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Biden’s Odious Remarks on Curtailing 2nd Amendment Rights – Part 2

Democrat Joe Biden declared he would put anti-gun former Congressman Beto O’Rourke in as point man on guns during a Dallas rally. (Screen snip, YouTube, MSNBC)
U.S.A. –-( Biden, like all scheming Anti-Constitutionalist Anti-Second Amendment Neoliberal Transnationalist Globalist Collectivist Establishment politicians, is an obsequious, compliant stooge of the secretive Billionaire Globalist Corporatists. He duplicitously and hypocritically claims to support the Second Amendment, when he does not. He suggests that compelling Americans to compromise the exercise of their fundamental, primordial, immutable, unalienable right—such as forcing Americans to surrender their semiautomatic firearms, and confining ammunition magazine capacity—is fully consistent with his claim to support preservation of the elemental right of the people to keep and bear arms. And, he expects the American public to believe him. To accept Biden’s incoherent nonsense is the height of absurdity.
Worse than thieves, murderers, or cannibals, those who offer compromise slow you and sap your vitality while pretending to be your friends. They are not your friends. Compromisers are the enemies of all humanity, the enemies of life itself. Compromisers are the enemies of everything important, sacred, and true. ~ L. Neil Smith, Libertarian, novelist, and non-fiction writer; from his political essay “Lever Action”
Whenever evil wins, it is only by default: by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles. ~Ayn Rand, writer and philosopher; from “Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal”
Does Biden hold the American citizenry in such low regard that he expects the citizenry to accept his deceitful lies as self-evident truths?
Who is Biden really fooling, here?
The word, ‘compromise,’ has two alternate, incompatible meanings. It can connote: a ‘settlement of differences by arbitration or by consent reached by mutual concessions; namely ‘something intermediate between or blending qualities of two different things;’ ‘an agreement between two sides who have different opinions, in which each side gives up something it had wanted.’ But, the word, can also connote, ‘a concession to something derogatory or prejudicial a compromise of one’s principles;’ namely, ‘to expose or make vulnerable to danger, suspicion, scandal, etc.; jeopardize: e.g., a military oversight that compromised the nation’s defenses.’
It is clear how Biden and, by extension, how all Radical Left and New Progressive Left Democrats use the word, ‘compromise,’ apropos of the Second Amendment. They suggest, deceitfully to the public, that they mean, ‘negotiate,’ “commonsense” restrictions on the exercise of the natural right. But, what they really mean, if only tacitly, is to eventually ‘prohibit’ exercise of the natural right of the people to keep and bear arms.
Biden, like all scheming Anti-Constitutionalist Anti-Second Amendment Neoliberal Transnationalist Globalist Collectivist Establishment politicians, is an obsequious, compliant stooge of the secretive Billionaire Globalist Corporatists. He duplicitously and hypocritically claims to support the Second Amendment, when he does not. He suggests that compelling Americans to compromise the exercise of their fundamental, primordial, immutable, unalienable right—such as forcing Americans to surrender their semiautomatic firearms, and confining ammunition magazine capacity—is fully consistent with his claim to support preservation of the elemental right of the people to keep and bear arms. Does he really expect the American public to believe him? To accept Biden’s incoherent nonsense is the height of absurdity. Does Biden hold the American citizenry in such low regard that he expects the citizenry to accept his deceitful lies as self-evident truths. Who is Biden really fooling, here?
Biden’s remarks amount to a mouthful of bland, flat, bald-faced lies and gross exaggerations, assuming one can decipher his remarks at all, as so many incoherent declarations emanate from him. Mostly, his remarks devolve into a series of rambling incoherent musings, inconsistencies, and mind-numbing disconcerting schizophasia—meaningless blather—all but impossible to unscramble, and apt to cause a migraine headache for anyone who tries.
Listening to Biden yap brings to mind the comedian Irwin Corey, the master of double-talk. The two would have made a fabulously successful comedy team in the fashion of Abbott and Costello, and the Smothers Brothers. Biden has missed his true calling.
The sad and tragic thing is that Biden expects to be taken seriously. If he were a stand-up comic, it would be amusing to listen to him, all the more so since he tends to come across as patronizing—a nice touch were that a part of his comic skit. Biden must think that the failure of the public to understand him is due to the inability of most people to fully appreciate the intricacies of his genius; his mind a steel-trap; impossible for those of lesser intellect to fathom.
The Washington Examiner had this to say about Biden, back in 2019:
“Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic front-runner crowd, left some in the crowd at the Iowa State Fair mystified when he told them: ‘We choose truth over facts.’
Does Biden know what he is talking about? I don’t and I would assume you don’t. And my guess is that Biden doesn’t know what he is talking about either.
The words, ‘true’ and ‘false’ are referred to in logic as “Truth-bearers.” Truth-bearers aren’t facts, and facts aren’t truth-bearers. And, Biden is correct, although unwittingly, when he implies that truth-bearers are not facts. But, that has nothing to do with the notion of choice. One doesn’t choose truth over facts or facts over truth. That assertion is incongruous.
Logicians, mathematicians, and epistemologists do not conceive of facts and truth-bearers as incompatible things; as antinomies. Facts and Truth-Bearers are two distinct kinds of things, but the two do work in tandem.
And there are many different theories of truth. Under a typical theory, say, the correspondence theory, ‘truth’ does make use of ‘facts;’ better referred to as ‘events;’ or better yet, ‘states of affairs.’ A proposition is said to be ‘true’ if it corresponds with or mirrors a ‘fact,’ and a proposition is said to be ‘false’ if it doesn’t correspond to a fact. Thus, the proposition, ‘Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States,’ is said to be true, if the event, state of affairs, or “fact,” does comes to pass, i.e., corresponds with or mirrors the fact that Joe Biden does become President of the United States. And, the proposition is said to be false if the event, state of affairs or fact, does not come to pass. Whatever event happens to transpire, the event, (or state of affairs, or fact) is not itself, ‘true’ or ‘false;’ it simply is or is not. But the proposition or statement about the matter is the thing to which one properly utilizes the concept of truth, under the typical correspondence theory of truth.
Now, when Biden says that, “We choose truth over facts,” it may be Biden is enunciating or, at least, intimating a new, dramatic theory of truth. If there is anything to it, the impact on our understanding of logic, mathematics, epistemology and of any of the hard sciences—indeed, on the very notion of reality and ‘real things,’ impacting ontology, metaphysics, and information science—must be drastically revised; and Biden ought to be lecturing at M.I.T. or Cal Tech, and not wasting his talents on the campaign trail, yapping it up in front of we, the mere Hoi Polloi.
The question of Biden’s mental acumen, for Americans, were he to become U.S. President, is no small matter. It is material and profound: Is Joe Biden a genius in disguise or an idiot? If the former, we should take notice. He may be a Godsend; or the Devil incarnate, heralding the End of Days, not only for Americans but for all of humanity. And, if he is a dolt, then the prospects for our Nation, our Constitution, and our people is no less horrifying, if he were to become U.S. President. In either event, evil genius or dullard, it says something, not particularly pleasant, about the Democrat Party that they would thrust Biden on all of us; that this is the Party’s best prospect for our Country; that he is the Great Hope they are banking on to defeat their nemesis, Donald Trump. But be not mistaken: Such horrors await us beyond imagining if Biden ekes out a win in 2020 and takes possession of the Oval Office. We will all be catapulted head over heels, into a Hellish realm. The Hellraiser Horror film franchise comes to mind.

About The Arbalest Quarrel:
Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.
For more information, visit:
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Pennsylvania: Gun Shops Allowed to Reopen on a Limited Basis

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf recently reversed an earlier decision to close gun shops during the COVID-19 outbreak
Fairfax, VA – -( During the current Covid 19 outbreak, many businesses were forced to close because they are considered “non-life-sustaining.”  Up until yesterday, Governor Tom Wolf considered gun stores, and by extension the Second Amendment, “non-life-sustaining” as well.  With customers lined up out the doors attempting to exercise their Second Amendment rights, gun stores were forced to close.
Following a dissenting opinion from Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice David Wecht and two other Justices, Governor Tom Wolf quietly removed gun shops from that list yesterday.  The opinion made it clear that Governor Wolf’s shuttering of gun shops amounted to “an absolute and indefinite prohibition upon the acquisition of firearms by the citizens of this commonwealth – a result in clear tension with the Second Amendment.”
Gun stores are now able to reopen and sell their wares on a limited basis.  All transactions must be done by individual appointment during limited hours.
Your NRA-ILA will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated with any information that becomes available.

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:
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Springfield Armory Unveils New Website

Springfield Armory Unveils New Website
U.S.A. –-( Springfield Armory is proud to announce its newly redesigned website live now at
Featuring media-rich content and a streamlined interface, the site provides visitors with an attractive and informative source of information on Springfield Armory products. Customers can browse through Springfield Armory firearms based on their specific needs, and delve deeply into detailed product descriptions and interactive comparative tools.
To help you make the most informed decision on your next purchase, the comparative tool allows you to select various models and compare them directly side-by-side. The result is an extremely helpful interface for selecting just the right Springfield Armory firearm for you.
“This new site has been designed from the ground up to deliver an enhanced user experience,” explains Springfield Armory Vice President of Marketing, Steve Kramer. “We encourage everyone to visit our website and explore our latest features. We want you to have the best resources at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your next Springfield Armory firearm or accessory purchase.”
Additionally, the site is tuned to provide informed suggestions on complementary accessories and merchandise related to what you are viewing, integrating with the Springfield Armory Store. The result is a seamless shopping experience that provides you with the information you need, and suggestions on supporting products that you can drop right into your virtual shopping cart.
The new site also integrates content from, a firearms-oriented lifestyle website that delivers daily content on subjects ranging from EDC to survival to guns and gear and more. This system provides visitors with curated posts related to featured Springfield Armory products, resulting in content that adds additional layers of informative and educational content.
To check out the newly launched Springfield Armory website, please visit

About Springfield Armory
In 1794, the original Springfield Armory began manufacturing muskets for the defense of our young, free Republic. The Armory functioned as a firearms supplier for every major American conflict until 1968 when the government sadly closed its doors. In 1974, nearly two centuries after its inception, Springfield Armory Inc. in Geneseo, Ill. revived the iconic heritage of the Armory to carry on its legacy.
We strive to honor this responsibility as guardians of the original Springfield Armory legacy by manufacturing the highest quality firearms to enable responsible citizens to preserve their right to keep and bear arms in the defense of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
With an unmatched emphasis on craftsmanship, performance and exceptional customer service, our mission is to forge superior firearms and provide the tools necessary to defend individual freedoms and equality for those who embrace the rights and principles secured by our Founding Fathers. For more information, please visit us at:
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Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm, First Rounds – Review

Smith & Wesson Shield 9 EZ
U.S.A. –-( Back in December, I was treated to trip out to the East coast to meet up with the team at Smith and Wesson, and to tour their factory.  I was also able to shoot some (as of then) unreleased guns to get an early look.  Among them was Smith and Wesson’s latest model to the EZ line, the Smith and Wesson Shield 9 EZ.  Chambered in 9mm, it took many of the features that made the Shield EZ 380 a success and brought them to bear on the slightly bigger (and vastly more popular) 9mm round.  While range time was limited to a couple of hundred rounds with a well-worn test unit, I still came away with a generally positive impression.  Reliability was good, accuracy was acceptable (if uninspiring) and the ergonomic choices that lend to the EZ line worked as they were supposed to.  Now I have my own T&E model, with more time to see what I can wring out of it.
Smith & Wesson M&P Shield EZ 9mm
Let’s quickly cover what the EZ is supposed to mean here.  The EZ line differentiates from the standard M&P Shield lineup by being easy to rack, easy to load the mags, and easy to shoot.  The idea is that not everyone has the hand strength to rack a standard slide, nor the desire to load their own mags if it’s a pain in the ass.  How many new shooters have you seen be handed a gun that’s ready to fire (safely of course)?  That’s how many learn, and the EZ series is meant to bridge the gap from someone who will shoot, to someone who will own, operate and bear these arms.
Smith & Wesson Shield 9 EZ
The EZ goals are achieved in a couple of ways.  The slide is not only serrated but has flared edges at the rear of the slide that reduces the grip strength needed to squeeze the slide.  This works and works well.  The firing mechanism is an internal hammer, which resists the cocking motion less than a striker-fired assembly does.  It is not hard to rack this slide, I can do it with my thumb and ring finger alone.  Finally, the magazine has a feature many will recognize from their favorite .22 LR handguns, thumbstuds on the side of the magazine that allow you to control the follower.  You can easily depress the follower allowing for easy insertion of the next round while using the strength of your whole hand instead of passing all that force through one thumb.  That’s a feature I can see a lot of older/more petite shooters appreciating.
Thumbstuds make loading the magazine EZ.
Now a quick look at the spec sheet before we retroactively hit the range.

Caliber:  9mm
Capacity:  8+1
Barrel length:  3.675″
Overall length:  6.8″
Frame:  Polymer
Weight: 23 ounces
Barrel:  Stainless steel with Armornite finish
Slide:  Stainless steel with Armornite finish
Thumb safety:  Factory option
Action:  Internal hammer
Grip angle:  18°

So off to the range we go.  I brought along two types of ammo, Federal’s American Eagle 115gr FMJ’s and Norma’s 108gr Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP).
Federal’s American Eagle 115gr FMJ’s and Norma’s 108gr Monolithic Hollow Point (MHP)
The American Eagle is a good budget option, and the Norma MHP has really good (consistent, broad) expansion in ballistic gelatin.  Shooting took place at 7 yards.  I started with the American Eagle, which functioned perfectly through the first 200 rounds.  A good start.  The best 8-round group looked like this:
Best 8-round group, with American Eagle

But most of the groups with American Eagle through the Smith and Wesson Shield 9 EZ looked more like this:

An average group with American Eagle
The vertical stringing got worse until I finally let up on the firing schedule and let the barrel cool.  I switched over to the Norma MHP round and got one group out before running into a problem.
Jam sandwich
Houston, we have a problem.  The MHP round is ever so slightly longer than the FMJ, causing it to bind up in the mag.  This wasn’t a minor, easy to fix jam up, this was a total fight-stopper.  Norma’s MHP has fed through every other 9mm gun I have tried (three Glock’s, an MP5k, a QC10 PCC, and a 1965 vintage Browning Hi-power) so it’s hard to fault the ammo.  Perhaps the mags I received are on the tight end of the tolerance scale.  Either way, it’s information for potential buyers to evaluate and decide upon themselves.
Let’s chat a little about the ergonomics of the gun.  I really like the aggressive texture on the frame.  After the first hundred rounds, my skin cells started accumulating on the frame in a fine white powder.  The texture is aggressive enough to help maintain grip, but not so much as to cause discomfort.  A good balance.  What I didn’t like was the grip safety.  It doesn’t recess all the way into the grip, so when the gun is recoiling it really focuses the backward force into the base of my palm.  The recoil is managed well by the recoil spring, but there’s still excessive pressure focused on one spot on my hand.  I’d like to hear from a few others to see if they have a similar experience with the Smith and Wesson Shield 9 EZ.
This wraps up my “first rounds” article, which will be followed down the road by a more extensive look.  I’d like to try 2-3 more types of ammo to see if the magazines bind up with them as well.  Accuracy was better with this brand new sample than with the factory high-mileage test model (no surprise).  Given the current run on ammo, it may be some time before I get to source more “work” ammo for testing.  But when I do, I’ll be back with more testing and results.  In the meantime, the Smith and Wesson Shield 9 EZ has an MSRP of $479, with a street price closer to $375.  Check it out!

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About Rex Nanorum

Rex Nanorum is an Alaskan Expatriate living in Oregon with his wife and kids. Growing up on commercial fishing vessels, he found his next adventure with the 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regt. After 5 tours to Afghanistan and Iraq, he adventured about the west coast becoming a commercial fisheries and salvage SCUBA diver, rated helicopter pilot instructor (CFII) and personal trainer, before becoming a gear reviewer and writer.”

-Rex Nanorum

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American Holoptics to Acquire EOTech from L3Harris Technologies

EOTech Vudu 1-8
U.S.A. –-( American Holoptics LLC, a privately-held U.S. company, has signed a definitive agreement with L3Harris to acquire EOTech. The transaction is expected to close mid-2020 and is conditioned on customary closing conditions.
American Holoptics is a subsidiary of Koucar Management, whose strategic acquisitions of Elite Defense and HEL Technologies represent a solid foundation of cutting-edge optical science and weapons systems distribution. The American Holoptics leadership team has an exceptionally broad and deep experience providing high-quality products to the global weapons accessory market. In addition, this team has a proven track record of building customer-first and technology-focused organizations.
“We’re proud to sign this agreement to join our team and technology with the EOTech brand,” says Matt Van Haaren, CEO of American Holoptics. “EOTech brings together technologically advanced product lines and production capabilities that will integrate well with our existing business and strategically expand our product portfolio. Together we will deliver an all-new level of service, innovation, and integrity to military, law enforcement and civilian users around the world.”

About EOTech
Headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, EOTech designs, manufactures and markets electro-optical products, VUDU rifle optics, thermal devices, and night vision systems. Due to its advanced technology, EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS) are among the fastest and most intuitive sighting systems on the planet. This is exactly why you’ll find them on the weapons of America’s most elite law enforcement professionals and special operations warriors. You’ll immediately see the advantage the instant you engage a target.
About Elite Defense
Headquartered in Clawson, MI, Elite Defense LLC is a distributor and regulatory compliance manager for over 170 international partners in the small arms weapons and tactical equipment markets. Since its founding in 2007, Elite has represented many of the most sought-after and well-known brands in the industry. Elite has been EOTech’s largest customer in its international sales history and will bring that expertise with it as a member of the American Holoptics team.
About HEL Technologies
Headquartered in Clawson, MI, HEL Technologies LLC was formed to continue, and complete holographic R&D. HEL Technologies has developed and secured 4 patents related to its Holographic Edge Lighting design that will bring game-changing innovations to the small arms weapon sight market. In addition, HEL Technologies will have the only USA based emulsion lab dedicated to developing new applications for its holographic R&D.
About Koucar Management
Koucar Management, LLC is a privately held, Michigan-based company with a diverse portfolio of holdings and investments. Koucar Management has an investment strategy that firmly focuses on expansion within existing industries, bringing new vitality to acquired businesses and laying the groundwork for new ventures. With their recognized management strengths and ample financial resources, Koucar Management is providing growth capital and other resources to its portfolio of companies. Koucar’s vision is clear; motivated skilled partners & employees, significant financial strength and stability, a willingness to look beyond conventional performance measurements and an untiring commitment to its customers.
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Hearing Protection Tips with Shooting Sports Pro Travis Gibson

Hearing Protection Tips with Shooting Sports Pro Travis Gibson
U.S.A. –-( Electronic earmuffs are a popular form of hearing protection for shooting sports enthusiasts. All models of Howard Leight electronic earmuffs have an amplification feature that allows wearers to easily conduct conversation and hear range commands. There’s a single control dial on the side that turns the external microphones and internal speakers on. After they turn on, the further the dial is advanced, the greater the amplification. Depending on the specific Howard Leight model, ambient sound can be amplified up to 4x or 5x at the maximum setting.
Most people refer to this as the “volume adjustment”, but electronics and audio enthusiasts may be interested to know that while ambient sound does increase in volume as the dial is advanced, the dial adjustment is actually controlling gain. In other words, as the dial is turned up, it is not increasing the output of the speakers inside the ear cups, it is actually increasing sound input through the external microphones, allowing the wearer to better hear sounds that are farther away.
So, if these things actually amplify sound, how do they protect your ears from dangerous gunfire?
That’s a common question, and the answer begins with the understanding that electronic earmuffs protect hearing through passive attenuation. That means they provide the same amount of protection whether they are turned off or turned on. The electronic circuitry is the second part to the answer. Regardless of what the amplification is set to, anytime the electronics detect a sound louder than 82 decibels coming into the external microphones, they quickly turn the amplification to the speakers inside the ear cups down. During this brief period, the sound amplification is much lower. When the external noise level drops below 82dB again, the amplification circuit resumes the set volume level.
So, since amplification has no impact on the muff’s hearing protection, the amplification or gain setting is strictly a matter of personal preference. The setting should be dictated by the wearer’s environment and how much they want or need to hear what’s happening around them.
Competitive shooting sports athlete and Howard Leight Shooting Sports Pro Ambassador, Travis Gibson, explains.

“In most competition situations, I get all the information I need from my vision and direct feedback or feel from the firearm I’m using,” says Gibson. “I usually don’t need amplification at all, so it doesn’t really matter to me if my muffs are turned on or off. I get the same protection… a noise reduction rating of 22 decibels from the muffs themselves. The minute I step off the course, I do want to hear what’s going on around me, so that’s when I’ll make sure they’re turned on.”
Gibson says many electronic hearing protection wearers make the mistake of turning the amplification or gain up higher than it needs to be.
“In most situations, the lowest gain setting… 1X amplification… is ideal,” he says. “Imagine being at the range and talking face-to-face with someone. Do you really need to hear them 2, 3, 4 or even 5 times louder than normal? Usually not. Exceptions to this would be if you really want to hear what’s going on farther away from your location, if you have some level of hearing loss, or if you wear foam earplugs under your muffs for additional protection. Another exception would be in a hunting situation when the hunter wants to be able to hear approaching game. Higher amplification provides real benefits in those situations,” Gibson adds. “In a lot of cases though, higher amplification just means more distractions from wind noise and other unimportant background noise – especially for folks wearing electronic muffs in a normal shooting range situation.”
Understanding how the amplification feature works — and setting it appropriately — will definitely improve your experience when wearing electronic hearing protection.
Learn more about Howard Leight’s complete line of hearing protection products for shooting sports enthusiasts at or join the conversation on social media at @howardleightshootingsports.
Follow Travis Gibson on Facebook @travisgibson6774 and Instagram @travtracgibson.

Howard Leight safety products empower individuals and families across the globe to enjoy more and worry less. Our industry leading hearing and eye protection help people more safely enjoy the events and activities they love. Our broad selection of comfortable and stylish protective eyewear delivers safety without compromise. Building on over 30 years of innovation, we’re continually developing new designs, materials and technologies to enhance comfort and protection for industry trade professionals, recreational and competitive shooters, DIY homeowners, and all fans of live music and sporting events. Whatever your passion, trust Howard Leight to block out the noise so you can listen to what’s important, while staying safely focused on the big moments that matter. Learn more at
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SIG Continues Free P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program

A SIG P320 Pre-Voluntary Upgrade Program. Note the thicker trigger.
U.S.A.-( In response to a previous settlement stemming from a class-action lawsuit filed against SIG, the company continues to offer a VUP (voluntary upgrade program) for all its P320 pistols purchased prior to August 2017. While SIG denies the allegations of wrong-doing, shooters in possession of P320 pistols eligible for this upgrade should really take advantage of it, since SIG is paying for everything including shipping. For the full details, check out the official statement released by SIG below.
Dear Valued Customers,
Below, please find information that is being forwarded again as part of the recent Hartley Agreement regarding Sig Sauer’s P320 upgrade program, which is available to all P320 pistol owners. The below notice has been approved by the court as part of the resolution of a class-action lawsuit.
This upgrade program has been available to all P320 owners since August 2017, and it remains available to all P320 owners who purchased their pistols before that date. The upgrade program is completely free of charge to all customers; SIG SAUER is even covering the cost of shipping and returning your P320 pistol to you!
Based on its own internal testing and input from various law enforcement, government and military customers, SIG SAUER modified the design of its P320 pistol to improve its safety, reliability and overall performance. Specifically, the upgraded P320 has lighter internal components, including a new thinner-profile trigger and a lighter sear and striker. These upgrades will enhance the protection against unintended discharges if the pistol is dropped. Any unintended discharge, including a discharge from a dropped firearm, includes a risk of death or serious bodily injury to all those in the vicinity of the firearm.
Additionally, the upgraded P320 pistol includes a mechanical disconnector which provides an additional layer of protection against cartridge failure events. A cartridge failure event can pose a risk of injury to the shooter or those in the immediate vicinity and can also cause damage to the firearm itself. The addition of a mechanical disconnector also prevents a dead trigger if the trigger is pulled while the slide is retracted.
SIG SAUER is reaching out to remind P320 owners of this free upgrade program and to encourage all P320 owners who have not yet participated to take advantage of this program. Since SIG SAUER started the upgrade program, over a hundred thousand P320s have been upgraded. Customers that have taken advantage of the program have been extremely pleased with the enhanced performance, reliability and safety, and have appreciated the ease and turnaround time of this upgrade process.
SIG SAUER encourages all P320 owners whose pistols do not include the upgraded design to participate in the free upgrade program. For more information on the upgrade or how to participate in the program, please visit SIG SAUER’s website at

About SIG SAUER, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, and training. For over 150 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved, and thrived, by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of elite firearms instruction and tactical training at the SIG SAUER Academy. Headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, SIG SAUER has almost 2,000 employees across eight locations. For more information about the company and product line visit:
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CGS Group Helios: The Best 5.56 Suppressor Ever? ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. –-( This is the CGS Group Helios 5.56 Suppressor, and it is quite possibly the best 5.56 suppressor ever devised for several reasons. Most 5.56 specific suppressors have some limitations by design, and for these reasons, I never recommend that a first-time suppressor buyer get a 5.56 can. Unless, 5.56 is the primary round they shoot, and really don’t care about anything else. Let’s take a look at some of these limitations and how CGS Group has tried to address them with the Helios.
CGS Group Helios 5.56 Suppressor
First, 5.56 suppressors have to be built extremely tough; there’s nothing harder on a suppressor than really hard use 5.56 shooting. You want tough? This thing is made out of  3D printed Inconel; what exactly does that mean? It means go nuts, whatever you got it can handle it. Full auto, belt-fed, 5.56, burn it down to the point the barrel is melting; whatever you have, it just laughs and asks for more. You’d be hard-pressed to find a tougher built suppressor. CGS tested this can with belt feed 249 machine guns. They have run this thing so hard on various full auto platforms to the point that barrels were starting to melt, and the suppressor was fine through it all. Inconel is one of the best choices for suppressor materials when it comes to hard use with a lot of pressure and heat.
Helios on the Noveske Ghetto Blaster
One of the major problems with 556 suppressors is, they’re bored out to 556, so basically that’s the only caliber they can do. You can probably do 224 Valkyrie, but for the most part, 556 is it. If 556 is your jam, then I guess that’s all you really need. If you have some other calibers though, you’re very restricted and going to need a 30 caliber suppressor for all of your other rifle calibers. CGS refers to the Helios as a 556 suppressor. Because it is built tough enough to handle all the hard use you can throw at it. But, in what I’m going to call a sheer stroke of genius, they bored the can out for 30 caliber projectiles. That means you aren’t limited to just 556 out of your 556 suppressors. You can use .308 Win, 300 Black Out, 6.5 Creed, 762 x 39, 300 Norma Magnum. Basically, if it’s 30-caliber or less you can run it through the Helios. 
Helios on the FN SCAR 17
Another harsh fact about suppressing 556, is that it really just doesn’t suppress well. I don’t think anyone has ever heard 556 suppressed with any suppressor, and was like “damn that was nice” or “wow that was really quiet”. It’s an extremely high pressure round, it can be made hearing safe, but really cannot get what I would refer to as “quiet”. Now, you might be thinking, “well doesn’t the Helios make any sound sacrifices because of the larger bore”. We tested it side by side with the SIG SRD 556, by all accounts an excellent 556 suppressor, and everyone present felt that the Helios actually sounded better. The Helios actually sounded phenomenal across a wide range of calibers, we tested both supersonic and subsonic. When you get the Helios QD, you’ll get a very nice SKB hard case that holds the suppressor and several included accessories. The case is laid out very nicely with foam cut out to hold everything and a few open spaces for future accessories. The Helios comes with both a direct thread insert in 1/2 x 28 and 5/8 x 24 to work as a direct thread on almost any platform it is rated for. You’ll also have 2 end caps; one that will function as a traditional suppressor, and another vented end cap specifically designed to reduce backpressure in the suppressor and weapon system. This end cap will essentially give you the benefits of a flow-through suppressor. This will also give you virtually no gas to the face, potentially making your rifle more pleasant to shoot suppressed. Your rifle should also run a little cleaner with this end cap. Now, I will say that while the provided vented end cap does an amazing job eliminating backpressure, it does make the can significantly louder. Talking to CGS, there will be many new end caps coming out, and some with less or smaller holes in the end cap. I think that would be a more happy medium between lowering back pressure and providing a little more suppression. 
Normal front cap, 8 inch 5.56
Vented front cap 8 inch 5.56
Lastly in the case, you’ll have the QD adapter mount allowing your Helios to work with all the major mounts on the market today like Dead Air’s Keymo, JAMC Custom, Silencerco ASR, and Q Plan B, you can use the Helios with just about any mount available on the today. This is a great thing because if you’re invested in a particular company’s mounting system, you can more than likely use the Helios with that mounting system. 
The Helios has an amazingly pleasant deep tone and sounds phenomenal. Mainly due to the very unique baffle stack borrowed from their Hyperion suppressor. The idea behind the baffle stack in the Helios is to immediately vent the first chamber into the perimeter of the can so that the peak pressure lowers in the first section of V-shaped baffles to help prevent erosion. Then the gases that were vented off re-combine about midway through the suppressor causing turbulence and slowing down the airflow. Then the gases that have already been slowed by that process, pass through the second type of baffle that takes advantage of the lower pressure air caused by the turbulence. All of that means that there is actually a ton of engineering and a great use of the volume of the Helios, giving you the shooter, an amazing sounding suppressor, especially given its size.
Diagram showing how the baffle stack in the Helios works.
The CGS Helios is not a cheap suppressor. However, when you add up all the included accessories, both common thread pitch adapters, the adapter that allows it to use all industry common muzzle brakes, a normal end cap, one that virtually eliminates backpressure, the fact that it’s constructed from 3D printed Inconel and comes in a really nice case that you can actually use to transport it and all its accessories to and from the range, I really think that you’re getting your money’s worth. 
Helios on the Bergara Ridge Back
If you use your cans extremely hard on short barrel 556 or are lucky enough to have some full-auto stuff, this is an awesome can for you, it’s more than tough enough to take whatever you can dish out. Or, if you’re just a regular guy who wants a great sounding tough can that can suppress a wide range of rifle rounds, this works great for you as well. This suppressor covers a wide range of users and applications, and I feel that CGS has another real winner in their lineup.
CGS Helios in the included case and all the included accessories
CGS Group Helios

Length: 7.2 inches, with normal end cap and direct thread adapter
Diameter: 1.75 inches
Weight: 19 ounces, with normal end cap and direct thread adapter
Price: $1379.00 at Silencer Shop as of publication

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About Alabama Arsenal
We conduct in-depth, unbiased reviews on firearms and accessories. We are made up of all different backgrounds to give you the best range of opinions, including military experience and gunsmith work. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram.
Unlike many channels out there, we make it a priority to respond to your comments. We enjoy engaging with our followers, and will gladly answer any reasonable questions you may have.
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Bellingham WA to Give Mayor Power to Ban Sale And Carrying of Guns

Bellingham WA to Give Mayor Power to Ban The Sale And Carrying of Guns
Bellingham, Wash –-( With the rise of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) cases across the country many cities, states, and even the federal government has been passing measures to help their citizens in their time of need. Even bitter political enemies have put aside their vast differences to do what is right for the country. Democratic Socialist Rep Ilhan Omar even praised Trump for his “incredible and the right response” to the virus outbreak.
Where some people have put aside their political differences for the good of the country, others have used the crisis of our time to push their anti-gun agenda under the smokescreen of fighting the virus. One of the hardest-hit states by the virus is Washington. Seattle is the West Coast ground zero of the COVID-19 outbreak.
An hour and a half north of Seattle is the city of Bellingham there is a proposed “emergency” ordinance to deal with the novel coronavirus. The proposal will give Democrat Mayor Kelli Linville the unprecedented authority to restrict city resident’s right to bear arms.
The proposal would allow the mayor to issue an order “requiring the discontinuance of the sale, distribution, or giving away of firearms and/or ammunition for firearms in any or all parts of the city.”
The ordinance will give the mayor the power to order gun stores to immediately shut down until she deems the crisis over. She will also be able to order stores that are not primarily a gun store to remove firearms and ammunition from their shelves. The decision of which stores that law enforcement would shut down would be the mayor’s call.
Since the once in a lifetime pandemic hit the shores of the country, gun and ammunition sales have exploded in every corner of the US. A large portion of these sales is to first-time gun owners. It appears that people are now waking up to need to take responsibility for their own safety. A lot of these new gun owners used to be in the anti-gun crowd.
The ordinance gives the mayor the authority to directly violate the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the city. She will also be able to ban the carrying of firearms within the city limits. Of course, police officers will be exempt from the ordinance.
The ordinance deems the restrictions as “necessary to protect public health and safety.”
Mayor Linville isn’t the first government official to try to use the novel coronavirus as an excuse to remove people’s right to bear arms. Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen of Champaign, Illinois has granted herself the power to ban guns.
Mayor Feinen says she always had the power to ban firearms and other things like alcohol in emergencies. She stated the ordinance is just enumerating her right to violate other people’s rights. She said it is to “protect the welfare and safety of our community if needed.”
New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell also jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon. She used the COVID-19 outbreak to issue an executive order to grant herself the power to ban the sale of guns.
The Mayors in question say these ordinances are not about banning firearms. That raises the question if they are not about banning guns and the sale of firearms, then why include those powers in the ordinances?

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About John Crump
John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at
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Chinese COVID-19 Positive Thinking from U.S. Elite ~ VIDEO

USA – -( My Ranger buddy in Ranger School was a Marine Force Recon Sniper. Tom was a total badass and he turned out to be the Distinguished Honor Graduate of our class. Tom was absolutely the best – and most hilariously profane – cadence caller I’ve ever heard. My man took creative obscenity to a whole different level and I regularly got in trouble for laughing too hard.
Through this COVID-19 outbreak, I’ve been thinking about Tom and Ranger School. For those of you unfamiliar, Ranger School is just a suckfest of being tired and hungry and overall miserable – and through it all, trying to function (or at least, not major malfunction). So laughter and perspective are really crucial. Tom and I used to regularly counsel each other and hope for the best, expect the worst’. And somehow things seemed to normally turn out somewhere between the two – yes things sucked, but coulda been a lot worse.*
U.S. Elite Gear
Now to the present – here at U.S. Elite I have asked the Team to stay home, with the exception of Iron Ike, in all his Semper Fi spirit of manning the warehouse and getting our clients’ orders out. So we are still trucking, open for business, and thanks to Iron Ike, getting your orders out pronto. Our sister company and downstairs neighbor CrossFit SOAR has gone virtual, with online activities ranging from workouts to group Netflix movie watchings to meditation sessions.
U.S. Elite Screen Grab
We are all finding our balance and embracing the new normal as best as we can. If we can help you in any way, or if you have thoughts on how we could help others, please let us know. Most of our Community is in Service of some sort, and that spirit really shines. I am inspired by the leadership, compassion and genuine service I’m witnessing among people. Not only our medical teams and community leaders, first responders, etc. but everyday folks checking on neighbors, the elderly, those in need and just being there to help. Times like these display character and I thank you for showing the best side of humanity. At the end, we are all in this together.
I’d like to conclude with a classic cadence from Tom – talking about his ‘57 Chevy and all the epic events that transpired within (and in proximity to) that blessed blissful vehicle – but upon reflection think that may be best left for a different time. So I’ll wish you calm, power, grace, good health and gratitude for another day above ground. And hopefully a smile through it all.
With love & compassion,
* Yes things could have been worse, but for those of you with extra time on your hands, I just wanted to share a Ranger School suckfest story. (Everyone who’s been has a bunch of ‘em lol.) For background, Tom & I were both big eaters. As in, I used to compete in eating contests, and my ol’ man & I got kicked out of an all-you-can-eat for eating too much. For further background, I went into Ranger School with single digit body fat – and still lost 45 pounds. I was stick thin and it sucked, muscle eating what little muscle remained just to keep going. Pains me just thinking about it.
Anyway as usual, Tom and I were starving. We found our cache of meals (MRE’s, yum!) and were super excited – we got 5 meals at the same time! So of course what did we do…without another thought, we both decided to eat all 5 meals at the same time. Cause we were friggin’ geniuses, and realized that since we get two meals a day, we would only be hungry for 2.5 days – but for this meal, we would eat like Kings. And so it was. And we rejoiced – fat & happy!
Unfortunately later that day we got word that we had switched from a winter to a summer class – which meant switching from 2 meals per day to 1. So we had no meals for 5 days…yikes! We drank pine needle tea, scraped lichen from rocks, enjoyed deelish insects, tried to trap squirrels (they call those varmints ‘squirrelly’ for a reason, hard to trap! and we were never in one place too long so it was hard to catch any game)…whatever we could to get through that period of time. And we played mind games with ourselves and each other. ‘Cause we were both huge eaters, and were starving and beyond cranky after 2 days of no food. By 3 days, miserable and obsessed, and by 4 days, hallucinating.
What I vividly remember is going through the Everglades at night. Suuuuuper trippy. We’re moving literally through the swamps, with the water thigh high or so. And there I was, in an altered state of consciousness…seeing the delicious offerings each tree had, right over my head! A pizza tree, a sushi tree, a taco tree – each tree had a more tantalizing and succulent offering to feed my soul as well as my starving belly. All I had to do was pluck from here, pluck from there, eat Eat EAT – I was in Heaven!
I continued wading through the swamp, one hand with my weapon at the ready, one hand plucking delectables from the generous trees, those gifts from God, and stuffing my face. And to top it all off, I knew I was wading through a chocolate sundae, with delicious ice cream that I’d step into every step, some crunchy chips as a rewarding taste treat, with chocolate fudge covering the whole shebang. How could Heaven get any better?
And then I tripped over a root, and sputtering, went completely underwater…and realized this is not chocolate fudge, this is not ice cream, these are not pizza / taco / sushi trees…and I’m still friggin starving!! Omg I wanted to cry and scream for my mommy, I was supposed to be a grownass man but I just felt like a little baby.
Anyway we’ve all been through worse. That’s life. And as Frank Sinatra says in his famous song by that name:
Each time I find myself
Flat on my face
I pick myself up and get
Back in the race

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U.S. Elite is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has a GSA Contract (Schedule 84), and has earned an Excellent rating from StellaService and Shopper Approved.
Our Team is comprised of veterans, gear junkies, shooters, athletes, and folks who just like to serve. Kim will have you rolling on the floor, screaming laughter with tears in your eyes! Iron Ike balls-so-hard, and is compiling a looong list of places he’s been banned for life. Paul bangs his head to Motley Crue and Abe and Dave like to break out sledgehammers and beat things without remorse. Oh, and Ed was a Nukes officer in a past life; and Alex (still working with us indirectly, responsible for fulfilling your orders at our logistics company) played Lead Guitar for Cause for Alarm / Agnostic Front. Our mascot and Chief Motivation Officer is a rescue pup named The Shark, who has now been joined by another troublemaker named Stella. We also own and operate CrossFit SOAR, and when we’ve got some steam built up we go downstairs to WOD, or we just go outside and blow sh!t up. GET IT!
We Shall:

Offer only first-rate products and services.
Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
Commit to delivering a truly kickass customer experience.
Evolve, grow and consistently improve.
Have some fun along the way :).

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