dedicated to the conservation of natural resources and environmental stewardship that champions the intrinsic value of fishing, hunting and trapping, among opinion leaders, policy makers, and the public at-large. To join NJOA, make a financial contribution toward NJOA’s efforts or learn more about the organization, please visit: For media inquiries, contact Cody McLaughlin at [email protected] SCI: Safari Club International represents 50,000 members and all hunters in the fight to protect hunting opportunities and access. SCI’s mission is to protect the freedom to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI has gone to court many times over the past fifteen years to advocate for New Jersey’s management of bears through regulated hunting. To become a member of SCI or make a financial donation to help SCI’s litigation efforts, please visit, members wishing to provide information to SCI lawyers about how the public lands closure affects their ability to hunt should contact Jeremy Clare at [email protected] the Sportsmen’s Alliance: The Sportsmen’s Alliance protects and defends America’s wildlife conservation programs and the pursuits – hunting, fishing and trapping – that generate the money to pay for them. The Sportsmen’s Alliance was specifically created to protect the outdoor heritage from animal-rights activists and organizations seeking to end those pursuits and undermine the nation’s conservation model. The Alliance partners with other organizations, such as SCI and NJOA, to provide a unified and formidable legal front, and has done so in New Jersey for bears many times, as well as in all 50 states, the courts and at the ballot box. To join the Alliance click here, or to donate to the Sportsmen’s Legal Defense Fund click here. For media inquiries, contact Brian Lynn at [email protected] post Hunter & Conservationist Sue New Jersey Over Feel-Good Black Bear Hunt Ban appeared first on

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