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The Best Defense Survival #2 – With Special Guest Dr. William Aprill

U.S.A. –-( This week Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander, Michael Bane and Dr. Aprill address critical mental health issues, “hardening” your home and how to be your own editor.
More than a decade ago, TBD/SURVIVAL did a deep dive into pandemics and how Americans might protect themselves. Now that what we discussed in the abstract has come to pass, the TBD/SURVIVAL TEAM — Michael Janich, Rob Pincus, Mike Seeklander and Michael Bane — decided to come together to help people weather this crisis. Our commitment was always deeply personal; deeply honored that TBD saved lives. We are here to help.
The Pandemic episode from The Best Defense Survival is currently available for free on MOTV, by clicking here.
All past seasons of The Best Defense and The Best Defense Survival are also available on
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Mike Seeklander
Michael Janich
Rob Pincus
William Aprill

About Michael Bane
Michael Bane defies stereotypes. He has leveraged a career as a journalist, author, professional adventurer and acknowledged expert on firearms into some of the most innovative — and successful — shooting sports programming in the world.
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Stopping Experienced Criminals and Crazy People- More Self Defense Gun Stories

Stopping Experienced Criminals and Crazy People iStock-510069186
U.S.A.– ( You didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again this week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor David Cole joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or were they well trained? (24-minute audio)
These victims saved lives because they had a gun..and good habits.

First story- Are you armed as you park your car?
You and your girlfriend are in your car. You’re parking in front of your apartment after dark. Before you get out of your car, a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt points a gun at you through the driver’s window. You’re armed. You grab your gun from the car door and shoot your attacker. You and your girlfriend escape to a nearby grocery store. You call your dad, and the three of you return to the scene of the attack. The police are already there, and you and your girlfriend give statements.
Your attacker was taken to the hospital by EMTs. He was out on bail while awaiting trial for attempted murder.
Second story- Are you armed at work?  
You’re working behind the counter at a convenience store. There is a customer at the register and another customer shopping when a man walks into the store with a mask over his face. He grabs some lighters and tells you to put a couple of cartons of cigarettes in a bag for him. You look down, and he is pointing a gun at you.
You’re armed. You hand over the cash and the cigarettes. You draw your firearm and shoot your attacker until he drops his gun and runs away. Then you call the police.
Police find your attacker nearby. EMTs take him to the hospital. Your attacker is charged with three felony counts of armed robbery, one felony count of receiving and concealing a stolen firearm, one felony count of firearms possession by a felon, and additional charges from two other robberies. The robber pled guilty and accepted a 17-year sentence.
Third story- Are you armed at home? (and here)
It is four in the morning. You and your girlfriend are asleep in bed. You hear some strange sounds in your house so you get up to investigate. A stranger is standing in your kitchen with his shirt off. You shout at him to leave. He does, and you lock the front door behind him. You call 911. As you’re talking to the police, the stranger starts beating on your door, stabbing the door with a knife, and smashing the windows next to the door. He says he is going to kill you. You ask your girlfriend to bring you your gun. The stranger reaches through the window to open the door, and you shoot him. Now he runs away. You stay on the phone with the police. They take your attacker to the hospital.
Police said your attacker was on methamphetamine. He was charged with felony first-degree reckless endangerment, felony attempted burglary, felony bail jumping, and misdemeanors criminal damage, trespass, and disorderly conduct.
Fourth story- Are you armed at home?
You’re a disabled 53-year-old woman. You are in your apartment alone in the middle of a weekday afternoon. You hear someone banging against your downstairs sliding door. Then you hear intruders smash their way through your glass doors.
You’re armed. You see that your attacker is armed and you shoot him. Now, both of your attackers run away. You call the police.
Police find one of your attackers dead in your backyard. They arrest his two accomplices. The three of them are suspected of several burglaries in the area. The survivors are charged with felony burglary, felony murder, and tampering with evidence when they tried to hide your attacker’s gun.
Links and text of the discussion at the podcast webpage.

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About Rob Morse
Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.
Contact David Cole at
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My Glock 19 Pistol- My Everyday Carry (EDC) Pocket Dump & Why I Carry ~ VIDEO


USA – -( The Glock 19 is Kevin’s everyday carry, EDC. He chose the Glock 19 for concealed carry because of its reliability. He also customized his Glock 19 into the Glock 19 Grey Man by Lone Wolf Distributors. This gave it a custom look, tungsten barrel, an improved trigger, and other great features
In addition to the Glock 19, Kevin also carries a small flashlight and a pocket knife.
Kevin has been a USCCA member for 8+ years.
My Glock 19 Pistol
In 1998, my brother was shot and killed and everyone is saying, oh, no, that’s terrible. Well, he was the bad guy. He was committing felony robbery and a good guy shot and killed him and stopped the threat.
My Glock 19 Pistol
You know that I’m a big fan of the Glock 19 Pistol, but you know what’s true about Glocks? They all look exactly alike. And if you want to make something your own? Well, you got to make it your own.
Now, I’m not saying I’m the most knowledgeable guy in the world, but I recently stumbled upon Lone Wolf Distributing and they make all kinds of really cool stuff for Glocks. And I decided my Glock 19 needed an upgrade. So I went online at Lone Wolf and had them make me the slide I wanted. I wanted this color. I wanted WAVY Serrations, because I’d been in the Navy and it reminds me of the ocean. I wanted a tungsten guide-rod. I wanted a combat style slide release to make that a little bit easier to work. And I wanted the lone wolf style trigger that they put in your gun to make it a little bit better, a little bit more accurate. I also had them give me a different barrel. Man, this thing shoots like a house-afire. My Glock 19 now shoots better than I can shoot. I’m not the greatest shot in the world, but this gun outperforms my abilities. The point I’m getting at is if you really liked the Glock design of the pistol, the folks at Lone Wolf distributing will make for you pretty much anything you want.
You can go from the Standard Model Glock pistol into something that is almost totally custom. And I really like that because I just got tired of looking at the typical traditional Glock with the black slide. I am gonna put on my glasses, put a few rounds down range and start carrying my new Glock. The Range is going hot!
Pocket Dump
So now they ask me to do a pocket dump to show you what I carry on me every day, and I’m sure this will give everybody something to talk about because the other folks who’ve been here, have been carrying things like trauma kits and all sorts of stuff like that. And you know what? I honestly just go with the minimalist kind of gear.
Handheld Flashlight
The one most important thing that I carry with me at all times is a handheld flashlight. And this one is actually just a simple 60-lumen on-and-off flashlight. That’s all it is. It’s a promotional item I got from the folks over at Cross-Breed Holsters. And you know what? 60-lumens will stop you. You won’t be able to see me if I shine this right in your eyes. And that’s what a flashlight is to me. It is a force option. I keep the flashlight on the offside at all times. So it doesn’t impede my draw. If I need to reach for my pistol, so I pull the flashlight out. If I want to see something, I want to let people know that I know they’re there. So shine a flashlight on them. It’s not a really aggressive behavior, but it certainly takes away the element of surprise. And again, shine it right in their eyes and then move-off-the-X. They’re gonna be attacking to where you were, not being able to see you.
So I love having a flashlight. This one I carry one triple-A battery runs this whole thing because it’s so small, just disappears in the side of my pocket, doesn’t bug me, stays right there.
Glock 19
As discussed above, the big thing, that’s the firearm.  I carry hollow point ammunition. You know what? I don’t even care what kind. I don’t even know what kind is in here right now. I believe it is a hundred and forty-seven grain 9mm hollow point ammunition. Almost all nationally made big name ammunition is going to function the way you want it to function. Good quality jacketed hollow points will transfer the energy and will help you stop your attacker. But don’t think it’s going to take one bullet to stop him. Three, four, five shots.
Notice fifteen round magazine. Yep. It’s a Glock 19. Keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction. We’ll make sure we drop the round out and lock the slide to the rear. And you saw the light and laser on this pistol. It is a Viridian X5L. That is a one hundred lumen light with a green laser on the front and you notice that it came on as soon as I drew it from my holster.
Galco Kingtuk Deluxe IWB Holster For Viridian
The holster is the Galco King Tuck version of the holster and I use a leather SNAP’s on the side. The cool thing about these snaps. These are the pull the dots snaps. They won’t unsnap if you pull sideways. You’ve got to get right on the dot and then they will snap internally to the holster. A rare-earth magnet operates this system. When we push the gun into the holster it automatically shuts off the light and laser. As soon as the gun comes out of the holster the light in the laser is on, allowing you to get on target and see your target better and more quickly. I don’t have to think about turning this light and laser system on when I pull it out of the holster it is just automatically there. But just a simple touch of my finger on the button. Turns it on or turns it off. And you can see that we have a strobing light and a strobing laser. Your eye picks up that strobing laser a little bit better downrange. And that’s what I want. High-speed target acquisition. So I know where my rounds are gonna go because the average gunfight inside of three yards lasts only three seconds. I want to be the first one shooting. If I need to shoot.
EDC Pocket Knife
Spyderco Native 5 Signature Folder Knife
The last thing that I carry with me every single day is a pocket knife. This one happens to be a Spyderco Native 5 Signature Folder Knife. I like it because it’s lightweight, super sharp and it can just grab it by the hole in the top of the blade and fling it open. But I am not counting on this as a weapon of defense unless it is the last-ditch weapon that I’m using. If I have fired all 16 rounds, 15 plus one in my magazine and I still need to fight. Then I got my knife, but typically I’m thinking a gunfight is gonna be over with inside of five, six, seven, eight rounds or something like that. Because once we start shooting, I’m hoping the bad guy will be moving off. I’m hoping he’s not that determined. But if he is, I still have a 15 round magazine to help me out. I just need to make sure I put those rounds on target.
So that’s about it for my everyday carry pocket dump. So flashlight, firearm with a light, and laser and a pocket knife. That’s all I got. I’m Kevin and I’m a member of the USCCA. Join me and more than a hundred thousand responsibly armed Americans by clicking the link below and joining the USCCA right now.
Activate your membership and get your free bonus here:

The USCCA’s mission is to Educate 10 Million Gun Owners, Legally Protect 1 Million USCCA Members, Stop 20,000 Crimes, and Save 1,000 Lives.
Like and share these educational and informative videos. Together we can Save Lives.
Ready to join our mission? You can activate your membership in less than 5 minutes and be protected by the full power of the USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD: HERE!
Not ready to join? You can learn more about the USCCA and how we’re trusted by over 305,000 responsibly Armed Americans by contacting our Wisconsin-based Member Service Agents at 844-265-1103 or visit us online at!
If you’re a responsible gun owner, we’d love to have you subscribe and join us!
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Operation Blazing Sword Adds Chris Cheng to Board

Chris Cheng, History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 Champion, joins Operation Blazing Sword/Pink Pistols Board of Directors.
Chris Cheng
Daytona Beach, Florida – -( Operation Blazing Sword is adding its newest member, Chris Cheng, to the Board of Directors. Cheng made his name winning History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 competition in 2012, earning a $100,000 cash prize and the title of “Top Shot”. He later became a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops in the 3-gun competition circuit.
Cheng has been a highly vocal and visible queer advocate within the firearms community.
“I am excited to bring my technology and business background to Operation Blazing Sword. The next chapter of queer rights has begun with more of our community realizing that the Second Amendment is a way for marginalized communities to protect ourselves from harm,” notes Cheng.
Operation Blazing Sword president Erin Palette said of Cheng’s appointment, “I am beyond pleased to have such an accomplished individual as Mr. Cheng joining our Board. He is the living embodiment of the principle which I have promoted since the creation of Operation Blazing Sword: that the Second Amendment is for all Americans, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, or sexuality. We all have the right to defend our lives in the safest, most effective manner possible, and I am eager to see how he helps champion that cause.”
Cheng serves on the Outreach Committee for both the NRA and the National Shooting Sports Foundation. He is also the author of the best-selling Shoot to Win, a book for the new pistol, rifle and shotgun shooter. Cheng is a former Google employee and currently works in the financial technology space. He lives in San Francisco, California with his husband.

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Operation Blazing Sword
Operation Blazing Sword is a grass-roots organization dedicated to helping queer people become responsible firearm owners. If you think you may need a firearm for armed self-defense but don’t feel comfortable going to a shooting range or a gun store by yourself, seek out any of our queer-friendly volunteer instructors. They will teach you the basics of firearm safety, operation, and ownership for no cost and without judgment for your color, gender, sexual orientation, biology, or manner of dress.
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“Lionhearted”, Collaboration Honoring Courage of Veterans, Debuts for Veterans Day

Directed by Purple Heart Recipient, Lionhearted Project Includes Short Films, Art, and Website Sharing Reality of a Veteran’s Return.ONTARIO, California –The Safariland Group (“Safariland”), a leading global manufacturer of a broad range of safety and survivability products for the public safety, military, professional, and outdoor markets, announces the Lionhearted project, a national collaboration of film, art, and community empowering veterans to heal through sharing their personal stories. The Lionhearted initiative was influenced and directed by Purple Heart recipient and Safariland’s digital media director, Shane Ruiz.Lionhearted started as a small project to chronicle veteran stories for Veterans Day and grew organically due to the strong veteran community. Twenty-two veterans’ stories are featured in video, art and on a website dedicated to this project, and captured in a 24-minute documentary film to be presented at the Smithsonian’s Veterans Day Film Festival on November 11.“The Lionhearted project honors the courage of our veterans, and gives them a voice, so others will know it’s okay to talk about their experiences and get support,” said Shane Ruiz, digital media director at Safariland. “It is designed to help civilians understand what veterans go through, so they’ll be better able to support the unseen battles veterans face each day.”Artist Shawn Ganther, an Air Force veteran, created one-of-a-kind artistic renditions of each of the veterans’ stories on Safariland hard armor plates. The individual plates were assembled as one piece into a red, white and blue mosaic American flag. The six-foot-long, 460-pound art piece called “The Lionhearted” will be unveiled on November 8 at the National Veterans Art Museum in Chicago and will be on display as part of its permanent collection. The Lionhearted by Artist Shawn GantherRuiz added, “The suicide rate among veterans is unacceptably high, averaging 22 veterans daily. This is a staggering and heartbreaking statistic. For this reason, we wanted to honor and help veterans by giving them the opportunity to share their stories. We expect their stories will help other veterans who can relate to them and provide valuable insights for civilians.”Veterans and civilians are encouraged to visit The Safariland Group’s YouTube channel to see the veteran’s stories and documentary, as well as the website for a full overview of the Lionhearted project.About The Safariland GroupThe Safariland Group is a leading global provider of a broad range of safety and survivability products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets. The Safariland Group offers a number of recognized brand names in these markets including Safariland®, Bianchi®, Defense Technology®, Mustang Survival®, Med-Eng®, Break Free®, Identicator® and NIK®. The Safariland Group’s mission, “Together, We Save Lives®”, is inherent in the lifesaving and protective products it delivers. The Safariland Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The Safariland Group is a trade name of Safariland, LLC. For more information about The Safariland Group and these products, please visit post “Lionhearted”, Collaboration Honoring Courage of Veterans, Debuts for Veterans Day appeared first on

Doug “Krikket” Krick, Founder of Pink Pistols, Passes Away at 48

Doug “Krikket” Krick, Founder of Pink PistolsUSA – -( There is sad news for the Pink Pistols. Doug Krick, known to his friends as “Krikket,” passed away last month. His mother, Anne Shutters Krick, announced on October 21st, 2108, that her son Doug had taken his own life. She blames depression as the reason for her son’s death.Doug had overcome many obstacles, according to his mother. He had battled with alcoholism, had managed to lose a lot of weight, and managed to keep a job even during the difficult times. But it seems that depression took its toll, and Doug took his life.“I have known Krikket since the late 80’s,” says Gwendolyn Patton, First Speaker Emeritus of the Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Sword board member.“I used to help run science fiction conventions with him. When Newsweek ran an article on the Pink Pistols in 2000, I saw he was one of the founders. I contacted him to congratulate him, and he invited me to start a chapter here in the Philadelphia area. The Delaware Valley chapter is still running to this day. Doug changed the course of my life, and the lives of countless others. He helped make us safer by encouraging us to take control of that safety personally, individually. We are diminished without him.”His mother states on her Facebook page: “While the last few days have been unbearably hard and I never knew I had so many tears, there have also been lots of reasons to smile as we look back at happy memories and times spent with Doug.” His obituary asks that people make donations in place of flowers. It can be found at“I respected him and cared for him,” says Patton. “To me, he was ‘La Fondinto’, The Founder. I did my best to follow in his footsteps when he passed Pink Pistols to me, and I in my turn safeguarded Doug’s legacy the best I could, so his dream would continue. That’s my gift to Doug — that those he helped to safeguard will continue to be protected in the future.”His obituary invites those who knew Doug “to join family and friends to celebrate Doug’s life and proclaim the victory of Christ over death at the memorial service on Saturday, November 3, 2018, at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, 515 S. Wheaton Ave, Wheaton, IL 60187. There will be a visitation from 9-11am, service at 11 am, and a light luncheon will follow.”“We are deeply saddened by the loss, please know that Doug is in our prayers. Doug was an innovator, breaking down barriers and an inspiration to the Second Amendment community. He will be deeply missed.” ~ Fredy Riehl, Editor, AmmoLand Shooting Sports NewsThe Pink Pistols mourns the passing of one of their Founders and will do their best to keep his memory and his legacy alive.Operation Blazing Sword, Inc. is a grass-roots 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping LGBTQ people become responsible firearm owners.About Pink PistolsPink Pistols, Inc. is dedicated to the legal, safe, and responsible use of firearms for self-defense of the sexual-minority community.www.blazingsword.orgwww.pinkpistols.orgThe post Doug “Krikket” Krick, Founder of Pink Pistols, Passes Away at 48 appeared first on

New This Wednesday on Shooting USA – The SCTP Nationals

SCTP NationalsNashville, TN -(  It’s time for a personal best at the Scholastic Clay Target Nationals in Ohio, with thousands of youngsters participating in the most successful youth shooting program of all time.Plus, hand-building 1911s the old way at Les Baer Custom. It’s the same process developed by pistol smiths in the 1930s, still used to create exceptionally accurate handguns.Then, John and John Paul of JP Enterprises begin a rifle build-up for accuracy.And Colt Pro Shooter, Maggie Reese has a rifle Pro Tip on Grip and Stance for fast transitions.  MORE INFO…AIR TIMES FOR 2018Wednesday 9:00 PM Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 PM Central. Shooting USA is listed as a one-hour show in your cable menu.NRA $600 Life Membership Offer Is Back Reduced from the normal price of $1,500 for Life Membership. This could be a Christmas gift idea to give the Grandkids. And any membership receives an NRA duffel bag, so there’s actually something under the tree Christmas morning.Click to get the Shooting USA Special NRA Sign Up Page John has new Podcasts from the USPSA Nationals in Florida last week.  Find them on Podbean and iTunes at the link below.’ll also see video podcasts posted on the John Scoutten Shooting USA Facebook Page. Shooting USA Get the Shooting USA Challenge Coin! It’s a limited-edition collectible noting 25 years of the first and longest-running gun show to appear on network television. The offer is combined with a personalized and autographed photo of Jim Scoutten, America’s best-known firearms industry and gun sports reporter.Watch Shooting USA on YouTube as long as you can. Subscribe to the Shooting USA YouTube Channel to catch up on Pro Shooter Profiles, Pro Tips, History’s Guns, and more!Jim Defending the 2nd by Example in the 25th Year The post New This Wednesday on Shooting USA – The SCTP Nationals appeared first on

Watch “The Obsessed: Oklahoma Whitetails” FREE on

Watch “The Obsessed: Oklahoma Whitetails” FREE on MossyOak.comWEST POINT, MS – -( The latest episode of “The Obsessed” from Mossy Oak Capture features Mossy Oak’s Austin Delano and Dudley Phelps as they travel to Oklahoma in pursuit of trophy whitetails with a bow.Delano, referred to as “the food plot guy” and Phelps, referred to as “the tree guy” each possess their respective titles according to the roles they serve at Mossy Oak. Delano commonly consults customers of BioLogic on which seed to plant in particular parts of the country and when to plant it. Phelps is found in a similar role, but with trees and plants designed to establish and optimize wildlife habitat offered by Nativ Nurseries.Watch “The Obsessed: Oklahoma Whitetails” on on demand and completely FREE. No membership or registration required.To see more whitetail-related content, or for more episodes of “The Obsessed” checkout out in 1986, Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., and is home of Mossy Oak. For more than 30 years, Mossy Oak has been a leading outdoors lifestyle brand that specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoors enthusiasts. The Mossy Oak Brand and patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the parent company of Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Capture Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, Nativ Living, GameKeepers, GameKeepers Kennels and Mossy Oak Properties. Mossy Oak is the official camouflage of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Ducks Unlimited, Quality Deer Management Association, and Mack’s Prairie Wings and the official pattern of B.A.S.S., MLF and Cabela’s Collegiate Bass Fishing Series. Follow Mossy Oak on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and YouTube.The post Watch “The Obsessed: Oklahoma Whitetails” FREE on appeared first on

Response To An Active Shooter on Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast ~ LISTEN

Opinion by James Kaleda Out of Order Gun Rights PodcastUSA – -( Donna Anthony, Retired state trooper, C.E.O of point-blank firearms and self-defense training, and National Training Director for the Well Armed Woman discusses the response to an active shooter in episode 103 of the Out of Order Gun Rights podcast.I am saddened by the mass shooting that occurred this past weekend, and I hope places of worship throughout the country will take steps to secure their buildings. A few of my guests have Programs that help churches develop security plans and today’s guest Donna Anthony the CEO of point-blank firearms training Academy has an online program for responding to active shooters. I invite you all to check out episode 103 of the Out of Order Gun Rights broadcast and to visit Donna’s websites to learn more.We discuss the response to an active shooter in this episode, but in this episode, we talk about what led her to police work, how police training carries over to civilian training, her winter season firearms training tour.Donna’s had an incredible amount of training and experience. As an AK State Trooper, she’s worked with the DEA ATF FBI, and she is now the national training director for the Well Armed Women and every year she runs a Santa-cop to heroes program.I mentioned Donn’s training and experience, how much has she had exactly? Well for starters Donna has 20 years security and law enforcement experience. She also has training in SWAT, Rapid Response to an Active Shooter, Tactical Vehicle Assault, Tactical Firearms, Hostage Negation, Tactical Raid Planning, and a lot more.As I mentioned earlier, Donna offers training around the country during the Alaska winter, and she recently launched a new online training program for active shooters in the workplace. The active shooter in the workplace course will prepare civilians for an active shooter event situation in the workplace. Donna and the other instructors at Point Blank Academy describe what to do if you find yourself in an active shooting event at work. How to recognize signs of potential violence around you, and what to expect after an active shooting takes place. Remember during an active shooting RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.You can find this episode of the Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast at James KaledaAbout James KaledaJames Kaleda is the host of the Out of Order Gun rights podcast, outspoken gun rights activist and Anarcho-capitalist. He’s known for challenging anti-gun politicians and his in depth interviews with pro-gun authors, gun rights activists, firearms trainers, hunters, and those who have used firearms defensively. He aims to dispel anti-gun myths created through media bias. You can find him at Facebook, twitter, minds, mewee. The podcast is available on itunes and pretty much everywhere else. James has also created the following useful sites for gun owners.Gifts for gun nuts – where you get great gift ideas for the hunting and shooting enthusiast in your lifeNag your Rep – get your free guide on using social media marketing tools to automatically and systematically remind your reps about gun control.Sell More Firearms – where you will find a free guide for FFLs on using social media to increase salesThe post Response To An Active Shooter on Out of Order Gun Rights Podcast ~ LISTEN appeared first on

Navy, Gerard Butler Collaborate to Tell 21st Century Submarine Yarn ~ VIDEO

Navy, Gerard Butler Collaborate to Tell 21st Century Submarine Yarn. By Jim Garamone, Actor Gerard Butler and Navy Vice Adm. Fritz Roegge, current president of the National Defense University, speak about the movie “Hunter-Killer” during a Pentagon news conference, Oct. 15, 2018. DOD photo by Jim Garamone.WASHINGTON — -( Hollywood came to the Pentagon today as actor Gerard Butler spoke to Pentagon reporters about his collaboration with the U.S. Navy in making “Hunter-Killer,” a submarine movie due out this week.The Pentagon press briefing studio was filled to capacity as Butler – who plays the commander of the fictional attack sub USS Arkansas in the movie – answered questions about the experience.The movie posits an operation aimed at averting war with Russia. Butler said it is a chance to bring the submarine genre into the 21st century. “Hunter-Killer” is a chance to take viewers into submarines and let them see the culture, “and really see how these people think, work, their courage, their intelligence, basically their brilliance,” the actor said.The plot alternates between the submarine, a special operations team inserted in Russia and the Pentagon.Navy Vice Adm. Fritz Roegge, now the president of the National Defense University, was the commander of the U.S. Submarine Force in the Pacific. “I was privileged to host Mr. Butler in Pearl Harbor for an orientation to the submarine force,” the admiral said.The Navy supported the effort even as the service remained “laser-focused” on warfighting in today’s era of great power competition. “But we’re also competing for talent, and in this dynamic economy, it’s more important than ever that we find ways to inspire the next generation of warfighters to consider serving our country in the Navy,” Roegge said.Only a small fraction of young Americans qualify to serve in the military. An even smaller number are aware of the opportunities the services offer.“Although the Navy benefits from technology that gives us the world’s most capable platforms and equipment, it is our people who are truly our greatest strength,” Roegge said. “In the words of another great Scotsman – John Paul Jones – ‘Men mean more than guns in the rating of a ship.’ So we will only remain the world’s greatest Navy by attracting the best talent from across our nation.”Connecting With Young AmericansMovies are a good way to reach young Americans and they are also a good vehicle to expose all Americans to their Navy, Roegge said. All Americans need to understand “they know their Navy: who we are, what we do, and why it matters.”Butler was immersed in the submarine culture sailing aboard the USS Houston from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.Being aboard the submarine was like being in another world, he said. “I felt like I could spend a year just in sonar. But I was shipped from sonar to the bridge, to navigation to the engine room to the torpedo room because I had a very quick-minded sub commander who wanted to show me every working living part of the submarine – even how to compress trash.”Butler added, “What I really took out of it was the brilliance and the humility of the sailors I worked with. Not that I didn’t have that appreciation before – I certainly did – but having spent time with them to realize how their minds work and how agile and how creative they have to be. And they are constantly being tested to prove themselves to think logically, to think intuitively, and in all different matters.”And it was real for Butler. “You can do it in a movie, but when you are actually on a sub, you realize the dangers that are there,” he said. “You are a thousand feet underwater and you go, ‘Okay. What are the different ways things can go wrong?’ You have a greater appreciation of what these people do every day unsung and unseen and their courage and valor.”DOD officials approved the request in December 2014, and the Navy provided access and technical support to the filmmakers.Officials stressed that support to “Hunter-Killer” or any other movie is done at zero cost to the American taxpayer.The post Navy, Gerard Butler Collaborate to Tell 21st Century Submarine Yarn ~ VIDEO appeared first on

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